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Top 7+ Evergreen Niches for Publishers 2024

Dreaming of a successful business starts with finding an evergreen niche to leverage. That sounds easy enough. Unfortunately, with thousands of potential market segments across hundreds of industries, looking for the perfect niche can be challenging. ...

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evergreen niche

Dreaming of a successful business starts with finding an evergreen niche to leverage. That sounds easy enough. Unfortunately, with thousands of potential market segments across hundreds of industries, looking for the perfect niche can be challenging.

Niches allow you to focus efforts and resources, minimizing waste and ensuring more efficient management. Although you can make money from virtually anything, only an evergreen type can set you up for life.

So, if you’re a publisher, an aspiring merchant, or a prospective company owner, you will want to check out our ten evergreen niches to realize your dreams.

What is an Evergreen Niche? 

As the name implies, an evergreen niche is long-lasting. It’s not a one-off industry fluke, where it’s viral today and caput tomorrow. Instead, the industry has offerings that people continuously desire or need.

Evergreen businesses never go out of style. Although these industries experience ups and downs (what doesn’t?), they don’t plummet to Earth as fast as they skyrocket.

Unlike seasonal niches, an evergreen industry segment makes money all year round, doesn’t require aggressive marketing & promotions, and offers exceptional profitability for investors in the long term.

So, you’ll have a much better chance of success if you pick an evergreen niche business.

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for Advertisers

Health and Wellness

evergreen niche

The wellness & health niche is always evergreen. After all, everyone has “health” (or its state). You can offer products and services to improve one’s physique or calm and nourish the mind. The latter is vital because many governments now focus on mental health.

Unsurprisingly, the health & wellness niche is a $5 trillion market as of 2021 and will expand to $6.8 trillion by 2027, with an impressive 5.31% annual growth. Google Trends also shows a steady inflow of interest ranging from 48 to 97 (near-perfect 100 popularity) over five years.

Diets (i.e., weight loss, keto, and veganism), meditative activities (i.e., yoga, meditation, and mindfulness training), healthy eating, wellness tourism, and workplace wellness are excellent evergreen topics.

Personal Finance

evergreen niche

Here’s a niche worth writing about in personal blogs. Personal finance is everybody’s business (even those struggling). And although we don’t have the data for the industry, the personal finance software market offers an impressive figure.

This evergreen market is worth $1.3 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $4 billion by 2032. Its annual growth rate is faster than the health & wellness niche (12.2% vs. 5.31%), suggesting this niche will continue as a lucrative sector for affiliate marketing.

A business owner can offer many personal finance products and services, including wealth management, insurance, risk management, tax management, investments, loans, credit cards, mortgages, and retirement plans.

Relationships and Family

We thrive on social relationships. The joys human interactions bring to our daily lives can fuel us to dream and do more. And you can leverage this insatiable appetite of everyone to build and strengthen relationships.

People will always search for sound dating advice, tips for improving family relationships, and tricks for establishing and maintaining healthy in-law relationships. Romance, healing, work-life balance, marriage, and other topics remain relevant even in the age of AI.

Starting a business model that empowers people to establish and reinforce meaningful social relationships makes sense. Customers will value the relationship advice and tips, allowing them to be happy and content with their lives forever.

Education and Career Development

evergreen niche

Another niche that continuously provides opportunities for aspiring business owners and merchants is education and career development. The former is a $6.3 billion industry growing 10.49% yearly to reach $10.7 billion by 2027. Meanwhile, career development is also expanding by 7.83% annually, adding $2.2 billion to its worth by 2027.

So, what fuels this market? Experts point to several theories, including the drive to master a task, influence career growth, and ensure a brighter future.

You could create video courses, conduct webinars, or offer a training program to a target audience (individuals, groups, or organizations) who desire to improve their skills, knowledge, and other competencies.

Self-improvement and Personal Growth 

evergreen niche

Everyone desires to be better. And this fact is something aspiring business owners can leverage. You could help people improve their fashion style, time management, communication skills, and goal-setting abilities. Your products could boost people’s confidence, reveal leadership qualities, and enhance motivation and emotional intelligence.

The personal development and self-improvement market is evergreen. This industry is worth $40.1 billion, with experts projecting a 7% annual growth until 2032. That makes it a lucrative business opportunity for many decades.

The niche remains popular on Google, peaking at 100 in December 2022. Although the industry has highs and lows, the topic and sub-niches retain web surfers’ interests.

Business and Entrepreneurship

evergreen niche

Did you know the world has over 580 million entrepreneurs? The figure could be higher if we include everyone who dreamt of starting a business but somehow failed.

And that’s why business & entrepreneurship is an evergreen niche. People will always want to be their boss, allowing them to earn money their way. Although setting up a business isn’t easy, aspiring entrepreneurs can rely on existing businesses to help them start their journeys. And that’s an opportunity for merchants and online business owners.

You could offer simple yet effective money-making opportunities with uncomplicated setups and readily available resources. Tricks, tips, and techniques are always handy for anyone wanting to start a business.

DIY and Crafts

evergreen niche

DIYers can turn their skills and passions into cash cows by sharing knowledge with other people. Merchants can sell tools, materials, plans, and other resources to a growing market, while DIYers can make their expertise available to consumers.

Hiring a professional to build, repair, or replace something is costly. That’s why nearly three in four homeowners and Millennials prefer going down and dirty to paying somebody else to do it. DIY and crafts also reinforce people’s skills and promote a sense of satisfaction.

DIY and crafts are profitable niches. The DIY market is worth $2.9 trillion, while the arts & crafts industry isn’t far behind at over $100 billion. These figures underscore the opportunities for anyone wanting to start a business in this segment.

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Food and Cooking

evergreen niche

Everyone eats! It doesn’t matter if home-cooked meals or offerings from a Michelin-starred establishment. Food not only nourishes the body. It also creates an opportunity for building and reinforcing relationships. And this makes food & cooking an excellent topic for a blog post or a money-making venture.

So, how big is your market? According to Statista, the global food industry will be worth over $10 trillion in 2024 and will continue growing by 6.3% annually until 2028. These are impressive numbers highlighting a robust business opportunity.

Your eCommerce business could offer meal subscriptions, groceries, cooking appliances, kitchenware, and other resources necessary for kitchen and nutrition magic. You’ll never run out of business ideas because you can find inspiration from your cooking and dining experiences.

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Pet Care and Training

evergreen niche

Did you know one in two people have a pet? That’s close to four billion potential customers. Unsurprisingly, pet care and training are popular niches in blogging and entrepreneurship, with experts saying the industry will grow to $368.88 billion by 2030.

Pet ownership is like “normal” parenthood. People want the best nutrition (i.e., pet food and supplements), veterinary care (i.e., immunizations and surgery), socialization (i.e., pet play park and playthings), and training (i.e., obedience and behavioral training) for their pets. And you can leverage this by offering them high-quality products and a unique user experience.

Although dogs and pets remain the undisputed pet leaders, other animals can become pets. This observation can make for a lucrative niche to build a business.

Technology and Gadgets

evergreen niche

Technology is a broad concept. You could venture into consumer electronics, industrial technologies, military software & hardware, academic resources, commercial & business applications, and more. Driving organic traffic shouldn’t be a problem with a well-defined marketing strategy.

Gadgets and technology offer many opportunities for business success. You can leverage humankind’s preoccupation with the latest tech craze, offering popular products and services to simplify their lives and make work more productive.

And since we cannot think of reverting to our Stone Age ancestors’ way of life, this niche should be an evergreen for aspiring business owners, merchants, and publishers.

What Things Make a Niche Not Evergreen?

Leveraging a niche’s evergreen potential is key to business success. Unfortunately, we can misread the signs and make rash decisions. We could think about a market segment bringing us unimaginable wealth forever, only to see our dreams crumble. So, what makes a niche NOT evergreen?

Seasonal opportunities

Can you sell Christmas trees, lights, and decor during summer? How about promoting swimwear in the winter? You could still earn cash, but the opportunities are slim (if not nonexistent).

That can be problematic for aspiring business owners or merchants. Although a seasonal niche can guarantee a profit, the financial rewards only last a few months. You won’t have anything else to promote or sell in the other months.

Seasonal market segments aren’t evergreen because they don’t guarantee income flow month after month. Although consumer interest is high, it doesn’t peak or become relevant until it’s in season.

Short-lived trends and fads

Can you remember the Harlem Shake or Segway? How about the Mannequin Challenge, planking, and Pokemon Go? These were sensational humankind creations that captured the world’s attention and fascination. Where are they now?

That’s the problem with fads. These are temporary moments of greatness, skyrocketing to global fame (and fortune) only to spiral down a few weeks or months later and forever pushed to the back of the human consciousness.

Sadly, short-lived popularity doesn’t make a niche evergreen. It’s worse than a seasonal segment because you will never know when its popularity will end.

Decreasing consumer interest

Like fads, a short-lived niche will lose consumers’ attention. People will no longer want niche-related offerings because something better is available or the problems that these products are supposed to solve are no longer present.

For example, can you still remember flip phones with their stunning looks and compact form? We outgrew them, didn’t we? Today, we favor larger phones with impressive screen sizes and stunning 4K resolution displays that can replace our conventional desktops at home.

If you have niche blogs that people aren’t interested in anymore, you will find marketing and selling products more challenging (if not futile).

How to Choose the Right Evergreen Niche?

evergreen niche

Niches are expansive concepts underscoring a market segment. Each niche has many sub-niches or sub-topics, making choosing an evergreen business exceptionally challenging. So, how do you zero in on a niche that delivers results all year round for life?

Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can point you in the right business direction. Ideally, you will play to your strengths and minimize (if not eliminate) weakness-associated risks.

You could consider evaluating the cons to determine if they are modifiable or fixable. If so, you can transform these drawbacks into positive things and turn your business into a cash cow forever.

Passion and Expertise

Successful people always follow their hearts, although most often mix thoughtful considerations into the process. The blend of passion and expertise makes an excellent recipe for finding the right long-lasting niche.

For example, a travel blog would be a no-nonsense choice for an avid traveler. You could share colorful stories to entice audiences to try visiting new places, tasting different food, and experiencing other cultures. Or, you could transform your blog into a virtual transporter, allowing readers to “feel” the joys of traveling even though they’re only reading your blog.

Long-term Vision

How do you envision your business ten or 20 years from now? Do you think the niche will still be relevant (i.e., people still want your products)?

This factor might be more challenging to define than the others, but it’s the most crucial. If you cannot see yourself offering niche-related products and services beyond ten years (or more), it’s probably a sign you’re not in the right niche.


Evergreen niches offer the best chances for securing a financially rewarding future. They are the first steps in a complex business creation process. And if you’re a publisher, knowing which niche will bring continuous rewards is nothing more than the initial step.

But that’s where the value lies. Making the wrong first step can spell disaster for the rest of your dream-building endeavor. And that’s why we recommend taking your time evaluating each niche to decide the best revenue-generating market segment to focus on.

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