First, we’d love to thank everyone who participated and helped make Promote You Promote Me a success! Here is our celebration post that recaps the contest results with all winners attached. 

Let’s take a look.

Promote You Promote Me Contest Performance 

In under 2 weeks, our contest has seen tremendous efforts from merchants in both joining and promoting their contest entries. 

Here are the remarkable numbers that Promote You Promote Me collected: 

  • 37 contest entries. 34 eligible for winning.
  • 2462 likes from all social media – 1st place winner achieved 736 like on Instagram.
  • 149 shares were recorded.
  • 35% impression raised for hashtag #uppromote & #promoteyou_promoteme
  • 70000+ people reached.

We couldn’t do it without you, and we can’t thank everyone enough. Now, it’s time for us to prevail all winners!

Promote You Promote Me Contest Winner Announcement

First, a quick reminder of our grand prizes distribution:

# 1st Place (1 merchant)

  • Email direct promoting your affiliate program to our affiliates on UpPromote Marketplace
  • Display your affiliate program on our UpPromote Marketplace’s banner (for two weeks)

# Runner Up (2 merchants)

  • 6 months FREE and 50% discount FOREVER on all plans
  • Get your program listed on our top offers of the month 

# Third Prize (3 merchants)

  • 3 months FREE and 30% discount FOREVER on all plans
  • Get your program listed on our top recommendations of the month
Promote you promote me contest prize
Promote you promote me contest prize

And these prizes belong to:

# 1st Place: Mushroom Mavens

# Runner Up: SleePainSatopradhan Resouces

# Third Prize: Bamboo Grove, EcoshoppephDear John Box

#15% OFF discount: Beauty Club Outlet, TeethNightGuard, KastomkeeksSimple Deluxe, Attempting Less,

Besides, the rest of the eligible entries can enjoin 5% off any paid plan forever.

Noted: We will apply your prizes automatically following the information you attached with your contest entry. These discounts can not be stacked or combined. 

If you have any questions regarding your claimed prizes. Simply contact us via email:

Final thoughts

Promote You Promote Me contest is closed with flying colors. We’ve learned a lot from our merchants, and we’ll promise to share these insights to help UpPromote’s users perform better. 

This 1st contest is just the beginning. We have more surprises and gifts for you in the upcoming action in UpPromote’s 3rd birthday celebration series! 

Stay tuned. You won’t have to wait for long, we promise :).  

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