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eFavormart: Affiliates love to earn even more by helping recruit others

UpPromote had an interview with Connie – CEO of eFavormart. She shared her amazing story about how she has built her affiliate team and the Tier commission that she had applied to her program. Let’s dig ...

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eFavortmart: Affiliates love to earn even more by helping recruit others

UpPromote had an interview with Connie – CEO of eFavormart. She shared her amazing story about how she has built her affiliate team and the Tier commission that she had applied to her program. Let’s dig deep into her story now!

The company

Our story begins in 2002, back when the state of the internet is very different than it is now. We wanted to create a hub for wedding and party decor, where you can find everything you need in one place. Today, we are happy to say that we achieved that goal.

We had our humble beginnings as a two-person operation to becoming one of the largest online retailers of event decor products in the United States. By cutting out the middlemen, we are bringing the products straight to your home.

It’s amazing how quickly time passes, as we approach our 20 year anniversary. We think back upon the many ups and downs the company (and the world!) has faced over this time, and well, we’re still here.

With fulfillment warehouses on both the west & east coasts, almost 20 years of history serving our customers, not to mention some of the highest ratings of any online retailer, we can say with confidence that we’re here to stay!

The challenge

You are always faced with many challenges, to list them all would go beyond the scope of this article. I will focus on one of the biggest challenges in e-commerce. How do I get customers to buy from us? There are a few solutions here. Some are very expensive, others very time-consuming.

The solution

#1 Help people to earn more by Auto tier model

We have very active interactions with our affiliates. Once we know that they are excited about our products and create material showcasing our products, we remind them that they can be ambassadors for our affiliates as well.

A great way for our affiliates to earn extra money is by sharing their experiences with the affiliate program and encouraging others to sign up. Once their affiliate referrals sign up, they get additional revenue and can serve as a mentor for the new affiliate.

The tiered affiliate feature is our favorite! This is integral to our strategy for attracting affiliates. We find that serious affiliates love that they can earn even more by helping recruit affiliates.

We have several groups of affiliates who are under different programs like this:

Unique Content Creators such as Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, Facebook or Twitter – 10% of sale

We even offer tiered commissions. Sign up your friends as affiliates and you’ll get another 30% of their earnings.

Repost sites such as Coupons Websites, Discounts Websites, Review Websites, Shopping Websites or Price Comparison Websites – 1% of sale (Repost sites with social media accounts are included in this classification)

Payments – Payments via PayPal or store gift card. Payments are made the 1st business day of each month after you have reached the minimum payment sum of $100.

eFavormart's sales in 2021
eFavormart’s sales in 2021

#2 Train affiliates to be the expert

Our affiliates like that we offer competitive percentages for our products. They also like that we have the best prices in the space. They know when they refer people to our site that those people are likely to buy because of our price, along with our quality. Another factor that works well is that we have a training program for our affiliates, so if they are new to affiliate marketing they have a guide on where to start.

Over the last year, we provided a lot of training on how to create videos, how to optimize titles for what people are searching for, etc. That training has helped our affiliates who don’t really know how to start. Now they are getting comfortable posting on their social channels and linking back to their affiliate links.

#3 Look for talented affiliates to join

We do our own outreach and we have our existing affiliates that do outreach as well. We use 10% for the first level commission and then they receive 30% or the commission of the affiliates they sign up under. We have not changed this and it does not change for them over time.

When we reach out to people via email or messaging, we let them know about the multiple tiers and it is on our website telling people about the program.

We have a Facebook group for our affiliate and we have training modules and support within the Facebook group. The modules for new affiliates are videos and then some images.

We look at the youtube creators in our space. For example, if I go to youtube and search “how do I create a balloon arch” I will find people giving tutorials on balloon arches. I check to see their work, their number of followers, and how engaged people are. When I see a certain threshold met, then I reach out and see if they would be interested in being an affiliate.

More affiliates are creating their own content to share this year.

Melanie, from the YouTube channel, Living Luxuriously for Less, is one of our awesome affiliates!


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