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dick's sporting goods affiliate program

Dick’s Sporting Goods Affiliate Program

The DICK'S Sporting Goods affiliate program is your pathway to lucrative sports retail commissions. Learn more in our latest guide.


2% per sale


3 days


Direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal

DICK’S Sporting Goods takes the spotlight as a prominent name in the world of sports retail. The DICK’S affiliate program opens doors for affiliate marketers to earn commissions by promoting a wide array of high-quality sports equipment, apparel, and accessories.

In this overview, we’ll dive into the details of the DICK’S Sporting Goods affiliate program, shedding light on its features and opportunities. Let’s get started!

Overview of DICK’S Sporting Goods

Established in 1948 as a small family shop in New York, DICK’S Sporting Goods has evolved into a top destination for sports enthusiasts. With 850+ stores nationwide and a thriving online presence, it’s the best source for quality sports gear.

At DICK’S, you can find popular sports brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. They also have their own brands like Tommy Armour and CALIA. Besides sports gear, the brand sells outdoor stuff for camping, hiking, golf, and more.

Overview of the DICK’S Sporting Goods Affiliate Program

The DICK’S affiliate program allows partners to earn money by promoting DICK’S Sporting Goods products.

It’s free to join the program via Impact Radius, a famous global affiliate network. After joining, you get special links and banners from DICK’S for your website. When people use your links and buy something, you get a commission from Impact.

This program is great for websites about sports, fitness, outdoors, and lifestyle. However, DICK’S Sporting Goods only sends stuff within the United States, so they only work with affiliates in the US.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Affiliate Program: Commissions and Payment Details

DICK’S affiliate program offers a base commission of 2% on sales generated from referred customers. The commission applies to all products purchased across Dickssportinggoods.com, excluding products with SKU Gift Cards, Yeezy, and Rainbow Sandals.

The standard cookie duration is 3 days, providing a window to get credit for repeat purchases.

You get your commission 2 months after the end of the month they are tracked. To take out money from your Impact account, make sure you have at least $10 USD or the same amount in your local currency.

Pros and Cons of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Affiliate Program

Let’s have a look at the benefits and drawbacks of the Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program.

Pros Cons
Reputable brand with high conversions Low commission rate (2%/sale)
Product datafeed included Short cookie duration (3 days only)
Exclusive weekly newsletter
A huge variety of creative assets

DICK’S Sporting Goods is a reputable brand, ensuring high sales potential for affiliates. You can also utilize a product data feed for product presentation on affiliates’ websites, improving the overall appeal and increasing click-through rates on affiliate links.

Additionally, the exclusive weekly newsletter helps affiliates stay updated and gives them access to special promotions and content. Plus, affiliates can use different banners and text links to promote DICK’S products, making promoting DICK’s Sporting Goods easier.

However, there are some considerations to keep in mind. DICK’S Sporting Goods offers a shorter cookie duration of just 3 days, so quick conversions are key for earning commissions. Additionally, the commission rate may be lower than specialty retailers in specific niches.

How to Join DICK’S Sporting Goods Affiliate Program? 

Let’s learn how to become a Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate and how to use Dick’s sporting goods affiliate program to optimize your commissions.

Step 1: Visit the DICK’S affiliate signup page

Go to the DICK’S Sporting Goods affiliate homepage and click “Apply Now” to access the affiliate signup page.

Step 2: Submit the affiliate application

On the signup page, fill out the short affiliate application with your website and contact details to apply.

Step 3: Get approved

Impact will review your website content and account to approve you as an affiliate partner, usually within 2 business days.

Step 4: Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program login

Once approved, you will get login access to your Impact affiliate dashboard. Here, you can find the Dick’s Sporting Goods affiliate program and resources like banners, text links, etc.

Step 5: Start Promoting DICK’S

With approval and assets in hand, you can now place your affiliate referral link on your site and start driving sales to earn commissions

How to Boost Your Income with the Dick’s Sporting Goods Affiliate Program

To optimize your earnings as a DICK’S affiliate, you consider the following approaches:

Firstly, you can tailor your promotions based on the seasonality of sports and outdoor activities throughout the year. For example, you can focus on fitness promotions in Q1, outdoor activities in Q2, back-to-school items in Q3, and gift-worthy products in Q4.

Besides, you can extend beyond using product feed banners. In particular, you can create detailed reviews and recommendations focusing on sports and activities your audience likes, like golf, running, camping, and more.

Another good tip is to capitalize on big sporting events relevant to your audience’s location, like local marathons or events hosted by NFL teams. It’s vital to position offers on relevant gear tied to these events to enhance engagement and conversions.

Is the DICK’S Sporting Goods Affiliate Program Worth It?

Joining the DICK’S Sporting Goods affiliate program can indeed be a rewarding venture, especially if your audience is into sports and outdoor activities.

The program offers publishers many enticing benefits like a solid reputation, various banners and text links, and exclusive weekly newsletters. However, it’s important to acknowledge the program’s challenges, such as a low commission rate and short 3-day cookie duration.

Ultimately, you can decide if DICK’S affiliate program is worth it by smoothly connecting products with your audience and using smart marketing. If your content is about sports and outdoors, joining could boost your earnings.


Who should join the DICK’S Sporting Goods affiliate program?

The DICK’S Sporting Goods affiliate program is ideal for publishers in the sports, fitness, outdoors, and lifestyle niches. It is also ideal for local recreational groups and more.

Is there a fee to join the DICK’S Sporting Goods affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the DICK’S Sporting Goods affiliate program.

Are there any minimum requirements to become a DICK’S Sporting Goods affiliate?

There are no major minimum requirements. DICK’S accepts applications from publishers with active websites, social media accounts, email lists, etc. But your content should align with their products.

Can the DICK’S Sporting Goods program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, DICK’S Sporting Goods allows combining their program with other affiliate offers. There are no exclusivity restrictions.

What are the best DICK’S Sporting Goods affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives for sports/fitness gear offers include Academy Sports, Nike, Fanatics, Scheels, and Cabela’s affiliate programs.