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sofi affiliate program

SoFi Affiliate Program

What should marketers know about the SoFi affiliate program? Here are all the details, including its commission, benefits, and potential drawbacks.


active investing: $75, student loan refinancing: up to $100 per sale, private student loans: up to $500, credit card: $100 per sale, personal loans: $300, SoFi checking and saving: $75


30 days


Check, ACH (Direct Deposit), Payoneer

SoFi is an American online personal finance company and online bank headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company offers an affiliate program that allows publishers to earn commissions by referring users to SoFi.

This article covers everything you need about the SoFi affiliate program, including commission details, benefits, and promotional tips. We also provide insights into whether the program is worthwhile. Continue reading!

What To Know About SoFi?

Founded in 2011 by Mike Cagney, Dan Macklin, James Finnigan, and Ian Brady, SoFi is an online finance company that provides solutions for borrowing, saving, spending, and protecting money. They utilize technology to provide fast online applications and competitive rates.

SoFi offers many types of loans, including:

  • student loan refinancing
  • mortgages
  • personal loans
  • credit cards
  • insurance services

Based in San Francisco, SoFi has funded over $45 billion in loans and served over 1.8 million members. They are a leading fintech brand serving young professionals and high-income earners.

SoFi Affiliate Program: A Brief Summary

SoFi affiliate program is one of the financial affiliate programs. The SoFi affiliate program allows online publishers to earn a commission for referring qualified borrowers to SoFi. As an affiliate, you receive a unique referral link and access to reporting stats for tracking your sales.

You earn your bonus when users click on your affiliate links, submit loan applications, and get funded. Plus, the cookie duration is 30 days.

Moreover, there is no cost to join. The program is ideal for financial blogs, loan advice sites, and influencers focusing on young professionals.

SoFi Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

Affiliates can earn commissions from $75-$300 for each successful referral. Here are the details of the commission rates:

  • Active investing: $75
  • Student loan refinancing: up to $100 per sale
  • Private student loans: up to $500
  • Credit card: $100 per sale
  • Personal loán: $300
  • SoFi checking and saving: $75

However, a referral commission won’t be paid if the referred visitors:

  • Take more than 14 days to complete registration (SoFi Money) or 120 days (SoFi Invest and SoFi Loans) after clicking the referral link.
  • Their loan application or account is pending approval.
  • Haven’t met the minimum requirements for bonus.
  • Is already a SoFi Member?
  • Has already received a bonus for the same referred friend.
  • Live in Ohio, Michigan, or Vermont.

Commissions are paid via check, ACH, or Payoneer on a monthly basis.

SoFi Affiliate Program: Pros & Cons

Let’s break down the SoFi affiliate program into pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Famous brand Payments only when the referral loan is approved
Lucrative payouts ($75 – $1000 per approved borrower)
Detailed reporting

Joining the SoFi affiliate program brings various benefits. First, affiliates take advantage of the established brand name of SoFi, which can gain the trust of the audience.

Second, the program offers lucrative commission rates, ranging from $75 to $1000 per sale. Plus, SoFi supports affiliates with detailed reporting to keep track of sales and adjust marketing efforts.

However, it’s important to note that affiliates earn commissions only when the referred loan is accepted.

SoFi Affiliate Program: Sign-up Process 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join the SoFi affiliate program:

Step 1: Visit the SoFi affiliate page
Go to the SoFi affiliate program page on their website and review details about the commission rate, cookie duration, payment info, and available promo tools.

Step 2: Click “Invite a friend”
On their affiliate page, click the “Invite friend” button to bring up the online application form.

Step 3: Login to your SoFi account

If you don’t have one, you can simply create an account.

Step 4: Get your link
Please visit “Refer a friend” in your profile and start referring using your unique link.

Step 5: Promote SoFi offers
Browse the text links, banner ads, and other creatives in your SoFi affiliate dashboard. Place these on your site and content to promote SoFi and earn your commission.

Maximizing Your Affiliate Income Through SoFi Affiliate Program

Boosting your earnings with SoFi is easy when you follow these effective tips.

First, you should target your content towards loans and debt to attract the right audience. To do so, you can create personalized rate comparison calculators with product displays to provide valuable insights to your readers.

You can also leverage email lists and newsletters, emphasizing the quick decision-making and funding process that SoFi offers.

Another great strategy is to develop interactive quizzes that guide users in understanding their financial needs, leading them to consider SoFi as a solution. This engages your audience and increases the chances of conversion.

Is the SoFi Affiliate Program Worth It?

For online publishers already producing financial help and advice content targeted at potential borrowers, the SoFi affiliate program can be profitable thanks to the sizable $100 flat commission per funded loan.

Niche sites in personal finance, loans, banking, investing, and related verticals should capitalize on the high buyer intent for SoFi’s services.

For example, a personal finance blog getting 2,000 monthly visits could reasonably achieve the following:

  • 2,000 monthly visitors
  • 0.5% loan approval rate
  • $75 – $1000 commission per approval
  • 20 approvals per month
  • $1,000 in monthly commissions

This demonstrates the strong revenue potential driving relevant traffic and optimized user funnel to SoFi’s loan applications. Compared to other finance affiliate programs, SoFi’s large rate payout per approved borrower is worth considering for marketers.


Does SoFi have an affiliate program?

Yes, SoFi provides a lucrative affiliate opportunity for marketers.

Who should join the SoFi Affiliate program?

The SoFi affiliate program is best suited for financial blogs, loan advice sites, credit resources, and influencers targeting high-income millennials and young professionals interested in loans and financing.

Is there a fee to join the SoFi Affiliate program?

No, there is no cost or fee to join and participate in SoFi’s affiliate program. It is free to join as an affiliate partner.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a SoFi affiliate?

SoFi does not publicly disclose any traffic or sales minimums to join. However, your site or audience should match their target borrowing demographic.

Can the SoFi program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, SoFi can complement other financial, investing, banking, and loan-related affiliate offers. Many personal finance sites run multiple affiliate programs together.

What are the best SoFi affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives in the personal loan and finance space include LendingTree, Credible, Upstart, Best Egg, Laurel Road, College Ave, and Earnest.