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15 Best Dating Affiliate Programs to Maximize Your Earnings

Fuel your love life with the best dating affiliate programs. Earn while you help others find their match.

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Dating affiliate Programs

You want to start affiliate marketing in the romance industry and boost your income with dating affiliate programs.

Yes, it’s achievable!

In this article, we will provide you with information and reviews on the top 15 dating affiliate programs for your consideration. You will also find here some helpful tips to choose and promote such programs.

With our knowledgeable details and instructions, you can definitely improve your performance and revenues in this niche. Let’s scroll down to check it!

Top 15 Best Dating Affiliate Programs

In this part, we will go through the top 15 best dating affiliate programs for you to join and earn. Hope you can get the most out of our comprehensive reviews. Don’t hesitate; we’ll dive into them now!

Elite Singles

Dating Affiliate Programs 1


Elite Singles is a brand founded by Spark Networks in 2009. Since then, it has been a leading global dating site with the trust of over 13 million people in more than 20 countries worldwide. It helps to make 2,000 new couples monthly based on their relationship preferences, locations, personality, and education.

The Elite Singles affiliate program is a reliable program you can participate in. When referring a user to the brand, you can earn a $7 commission. The cookie term for turning a click into a sale is within 45 days.

You can join the program via the CJ Affiliate network. It will pay you around the 28th of each month for USD, GBP, and EUR currencies and around the 20th for all other currencies. You can obtain the payments via Direct Deposit, Check, and Payoneer.

  • Commission rate: $7
  • Cookie duration: 45 days
  • Payment method: Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer
  • A leading online dating site
  • Wide trust from millions of people
  • A nice commission per sale
  • Provide a long time for tracking
  • Not include PayPal as a payment method

The Tao of Badass

Dating Affiliate Programs 2

The Tao of Badass affiliate program is about dating coaching materials that help men who lack the confidence to approach or talk to women outside social media. The program offers a high commission rate of 75% and a long cookie term of 60 days, making it one of the most attractive affiliate programs in the dating industry.

The Tao of Badass affiliate program provides affiliates with a variety of tools and resources to help them promote the program, including a video sales letter and an evergreen webinar. The affiliate program also has a dedicated support team that helps affiliates with any questions or problems.

  • Commission rate: 75%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • A high commission rate
  • Have a long cookie window
  • Various tools and resources for publishers
  • A dedicated support team
  • Suitable for men only

Christian Mingle

Dating Affiliate Programs 3

The Christian Mingle affiliate program is the next name in the top affiliate programs. Christian Mingle is a dating site helping Christian singles find their love and long-term relationships. It has been outstanding as a great app for over 20 years.

When joining its program, you can earn $2 for each referral. The number is not high, but its conversion rate is very good. So, you can still earn extra income with the program. Remember that it allows you to convert sales within a 30-day cookie window.

The program offers affiliates regular promotions and bonuses, helping you to improve your marketing performance. In addition, you can have access to its advertising materials that enhance the conversion rates.

Sounds great? You can join the program via the affiliate network CJ. The process is easy and simple, within a few minutes. When gaining commissions, you can get it via Direct Deposit, Check, and Payoneer.

  • Commission rate: $2
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Direct Deposit, Check, and Payoneer
  • A long-lasting brand in the dating niche
  • Offer a long cookie window
  • Many promotions and bonuses
  • Allow affiliates to access advertising materials
  • A low commission rate for publishers


Dating Affiliate Programs 4

Another program we want to recommend is the Lovehoney affiliate program. As a trusted brand designing award-winning intimate products for over 15 years, Lovehoney offers an enticing opportunity for affiliates in the romance niche.

One standout feature of this program is the remarkable commission rate, which can climb up to 22%. With a generous 30-day cookie term, you can raise your earnings potential. Payments are seamless and flexible, offering options such as Direct Transfer, BACS, and PayPal.

Lovehoney has a diverse catalog with 5,000 products in stock, catering to various preferences. It also provides many promotional codes for affiliates to improve performance. Plus, dedicated support is available to assist you in optimizing your campaigns and maximizing your revenue.

Impact.com hosts the program, so you can join it via the network. The registration is quite easy; just some information fill-up is required.

  • Commission rate: Up to 22%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Direct Transfer, BACS, PayPal
  • A trusted brand with award-winning products
  • A great commission percentage
  • A long cookie term for publishers
  • A diverse catalog of many products
  • Dedicated support and many incentives
  • No disadvantages found currently

Christian Cafe

Dating Affiliate Programs 5

We recommend the Christian Cafe affiliate program if you want to focus on the sub-niche Christian dating. Christian Cafe is a niche dating site assisting many Christian singles to find their other half and get married.

As Christianity has around 2.38 billion adherents, you will have a big audience when you join this program. The Christian Cafe affiliate program offers you a generous commission rate of 40% per sale. Its cookie term is also great, with 120 days in total.

The brand usually provides consumer promotions, further reinforcing its high conversion rate. It also gives affiliates frequent incentives and bonuses, making your income better. You will get the commissions and other bonuses via PayPal and Direct Deposit.

  • Commission rate: 40%
  • Cookie duration: 120 days
  • Payment method: PayPal, Direct Deposit
  • The program has a big audience
  • Offer a generous commission rate
  • Provide a super long cookie-term
  • A diverse catalog of many products
  • Many incentives and bonuses for affiliates
  • Not suitable for the non-Christian audience


Dating Affiliate Programs 6

The OurTime affiliate program is a great opportunity for affiliate marketers targeting the senior dating niche. OurTime caters to a mature audience aged 50 and over, making it the perfect match for affiliates seeking a seasoned and sophisticated demographic.

A remarkable feature that sets this program apart is its generous commission rate, offering 50% for affiliates. The extended 120-day cookie term also helps to monetize your marketing efforts.

OurTime has flexible options for affiliate payments. When joining the program, you can choose Direct Deposit, Check, or Payoneer to receive your commissions.

If you are interested in senior dating promotion, don’t hesitate to join the OurTime affiliate program today!

  • Commission rate: 50%
  • Cookie duration: 120 days
  • Payment method: Direct Deposit, Check, and Payoneer
  • A generous commission level
  • Give a long cookie term
  • Many payment methods for publishers
  • It doesn’t provide much information on its affiliate program.

Cupid Media

Dating Affiliate Programs 7

One of the top dating affiliate programs is the Cupid Media affiliate program. Cupid Media is a part of DatingGroup – one of the largest dating companies. Its portfolio has 33 niche dating sites with over 1.3 billion messages annually.

With a generous commission rate of 75%, the program will help you to maximize your earnings. It also has a great cookie duration of 30 days, allowing you to convert clicks to sales.

The brand cooperates with Skrill for seamless payment transactions. This means you must register a Skrill account to get your commissions. The payments can be made via multiple options, including Cards, Digital Wallets, Bank Transfers, and even Cash Payments.

Cupid Media imposes no minimum payment threshold, so you can receive your earnings soon. When joining the program, you can also have the advantage of high conversion rates. Thus, the Cupid Media affiliate program can help you unlock substantial earnings.

  • Commission rate: 75%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Cards, Digital Wallets, Bank Transfers, Cash Payments
  • Have lots of dating sites with large users
  • An outstanding affiliate commission
  • Offer a long cookie duration for publishers
  • No requirement for a minimum threshold
  • Need to register a Skrill account to receive payments


Dating Affiliate Programs 8

You can also join the SeekingArrangement affiliate program for the dating niche promotion. The brand’s orientation is connecting sugar daddies and sugar babies. It has more than 20 million members in over 130 countries worldwide.

SeekingArrangement provides affiliates with an attractive commission rate. When a paying customer comes via your affiliate links, you can earn 75% of the sale. It also offers a nice cookie window for affiliates with 30 days as of the clicking day.

When joining the affiliate program, you can benefit from the reputation of this brand. Since its establishment in 2006, it has been a reliable platform for sugar baby-daddy matching. Currently, it has over 1 million messages sent daily.

You can enroll in the program via Reflex Media. Here, you will get paid monthly when your account has at least $25.

  • Commission rate: 75%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Check, PayPal
  • A huge number of users
  • An attractive commission rate
  • Offer a long cookie duration
  • A low minimum payout
  • Only suitable for sugar baby-daddy relationships


Dating Affiliate Programs 9

You can enter the online dating affiliate marketing world with the Match.com affiliate program. With its setup in 1995, Match.com boasts a well-established reputation and a vast user base. This longevity adds a layer of trust for potential customers in this competitive niche.

The program is a lucrative venture for affiliate marketers as it offers an appealing commission rate of 50%. It also has a long 120-day cookie window, one of the greatest cookie durations in the industry.

The CJ Affiliate network hosts this program, so you can register there. It offers payments via Direct Deposit, Check, and Payoneer. The flexibility makes it hassle-free to access your commissions.

  • Commission rate: 50%
  • Cookie duration: 120 days
  • Payment method: Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer
  • A long-lasting brand in the niche
  • Have a vast user base
  • Offer an appealing commission rate
  • Provide one of the longest cookie terms
  • Relatively low EPC


Dating Affiliate Programs 10

Jdate is another site from Spark Networks, which found Christian Mingle. This site focuses on Jewish dating with a large audience resulting from 22.6 million Jews in the world. As a faith-based dating platform, it helps Jewish singles to find their suitable connections.

The Jdate affiliate program allows you to earn $2 per paying customer. The number is not high, but the brand helps you to improve total earnings with their designed materials. In addition, it offers you a 30-day cookie term to turn potential clicking audiences into customers.

With frequent promotions and bonuses, Jdate provides you with many opportunities to get additional rewards. Jdate also offers customized creatives, ensuring your marketing efforts stand out and resonate with your audience.

The network CJ Affiliate holds this program. It will pay you via multiple payment methods, including Direct Deposit, Check, and Payoneer, catering to your convenience.

  • Commission rate: $2
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer
  • A premier Jewish dating site
  • Have a long cookie duration
  • Provide many customizable creatives
  • Various promotions and bonuses
  • Have a low commission rate

Silver Singles

Dating Affiliate Programs 11

The next option in our list of top affiliate programs is the Silver Singles affiliate program. Silver Singles is also a brand of Spark Networks, aiming at serious 50+ dating. Its algorithm helps people match with others based on their compatibility – assessing with a personality test.

The Silver Singles affiliate program stands as a trustworthy opportunity for affiliates to engage with. By directing users to the brand, you stand to earn a commendable $7 commission for each successful referral. The conversion window spans a reasonable 30 days.

Enrolling in the program is a breeze through CJ Affiliate, a reputable network for affiliate marketing. Payment disbursements occur around the 28th of each month for USD, GBP, and EUR currencies. For other currencies, it will be around the 20th of the month. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to receive your money via Direct Deposit, Check, or Payoneer.

  • Commission rate: $7
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer
  • Great algorithm for matching
  • A nice commission rate
  • Offer a long cookie window
  • Many available payment methods
  • Not suitable for younger singles


Dating Affiliate Programs 12

The eHarmony affiliate program is another name we want to introduce to you. Known for its commitment to fostering serious and enduring relationships, eHarmony is a trusted name in the online dating world.

Affiliates participating in the program can look forward to competitive commission rates. For each sale, you can earn a commission of 35%.

Furthermore, eHarmony offers an appealing cookie term of 30 days. The program is accessible on two major affiliate networks, Awin and CJ, making it flexible for you to join.

The brand also supports a variety of payment methods. For Awin, you can opt for Domestic payments, International Wire, Payoneer, SEPA, and BACS. If you’re working through CJ, Direct Deposit, Check, and Payoneer are available options.

  • Commission rate: 35% per sale (Awin)
  • Cookie duration: 30 days (Awin)
  • Payment method: Domestic payments, International Wire, Payoneer, SEPA, BACS, ACH for Awin; Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer for CJ
  • A trusted name in the dating industry
  • A high commission payout
  • Have a great cookie duration
  • Multiple payment methods for publishers
  • Don’t include PayPal as a payment way

The Devotion System

Dating Affiliate Programs 13

The Devotion System affiliate program should be your choice if your audience is women. It’s about a bundle of products teaching women in terms of finding and keeping a quality man. The bundle includes a book, an audio course, and a video series.

The program will pay you a great commission rate of 75%, so you can expect substantial earnings from your promotions. It also offers an extensive 60-day cookie duration, giving you ample time to make conversions.

What’s more, the Devotion System offers various payment methods. They include PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, and Payoneer. So, you will have the flexibility to choose the option that suits you best.

The program also empowers affiliates with top-notch marketing materials. Affiliates can access a video landing page and a compelling text sales letter that help to maximize conversions.

  • Commission rate: 75%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Payment method: PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, Payoneer
  • Offer a high commission level
  • Give affiliates a long cookie window
  • A wide range of payment methods
  • Provide great marketing materials
  • Not appropriate if your audience is men


Dating Affiliate Programs 14

The CatholicMatch affiliate program aims at Catholic dating. With 1.3 billion Catholics worldwide, it has a wide audience. The brand owns the proprietary technology called Match Portrait®, helping to make great connections.

The affiliate program gives publishers an outstanding 75% commission rate, allowing them to improve their revenues. You can also enjoy a long cookie duration of 30 days when joining the program.

The network CJ established the CatholicMatch affiliate program. You can join via this network with a simple process. After being an affiliate, you will get payments every month via Check, Direct Deposit, and Payoneer.

  • Commission rate: 75%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer
  • Have a huge audience
  • Own the proprietary technology
  • Provide a great commission
  • A long cookie duration
  • Not a proper option for a non-Catholic audience

Meetic Europe

Dating Affiliate Programs 15

The last name in our list of the top dating affiliate programs is the Meetic Europe affiliate program. Meetic Europe has built a global presence with affiliate programs spanning 21 countries, all accessible through five reputable affiliate networks. As a premier dating service provider, they manage eight renowned dating brands.

Affiliates can expect enticing commission structures that cover both sales and leads. Take, for instance, the Meetic Italy program, which offers €2 for each registration and an impressive 50% commission on the transaction value for every successful sale. It’s so great, right?

Furthermore, Meetic Europe provides dedicated affiliate managers who offer day-to-day support, ensuring you have the assistance you need to thrive. Upon joining, you gain access to a suite of powerful tools, including meticulously crafted banners and compelling email shots to enhance your marketing efforts. The detailed requirements will depend on the specific programs and networks.

  • Commission rate: €0.8 – €5 for leads and 50% – 80% for sales
  • Cookie duration: 30 – 100 days
  • Payment method: Depends on the terms and conditions of different programs and network
  • Have programs available in lots of countries
  • Can join via many networks
  • Offer attractive commissions for affiliates
  • Provide dedicated support
  • Have many powerful tools
  • Need to find the exact program for specific information

Benefits of Promoting Dating Affiliate Programs

There are many advantages to promoting affiliate programs in the dating industry. Here are some you can refer to:

Profitable earning potential

Do you know the size of the online dating market? Well, it is expected to reach US$2.98bn in 2023. What’s more, the number of users in this field is assumed to be 438.0m users by 2027. So, it’s a big market to enter into.

Many dating affiliate programs offer high commission rates and allow you to maximize your income. The Tao of Badass affiliate program or the Cupid Media affiliate program with their 75% commission rate can be examples.

Many affiliates have earned a lot in the niche. Some super affiliates can even make up to $500,000 per month.

Global reach

When joining the programs in the romance field, you can target the audience all around the world. This will help you to expand your market and grow your revenues.

Flexible marketing strategies

Normally, the affiliate programs in the dating niche allow publishers to use many marketing methods. So, you can choose which is convenient and suitable for promotion. It can be content marketing, social media advertising, email campaigns, etc.

Various support and resources

The programs often offer publishers various helpful tools and materials. Take the Devotion System as an example – it provides affiliates with a video landing page and a sales letter. Affiliates can use these resources for their marketing process. The program’s affiliate managers also support affiliates in different ways, helping them boost their sales.

How to Choose the Best Dating Affiliate Program to Join?

When choosing a dating affiliate program, there are some key elements to pay attention to. Let’s scroll down to check them!


Of course, the commission is one of the most important things we consider when looking at affiliate programs. The dating affiliate programs can provide different commission models, but we aim at competitive ones. It can be a flat rate or a sale percentage, but the number should be as high as possible.


You should also check the payment terms of the programs. When will it pay? Monthly or weekly? Which methods will you receive the commission? Does it require a minimum payout or not?

Considering these matters will help you to have a total view of program payments and choose the ones that suit you best.


The brand’s reputation is also a critical criterion. The more reliable the brand, the higher the conversion rate. If it’s a long-lasting brand with a huge number of users, it’s a plus when promoting.

Best Tips to Promote Dating Affiliate Programs

Below are some useful tips for you to promote affiliate programs in the romance niche:

Choose the right affiliate programs

As various affiliate programs are available in this niche, you should consider the ones relevant to your audience. The chosen programs should also offer good commissions. You can check the elements mentioned above when choosing.

Target the suitable audience

Dating is a large niche and can have a huge audience. However, you should target the right audience for your program’s products or services for better performance. Some elements that need to be considered are location, age, gender, interests, and relationship status.

Create engaging content

Great content will help to attract and keep potential customers and turn them into real ones. You can make blogs, videos, or social media posts about tips on dating, making relationships, finding the other half online, etc. Refer to the promoted brands and products and lead customers to them.


What does it mean to be a dating affiliate?

It means you will be an online marketer who promotes dating products and services. You will make money from such promotions. When there’s a successful referral, you can earn a commission.

Is there any affiliate program by Tinder?

No, there isn’t. Tinder doesn’t operate any affiliate program currently.


To sum up, our article has provided you with the top 15 dating affiliate programs, their features, and their advantages or disadvantages. We have also reviewed the criteria to choose which programs and the tips to promote such programs.

How do you feel about these programs? Do you want to start earning with them now? Let’s take one and register your affiliate capacity!

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