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Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups To Join 2024

Joining the best affiliate marketing Facebook groups is sound advice. We’re talking about many opportunities that can differentiate between a stellar affiliate marketing career and a mediocre one. Beyond the usual networking and social connections, joining ...

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Affiliate marketing facebook groups

Joining the best affiliate marketing Facebook groups is sound advice. We’re talking about many opportunities that can differentiate between a stellar affiliate marketing career and a mediocre one.

Beyond the usual networking and social connections, joining arms with like-minded people can improve a marketer’s chances of earning six- to seven-digit annual commissions.

Unfortunately, picking the best FB group from thousands of affiliate marketing-related communities on Facebook can be challenging. So, we shortlisted ten of the best to get you started.

10 Best Facebook Affiliate Marketing Groups

Affiliate Marketing Ninjas

Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups 1

Warren Wheeler might not be a Shinobi, but this affiliate marketer of 15+ years has some secret tricks he’s willing to share with seasoned and newbie affiliates alike.

He’s not alone, though.

More than 30,0000 Affiliate Marketing Ninjas help guide neophytes to excel in affiliate marketing and become a full-fledged digital marketing shinobi.

It’s one of the fastest-growing affiliate marketing communities, learning from each other about search engine optimization tactics, social media marketing tricks, internet marketing strategies, and everything in between.

So, if you’re looking for a credible Facebook group to make money on niche websites, Wheeler’s internet dojo welcomes you with open arms.

  • Members: 31,800
  • Group Status: Private
  • Best for: Affiliates who want to learn secret yet effective online marketing techniques

Affiliate Marketing Group

Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups 2

This social media community tops our list of the best affiliate marketing Facebook groups if we only look at the membership, with nearly 120,000.

That’s unsurprising, given its public nature. Other Facebook groups on our list are private, requiring an invitation or active application to join.

It’s like an internet forum where like-minded individuals post questions, answer queries, and share information about all things affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Group is a jack-of-all-trades, unlike other affiliate marketing groups with a niche topic or theme (although you can consider affiliate marketing a “theme”).

  • Members: 119,000
  • Group Status: Public
  • Best for: Anyone who wants to learn and earn from affiliate marketing

Travel Affiliate Club

Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups 3

Despite its public group type, Travel Affiliate Club has a more well-defined niche than Affiliate Marketing Group.

This Facebook page is perfect for the travel, tourism, and hospitality affiliate niche specialist. Affiliates can compare, analyze, and pick travel programs to promote to audiences, or join a higher-paying travel-related affiliate program.

Surprisingly, its membership is only a little over 6,000.

Travel Affiliate Club might be small, but it’s the perfect hub for affiliates specializing in booking hotels, Airbnbs, other accommodations, flights, cruise packages, and more.

You could take this as a step to greater things, like our next Facebook Group owner on this list.

  • Members: 6,400
  • Group Status: Public
  • Best for: Travel bloggers

DNW – Making Money From Blogging

Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups 4

As promised, becoming a travel blogger can open many doors. That’s what Sharon Gourlay did before advancing to a full-time digital nomad.

After breaching the five-digit monthly income mark in 2015, Gourlay launched Digital Nomad Wannabe with an accompanying Facebook group to share with fellow affiliate marketers the joys of making money blogging.

This FB group has supportive experts who enlighten, guide, and advise digital marketers to optimize their affiliate marketing strategies.

It offers mini-lessons and runs challenges to hone members’ affiliate marketing skills and strengthen camaraderie within the online community.

Although members can post almost anything affiliate marketing-related, spamming is a big NO-NO.

Consider joining DNW if you’ve been blogging for a while.

  • Members: 11,700
  • Group Status: Private
  • Best for: Blog monetization

Affiliate Niche Builders

Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups 5

Ben Adler wants to see Facebook users find affiliate marketing success through his FB group. It’s a growing online community of seasoned, neophyte, and advanced beginner affiliate marketers sharing, collaborating, and supporting each other.

Although it doesn’t have a specific niche like Travel Affiliate Club, Affiliate Niche Builders provides the building blocks for marketers to carve a name for themselves in various affiliate niches.

Want to polish your research skills? How about content writing and copywriting? ANB’s 11,000+ members can share their knowledge and experiences on these subjects alongside affiliate marketing, WordPress, outsourcing, SEO, and hosting.

It doesn’t matter which niche you specialize in. ANB helps you achieve affiliate success.

  • Members: 11,500
  • Group Status: Private
  • Best for: Affiliate marketers across skill levels

Affiliate SEO Mastermind

Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups 6

With over 142,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, don’t be surprised if Matt Diggity’s Affiliate SEO Mastermind has a significant membership on Facebook Groups.

Diggity is one of several affiliate marketing experts specializing in search engine optimization, ensuring your blog site (and other indexable digital channels) lands favorably on Google, Bing, and other search engine platforms.

Diggity’s ace? Everything is evidence- or test-based – only proven SEO strategies land on the FB group’s pages.

Affiliate SEO Mastermind members will love the no-nonsense wisdom of Diggity, whether generating high-quality leads or applying proven conversion principles.

And that speaks volumes of what this Facebook group can add to your affiliate marketing journey.

  • Members: 33,500
  • Group Status: Private
  • Best for: Affiliates who want evidence-based SEO techniques

Automation Nation – Affiliate Marketing & Passive Income for Entrepreneurs

Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups 7

Receiving a five-figure monthly paycheck is enough for most affiliates. But earning seven-digit commissions on affiliate products sounds better.

And Spencer Mecham opens the doors to such an opportunity with Automation Nation, an FB group dedicated to unleashing a digital marketer’s capabilities to earn passively.

Some affiliate communities have vague goals.

Not Automation Nation – an online community of affiliates earning at least 4-digit monthly paychecks.

This FB group focuses on passive income generation, regardless of channel. You can have some affiliate websites or several social media accounts to turn into money-making platforms (while you sit back and enjoy life).

Weekly training gives you the competencies necessary to be successful in any online business.

  • Members: 25,400
  • Group Status: Private
  • Best for: Affiliates earning at least four-figure monthly compensation

Make Money Online With Liam James Kay

Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups 8

Here’s an even bigger YouTuber than Matt Diggity. Liam James Kay’s 320,000-plus subscribers on the popular video-sharing platform underscores this influencer’s expertise in affiliate marketing.

Although Kay’s Facebook group (Make Money Online) members are only 21,000-plus, it’s still sizable.

Kay shares his secret passive income strategies, helping members apply techniques in pursuing affiliate success.

Note this Facebook group is only for “ACTION TAKERS,” perhaps because Kay and Imogen want all members to contribute to each other’s affiliate marketing development and success.

  • Members: 21,100
  • Group Status: Private
  • Best for: Highly active affiliate marketers

Zonbase Affiliate Ninjas

Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups 9

Kevin David’s personal Facebook page is impressive, with over a million followers, making him one of the most influential super affiliates in the industry.

David isn’t only a renowned entrepreneur. He is also a coach, mentor, and best-selling author. He created Zonbase to give other affiliate networks a run for their money, guaranteeing a 50% recurring commission for every successful referral. Most platforms offer less.

And get this!

Affiliates enjoy a 60-day cookie window and cash bonuses for exceptional conversions.

Zonbase Affiliate Ninjas is David’s social media extension on Facebook, offering affiliates with Zonbase insider tricks, secret tactics, and exclusive deals.

It’s the perfect online community for aspiring marketers of Zonbase affiliate offers.

  • Members: 10,700
  • Group Status: Private
  • Best for: Zonbase affiliate marketers

Affiliate Marketing Pros

Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups 10

Affiliate Marketing Pros rounds up our list of the best Facebook groups for affiliate marketers.

Formed in April 2014, AMP offers various topics for affiliates to up their game.

For example, Affiliate Marketing Pros offers members a free webinar on making $1,000 daily and a course on selling any product online. Although the latter is specific to ClickBank, members can apply the learnings on other platforms.

It also has a YouTube marketing course, empowering aspiring YouTubers to monetize their channels.

  • Members: 15,100
  • Group Status: Private
  • Best for: Bloggers, YouTubers, and other affiliate marketers

Why You Should Join Affiliate Communities on Facebook?

Joining Facebook groups is an excellent way for establishing connections and expanding one’s social network. Hence, marketers can leverage these attributes to advance their affiliate marketing competencies and the ability to earn more.

Facebook affiliate communities facilitate effective networking. These online groups feature like-minded marketers sharing tricks, insights, strategies, and tactics for improving affiliate marketing campaigns.

Learning from peers can make you a better affiliate marketer. For instance, unheard-of tricks for optimizing affiliate links and other affiliate marketing resources can help you boost lead generation and conversion.

Moreover, staying updated with the latest affiliate marketing trends is easier, with group members posting such innovations on the platform. And with Facebook’s group notification feature, you’ll never miss game-changing tactics.

Affiliate Facebook groups can also encourage and motivate you to persevere.

For instance, suppose you’re having issues with email marketing, producing mediocre results in your campaigns.

Facebook group members might not have the accurate answer to this enigma, but they could offer insights based on their experiences using the strategy. You don’t have to copy the technique, but analyze the tactic’s merit and decide which elements you can incorporate into your affiliate marketing campaign.

Sometimes, practical advice is more effective than abstract theories and concepts.

Facebook group members are always ready to support. You don’t need to wait long to get a response. They could have the answers (or suggestions) to your queries within minutes of posting on the group channel.

So, joining an affiliate Facebook group makes sense because you have individuals ready to help, assist, and guide your money-making journey. And if you become successful, you have a social network celebrating with you.

And that should fuel you some more.

Tips for Choosing the Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups

Did you know Facebook has over 620 million groups? And although we don’t have the precise number of affiliate marketing communities, we can assume it’s substantial. Unfortunately, such a large sample can make choosing the best affiliate marketing Facebook group to join more challenging. Here are some tips to narrow down your list.

First, read the group’s mission, rules, and expectations. Analyzing the group’s mission statement or goal should give you an idea about the online community’s fit to your niche.

It also shows the FB group owner’s (or admin) clear intention for forming the online community. The group’s objectives also give you an idea of what this affiliate marketing group can do for your career.

As for the rules, you’ll want to focus on the group’s no-spam policy. We know Facebook hates spammers. And if the FB group echoes this sentiment, you know the online community means business.

Second, check the FB group’s membership. You will want an affiliate marketing FB group with thousands of members instead of only tens or hundreds. After all, you’re joining to build connections, expand your network, and learn from as many like-minded people as possible.

Knowing how many members the FB group has is one thing. Recognizing their engagement level is another. An affiliate marketing FB group might have 100,000+ members, but the posts are infrequent, and members or admins take days (even weeks) to respond.

You’ll want an FB group ready to support, advise, and encourage you in various affiliate marketing activities and related concerns.

Final Thoughts

Facebook groups are indispensable for affiliate marketers. Strong social connections and an expansive network boost an affiliate’s chances of driving more traffic to affiliate sites. These groups also facilitate better audience engagement, allowing affiliates to build credibility and strengthen trustworthiness.

Joining reputable affiliate marketing FB groups is just one step, however. Affiliates must be active in these online communities, adding value to each member’s affiliate journey and supporting others to move ahead.

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