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Boost Your Income With 10 Best Cooking Affiliate Programs in 2024

Are you interested in making money from your culinary content? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the correct article. Cooking is a lucrative topic with many affiliate programs to join, even if it may not ...

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Are you interested in making money from your culinary content? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the correct article.

Cooking is a lucrative topic with many affiliate programs to join, even if it may not be as glamorous as other well-known niches. You can earn money by informing your audience about fantastic cooking tips.

Cookware, smokers, bakeware, culinary equipment, sweets, cake decorations, and other products are just a few examples of the wide range of goods you can advertise on your food blog or website.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best cooking affiliate programs you should join to promote and generate passive income in 2023.

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Cooking Affiliate Programs in 2023


ButcherBox affiliate program - #1 Best Cooking Affiliate Programs

ButcherBox provides monthly meat subscriptions to your door, designed for paleo fans, fitness fanatics, and busy parents. You can access premium items and get incredible commissions as an affiliate.

ButcherBox provides a variety of meat selections, such as beef, chicken, and pig, all of which are derived from ethically bred animals. Furthermore, their meat has no antibiotics, hormones, or added sweeteners.

As a consequence, ButcherBox has a devoted following of happy consumers. ButcherBox may be promoted via various marketing methods, including social media, blogs, email, and paid advertising.

You can also target particular niches by using ButcherBox’s custom features. For example, if you run a fitness blog, you may market ButcherBox’s beef and chicken selections to your readers.

Meanwhile, you can highlight their family-friendly offerings if you run a parenting blog. ButcherBox’s affiliate program has been linked with the Impact affiliate network, a central affiliate marketing platform.

You can earn a $20.00 commission per sale as an affiliate with a cookie lifespan of 30 days. Additionally, thanks to the various bespoke choices, you can promote ButcherBox to markets like paleo and fitness, parents, chefs, and meat lovers who like grilling.

  • Commission rate: $20 per order
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer
  • Products/services: High-quality, humanely raised meat and seafood with fantastic taste delivered to your door
  • Network: Impact (only available for US market)

Home Chef

home chef affiliate program

Home Chef has simplified home cooking for thousands of clients in the United States. It has created many meal packages depending on the preferences of its clients.

Notably, the preferences you have for your nutrition are taken into account while creating these kits. Home Chef’s recipes are changed weekly for a fresh, healthier cooking experience.

Customers can upgrade, double-up, and change proteins depending on their fitness objectives. Simply choose your selections, modify your order, and submit it. Your meal kit will be delivered to your home in a fresh and organic state.

The Home Chef affiliate program pays a fee of $10 on any transaction made by your referral within 30 days of clicking on your affiliate link for the first time. The 30-day period shows the cookie duration provided by the firm in this program.

This brand is famous across the United States. So, if you have a well-designed food-related blog or social media site, you have a better chance of being referred.

Like many other US-based businesses, Home Chef utilizes Commission Junction to manage its affiliate program.

  • Commission rate: $10 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Direct Deposit, Check, or Payoneer
  • Products/services: Meal kits that fit your needs, from traditional meal kits to simple Oven-Ready and fast & fresh alternatives
  • Network: CJ Affiliate

Stonewall Kitchen

stonewall kitchen affiliate program

Stonewall Kitchen approaches food as a hobby rather than a business. For a long time, the firm has happily operated as a specialized food manufacturer in the United States. Stonewall Kitchen today has over 6,000 wholesale clients domestically and internationally, booming catalog and online divisions, and ten retail Company Stores on the East Coast.

The company’s products are manufactured using high-quality ingredients. It chooses high-quality varieties for sale to clients. Stonewall Kitchen’s jams are made with pure cane sugar. As a Stonewall Kitchen client, you will love distinctive tastes and excellent packaging.

The Stonewall Kitchen affiliate program pays a flat rate of 8% on all sales produced by affiliate links. To handle this affiliate program, the firm has collaborated with Rakuten Advertising. The corporation provides a 15-day cookie lifespan to its affiliates in this affiliate program.

To make affiliate marketing simpler for its affiliates, the firm distributes creative banners, advertising, and links. Moreover, you can get access to promotion communication and dedicated in-house affiliate management to help you increase sales.

  • Commission rate: 8% baseline commission on each sale
  • Cookie duration: 15 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Direct Deposit (ACH), or Check
  • Products/services: Gourmet food products, including jams, jellies, sauces, and many other products
  • Network: Rakuten Advertising

Snake River Farms

snake river farms affiliate program

Snake River Farms is a subsidiary of Agri Beef, a family-run enterprise in Boise, Idaho. Robert Rebholtz, Sr. founded the firm in 1968 as a ranching and feeding enterprise.

Snake River Farms offers a variety of excellent meat cuts that will appeal to foodies and cooks alike. Many prominent chefs and culinary experts choose these cuts.

When you join the Snake River Farms affiliate network, you can access these fantastic items and earn a 10% commission on every sale you make. One of the nicest aspects of the program is how simple it is to enroll.

You can effortlessly incorporate the program into your website through the Impact affiliate network. You can monitor your profits and manage your affiliate activity using their simple dashboard and tools.

You will also have access to various marketing tools and services that will assist you in promoting the items and increasing your revenue. In addition, they provide a monthly subscription service in which consumers may have a box of quality meat pieces delivered to their house.

This subscription model guarantees you a recurring commission on each transaction. With such a wide range of products, there is something for everyone, from steaks to bacon and sausages.

  • Commission rate: 10% commission paid on all sales
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer
  • Products/services: High-quality American Wagyu beef, Kurobuta pork, and Double R Ranch products
  • Network: Impact

Camp Chef

Camp chef affiliate program

Camp Chef is one of the most highly-rated pellet grills available today. They have over 30 years of expertise in the outdoor camp cooking market and provide a wide selection of excellent items.

CampChef has over 20 years of experience in the outdoor cooking market and provides a wide choice of quality goods.

The CampChef affiliate program offers your customers all of their outdoor cooking requirements. After joining this affiliate program, you can get a commission rate of 8% on all sales and a 10-day cookie duration.

They have opted to collaborate with Rakuten, a global leader in affiliate marketing technology, to provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to assist you in maintaining correct campaign information on your website or blog.

From industry-leading data feed technologies and affiliate RSS feeds to simple banner adverts, Rakuten has everything you need to make your work easier.

  • Commission rate: 8% commission paid on all sales
  • Cookie duration: 10 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Direct Deposit (ACH), or Check
  • Products/services: Outdoor cooking equipment, including pellet grills, smokers, griddles, and accessories
  • Network: Rakuten Advertising, FlexOffers

Skinny Food Co

skinny food co affiliate program

Skinny Food Co was founded in 2018 by two friends who wanted to enhance the connection their diabetic family members had with food. They envisioned delivering healthier, lower-calorie alternatives that were just as delectable as genuine ones.

The product line started with no added sugar sauces and has now expanded to include over 500 items such as spreads, syrups, ready meals, bread, sweet treats, and more.

You will have a variety of excellent discounts and new goods to share with your followers as one of our affiliates or influencers. They run one big weekly promotion and release two new packages every Friday.

In addition, they provide a variety of non-coded packages that clients may stack to generate huge discounts. Every week, they also introduce new goods as part of our commitment to helping people enjoy food the way it should be and firmly reinstate “avoided” and “unhealthy” alternatives on the menu.

When signing up for the Skinny Food Co affiliate program, you can earn 8-12% commission (including VAT + P&P) and have a 30-day cookie length.

They have a £25.00 average order value, so you may typically make £3 for selling to a new client and £2 for selling to a current one. If you can make 20 monthly sales at £25.00, your average order value will be £720 for new clients and £480 for current customers.

  • Commission rate: 8%-12% commission
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, and ACH Transfer
  • Products/services: Zero-sugar syrups, sauces, snacks, and other food products
  • Network: Webgains


dinnerly affiliate program

Dinnerly delivers recipes and supplies to your door for easy, budget-friendly evening dinners. It is the first meal kit subscription service to provide $4.99/serving meals and delivers straightforward recipes and fresh ingredients for fuss-free, cheap evening cooking.

There are at least 45 meals available on the service’s extensive changing weekly menu, many of which are low-calorie, low-carb, dairy-free, and kid-friendly.

You may design a bespoke meal plan by mixing and matching your favorite dishes from the service’s changing weekly menu. Dinnerly dishes have no more than 5 steps and can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.

The supplies required to create 3-6 weekly meals are included with each purchase and a digital recipe card.

When registering for the Dinnerly affiliate program, you can get a $10 commission per sale with an average basket size of $40 and a 30-day cookie duration. Moreover, they also offer attractive premium and bonus payments for successful partners.

  • Commission rate: $10 commission per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Direct Deposit (BACS), SEPA, ACH, and International Wire Transfer
  • Products/services: Meal delivery kits, including family-friendly, vegetarian, vegan, fast, healthy and reduced-carb options
  • Network: Awin


laconiko affiliate program

Are you a foodie enjoying premium olive oil with great flavor and quality? Laconiko is a family-owned artisanal olive oil company with years of expertise.

Laconiko sells olive oil items such as balsamic vinegar and olive oil soap. The extraordinary flavor and quality of Laconiko’s olive oil products set them apart.

The olives used to create their oil are cultivated in Greece’s Southern Peloponnese area, which has good land and a pleasant temperature. The family maintains the olive grove throughout the year, ensuring that only the best olives are harvested for Laconiko’s products.

The olives are pressed using traditional procedures that retain the taste and minerals. Consequently, this quality olive oil is ideal for salads, dipping, cooking, and other uses.

You can earn an 8% commission on every sale by joining Laconiko’s affiliate marketing program. The cookie length of this affiliate program is 30 days, which means that even if someone does not buy right away, you may still earn a commission if they buy within 30 days of clicking on your link.

  • Commission rate: 10% commission per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: ACH direct deposit or wire transfer
  • Products/services: Extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil soap
  • Network: ShareASale

Cheese Lover Shop

cheese lover shop affiliate program

The Cheese Lover Shop is a cheese lover’s dream come true! They offer cheese from the French Alps to the heart of the Midwest. These cheesemakers use only the finest ingredients and processes to manufacture cheese that is well-known across the globe.

You may purchase from their one-of-a-kind selection of 30 of the best cheeses and deliver them directly to your house.

The store also has in-house specialists who can answer any questions about the cheeses and recommend pairings. They also provide Cheese Boards, Cheese Gifts, and a Cheese Subscription.

The Cheese Lover Shop affiliate program offers you a commission rate of 3% on item sale amount and a 30-day cookie window. They also have an affiliate management team with over 15 years of experience regularly updating customized creative and content ideas.

  • Commission rate: 3% of item sale amount
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer
  • Products/services: Artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, specialty foods, and gifts
  • Network: ShareASale, Impact


zwilling affiliate program

If you like cooking, you understand the value of high-quality cookware. And Zwilling, your one-stop store for cookware, knows this as well.

They provide everything you need to take your cooking abilities to the next level, from knife sets to storage solutions and accessories.

One product in particular deserves mention: Zwilling’s single blender. Its elegant appearance, strong engine, and professional-grade blades make it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

When you recommend it via the affiliate program, you

to gain with a 6% commission, an EPC of $43.77, and a cookie duration of 14 days.

If you have a website, blog, or social media presence, you may use their application to make it work. And, with such a diverse product offering, it’s simple to select something that will appeal to your target demographic.

One of the best aspects of Zwilling’s affiliate program is that it appeals to a wide range of consumers.

While it’s ideal for culinary verticals, it’s also an excellent opportunity for food and lifestyle bloggers, health influencers, and anybody with a following who is interested in improving their kitchen tools.

  • Commission rate: 6% commission
  • Cookie duration: 14 days
  • Payment methods: Direct Deposit, Check, or Payoneer
  • Products/services: High-quality kitchen knives, cookware, tableware and other kitchen accessories
  • Network: CJ Affiliate

Benefits of Joining Cooking Affiliate Programs

Whether you’re new to blogging or a seasoned expert, joining a cooking affiliate program is an excellent way to make money online and generate passive income. There are many advantages when you sign up for an affiliate program in the cooking niche, including

The chance of passive income

Cooking affiliate programs allow you to generate revenue while you are away by recommending items and earning money from each sale made via your affiliate links.

A diverse variety of items

These programs promote various cooking-related products, such as kitchen gadgets, cookware, recipe books, etc. This helps you to identify items that correspond to the interests and preferences of your target audience.

Target audience

If you have a cooking blog or a social media presence centered on food and recipes, collaborating with cooking affiliate programs helps you reach out to a relevant audience already interested in cooking and kitchen supplies.

High commission rates 

Culinary is a prominent area; consumers often seek tips and reviews on culinary items. You can increase your conversion rates and earn more money by delivering great content and advertising high-quality items.

Assistance and resources

Many cookery affiliate programs provide assistance and resources to assist you in being a successful affiliate. This may include advertising materials, product data feeds, and specialized affiliate managers who can help you with any queries or concerns.

Use SEO tools to deal with problems in search results

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Cooking Affiliate Program

You must research and choose an affiliate program that suits you best. To increase your chances of success with cooking affiliate programs, consider the following factors:

Commission rate

The compensation rate offered is likely the most crucial factor when selecting an affiliate program, especially if money is your primary motivation for becoming an affiliate marketer.

Different affiliate programs provide different compensation rates. The higher the commission rate, the more money you might earn on each transaction. However, a critical factor to examine is the program’s conversion rate.

Services and products

The kind of product you may advertise via an affiliate network is also essential.  It is also vital to choose a program with things that have value and demand throughout the year.

As you are aware, everyone has a website, and hundreds of new websites are added daily. You must choose an infinite tool or technology.

Market standing

Before investing in a product, ensure it has a faultless market reputation. Instead, choose an application with a bad reputation.

Thoroughly research and market research. Read neutral and unbiased assessments from existing affiliates if they are accessible. Take part in a variety of affiliate forums and blogs.

Nature of competence

With so many affiliate programs available today, it is vital that you carefully consider all of your options and choose the one that best suits you. Critically examine the program’s customer-facing offer’s prospects and ramifications. According to a little-known fact, competitive product prices are directly proportionate to conversion rates.

Payment option

Another factor to consider is whether payments are paid monthly or weekly. If you are short on cash and need it soon, you should look for an affiliate network that handles any overdue payments quickly.

Cookie lifetime

Cookie duration is another term for the referral period. This is the time range in which the advertiser compensates affiliates for referring customers. For example, you will not be rewarded if the program you are marketing has a cookie life of 30 days and a visitor you recommended purchases 31 days after the initial referral.

Pay attention to the cookie duration of an affiliate program when selecting

What Are Cooking Affiliate Programs for Beginners?

When deciding which cooking affiliate programs to advertise, remember your target audience and the items and services they are most likely interested in.

Choosing programs with large affiliate commissions and long cookie durations is also critical. If you are a beginner to affiliate marketing, here are some cooking affiliate programs we recommend.

  • Home Chef: is a meal kit delivery business that provides fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and simple recipes. Their affiliate program pays out $10 per sale.
  • Stonewall Kitchen: is a specialized food business that offers a wide range of items such as jams, jellies, sauces, and spices. Their affiliate program pays out 8% of all sales.
  • Skinny Food Co: Skinny Food Co produces low-calorie versions of popular goods, including chocolate syrups, spreads, and snacks. Their affiliate program pays you 8-12% of all purchases.
  • Dinnerly: is another meal kit delivery business providing inexpensive and simple-to-prepare meals. Their affiliate program pays out a $10 commission per sale.
  • Zwilling: is a high-quality kitchen knife and cookware maker. They give a 6% commission per sale via their affiliate program.


Is cooking a great niche for affiliate marketing?

Yes, cooking is an excellent affiliate marketing specialty. People of various ages and backgrounds are interested in discovering new recipes and culinary methods, making it a popular and timeless subject. You may also advertise various culinary-related items and services, such as kitchen gadgets, cookware, recipe books, and online cooking courses.

How can I promote cooking affiliate programs?

There are many ways to promote cooking affiliate programs. You may make the most of your content by following step-by-step guides on optimizing your website for SEO and carefully inserting affiliate links. Use WordPress plugins to speed up the process and market kitchen utensils and culinary supplies.

Remember to use social media networks to attract a larger audience and to tempt your viewers, give unique discounts or supplementary material.


In conclusion, there are many options for both marketers and food lovers in the field of culinary affiliate programs!

With the 10 greatest cooking affiliate programs in 2023 that we’ve compiled above, you can make a lot of money while sharing your passion for culinary delicacies.

Embrace this delicious adventure, and use these tasty alliances to heat up your affiliate business!

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