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Top 21 Best Affiliate Programs For Podcasters To Start Earning

Want to monetize your podcast but stuck on sponsor ideas? Check out our list of top affiliate programs for podcasters!

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affiliate programs for podcasters

As of 2024, there are over 5 million podcasts and more than 70 million episodes around the world.  With podcasting becoming a popular way to share stories and connect with people, affiliate programs for podcasters are now a great way to make money.

In this article, we will compile the best high-commission affiliate programs for podcasters in 2024. In addition, there are some tips for merchants to build a successful affiliate program for podcasters.


To earn money from your podcast audience, podcasters can choose from our list of the 21 most sought-after affiliate programs. Here are some of the most popular programs:

  • Amazon Associates (Commission: Up to 20%, Cookie: 24 hours)
  • Audible (Commission: $0.5-$10, Cookie: 24 hours)
  • Fiverr (Commission: 25-70%, Cookie: 30 days)
  • Apple (Commission: 7%, Cookie: 30 days)
  • Manscaped (Commission: $20, Cookie: 30 days)
  • Babble (Commission: €10-€80, Cookie: 30 days)
  • Redbubble (Commission: 2%, Cookie: 30 days)
  • BarkBox (Commission: $18-$20 or 10%, Cookie: 30 days)
  • Legacy Food Storage (Commission: 10-15%, Cookie: 30 days)
  • Alitu (Commission: 20%, Cookie: 30 days)

It requires careful planning and execution to succeed with affiliate marketing on podcasts. You need viable strategies to make your campaign stand out from the competition. Explore valuable tips on creating an appealing affiliate program for podcasters (keep reading for the details).

  • Attract podcasters with competitive commissions
  • Find potential affiliates to promote your products
  • Make the application process better
  • Provide an intuitive affiliate dashboard
  • Offer ready-made marketing materials
  • Offer ongoing support

Podcasters and affiliate programs go hand in hand. Their listeners are familiar with product placements and are likely to buy to support their favorite shows. So start reaching out to podcasters with incentivized programs to showcase your products. UpPromote helps you create effective programs and track their performance with industry-grade tools.

21 Of The Best Podcast Affiliate Programs Worth Your Consideration

In case you have no time to read, check the table below for the highlights:

The best affiliate programs

Program name

Affiliate program with the highest commission rates

Fiverr (70%), PodBean ($100)

Affiliate program with the longest cookie duration

ExpressVPN, Apple, RSS Podcast Hosting (90 days)

Affiliate program with the most payment methods

Babble, Redbuble, BarkBox

Affiliate program with the lowest payment threshold


Affiliate program with the most extensive product range

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates, Amazon’s affiliate program, is a great way for podcasters to do affiliate marketing. You can choose from millions of products to promote to your target audience.

The commission rates of the Amazon Associates program vary by category. For example, affiliates can earn 20% commission on Amazon Games, 10% on Luxury Beauty and Luxury Stores’ Beauty items, or 5% on Digital Music and Physical Music packages.

One important thing to remember is their 1-day cookie duration. Your affiliate links will expire 24 hours after the first click.

Affiliates get paid by check, direct deposit, gift certificate, or bank transfer about 60 days after the end of the month for which they are being paid.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

  • Commission: Varies
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours
  • Payment threshold: $100 for Check or $10 for direct deposit & gift certificate (Check here for details)
  • Payment methods: Check, direct deposit, gift certificate, bank transfer (Check here for details)


Audible Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

A subsidiary of Amazon.com, Audible leads the market in producing and providing audio storytelling. Its affiliate program is part of Amazon Associates.

Since 2015, Amazon affiliates can earn commissions when someone signs up for an Audible membership or buys an a la carte audiobook on Amazon.com.

Audible commission rates vary by membership plan, including:

  • Audible Audiobook: $0.5
  • Audible Free Trial Digital Membership: $5
  • Audible Gold Digital Membership: $10

Cookie duration & payment details are the same as Amazon Associates.

  • Commission: $0.5-$10
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours
  • Payment threshold: $100 for Check or $10 for direct deposit & gift certificate (Check here for details)
  • Payment methods: Check, direct deposit, gift certificate, bank transfer (Check here for details)
  • Promotional materials: Banner ads, text links, and widgets


B2B affiliate programs

Fiverr is a platform that connects freelancers to people or businesses looking to hire. The Fiverr Affiliate program lets partners earn commission by promoting services on Fiverr through a shareable link. Podcasters can promote all of Fiverr’s services, including Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, and Logo Maker.

Affiliates earn a commission ranging from 25% to 70% of the customer’s first order, and a 10% share from all future orders placed by that customer in the first 12 months.

  • Marketplace Gigs (Basic Fiverr): 25%
  • Pro Services (Fiverr Pro): 70%
  • Logo Maker: 30%

Commissions are paid once a month after receiving your invoice. Payments are made on a net 30 basis, starting at the beginning of the next month. For example, invoices for January are paid on March 1st or 2nd.

Once your account reaches $100, you can claim a payment. If you haven’t reached $100, your earnings will stay in your balance.

Fiverr provides professional support, tutorials, and dedicated account managers to help you succeed as an affiliate.

  • Commission: 25-70%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: $100
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, or bank account
  • Promotional materials: Creative assets and interactive web-widgets


Apple Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

Apple’s affiliate program, called the Performance Partner Program, lets your website or app link to Apple Services content. This program is run through Partnerize.

Podcasters earn commissions on Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple Podcasts memberships, as well as on sales of movies, TV shows, books, audiobooks, and more.

  • Music, Fitness+, TV+, and Apple Books: One-time payment on membership.
  • Apple TV+ and Apple Podcasts: 7% commission on sales revenue.

After you start making sales and reach the minimum payment threshold of $30 USD (or equivalent in your currency), your commission will be paid approximately 60-90 days after the month ends.

  • Commission: 7% or one-time payment on membership
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: $30 or custom discount
  • Payment methods: Bank account
  • Promotional materials: Fully-configured links, embeddable widgets, icons, badges, and banners


Manscaped Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

The Manscaped website sells male grooming products, including various trimmers, nail trimming kits, cologne, boxers, and t-shirts.

These products are popular with many social media influencers, showing they are well-liked and profitable. They mostly appeal to a male audience, but female-led podcasts can also promote Manscaped as a gift idea for male partners.

Female-led podcasts can also promote Manscaped as a gift idea for male partners. This makes it a versatile affiliate program.

  • Commission: $20 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: Not mentioned
  • Payment methods: Not mentioned
  • Promotional materials: Not mentioned


Babbel Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

Babbel is a great program that can help users learn different languages. It has an affiliate program run through Impact. Podcasters can earn commissions by bringing new users to this education platform.

Affiliates can earn up to €80 in commissions:

  • Babbel Live: €80 per subscription
  • Babbel Lifetime: €75 per subscription
  • 12-Month Subscription: €50
  • 6-Month Subscription: €40
  • 3-Month Subscription: €20
  • 1-Month Subscription: €10

Babbel will validate all the commissions, and Impact will ensure affiliates get paid.

  • Commission: €10-€80
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: Not mentioned
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer
  • Promotional materials: Not mentioned


Redbubble Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

RedBubble is a platform allowing you to create and sell your range of branded t-shirts and other products. You can put your name on everything from shirts to phone cases, mugs, shower curtains, and notepads.

RedBubble runs a 2% commission affiliate program through Impact. Unlike many affiliate programs, it doesn’t require multiple approvals from different companies. If you’re approved, you’re in.

The cookie duration is 30 days, meaning you will earn a commission if someone buys a product within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link.

  • Commission: 2%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: Not mentioned
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer
  • Promotional materials: Creative assets & promo calendar


BarkBox Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

BarkBox is a monthly subscription service providing dog products, services, and experiences. Managed through Impact, BarkBox affiliate program lets you earn commission by promoting their products.

In your podcasts, you can choose to promote BarkBox, Super Chewer, BARK Bright Dental and BARK Food. Commission can be earned for every valid sale or subscription sign-up that you help drive. Not valid on gift cards.

  • BarkBox: $18 commission per sign-up
  • Super Chewer: $20 commission per sign-up
  • BARK Bright Dental: $20 commission per sign-up
  • BARK Food: 10% commission per sale

It’s free to join the program and all applications received are reviewed within 3-5 business days.

  • Commission: $18-$20 or 10%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: Not mentioned
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer
  • Promotional materials: Weekly newsletters on new promotions, exclusive affiliate offers, monthly themes, and BARK news

Legacy Food Storage

Legacy Food Storage Affiliate Programs for Podcasters

Legacy Food Storage provides families and individuals with the highest quality food storage available along with the most effective survival gear online. Its affiliate program is managed through Partnerrize.

Affiliates can earn a 10% commission on every sale, with the ability to earn up to 15%. With an average order size over $500 USD, you can earn up to $75 per referral through your podcast.

Even if you’re just starting out, there’s a Dedicated Affiliate Program Manager to support your promotional efforts.

Note: Coupon sites will only earn a 1% commission, with no exceptions.

  • Commission: 10-15%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: Not mentioned
  • Payment methods: Check, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer and Payoneer
  • Promotional materials: Not mentioned


alitu affiliate program

Alitu is a web-based app designed to make creating a podcast as easy as possible, from recording to editing to publishing.

You can share your experience with starting a podcast and tell your audience how Alitu makes it easy.

Every time you drive a subscription, you’ll earn a 20% recurring commission on every active subscription. You’ll get paid every month as long as the referred customer stays subscribed.

There’s also a dedicated growth team to help affiliates with questions, campaigns, and promotions.

  • Commission: 20% recurring commission
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: Not mentioned
  • Payment methods: Check, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer, and Payoneer
  • Promotional materials: Not mentioned

Nootropics Depot

  • Commission rate: 15% Per Sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 Days

Nootropics Depot is a trusted seller of Nootropic Powders and Capsules, Natural Plant Extracts, and more.

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting

  • Commission rate: $20
  • Cookie duration: No cookie

Buzzsprout is a cloud-based podcast hosting service that lets businesses create and share podcasts on multiple streaming platforms.


Affiliate Programs for Streamers

  • Commission: Up to $36 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 90 days

ExpressVPN is a service that helps you stay safe and private online. It hides your IP address and encrypts your internet connection, making it harder for others to track what you do online.

Soundtrap by Spotify

Spotify is good Affiliate Programs for Content Creators

  • Commission rate: $30 Per Sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 Days

Soundtrap by Spotify is an online tool for making music and podcasts. It lets you record, edit, and mix your audio with easy-to-use features.


  • Commission rate: $40
  • Cookie duration: Not mentioned

Blubrry is a podcast hosting platform that helps you upload, manage, and share your podcast episodes.

Caleb Jones

Caleb Jones

  • Commission rate: 40%
  • Cookie duration: Lifetime

Caleb Jones is a well-known author and entrepreneur who offers advice on business, self-improvement, and personal success through his books, blogs, and online courses.

Heritage Acres Market LLC

  • Commission rate: 10-50%
  • Cookie duration: 30 dáys

Heritage Acres Market LLC is a top company that sells high-quality food products and goods. They offer a range of items like fresh produce, gourmet foods, and unique gifts.

PJs and Pixels

  • Commission rate: 30% Per Sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 Days

PJs and Pixels is a fun online community where people talk about video games, movies, and pop culture.

RSS Podcast Hosting

RSS Podcast Hosting


  • Commission rate: $1 Per Lead
  • Cookie duration: 90 Days

RSS Podcast Hosting allows you to store your podcast episodes and helps you publish them to various podcast directories.


  • Commission rate: 25%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

Castos is a podcast hosting platform that helps you upload, manage, and share your podcast episodes.


  • Commission rate: $25-$100
  • Cookie duration: Not mentioned

Podbean is an all-in-one podcast platform where you can start your podcast, from recording and editing to promoting and making money.

How To Build A Successful Affiliate Program For Podcasters?

The audience of podcasters appears to be loyal and engaged. So, it’s a smart move to borrow these podcasters to spread great words for your brand.

The process of setting up an affiliate program (commissions, recruitment, performance tracking, payments, etc.) is super streamlined and user-friendly, thanks to the flexibility of the top recommended affiliate software – UpPromote.

You need less than 5 minutes to create an affiliate program with UpPromote

Attract podcasters with competitive commission rates

To get podcasters excited about promoting your stuff, you need to offer them a sweet commission deal. This is like a “paycheck” for their work, so make it good!

First, make sure your commission rates are as good as, or even better than, what other companies offer. That way, you can attract more quality affiliates to promote your products or services instead of others.

Our affiliate marketing software makes it easy to set up lucrative commission rates for your affiliate podcasters.

In the Shopify dashboard, find the UpPromote app, then navigate to Programs > Add program.

With Simple Commission Structure, you can choose among three types of commission:

  • Percent of sale: a percentage of the affiliate’s total revenue, e.g., 15% of the total order amount.
  • Flat rate per item: the number of product units sold. Eg: $15 per item.
  • Flat rate per order: a fixed amount on each referral order, e.g., $15 per order.

However, a basic commission level is not enough to keep affiliates motivated. To encourage them to refer more, UpPromote lets you build a commission structure based on different levels of order value. The more sales affiliates generate, the higher commission they receive.

You can set dynamic commission rates for specific sales goals and add as many levels as you want – there’s no limit.

Note: You need to set the minimum order value and the commission rate for each new level.

For example:

  • Level 1: 10% for $0-$200
  • Level 2: 15% for $200+
  • Level 3: 20% for $500+

Our affiliate system software also offers even more advanced settings for your commission rate.

You can try out the Special Product Commission feature to incentivize affiliates to promote a particular product, like a seasonal item or limited edition line.

Or, if you want to separate affiliates into different programs with different commission settings, make use of our Auto-tier commission setting. Affiliates will automatically move to a higher-commission program based on their performance and your preset conditions.

And remember, always be upfront about your commission structure on your site or registration form. Podcasters appreciate knowing exactly what they can earn before joining your program.

Find potential affiliates to promote your brand

Instead of waiting for partners to join your program, you can actively find the best affiliates to promote your products. Here are several ways to look for affiliate podcasters:

  • Encourage customers to refer their friends
  • Join social media groups dedicated to podcasting and affiliate marketing
  • Join affiliate marketplaces such as UpPromote Marketplace, ShareASale, or CJ Affiliate

The UpPromote Marketplace is home to over 20,000 affiliates, giving you access to a large pool of potential partners eager to collaborate.

Affiliates can browse offers by categories, payment methods, commission structures, etc., to find offers that match their interests and goals. This means you can connect with the most suitable affiliates for your campaign.

Within the UpPromote dashboard, go to Outreach > Marketplace listing > Edit offer.

Here, you can add everything related to your brand and affiliate program. To identify your target audience, you can also specify requirements for age, gender, location, and preferred promotion channels.

Discover how the UpPromote Marketplace can help you find and connect with the right partners.

Make the application process better

No one loves a lengthy and cumbersome application process, not except for podcasters. Merchants need to make their registration form simple yet appealing enough to encourage affiliates to take action.

Here’s what to keep in mind when creating a registration form:

  • Highlight your program’s key information for affiliates (commissions, cookies, etc.)
  • Ask for info you actually need (name, email, etc.)
  • Just your style (think: your shop’s colors and logos)

With UpPromote, you can flexibly customize your registration application based on font, background, sidebar, logo & title, and more.

Once affiliates sign up, you review and approve or deny their applications. If you want to add many affiliates at once, you can set auto-approve for all applications.

Offer an intuitive dashboard for affiliates to track their performance

Podcasters may come from different technical backgrounds, so you need an easy-to-use dashboard.

Running an affiliate program through UpPromote, merchants can offer affiliates a clean, well-organized, and easy-to-navigate portal.

Here, podcasters can easily find everything they need, such as affiliate links, coupons, and program details. They can also track real-time data on clicks, sales, commissions, and more.

When podcasters have access to clear performance data, they are more likely to stay engaged and actively promote your products or services.

Our affiliate management app also allows you to add custom CSS codes to customize the affiliate account. You can change the affiliate admin page’s color or hide the affiliate link if you want to track conversions by coupon codes only.

Get more details on Custom affiliate dashboards to manage your partners more effectively and enhance the overall affiliate program experience.

Provide ready-made marketing materials (like ad scripts)

Podcasters are storytellers, but creating compelling marketing messages for your brand might not be their forte.

So, you need to provide pre-made materials, such as pre-written ad scripts.

Podcasters can use these scripts as a foundation, adding their unique voices to create their own easily.  In the meantime, you can maintain control over your brand message no matter whose microphone it’s coming from.

With our affiliate management software, merchants can easily upload scripts and any documents or various media types (images, videos, files, links). The more resources and support you provide, the better your partners can promote your brand.

Offer on-going support

Ongoing support is key to keeping your podcasting affiliates happy and successful. Think of yourself as their dedicated support team, always ready to help them succeed.

With UpPromote, you can contact affiliates via email or direct chat. You can send bulk emails to all affiliates to inform them about program updates, new promotions, or changes in commission rates. Additionally, you can send direct messages to individual affiliates within the app for more personalized communication.

We offer pre-designed email templates to make communication simple and effective such as emails for pending/approved/denied affiliates, new coupons, new referrals, etc. However, you can easily customize these templates to fit your unique style and messaging needs.

If you want to send direct messages to your affiliates, our app makes it easy to chat with them.

A supported affiliate is a successful affiliate. By offering ongoing guidance and building a true partnership, you’ll help your podcasters become strong advocates for your brand.

Start your affiliate program for podcasters now!

Podcasts are booming, and reaching listeners through passionate creators is easier than ever. Podcasters will share your brand story with targeted listeners, earning you sales along the way.

Make sure to work with affiliates who target similar audiences and have strong engagement rates. A great affiliate strategy includes real-time tracking, attractive commission rates, and a variety of top-notch products.

For brands that want to start affiliate marketing on podcasts, UpPromote is comprehensive affiliate management software with scalable pricing plans, allowing them to create and run affiliate programs seamlessly.

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