Affiliate marketing is a great way to build your business. Ideally, it can be used to promote virtually any product, so it’s the perfect fit for dropshippers.

Suppose you’re new to affiliate marketing or want some information on how it works. In that case, this article will get you started on the basics of affiliate marketing and give you tips on how affiliate marketing can help grow your dropshipping business.

The Basic Concept of Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing means that you refer visitors on your website to a specific business or product in exchange for a commission. You will be getting paid per the products you successfully refer your customers.

You can choose to work with different companies or select an affiliate marketing app that is quite effective. Most programs are divided into various categories, so it is pretty easy to select. Once the program is approved, you can easily promote affiliate links on your specific website.

Conducting affiliate marketing in dropshipping is a lucrative business that helps to increase your returns exponentially. For instance, if a customer buys your dropship products, ensure you save their contact information. In future, you can use that information to send them an affiliate link and convince them to purchase the products from Amazon or any other website. You need to use the right approach to combine affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

How to Select the Right Affiliate Program?

The affiliate network you affiliate through will have a variety of available programs from which you can select. Your affiliate marketing campaign can be as simple or complex as you want it. If this is your first time doing affiliate marketing, take the time to research affiliate networks and affiliate programs to find the ones that match up with what you’re trying for your business. Some of the factors to consider include:

  • Choose the Right Affiliate Network

As mentioned above, there are several affiliate networks out there! Each will deal with different affiliate programs; some offer more niche-specific opportunities while others handle more mainstream campaigns. Be sure that you look into all that’s available to find an affiliate network before building your site (which would make you an affiliate marketer).

  • Understand the Commission Feature of an Affiliate Program

Commission rates vary from one network to another, but all affiliate programs offer an affiliate commission. That sounds simple enough to understand. Well, it is! The only thing you could consider essential about the affiliate commission is how it’s calculated. Here are some quick tips for determining commissions:

-Some affiliate networks function on a pay per lead or impression basis, while others work on a pay per sale basis.

-You’ll want to look at two significant factors when looking for affiliate commissions: what they are and what percent (or amount) they will be paying out. If the commission isn’t worth your time or effort, why would you try promoting that affiliate program? It’d be better if it earned you more money.

  • Choose a Profitable Affiliate Program

Affiliate commissions must be profitable, and there is an easy way to determine this; take the affiliate commission and divide it by the affiliate sale amount. If your affiliate commission is $50 and you made a sale of $100, you will earn 50% on each affiliate sale. Ensure you consider some profitable websites such as Amazon. They have the potential of offering commission rates for your dropshipping business.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model similar to affiliate marketing. You need to put your focus on product promotion. This business does not require you to store your products in your warehouse. Dropshipping supplier will prepare and ship the products for you. However, unlike affiliate marketing, you need to be responsible for the products and customers as they will affect your business reputation.

Best Ways to Use Affiliate Marketing for your Dropshipping Business

In fact, you can combine dropshipping and affiliate marketing. You can use affiliate marketing to promote your dropshipping business. This is a great way of marketing for newbies who have just started Shopify dropshipping. You can use UpPromote to create multiple programs with different types of commissions. Affiliates can promote your store with referral links or coupon codes, while referral orders will be automatically tracked and you will be notified.

How to scale your dropshipping business using affiliate marketing

  • Setting up your affiliate program

First, you need to install the top affiliate marketing app to set up your affiliate network marketing links. Affiliate performance will be tracked via referral order.

  • Recruiting affiliates

You will then need to recruit affiliates for your dropshipping program. There are many different types of affiliates you can contact – influencers, comparison sites, cashback sites, content creators, and more.

  • Conduct promotions with your affiliates

Provide your members with promotional ideas, including banners and data feeds that include product images. Provide your members with promotional ideas, including banners and data feeds containing product images for them to promote through content creation, social media, and more.

Arguably, affiliate marketing will place your dropshipping business in a competitive position. Also, the marketing allows your dropshipping store/business to earn commissions by promoting products that are relevant to your niche.

Ideally, you can use affiliate marketing in the following primary ways:

In this type of marketing, you need to have a product to be marketed. If you’re dropshipping, then it’s a no brainer that you’ll come up with the product yourself. Note that affiliate marketing does not mean ordering from Ali Express, Nihao Dropshipping, or other dropshipping suppliers and reselling on your website. That’s not affiliate marketing – that’s just reselling. Affiliate marketing means advertising someone else’s product through your affiliate link so that people buy from you because of your advertisement/marketing. Then you will get cash in your Paypal account once the person purchases from the link.

There are some primary ways of using affiliate marketing for dropshipping, and they include:

  •  Product Affiliate Marketing

This means that you advertise someone else’s product and get paid when people buy from your affiliate link. For example, suppose I am dropshipping shoes for ‘Jimmy Choo’. In that case, affiliate marketing will mean that I’ll be using affiliate links to market Jimmy Choo shoes, which will generate a sale for me when a customer clicks on my affiliate link and purchases Jimmy’s shoe.

How do you find affiliate links?

Generally, most eCommerce platforms have an affiliate program built in their system, so it will be easy for you to sign up there and start promoting products from there through your affiliate links.

Once you have signed up with an affiliate program, it will give you access to their affiliate dashboard. In the affiliate dashboard, everything is required for your ads, such as banners and images that you can use directly on your article or online store. The best thing about affiliate programs is that they usually provide backend support. If you go through any issues while running promotions in any PPC/Paid Advertising websites, their support staff will guide and help you through it. On top of this, most affiliate programs don’t charge anything.


If affiliate marketing sounds like you, then various affiliate programs will help you with your marketing strategy and ensure that you can run successful affiliate promotion campaigns on online stores/websites. So sign up now and start earning money! There are many programs and networks available on the internet.

You can combine dropshipping and affiliate marketing so that your business can generate higher passive income. You can incorporate the affiliate marketing app to place your business in a competitive position. 


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