affiliate programs for podcasters

Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs for Podcasters to Start Earning

With the rise of podcasting as a popular medium for sharing stories & experiences and connecting with audiences, it’s no wonder that affiliate programs for podcasters become a potential trend for everyone looking to make money ...

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affiliate programs for podcasters

With the rise of podcasting as a popular medium for sharing stories & experiences and connecting with audiences, it’s no wonder that affiliate programs for podcasters become a potential trend for everyone looking to make money while maintaining their passion.

In this article, Uppromote will explore and analyze the updated list of the high commission affiliate programs in 2024, how podcasters can monetize their content, and provide helpful tips on promoting affiliate products effectively on your podcast.

So, let’s get started with the worthy information below to become top-performing affiliates!

Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

The list of the top affiliate programs for podcasters below is analyzed thoughtfully and reviewed regarding its features, affiliate marketing commission rates, cookie duration, and eligibility requirements. You must read carefully and choose the right one for your preferences!


Podcasters can make money by promoting Audible products and services to their listeners. The program provides a range of banner ads, text links, and widgets.  So, the affiliates can promote Audible on their websites or social media platforms.

Besides that, affiliates can easily promote by creating content such as book reviews or interviews with authors, etc. Referring listeners to Audible is easy and requires no selling.

Audible Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

Affiliate commission rates for the Audible affiliate program are typically around 10% of the product’s retail price, varying by membership type and country of purchase. Detail of tiered commission structure:

  • Audible Trial: Earn $5 for every Audible trial subscription, regardless of whether they become paid members.
  • Audible Plus and Premium Plus Subscriptions: Refer someone to Audible Plus or Premium Plus and get a $10 bonus if they pay within the designated time frame.
  • Audible Gift subscriptions: 12-month gift subscriptions get $10, while 3 or 6-month subscriptions get $8.
  • Audible Audiobooks: Get a $0.50 commission for each purchase, regardless of cost.

Cookie duration: 24-hour

Eligibility requirements: Enroll via the Amazon Associates program. It involves filling out an application and accepting the rules and regulations of both programs.


The Performance Partner Program by Apple is the ultimate choice for podcasters searching for a top referral program. The average customer acquisition cost is meager and larger commission rate than other program!

It presents a distinct opportunity for the website /app to link to Apple Services content and gain commissions on eligible Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, and Apple Podcasts memberships and sales of movies, audiobooks, TV shows, books, and more.

Apple Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

Commission rates: The affiliate payouts for Apple products and services under the affiliate program range from 7% to 400%, depending on the product. It’s worth noting that sales of movies, TV shows, and iBooks offer a generous 7% commission on each sale.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Eligibility Requirements: Apple’s partner program is exclusive and only open to those who meet their strict volume and quality guidelines. If you wish to apply, completing an application is mandatory. Once accepted, you may create your account on Partnerize. Remember that if you’re already part of another program on Partnerize, you’ll need to reapply.


Manscaped stands out as the top affiliate program for podcasters. It provides an incredible product line that caters to the unique grooming needs of men.

With specially formulated American-made products, Manscaped offers top-notch cleansing, moisturizing, and deodorizing solutions. Furthermore, the tools provided are expertly engineered to deliver a close, refined appearance.

Manscaped Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

Commissions for affiliate: $20 per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Eligibility Requirements: Joining Manscaped’s affiliate program is a breeze. Just head over to their website and find the affiliate program page. Complete the application form with your information and send it in for review. But remember that Manscaped typically backs channels with at least 60K views.


Babbel is a great program that can help users learn different languages. It is unique because users can choose what parts of the language they want to focus on, like vocabulary, grammar, or pronunciation.

Babbel has many fun lessons that help users learn at their own pace. They also have a feature that listens to users speak and gives you feedback on improving your pronunciation.

Podcasters can use this education niche to earn money by participating in the Babbel affiliate program!

Babbel Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

Commission rates: $32 per sale based on affiliate commission condition

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Eligibility Requirements: Apply for their affiliate program through the Babbel website.

Amazon Associates

The Amazon affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates, is one of the popular affiliate marketing programs. With millions of products, you have a vast selection to choose from and market to your audience. Not just that, this affiliate program is free to join and easy to use, making it accessible to anyone.

It’s true when say, Amazon Associates is a strong direct competitor for any program in every niche!

The commission rates of the Amazon Associates program are subject to variation, depending on the product category. According to Amazon Associates Central website, base rate of Amazon Games can fetch affiliates a 20% commission, Luxury Beauty and Luxury Stores Beauty can earn 10%, and Digital Music and Physical Music can earn 5%.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Eligibility Requirements: Apply to the program through the Amazon Associates Central website. The program has specific terms and conditions that affiliates must follow to participate.


Even if you’re just starting out, selling merchandise is a great way to engage with your podcast audience. RedBubble is a platform allowing you to create and sell your range of branded t-shirts and other products. With RedBubble, you can put your name on everything from shirts to phone cases, mugs, shower curtains, and notepads.

Redbubble Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

Commission rates: flat rate 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30-day affiliate cookies

Eligibility Requirements: To become a Redbubble affiliate, you must apply for their affiliate program on the website. The application process is straightforward and requires some basic information about your business and audience. Once you have submitted your application, the Redbubble team will review it and inform you if you are a suitable candidate for their program.

Unlike many other affiliate programs, Redbubble does not require multiple approvals from different companies. If you are accepted into the program, you are in.

However, there is one requirement for being a member of the Redbubble community: members must be at least 18 years old. Individuals under 18 cannot legally enter into a contract with Redbubble.


Fiverr is a unique affiliate program that connects businesses with freelancers who provide a wide range of digital services. With over 300 categories, businesses can easily find the expertise they need on Fiverr.

Fiverr Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

The most popular products include graphic design, writing and translation services, and website development. Plus, it is easy to use, allowing you to copy-paste and create custom links to promote Fiverr’s services. Additionally, there is no limit to the commission you can earn as a Fiverr affiliate.

Average affiliate commission rate: average cost $15-$150 depending on your buyer’s category from

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Eligibility Requirements: Anyone can become a Fiverr Affiliate. To do that, you need to complete the sign-up form. Once you complete the form, you can log in and start affiliating.


BarkBox is one of the best affiliate programs for pets. It is a type of monthly subscription service offering a box of dog toys, treats, and chews to your doorstep.  With almost 90 million pet dogs in the United States alone, this could be a valuable topic to explore in the future. Plus, the program is free and straightforward to use, making it accessible to anyone who wants to spoil their furry friend.

BarkBox Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

Commission rates for every legitimate sale or subscription sign-up you assist in generating. Please notice that this offer does not apply to gift card purchases.

  • BarkBox: $18 commission /sign-up
  • Super Chewer: $20 commission /sign-up
  • BARK Bright Dental: $20 commission /sign-up
  • BARK Food: 10% commission /sale

Affiliate cookie duration: 30 days

Eligibility Requirements: Simply visit the Barkbox website and complete the form. The team will carefully review all submissions within 3-5 business days. Affiliate partners do not receive any complimentary boxes or products.

Legacy Food Storage 

Recent events have shown us that preparing for the unexpected is always wise. An emergency food supply is for preppers and anyone who wants to ensure their family’s well-being in uncertain times.

And with so many companies offering freeze-dried food options, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Legacy Food Storage stands out as a reliable option with proven sales metrics. The program has excellent banners & text links available with dedicated support managers!

Legacy Food Storage Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

It is an excellent choice for podcasters looking to promote emergency food supplies to their audience. You can be sure you’re promoting a quality product to help your listeners prepare for the unexpected.

  • Freeze-dried meals.
  • Bulk single items.
  • Grab-and-go packages.

Percentage commission rates: 10 -15%

Affiliate day cookie duration: 30 days

Eligibility requirements: Apply directly and be accepted into the program through ShareASale, a premier affiliate management network.

What is An Affiliate Podcast?

An affiliate podcast is a type of podcast that promotes products or services through an affiliate program. This program allows podcasters to earn money by recommending products or services to their listeners.

To have a deep understanding of the way that podcasters generate revenue, we will reveal in the next part. And now, explore 1 successful case study of an affiliate podcast below!

Affiliate podcast Smart Passive Income

One successful example of an affiliate podcaster is Pat Flynn, who hosts the Smart Passive Income Podcast. In one episode of his podcast, he discusses his most successful long-term affiliate marketing campaigns and shares advanced tips for affiliate marketing.

How Can Podcasters Monetize Their Content with Affiliate Marketing?

Podcasters can monetize their content with affiliate marketing based on the affiliate network in several ways.

  • Sponsored content: Podcasters can partner with a company’s affiliate marketing agreement to create sponsored content that promotes their products/services.
  • Product reviews: Podcasters can review products or services and include an affiliate link in the show notes or description. It allows listeners to purchase the product, and the podcaster easily earns a commission on the sale.
  • Interviewing the product creator: The product creator has an in-depth and intimate knowledge of their product. They know their product inside and out and have a story about why they created it.
  • Interviewing the competitor affiliate program customer who used the product: This is an impressive way to promote an affiliate product. By interviewing someone who has used the product, you can provide your audience with an honest review of the product from someone who has used it.

Prioritizing your audience’s interests is crucial when considering affiliate marketing for your podcast. It’s never a good idea to endorse anything that doesn’t align with your listeners’ needs.

In the case of a fashion-oriented podcast, you may join the fashion affiliate program. After that, discover affiliate marketing openings with apparel brands and other fashion-related businesses. This approach benefits both your audience and your podcast by providing relevant offers.

How to Promote Affiliate Products on Your Podcast?

There are five ways to promote affiliate products on your podcast.

  • Put affiliate links in the show notes.
  • Create a podcast episode to promote affiliate products.
  • Bring in an expert to discuss the product.
  • Add an ad block in the podcast.
  • Customize your links for different places:

Now we will analyze and give you an overview of the effectiveness of each way!

Put affiliate links in the show notes 

Putting affiliate links in the show notes is considered one of the best ways to promote affiliate products on your podcast. It provides a direct and convenient way for listeners to access the products you mention during the episode.

You can also provide more information and context by describing the product and why you recommend it. It can support and build trust with your potential customers & increase their likelihood of purchasing.

Here are some considerations when putting affiliate links in the show notes:

  • Ensure the links are visible.
  • Provide context: Include a brief description of the product and why you recommend it to provide context for your listeners.
  • Disclose your relationship: Be transparent about your relationship with the affiliate product. Disclose that you may receive a commission if a listener purchases through your link.
  • Track your links: Measure the performance effectiveness & track average customer lifetime value, recurring income, and profit margins.

Create a podcast episode to promote affiliate products

This approach is highly effective in providing comprehensive information about the product and its advantages. Additionally, it enables you to connect with your audience on a more personal level by sharing your experience with the product and explaining why it is worth recommending.

This method is a powerful tool for delivering detailed information about the product while fostering a deeper level of engagement with your audience.

Bring in an expert to discuss the product

The expert can share their knowledge and insights about the product and answer any questions your listeners may have. It provides an authoritative voice on the product and help build trust with your audience.

Add an ad block in the podcast

You can create a short ad through a convenient affiliate software program! It can easily promote the product and also includes your affiliate link. It can be an effective manner to reach a large audience & drive traffic to your affiliate offer.

Customize your links for different places

Links are the backbone of affiliate marketing!

If you want to make the most of your affiliate marketing efforts on your podcast, it’s worth customizing your links for different platforms. This way, you can easily track where your audience is coming from and which channels are most effective in driving traffic and conversions.

With tracking tools such as affiliate program software, you can optimize your marketing strategy by calculating customer acquisition costs and focusing 100% on the channels. Customizing your links will also give you correct insights into your audience’s preferences & behavior!

Wrapping Up!

Affiliate programs for podcasters can be a great way to monetize their content. Podcasters can earn money by joining the Amazon, Audible, Apple, and VPN affiliate programs. After that, podcasters can promote products or services on their show in exchange for a commission while providing value to their listeners.

There are many ways to incorporate affiliate marketing into a podcast, including interviewing the product creator, interviewing someone who used the product, doing a product review, etc.

We also provide ways to promote affiliate links and increase revenue effectively. Experimenting with various methods and seeing what works best for your podcast and audience is important.

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