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Top 10 Best Banking & Financial Affiliate Programs in 2024

The financial industry is in its prime today, and you can definitely take advantage of that. This field expands each year, and you don’t need to be a certified financial planner or adviser to join these ...

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Financial affiliate programs

The financial industry is in its prime today, and you can definitely take advantage of that. This field expands each year, and you don’t need to be a certified financial planner or adviser to join these top financial affiliate programs.

We pulled data and information from a lot of financial affiliate platforms and we have rounded up this list to let you know the best of them. Without further ado, let’s jump right into each of them and talk about what you can get out of them!

10 Best Financial Affiliate Programs in 2023

Considering the growth experienced by companies with financial products, it is definitely the right time to join one of the financial affiliate programs. The list below includes the most reputable affiliate networks with easy payment processing that will benefit you as a marketer.




Not a lot of credit scoring services can match Experian’s popularity, and it provides a fascinating affiliate program for anyone focusing on the financial service niche. Getting started with it is not a complicated process and almost everyone can become a marketer for it.

The main business model of this platform is giving out credit score information to people. Given how important credit score information is, there is clearly a high demand for such a service, making it a potential affiliate program in this niche.

To join the Experian affiliate program, you have to fill out a form and submit it. You can also access it through CJ Affiliate. Once you are accepted, you will have access to a dashboard that allows you to track link performance and how much earning you may get out of them.

You can monetize your blog right away, so you can simply find topics if your posts fit Experian’s services. As long as you make content that effectively targets and engages your niche, you should be able to earn some money.

For every signup, Experian promises marketers a payment of up to $8. On top of that, commissions can go up to $#30. However, the cookie duration is only 30 days, which is among the worst when compared to other names on this list.

  • Commission rate: Up to $30 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 10 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $50


Credit Karma


This company started out with the idea that users have the right to learn about their credit and financial information, and apparently, many people are convinced by it. Within just six years, the company’s valuation has seen a $7-billion growth.

To become a marketer for this Credit Karma, you must first sign up on its official website. The application form will require you to provide some basic information about your website and audience and may need several days to get accepted.

After the platform accepts your application, you can copy your unique affiliate link to your blog posts. When a reader clicks the provided link, you will earn a commission. If the reader decides to sign up for Credit Karma’s service, you may earn up to $6.

The cookie duration for Credit Karma is 30 days. The only downside of this affiliate program is that it might be hard for you to have a continuous money stream because the website only pays out mortgage submissions, which many consider a significant financial decision.

  • Commission rate: $3 per lead
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Wire, Paypal, Paxum, and ePayments
  • Payment threshold: $10




Acorns is a highly-regarded micro-investing company. It was developed to specifically cater to the US market and it has several affiliate program options that marketers can make use of once they are signed up as a member.

Yes, to be able to refer Acorns’ services to others, a marketer must be registered as a member. You can simply copy the link provided in your profile and paste it wherever you want. If a new member signs up through that link, you can earn $10.

The target market of this company is people under the age of 35 who do not have a lot of disposable income to start investing in a big amount. Thus, if you have them as your followers, you can consider Acorns affiliate program.

It is safe to say that the program has a lot of potential. More than eight million people have become members on the platform so far and it seems that they are happy with the services here. This is not a surprise considering that those are designed by a skilled economist.

There is a 30-day cookie window, so you don’t have to constantly update the link. Also, there are seasonal promotion opportunities and, unlike on many other platforms, there is a dedicated account management team for collaborating marketers.

  • Commission rate: Up to $60 per funded account
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Credit or debit card
  • Payment threshold: $10




Coinbase is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is designed to provide its users with the easiest way to buy and sell digital currencies. The biggest plus for becoming its affiliate marketer is that the company has a big brand recognition.

If you want to become one of its affiliate marketers, you can just head to its landing page and hit the “Become an Affiliate” button. Then, you will be taken to a page where you can submit a bunch of information about you and your website.

The commission model at the Coinbase affiliate program is also pretty simple. You can receive commissions when a new user signs up using your link and starts making transactions. The good news is you may earn up to 50% of the transaction fees.

The 30-day cookie window implies that you can get your commission when a user makes a transaction in a one-month period after clicking your link. Usually, payments are made not too long after you make your invoice and you can receive them via your Coinbase account or Paypal.

  • Commission rate: 50% of the transaction fee
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: PayPal and Bank accounts
  • Payment threshold: $10




Binance is still a big name in the world of cryptocurrency. While it may not be the most beginner-friendly crypto platform, it is still considered a great platform thanks to its verification-free user registration process.

Binance’s referral program was a big hit during the initial launch period. It teases users with a mouthwatering lifetime commission rate of up to 50%. However, it has been reduced to 20%, even though you can earn double the amount if you have more than 500 BNB coins.

Just like any other referral program, a user must sign up using your referral link before you can earn your referral bonus. There is no clearly stated limit to the number of users that sign up using your link, but payments will not be made for duplicate and fake transactions.

You have the chance to become an affiliate marketer for both the Spot and Futures markets. Simply check the “Both” option when the platform asks you about which potential market you want to become an affiliate for.

One of the best things about becoming an affiliate for Binance is that there is a 90-day cookie period. This gives you enough time to put the link in multiple channels and, as long as a user signs up within that cookie period, you will receive commissions every time they make transactions.

  • Commission rate: Up to 50% lifetime commissions
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment method: All Cryptocurrencies
  • Payment threshold: n/a


USAA Credit Cards


Unlike other financial institutions on this list, USAA Credit Cards is specifically designed to cater to military personnel, whether they are active or retired. Some of the services it offers are mortgages, checking accounts, and even personal auto loans.

Before the company accepts you as an affiliate, you will need to provide basic information about yourself and your niche audience. It should not take more than a few business days for the company to accept you and give you a unique referral link.

You can certainly see on its official website that USAA Credit Cards works with other providers. Even so, many of its financial products are specifically designed for a specific niche, and you must carefully consider this when you plan to become its affiliate.

The cookie duration is 30 days and you can earn up to $25 for every new member that signs up using your link. You may see that the earning is on the lower side of things, but if you consider the potential of the USAA Credit Cards market, you will probably change your mind.

  • Commission rate: $36 per account
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Bank transfers
  • Payment threshold: $50


Credit Sesame


Besides having a similar name to Credit Karma, this company also offers a similar kind of service. Users can get an estimate of their credit scores without any negative effect, making using it a better and safer alternative than doing a hard pull.

On top of the credit scoring service, Credit Sesame also offers its users a $100 incentive for any credit score improvement they make. While it may sound too good to be true, a lot of users have actually received this incentive.

With these intriguing features, it should not be hard for an affiliate marketer to promote the products and services from Credit Sesame. Everyone who has been a while in the financial industry knows that these deals should not be missed.

Aside from the 30-day cookie period, what makes it easier for you to earn up to $6 commission from Credit Sesame is the simplicity of the registration process. Users are not required to provide credit card information and they can also get identity theft insurance.

  • Commission rate: Up to $6 per lead
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: CreditSesame’s payment methods for its affiliates are currently unknown.
  • Payment threshold: $100


Personal Capital (Now Empower)


This one is an investment platform that is specifically geared to cater to people with more than $100,000 in investment funds. Users of this platform can have consultations with SEC-certified experts as well as brokerage IRAs.

This company has prided itself on being one of the favored retirement planning services and it has a lot of big companies in its portfolio. Given its high level of reputation and accountability, affiliate marketers may earn big commissions from this company.

You can earn more than $100 for every qualified signup. It currently has more than 1.5 million users and the number is predicted to be consistently growing. If you think about this, you will be tempted to become one of its affiliate marketers.

However, not all people can become an affiliate of Personal Capital. You must first check if the program is available in your country. Also, you must submit a form and wait until you receive a confirmation letter from the company.

To be a qualified affiliate, you must have a website that attracts people with a big passive income. Another thing to take note of is that there is a 30-day cookie window and payments can be made via bank account deposits and cheques.

  • Commission rate: $100 per qualified lead
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Currently unknown
  • Payment threshold: $100


BBVA Banks


Not a lot of people are familiar with the BBVA brand, but it has actually been around since the 1960s. Over time, it has established itself as a large and renowned financial institution with a full range of services.

As you’d expect from a long-standing financial institution, BBVA Banks offers a lot of solutions to its potential customers. Some of them include business and personal loans, checking and savings accounts, and investment solutions.

Thanks to the universal appeal it has, it makes it easy for you to promote its services and solutions to your audience. Whether you make content for single adults or senior citizens, you can fit your content to promote one of these products.

You can get more than $80 for every qualified lead, and they may offer you additional commissions if you keep sending good leads their way. Unfortunately, the cookie duration varies so you may need to check about it yourself.

  • Commission rate: Can get to over $80
  • Cookie duration: does not have a fixed cookie duration
  • Payment method: CJ Junction runs the BBVA Bank Affiliate Program. CJ pays via Check, Direct Deposit, or Payoneer

Ally Invest


Ally Invest is known to offer its users online savings, home loans, and many other kinds of financial services. However, its affiliate marketing program is mostly focused on investment programs, especially in stock investments.

The popularity of Ally Invest rests on the adaptability of the platform. If you are an investor here, you will have the ability to arrange your portfolio in any way you see fit. However, if you want to keep things uncomplicated, you can use the automated portfolio.

As an affiliate, you have a 45-day cookie period and you may earn up to $50 for every confirmed lead. Considering the wide range of services provided by the company and the extended cookie period, this one can be a great affiliate program option.

  • Commission rate: $25- $50 per lead
  • Cookie duration: 45 days
  • Payment method: Bank transfers and Payoneer

What Is a Financial Affiliate Program?

Today’s financial service industry covers a very wide range of products and services. A lot of stakeholders are included in it, from retail banks and mortgage providers to stock brokerages and credit card companies.

However, despite the impressive growth, this industry still faces clear challenges. The low customer trust level is one clear issue that can cause a headache for the players here. Recent research shows that up to 92 percent of millennials do not trust financial institutions.

A lot of people are very hesitant to trust their hard-earned money to brands and services they are not familiar with. Unfortunately, the many layers of jargon and terminology in this industry only make this problem worse.

This is where financial affiliate programs can become a helpful hand for the industry. As traditional marketing often falls short in convincing consumers to use services from financial institutions, affiliate marketers often come up with more creative ways to do so.

Rather than spending a lot of money on conventional marketing methods, financial service providers work with affiliate marketers. Their main job is to let people know about the products and convince them to give these products a try.

These affiliate marketers can be anyone, from financial educators and advisors to bloggers and all kinds of content creators. Without a doubt, these people don’t promote such services for free, so banks and other service providers will give a commission to them.

How much commission an affiliate marketer receives depends on how many people they have been able to convince to join a program. Overall, the earning of a financial affiliate marketer is performance-driven, so it can vary so much.

Why Promote Financial Affiliate Programs?

Businesses mainly work with financial marketers because they provide different marketing methods than traditional advertisers. They have the ability to engage with specific financial niches and they often already have a reputation in certain fields. So, why should you start promoting financial affiliate programs? Let’s explore the big whys one by one:

Fast and risk-free way to earn

Affiliate marketing programs provide a fast and risk-free way for bloggers, or any other kinds of content creators, to grow revenues. You will have access to an array of financial products that you can promote in your own way.

Can work with different and multiple partners

You can also work with different partners that have different payment terms. This way, your payor base will be more diverse. For a publisher, having a concentrated payor base is a risky move since a single policy change can greatly affect cash flow.

And, because many companies use a CPA payment model instead of a CPC or CPM model, you will not need an incredibly large traffic to make real money. What you need is highly-targeted traffic that engages with relevant audiences.

Very doable

Speaking of profitability, such affiliate marketers can earn up to $200 for every 100 ad clicks, which is not hard to reach at all. Considering that number, bloggers can earn 8 times more money from affiliate marketing than other direct advertisements.

Easy scalability

Joining one of these programs is also very interesting for content creators due to its scalability. Once your channel has steady traffic and healthy conversion rates, no one is stopping you from earning well over five figures in just a few weeks.

How to Find the Best Financial Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing is a win-win business. Affiliate marketing programs don’t demand a lot of investment and effort from both an affiliate manager and a marketer and they come with high earning potential. Still, there are ways to choose the best one from all the available programs.

Know Your Niche

There is no simple and clear answer when it comes to finding the best financial services affiliate program. So, considering promoting what financial products you genuinely enjoy using is a great place to start here. Of course, you will also need to consider whether your audience (your personal finance niche) will like the product as well.

Discover Advertiser Alternatives

You can go out there are figure out what financial service providers have affiliate programs available. Learn about how much they will pay you and compare each alternative carefully. Don’t worry, usually, you can work with more than one advertiser.

Learn About Advertiser Reputation

Before you make any agreement with an advertiser, you may also need to learn about their reputation. Open your browser and look for any online reviews that mention their name. Make sure they are transparent enough about the payment method and calculation to avoid any problems in the future.

Find High-Earning Products

When we’re talking about high-earning products, we don’t just talk about how much money you make per click but also how many clicks a product link may earn. Over time, you will learn what kind of product is popular in your following.

Calculate Your Earning Potential

Not all financial affiliate programs are the same. Some of them are somewhat sketchy and may pay you less than they should be. If you don’t want this to happen, you should always calculate how much money you should earn and see if the amount you get matches that calculation.


It is no secret that the financial industry is a very lucrative one. It is responsible for making hundreds of new millionaires, or even billionaires, each year. And, if you have a considerable amount of followers or loyal audiences, you should not miss out on this trend and immediately join financial affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing programs provide content creators with an endless list of opportunities to make a good amount of money. Yes, a small change in algorithm can affect your earnings, but if you do your homework, you should be able to survive as an affiliate marketer.

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