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Mysteek Naturals: An automation app is time-saver

UpPromote had an interview with Electra Harris, the founder of Mysteek Naturals. She shared what benefits Mysteek Naturals give to their affiliates and how they run their affiliate program. Let’s see what they did to get ...

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UpPromote had an interview with Electra Harris, the founder of Mysteek Naturals. She shared what benefits Mysteek Naturals give to their affiliates and how they run their affiliate program. Let’s see what they did to get the extraordinary success!

The company

Electra Harris, the founder of Mysteek Naturals, is believed to be one of the first women to have created a chemical-free hair color product – having started developing the product in 2016. The company is a Black woman, veteran-owned small business.

Electra started her company because, like so many other women, she was looking for an alternative to the rinses that weren’t giving her the vibrant popping color that she so badly wanted yet with the harmful chemicals and process of using a developer to bleach her hair to get that vibrant color she so badly desired.

She started her toothpaste line after learning the color code on the commercial toothpaste she used at the time were chemical indicators and poisonous to her and her children’s health.

Also, she began to research and realized that fluoride was a poison and no longer wanted to use the toothpaste. She loves to live and use naturals products as humanly as possible. So, she officially launched the Mysteek Naturals, LLC business in May 2017.

The challenge

Affiliate marketing softwares are similar and they are just a workplace while the setup is quite different. They’re gonna have the same dynamic-link but the rewards are gonna be different. Instead of dollars sometimes, we are able to reward a point on a coupon.

I would like to build an affiliate system, make it automated and run on its own. And it was a journey deciding which app to use. From 2017 to 2018, we started the affiliate program. I don’t remember how many times I migrated from other Apps until I found UpPromote.

I didn’t prefer other applications because the UI is very bad and childish and they don’t support reflection which was not something I was looking for.

The solution

#1 Get an automation software to leverage the affiliate program

What I would love more about UpPromote is having us set up two different programs. Let’s say, program 1 for 10 people to 15% and each program should have its own sign-up form to create a different setup.

If someone is using Shopify and they don’t want to put time and effort into the back-end thing, that should be a plus. It should be automated. UpPromote helps us to create a sign-up form and when I invite people to join, they’re all gonna land up in the same program.

If you could have done two different programs, that would have been helped. I came to other Apps and then it ended up using UpPromote. I am pretty thorough about which app to use because I do my research

UpPromote helps us to save a lot of time and you need to understand that saving time is always money. It helped me to focus on something else so I can run the business on my own better. I’m just stress-free from back and forth handling affiliates because I had a pretty bad year last year. However, like I said, if you have two programs, I’m onset and I would be happy to run programs.

Everything such as tracking, auto payout, commissions, refunds thing, etc is the reason why I would never uninstall the app, to be honest.

If there is a word I could use to describe my experience with UpPromote, that is Time saver. I would say an affiliate artificial system, not just an affiliate. UpPromote is going towards an automation process.

Mysteek Natural multi-level marketing model

#2 An support team from the affiliate app helped me to set up fastly

UpPromote support is amazing. This is not the thing someone else can replace and not everyone has that. I work 18-20 hours, I’m not lying. I work in both the time zones: Asia and the US time zone.

I would say the UpPromote’ support is gorgeous because it is always online. So that’s something important as a brand owner. I am able to talk to someone about anything because everything I need is a live person.

So, the support team is amazing, though. I never sent an email to the center support but I always spoke to them on the live chat. That’s a compliment.

#3 A strong team to run the affiliate program smoothly

Sal is one of my teammates and he does most of the tasks with UpPromote and I am the one who will approve the commissions or payout and let’s say my workload has come last. We don’t have any other person to work on this.

So that’s something good. Previously, we had someone look after and I feel pretty bad because, at that time, there were no automated coupons and everything else. So this is how we run our program.

A dedicated staff would run my affiliate network. It’s either me or my other partner who’s just going back so it has saved us money in terms of resources and also customer support.

#4 Make a happy experience with influencers

It’s easier for related people to log in without having them contacting us. It’s pretty simple. They can get commissions and the payout is automatic for them. I’m definitely going to use the review and make it more interesting in the future and make it like one-on-one and that would be good.

We’ve focused on clarifying the benefits that we’ve brought to our influencers

Here are the benefits that we tell them

  • You have an engaged following on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or another social media platform.
  • You’re already a role model for women in your industry.
  • You have a strong voice and you aren’t afraid to use it.
  • You’d love to be the “face” and “voice” of our combined Mysteek Naturals following of 150,000 + engaged followers.
  • You’re excited about being a color lover who is passionate about motivating people to express themselves with hair color
  • You feel completely at ease filming short videos on your phone, laptop or other device. (Or having someone else film you!)
  • You love Mysteek Naturals and you’re excited to spread the word about what we do!

We reached to one of the influencers and ask her to try our product and make a video like this



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