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15+ B2B Affiliate Marketing Examples to Discover in 2024

B2B affiliate marketing is a great strategy for brands to drive sales and foster partnerships. This article delves into compelling B2B affiliate marketing examples. It shows how brands and their partners can use this method for ...

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B2B Affiliate Marketing Examples

B2B affiliate marketing is a great strategy for brands to drive sales and foster partnerships. This article delves into compelling B2B affiliate marketing examples. It shows how brands and their partners can use this method for mutual benefit.

These examples will uncover the tactics for a successful affiliate program. You may be a brand aiming to grow. Or a business partner eager to contribute and profit. These tips will help you reach your cooperative and financial goals.

Let’s dive into it!

Understanding B2B Affiliate Marketing

B2B affiliate marketing is a strategy. In it, businesses collaborate with non-competing companies to reach each other’s audiences.

This method allows brands to use each other’s strengths. It fosters growth and reaches more targeted demographics. It creates a win-win scenario.

By working with other businesses, brands can reach new markets. They can do this without the high costs of traditional marketing. This partnership allows for a more focused approach. It reaches audiences already interested in the industry or type of product. So, it brings higher engagement rates with lower customer acquisition costs.

The business partners promoting the products or services act as affiliates. They use many channels to do so. These include content marketing, social media campaigns, or email marketing tools. These methods help the brand reach more people, making the strategy more effective.

B2B affiliate marketing also uses a commission-based model. The partners in the network of affiliates will be rewarded for each qualified lead or completed sale they generate. This incentive is based on performance. It ensures that they are motivated to produce high-quality leads. It aligns their objectives with the brand’s goals.

5 Industry-Specific B2B Affiliate Marketing with Examples

This part will explore five examples of B2B affiliate marketing tailored to specific industries. Let’s see how companies in these fields successfully use affiliate marketing campaigns to grow. Check it out now!

Software as a Service (SaaS) – HubSpot

In the SaaS field, unless your prospects provide an all-in-one solution, chances are their customers will benefit from recommending you for an integrated app or service. Hence, it’s the perfect segway for B2B affiliate marketing: they satisfy their customer needs while getting a commission, and you get your app mentioned and acknowledged.

Let’s take HubSpot as a specific case. HubSpot is CRM software with a great affiliate program. Many can join the program. This includes businesses with a digital solution that can integrate with HubSpot.

b2b affiliate marketing examples 1

Affiliates in this program enjoy a lucrative 30% recurring commission for a year. Super affiliates can earn extra bonuses. Elite ones may negotiate custom commission rates. The program also features a lengthy 180-day cookie window. Signing up is straightforward via Impact.com, and payment will be made via direct deposit and PayPal.

HubSpot’s program is one of the most successful B2B affiliate programs, which you can learn from Daniela Kretchmer – Head of Affiliate Marketing’s sharing. The brand has a lot of partners worldwide, such as Brevo, ManyChat, GetResponse, etc.

These affiliate partnerships are strategic. They use the strengths of both parties. They offer integrated solutions. They drive growth and customer satisfaction for both businesses.

Cloud Storage Services – Microsoft OneDrive

Cloud storage is a must in the e-commerce scene. Let’s take a closer look at Microsoft OneDrive – a famous cloud storage brand. It is known for its security features, reliability, and integration capabilities.

Its affiliate program allows affiliates to market a very popular suite of cloud storage software. Web hosting businesses can join the program. They can then recommend Microsoft’s products to their clients.

b2b affiliate marketing examples 2

The commission for each OneDrive plan subscription is $5. The amount will range from $50 to $20 for other Microsoft 365 products. Plus, there is a 2% commission on Surface products. The cookie duration is from 14 to 30 days.

The referral program offers various payment options, like ACH and PayPal. Joining is straightforward through the affiliate network Rakuten Advertising.

By recommending Microsoft OneDrive, web hosting affiliates enhance their service offerings. They also contribute to their clients’ operational success.

Accounting and Finance – QuickBooks

Accounting and finance software companies can partner with freelance bookkeeping service providers. This kind of collaboration can benefit businesses seeking streamlined operations. It improves financial management for businesses of all sizes.

Accounting software companies provide platforms for managing finances. They track sales, expenses, and handle invoicing and payroll. Businesses that are clients of bookkeeping freelancers need such platforms. They use them for their internal finance. So, bookkeeping freelancers are ideal partners that can help companies expand their clients.

They can cooperate with software companies and recommend the software to their clients. This recommendation comes from a place of trust and expertise. Bookkeepers understand the complexities of financial management. They see the value that software can bring to their clients.

When they suggest suitable software, they offer their clients a streamlined approach to financial operations. The software can help companies automate their day-to-day accounting tasks. It can also reduce errors and give them valuable insights into their financial health. The data and reports from the software make bookkeepers’ work easier. They let them offer more to their clients. This includes strategic financial planning and analysis.

Look at QuickBooks, which has an affiliate program allowing bookkeeping affiliates to promote their software. As a top accounting software in the US, it is an ideal choice for US bookkeeping affiliates.

b2b affiliate marketing examples 3

The program offers a 10% commission, enabling bookkeeping freelancers to increase their earnings. Affiliates can receive monthly payments by check once they’ve earned at least $50.

The program’s 45-day cookie duration gives them a longer window to earn from their referrals. QuickBooks also helps its affiliates. It gives them banners, logos, content, and links. These make it easier for them to promote their products.

With such a program, QuickBooks grows affiliate partners and broadens its client base. Meanwhile, freelance bookkeepers can earn rewards. They can also offer clients a more cohesive and efficient financial system. The partnership is one of the most effective B2B affiliate marketing examples in accounting and finance.

Content Marketing – SEMRush

In the digital marketing field, content marketing platforms and SEO agencies can collaborate. This is a great example of smart B2B affiliate marketing. This partnership shows how cooperation drives mutual benefits. It provides full solutions for clients.

Content marketing platforms provide content creation, optimization, and performance-tracking tools. Their current customers are businesses. They aim to boost online visibility and engage their target audience well. They are also SEO agencies’ customers.

So, when SEO agencies collaborate with the platforms, they can give their clients a complete content marketing service. They can recommend a suitable platform for clients. The platform is for those who want advanced content marketing strategies. These include keyword research, content optimization, and analytics.

This partnership benefits clients who want to elevate their content marketing efforts. SEO agencies have expertise and powerful tools from content marketing platforms. They help businesses make engaging content. This content appeals to their audience and ranks well in search engines. This helps them to attract more traffic and convert more visitors into customers.

For SEO agencies, suggesting a good platform to their clients improves their services. It also lets them earn extra money through affiliate commissions. This partnership helps both the agencies and the platform grow. Their clients benefit, too. It’s a win-win for all involved.

A practical case is SEMRush, a comprehensive content marketing suite. It partners with SEO agencies. They specialize in optimizing online presence for businesses.

It has a B2B affiliate marketing program allowing SEO agencies to join and promote their products. The program offers a $200 bonus for each sale made, plus $10 for every free trial lead and $0.01 for each signup.

b2b affiliate marketing examples 4

Joining is simple through Impact.com. Once affiliates sign up, they get a 120-day cookie duration. They also get various payment options. These include monthly payouts via Direct Transfer, BACS, or PayPal.

Recommending SEMRush to clients can help SEO agencies. It can enhance their services, meet client needs, and drive business growth. SEMRush has many partners worldwide, such as Thinsquare, Digital Creative, Cascade Digital, etc.

Ecommerce Platforms – Shopify

In the growing world of online shopping, businesses need ecommerce platforms. They are crucial for selling online. A great example of B2B affiliate marketing is when such platforms collaborate with website development agencies. This partnership benefits businesses that need to start or improve their online shops.

Ecommerce platforms offer a comprehensive set of tools for building and managing online stores. When website development agencies partner with ecommerce platforms, they’re well-placed to suggest a suitable solution to their clients who need advanced online store functionalities.

With this partnership, e-commerce platforms can attract more clients and increase sales. They can grow their businesses. Meanwhile, website development agencies can give their clients a reliable platform. It can scale as they grow. The agencies can use their expertise to customize stores built on such a platform. They will tailor the stores to the specific needs of their clients.

The collaboration allows the agencies to offer a more complete package to their clients. So, they can enhance clients’ satisfaction and loyalty. They also open up a stream of affiliate revenue.

For clients, the advantage of this team-up is obvious. They get a professional online shop set up by experts. The experts know a lot about online selling and the ecommerce platform.

Shopify is a typical case for B2B affiliate marketing in this field. When joining its affiliate program, website development agencies can recommend this platform to their clients and enjoy commissions. Shopify pays a set commission of $25 to $150 for each successful referral.

b2b affiliate marketing examples 5

The program tracks cookies for 30 days. This gives affiliates a lot of time to secure sales and commissions. As for getting paid, Shopify pays with PayPal and Direct Deposit. It has a low payout threshold of $10.

Shopify is a leading ecommerce solution. Its flexibility and user-friendly design make it appealing to businesses of all sizes. The collaboration between Shopify and agencies benefits both parties. It also offers better services to businesses entering online retail.

15+ B2B Affiliate Marketing Post with Examples

Next, we will dive into over 15 examples of B2B affiliate marketing posts. Each example will showcase how affiliate businesses promote their partners’ products.

Social media posts

b2b affiliate marketing examples 6

Social media is great for B2B software affiliate marketing. It connects directly with professionals and businesses looking for your niche solutions. It allows for lively knowledge sharing and promoting affiliate links. It takes advantage of targeted posts and quick reactions to current trends.

When adding affiliate links to social media posts, remember to include affiliate disclosure. Many social media sites require users to disclose affiliate relationships. Also, it’s important to maintain transparency and keep your audience’s trust.


b2b affiliate marketing examples 7

Webinars offer a fantastic chance for live interaction with people interested in B2B software products. They are perfect for showing off software tools in action and directly answering any questions or concerns. Smart use of affiliate links in webinars can boost sales while ensuring the audience gets valuable information.

In the webinar, you may guide your audience to your landing page with more details about the offer. It’s better than just dropping the affiliate link in the chat or on your slides. You can also email attendees the recording and extra materials. You can also send a reminder about the affiliate deal. This can encourage more engagement and potential sales.

Direct messaging

b2b affiliate marketing examples 8

Direct messaging allows private messages to be sent to individuals or groups. It’s ideal for tailored conversations with potential or current B2B software clients. This method can highlight and address their unique needs or issues.

Including affiliate links in these messages can directly suggest software. The software meets clients’ needs. It can also generate affiliate sales.

When using this method, make sure each message is personalized. Focus on the recipient’s needs or problems. Suggest software that could help.

Your message should be brief. It should be clear about the benefits of the recommended software and how it can solve their problems.

You may also enhance the message with something extra, like an informative article, a step-by-step guide, or a special discount code. It adds value for the recipient and increases the chances they will click on your affiliate link.

Guest posts

b2b affiliate marketing examples 9

Guest posting is a smart way to do affiliate marketing. It lets you reach the readers of another blog or website.

You write a piece. It gets published on another site. This is a great way to find a new audience, boost your brand, and maybe make some affiliate sales.

Always make sure the website you’re posting on is okay with you adding affiliate links to your article. Each site has its own rules about this, so it’s important to follow them. Also, make sure your post is useful to the readers by giving them tips, insights, or solutions. Include affiliate links that fit naturally with what you’re writing about.

Social media bio

b2b affiliate marketing examples 10

Your social media bio is a great place to show your connection with B2B software products. It’s also a place to catch the eye of potential customers.

Add affiliate links in your bio. They will guide followers to product pages and boost your chances of making sales.

Because you don’t have much space in a bio, shorten your affiliate links by link shorteners. That’s to keep them compact and easy to read. Don’t forget to include a clear and enticing call to action (CTA) to encourage people to click on your unique link. You should update the link every time the products you promote change.

LinkedIn comments

LinkedIn doesn’t encourage leading people away from its platform with affiliate links in the main post, but you can use them in the comments. By posting smart comments on topics of your expertise, you can get noticed and show your knowledge.

To use affiliate links in LinkedIn comments, you should join conversations that fit with your area of expertise. Leave comments that add value and show your know-how, which helps build real connections and trust.

Also, remember to include your affiliate link in a way that feels natural. Don’t be pushy about selling. Instead, suggest the link as an extra resource. Focus on giving helpful information or solutions.

PDF resources

b2b affiliate marketing examples 11

PDF resources are also a clever way to do B2B software affiliate marketing. When using this option, you deliver useful content. You also subtly promote affiliate software. Shareable items include ebooks, whitepapers, guides, and checklists. They can boost lead generation and raise chances for affiliate sales.

If your PDF has several sections or chapters, add a clickable Table of Contents with affiliate links. This makes it easier for readers to navigate and more likely they’ll click on links. You may also write up reviews comparing different software, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses. Embed affiliate links for each product so readers can check them out.

In addition, you can make your PDF more engaging with interactive elements. Insert call-to-action buttons or links that encourage readers to discover more about the affiliate software products.

You can also address specific problems by talking about the issues businesses encounter and suggest software as the solution. Place affiliate links that lead directly to these solutions.

Online courses

b2b affiliate marketing examples 12

Online courses are increasingly popular among professionals looking to deepen their expertise in specific fields. For those focused on the B2B software market, creating online courses presents an excellent opportunity to integrate affiliate links. This approach adds valuable resources to the course content and encourages affiliate sales.

So, how do you incorporate affiliate links into online courses?

You can place affiliate links in the “Resource” or “Additional Materials” section of each module or lesson. It’s a great way to recommend further resources, appealing to students eager for more information.

If your course has videos showing how to use certain software or tools, put your link in the video description or as a clickable overlay in the video itself. Make sure to explain the advantages of the product you’re promoting. Describe why you endorse it and how it can assist your students in achieving their goals.

Blog posts

b2b affiliate marketing examples 13

Adding affiliate links to blog posts is a key tactic for affiliate marketing, and it is used by many content creators. A good blog post can draw in readers naturally, boost your credibility, and lead to affiliate sales over time. This method works well because it targets people already interested in your topic, improves your SEO, and helps build trust with your audience.

When putting affiliate links in your blog posts, make sure your links are related to what you’re writing about in the post. It’s good practice and often required to tell your readers that your post includes affiliate links.

You should also choose clear anchor text for your links that clearly tells readers what the link is about. Put your links in places where people are most likely to click on them, like in the first few paragraphs. That helps you to increase the click-through rates reflected on your affiliate dashboards.

Email newsletters

b2b affiliate marketing examples 14

Email newsletters are an effective way for affiliate marketers to connect with their subscribers, offer useful information, and suggest affiliate products. Crafting a thoughtful email newsletter can strengthen your relationship with subscribers, build trust, and boost affiliate sales.

Remember to personalize your message to boost engagement and their chances of clicking on your affiliate links. Use the recipient’s name and customize the content to fit subscribers’ interests.

Besides, always include helpful and relevant information in your newsletter. Then, smoothly integrate affiliate links where appropriate. For example, when giving advice on how to stay productive at home, you might link to a productivity app you use and recommend.

You should also include a strong and clear call to action. It can significantly improve the number of people who click on your affiliate links.

B2B communities

b2b affiliate marketing examples 15

B2B communities, such as LinkedIn groups, Slack channels, or professional networks, are great places for affiliate marketers focusing on businesses. These spaces are filled with professionals looking for advice, recommendations, and connections. Sharing valuable insights and including affiliate links in your contributions can help you build trust, establish your credibility, and lead to sales.

When joining the communities, remember to bring true advice and solutions to the problems faced by members. You can add affiliate links in a way that feels natural to your advice.

You can start by building trust and connections within the community. Engage in discussions, add value, and only then introduce affiliate links that are truly helpful.

Always be clear about your connection to the products you recommend. Honesty is valued in these communities and can make members more open to exploring your recommendations.

Interactive quizzes and surveys

Interactive quizzes and surveys are suitable for keeping your audience engaged and learning about their needs and preferences. In the B2B software sector, they can help figure out a company’s software requirements, knowledge gaps, or satisfaction with existing tools. Adding affiliate links in quizzes and surveys can drive sales by suggesting software solutions tailored to the answers given by participants.

You should offer suggestions and affiliate links that match the participant’s answers so that they can be effective. After someone finishes a quiz or survey, you can send them an email summarizing their results and include personalized recommendations with your affiliate links.


b2b affiliate marketing examples 16

Podcasts have become a popular and impactful way to share insights, stories, and expertise. For those in the B2B software industry, podcasts offer a great chance to insert affiliate links into your relevant content, enhancing the discussion and encouraging affiliate sales.

It’s common to put affiliate links in your episode’s show notes. These notes can summarize the episode, list resources mentioned, and provide relevant affiliate links. That makes it easy for listeners to find and click on them.

If you talk about a product or service during your podcast, mention that there’s an affiliate link in the show notes. Do this smoothly so it feels like part of the conversation.

You can also set up a landing page specifically for your podcast audience. This page can sum up the episode, list extra resources, and include all mentioned affiliate links. Tell your listeners about this page at the start, middle, or end of the show.

YouTube videos

b2b affiliate marketing examples 17

YouTube is an excellent place for affiliate marketing, offering a chance to make content that’s both educational and fun. You can show off software through live demonstrations, walkthroughs, and product reviews.

Including your affiliate links in the description is a popular practice. This makes it easy for viewers to find and click on your recommended products or services. You can also incorporate graphics or text overlays in your video to point out your affiliate links and mention verbally that these links are in the description.

Adding links in the video description also works for live streams. Viewers often look there for additional details and resources during a stream.

Case studies

Case studies provide a detailed look at particular instances, issues, or situations, often focusing on a specific company or person. They highlight how a software solution solves a problem or leads to a certain result. Incorporating affiliate links in case studies is a smooth way to encourage affiliate sales while offering readers valuable knowledge.

It’s common for case studies to list the tools, software, or services that contributed to the success story. This section is an ideal place to insert your affiliate links. When you use images, infographics, or diagrams in your case study, you can also put affiliate links in their captions or descriptions.

3 Most Important Lessons From These B2B Affiliate Marketing Examples

Strategic Partnerships

A successful B2B affiliate marketing strategy depends on having good affiliates – businesses that your target customers already trust.

To find these affiliates, first, really understand what your audience needs and what kind of stuff they pay attention to. This helps you spot merchants who share a similar audience. Their products or services should complement yours without directly competing with you.

This approach relies on the idea that collaborating with these businesses enables you to tap into their customer base, which likely aligns closely with your target market. Through such partnerships, both parties can recommend each other’s products or services, effectively expanding their reach and potentially boosting sales.

Leveraging the strengths of another business to fill gaps in your offerings is a smart choice. It creates a win-win situation where both partners can grow together and reach a wider audience.

Targeted Lead Generation

You should leverage affiliates’ specialized knowledge and skills to draw in leads who clearly need your B2B solutions. By teaming up with businesses that share common customer demographics and understand your industry and target markets, you can ensure that the leads generated are interested in and in need of what you offer.

These businesses can act as experienced affiliate marketers who also have persuasive power. They can use their deep knowledge and influence to convince customers to use your solution.

This approach allows you to focus on prospects that are a perfect fit for your B2B products or services. It streamlines your lead generation process and increases conversion rates.

Content Marketing Integration

To improve your partnership’s efficiency, you can consider how affiliate partners can use content marketing to boost your B2B offerings. Then, build a strategy to tap into the potential of informative and engaging content to draw attention to your products or services.

B2B buyers seek ways to fix their business issues and make things run smoothly. They like content related to their needs, teach them something and give them practical tips.

So, you can highlight what makes your product or service different and better than others for affiliates. You can also provide them with training or resources on your target customers’ insights.

Including templates of blog posts or case studies for their reference and usage is also a great way. When you hold webinars, you can provide them with unique links to promote, too.


  • What is B2B affiliate marketing?

It is a strategy where businesses promote products or services of other companies to their professional audience in exchange for commissions. It leverages relationships between businesses to drive sales and generate leads. This strategy focuses on products that help shared clients improve operations, increase efficiency, or solve industry-specific problems.

  • What is B2B marketing with examples?

This refers to any marketing strategy a business uses to reach and sell to another business. For example, businesses offering services, products, or SaaS to other businesses or organizations often engage in B2B marketing. Monday.com’s brand strategy on LinkedIn is a typical example of B2B marketing.

  • What is an example of B2B affiliate marketing?

An example of B2B affiliate marketing is when a content marketing platform, like SEMRush, partners with SEO agencies to promote its products. The agencies recommend SEMRush to their clients who need content creation and management software, and in return, they earn commissions for every client who signs up through their link.


To conclude, B2B affiliate marketing is crucial in reaching and engaging a professional audience. From B2B affiliate marketing examples, we understand that leveraging this strategy can enhance businesses’ affiliate marketing efforts. It improves trust and credibility and creates a way for successful conversions.

Whether you are a company looking to boost your partner programs or business partners seeking collaboration to profit, keep this strategy in mind.

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