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marshalls affiliate program

Marshalls Affiliate Program

The Marshalls affiliate program is where you can turn your passion for fashion into a lucrative venture. Check out more!


8% of online sales


30 days


ACH, bank transfer, PayPal, checks, or wire transfer

Marshalls is a popular store with great deals on designer fashions and home decor. Now, they have an affiliate program where you can earn money by promoting their products.

In this article, we’ll give a detailed guide on the Marshalls affiliate program to help you assess if it fits you well. Let’s delve into it.

Overview of Marshalls

Founded in 1956, Marshalls stands as a premier destination in the US, offering fantastic deals on designer clothing, home goods, and a variety of other items. As a proud member of the TJX company, alongside TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and Sierra, Marshalls has expanded its reach to encompass over 1,000 stores across 42 states and Puerto Rico.

At Marshalls, you can buy fashion products from designer brands for 20-60% less than regular prices because they get overstocked and past-season items. Besides, Marshalls offers a mobile app to make shopping easier for their customers.

Overview of the Marshalls Affiliate Program

A is one of the famous B programs. The Marshalls Affiliate Program allows publishers to earn commissions promoting Marshalls’ online products and services.

The Marshalls affiliate program is ideal for deal and coupon sites, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, and influencers focused on beauty, apparel, and home decor. Any publisher with an audience interested in discounted designer brands can also join for free and make money.

You can join the program through Flexoffers, one of the biggest affiliate networks, at no cost. Once approved, you get access to a portal with links, creatives, and reporting. When your audience uses these links to buy products on marshalls.com, you’ll get commissions.

Marshalls Affiliate Program Commission and Payment Details

The Marshalls affiliate program pays its partners 8% commissions per qualified sale. Note that your commission applies to all products on marshalls.com, excluding online gift cards.

Currently, the program offers a 30-day cookie window. This means you have a month to convince your audience to buy products on Marshalls’ website. You can also earn a commission on repeated sales during this period.

You get paid monthly through ACH, bank transfer, PayPal, checks, or wire transfer. However, you need to reach the minimum payout requirement of $1,000 (for wire transfer) and $25 for other payment methods before getting paid by Flexoffers. There are also fees for checks ($3), bank transfers ($1), and international transfers ($5).

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Marshalls Affiliate Program

In this section, we’ll break down the pros and cons of the Marshalls affiliate program:

Pros Cons
Popular retail brand Limited creative assets
Good commission (8%/sale) High payment minimum (up to $1,000)
30-day cookie lifetime

Marshalls is a popular retail brand, making people trust it and possibly buy more. The 8% commission offered is reasonable, and there’s an opportunity to increase earnings if individuals make repeated purchases within a 30-day period.

However, there are some limitations to consider. Marshalls doesn’t give many creative tools, which is tough for beginners. Also, a high minimum payout of up to $1,000 (for wire transfer) takes newbies a while to reach it.

Marshalls Affiliate Program Sign-Up: Step-by-step Guide

Here’s the detailed guide to becoming a Marshalls affiliate:

Step 1: Register a Flexoffers publisher account

Since the Marshalls affiliate program is managed by Flexoffers, you’ll need to sign up for a Flexoffers affiliate account.

Go to the Marshalls affiliate program on Flexoffers. Then, complete the signup form with your website and contact details. Make sure to share information about your niche, traffic, and audience demographics.

Step 2: Get approved

Marshalls will review your application to determine if you meet their approval criteria. You’ll receive a notification once a decision is made.

Step 3: Marshalls affiliate program login

Once approved, you can log in to your Marshalls affiliate dashboard to access affiliate links and other creative assets.

Step 4: Start promoting Marshalls

Place your Marshalls affiliate referral link on your platform and earn attractive commissions for all referred online sales.

How to Boost Your Income with the Marshalls Affiliate Program?

Here are some of the best practices to increase your earnings as a Marshalls affiliate:

First, you should focus on in-demand items like designer handbags, denim, shoes, and home goods. These items attract a lot of people, increasing the chances of earning commissions.

Besides, you can create content comparing Marshalls products with similar ones from other brands. It shows you as a helpful source and helps customers make informed buying decisions. Place your affiliate links strategically in these comparisons to guide your audience toward choosing Marshalls.

Additionally, time your promotions strategically around holidays, back-to-school seasons, and other seasonal sales events. By tailoring your content to fit these events, you can take advantage of the increased consumer activity and gain more visibility for your affiliate links.

Lastly, you can share attractive images with exclusive offers on social platforms. Make sure to engage with them regularly and insert your affiliate link. This attracts your fans and increases your link’s visibility, bringing in more traffic and potential conversions.

Is the Marshalls Affiliate Program Worth It?

For seasoned affiliates in the fashion and lifestyle niche, the Marshalls Affiliate Program holds lucrative potential. You can benefit from the program’s 8% commission, renowned brand, and long 30-day cookie lifetime.

However, if you’re a beginner, think carefully. Marshalls has limited creative tools and a high payout minimum (up to $1,000). No recurring commissions mean you need new clicks for each purchase.

Although it has some limitations, if you manage the difficulties effectively and leverage its strengths, this program can still be a valuable aspect of your affiliate work.


  • Who should join the Marshalls affiliate program?

The Marshalls affiliate program is best suited for publishers, influencers, and content creators in the fashion, lifestyle, discounts, coupons, and bargain-hunting niches. Essentially, anyone with an audience interested in designer brands and discounted retail can benefit from the program.

  • Is there a fee to join the Marshalls affiliate program?

No, there is no fee to join the Marshalls affiliate program.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to become a Marshalls affiliate?

Marshalls does not publicly disclose any specific traffic, audience size, or sales requirements. However, your site/channel will likely need to demonstrate sufficient reach and engagement within the fashion and discounts space.

  • Can the Marshalls program be combined with other affiliate programs?

Yes, you can promote Marshalls deals, discounts, and complementary affiliate programs in the retail, fashion, and coupon spaces. There are no exclusivity limitations.

  • What are the best Marshalls affiliate program alternatives?

Some top alternatives include TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Amazon Associate, Target, and Walmart affiliate programs.