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[BFCM BIG DEALS 2023] Top 50+ Shopify Apps and Themes to Prepare for BFCM

It’s that time of the year: Black Friday, Cyber Monday (BFCM), and Christmas/New Year are coming. We’re sure many of you are busy improving your reliable online store that can deal with jumps in demand during ...

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It’s that time of the year: Black Friday, Cyber Monday (BFCM), and Christmas/New Year are coming. We’re sure many of you are busy improving your reliable online store that can deal with jumps in demand during one of the biggest shopping holidays. Last year, we witnessed the impact commerce made around the world. We watched the following key metrics:

2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) Global Highlights (Source from Shopify)

  • Black Friday saw the highest shopping volume during the weekend, with peak sales of more than $3.5 million per minute at 12:01 PM EST on November 25.
  • 52 million consumers globally purchased from independent brands powered by Shopify, a 12% increase from 2021.
  • Consumers globally spend $102.10 per order on average throughout the weekend compared to the global average of $100.70 we shared last year.
  • Top product categories: Apparel & accessories, followed by health & beauty, and home & garden.
  • BFCM proved once again to be driven by online sales, with 73% of sales made on mobile devices and 27% on desktop.
  • Cross-border orders represent 15% of all global orders, and the most popular cross-border routes include Canada-United States, United States-Canada, and United Kingdom-United States.
  • However, there are some part where merchants would face up to 70% of shoppers abandoning their site because of a poor on-site search or user experience. It’s best to always stay ahead, so we did a small video on how optimize your storefront for BFCM. You can check it out via our Youtube.

BFCM is one of the most hyped shopping events that brings excitement and more sales for most merchants than any other time of the year. To help you capitalize on this seasonal sale, we’re the following resources to help you plan your promotions, manage your customer service, and process orders efficiently.

Big Deals BFCM Shopify Apps/ Themes to Save Your Cash

The Shopify apps/ themes are known as a well-oiled selling machine for e-commerce brands’ most important days ahead. We’ve BIG DEALS for you if you’re looking for good deals from TOP APPS and THEMES on Shopify.

These deals are our top picks for the best-value discount holidays. So, thanks to this crazy sale season, this is an excellent chance to use these apps at a better price. Hopefully, they will be the oil to your conversion machines and maximize potential before, during, and after the BFCM weekend.

Main Contents

Best Themes for Creating Incredible Stores for Your BFCM

1. Halo Shopify Theme

Halo is built on Shopify OS 2.0, featuring numerous upgrades in terms of ADA compliance, UI/UX enhancements, and loading speed optimization. This mobile-friendly template is ideal for store owners looking to customize and transform their website into a top-tier online shopping destination.

Its rich set of features offers a versatile combination of Maximalism, Modernism, and even Minimalism in design, alongside a range of powerful tools, enabling you to create any website in just a matter of minutes.

Key features:

  • Fully Compatible with Shopify OS 2.0
  • 15+ Stunning Homepage Layouts
  • 05+ Layouts Options for Category Page and Product Page
  • Numerous Custom Pages: Collection Pages, Lookbooks, FAQs, Contact Us Pages, Landing Pages,…
  • Multiple Headers + Footers, Multiple Mobile headers
  • Upsell Bundled Products, Enhanced Instant Search
  • Brands Page Layout A-Z, Portfolios, About Us Pages, Password Pages, 404, Store Locator…

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Buy Halo Shopify Theme now to get Free Basic Installation Service + 06 months of free support via the link in the button. How to redeem: Buy Halo Theme and Contact us at support@halothemes.com

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users.


2. Minimog Theme

Introducing Minimog, a groundbreaking Shopify theme designed by FoxEcom to elevate your online store to new heights of success. Minimog is more than just a theme; it’s a powerful tool that enables you to effortlessly create a visually stunning and high-converting eCommerce website.

With Minimog’s intuitive UI and 70+ high-converting demos, you can launch your store quickly and customize it to anything you want to reflect your unique brand. Its built-in upsells, and conversion-boosting features are designed to enhance your average order value and drive revenue growth.

But Minimog isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s optimized for lightning-fast performance, ensuring customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience, from browsing to checkout. Plus, Minimog is born SEO-friendly and compatible with Shopify OS 2.0, ready to grow and scale up with your success.

Join the Minimog revolution and transform your business with unforgettable shopping experiences for your customers.

Key features:

  • High Conversion Rates: Minimog is engineered to drive sales. Its design and features are optimized to convert visitors into buyers.
  • Upsells & sales-boosting features: Attract your potential shoppers to stay longer and purchase in bulk with Minimog’s multiple high-converting features such as product bundles, quantity discounts, and so many more!
  • Mobile Responsive: In an era where mobile shopping is rising, Minimog ensures your store looks perfect on all devices.
  • Lightning-fast loading speed: Slow-loading websites can deter customers. Minimog is built for speed, offering a seamless browsing experience.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Minimog now to get our exclusive BFCM deal – Buy-3-get-1 free license + Lifetime support via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only 


3. Be Yours Theme

Be Yours theme stay at the top of most popular theme on Shopify Theme with more than 1000+ trusted stores. Be Yours is designed to deliver an exceptional user experience with optimized traffic and revenue for stores owner. Their Be Yours templates offer mobile-friendly designs, optimized page speed, and multiple customizable sections. With RoarTheme’s SEO expertise and world-class support services, you’ll have the tools to launch and grow a highly successful e-commerce store.

Key features:

  • Even more features with OS 2.0: 30+ sections are now available everywhere, product sales points, multiple landing, product, and collection templates, and more. Enlarge screenshot in lightbox
  • Design that sells: Be Yours has become known for its unique design, made with precision and focus on an intuitive user experience. Enlarge screenshot in lightbox
  • One-product store compatible: Our versatile sections and alternative product template support for one-product stores, keep the look in line with your business.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: As a perk of being our valued customer, we’re pleased to inform you about RoarTheme’s latest promotion: the Cashback Campaign! All you need to do is sign up and register before purchasing the Be Yours theme on the Shopify Theme Store. Once your account is verified, you will earn a generous 20% cashback reward!

Noted: This limited-time promotion is a fantastic opportunity to take your business to new heights with RoarTheme’s high-quality e-commerce solutions. Don’t miss out!


4. Eurus Theme 

Eurus brings a harmonious blend of stunning designs and user-friendly functionality, making it the ultimate Shopify theme for businesses of all sizes. Its clean, modern design ensures your products take the spotlight, while customization options let you craft a unique brand identity with ease.

Besides, lightning-fast loading times and responsive design guarantee a seamless shopping experience across all devices. With its conversion-optimized features, Eurus empowers you to boost sales and transform casual visitors into loyal customers.

Ideally, this BFCM 2023, Eurus offers an exclusive deal: Eurus Theme + Setup & Design Consulting for Just $160. If you’re ready to elevate your online presence and drive your sales this holiday season to new heights, use Eurus theme and watch your success story unfold.

Key features:

  • Blazing-Fast Loading Speed: Eurus is engineered for lightning-fast loading times, ensuring your customers can browse and shop seamlessly, even on slower connections(98 Speed score on desktop & 90 Speed score on mobile)
  • Conversion-Optimized Features: Eurus comes packed with conversion-focused designs and features. Every aspect is fine-tuned for maximum conversions, from strategic pop-up labels to an intuitive cart up-sell.
  • Responsive and Mobile-First: It’s fully responsive and built with a mobile-first approach, guaranteeing a flawless shopping experience on all devices.
  • Customization with Ease: The user-friendly 30+ drag-and-drop sections allow you to customize everything from fonts and colors to layouts without coding skills.
  • Product Display Excellence: With stunning product grids, slideshows, and optimized product galleries, Eurus makes your streetwear collection shine. High-quality imagery and product display will leave a lasting impression on your customers.
  • Smart Navigation: Eurus features an intuitive navigation menu that simplifies browsing for your customers. Quick access to product categories and an easy-to-follow layout make finding their favorite items a breeze.
  • SEO Supercharged: Eurus includes robust SEO tools to boost your store’s visibility. Rank higher in search engine results, attract organic traffic, and supercharge your sales.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Eurus Theme now to get 20% off & free setup consulting. Click the link in the button to register before purchasing & we’ll refund you 20% via PayPal.

Noted: You must register via the link before purchasing Eurus Theme to get 20% back.


5. Guza Theme

Guza is a top-notch Shopify theme for modern, stylish e-commerce sites. Its clean, intuitive design beautifully presents your products. The fully responsive layout ensures a seamless experience on any device. Easy customization makes it your own, while advanced filters aid customer searches.

Whether you’re established or starting, Guza elevates your online store. It offers demos for professional e-commerce niches: clothing, furniture, books, cosmetics, luxury jewelry, and more.

Key features:

  • Modern and Stylish Design: Guza is designed with a modern and stylish aesthetic, making it visually appealing for e-commerce websites.
  • Clean and Intuitive Design: The theme offers a clean and intuitive design that effectively showcases products to their best advantage.
  • Fully Responsive Layout: Guza’s layout is fully responsive, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for customers on any device, whether a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • User-Friendly Customization: It provides user-friendly customization options, allowing users to personalize the theme to their liking, tailoring it to their brand’s unique style.
  • Advanced Filtering Options: The theme offers advanced filtering options that simplify the product search process for customers, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Versatile Demos: Guza includes various demos tailored for specific e-commerce niches, including clothing stores, furniture stores, bookstores, cosmetics shops, luxury jewelry, and accessories stores.
  • Suitable for Established and New Brands: Whether you’re an established brand or just starting, Guza is a suitable choice for taking your online store to the next level.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Build your store with the Guza Shopify Theme now to get 30% already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies only to new users


Best Apps to win your BFCM Sales

Apps for effective BFCM marketing campaigns

1. UpPromote Affiliate & Referral

Experience the difference with UpPromote – where success in affiliate marketing begins!

Looking to boost your business revenue effortlessly? Meet UpPromote, the top recommended affiliate marketing/referral app on Shopify. With this all-in-one solution, you can effortlessly set up a powerful affiliate marketing system tailor-made to match your brand’s needs. Flexible commission options, automated coupons, and affiliate links are just the beginning! Merchants worldwide love UpPromote for its user-friendly interface and effectiveness in boosting customer loyalty and sales. Its detailed reports, high customization options, and adept handling of complex settings make UpPromote the top choice.

What sets UpPromote apart? We motivate affiliates with powerful incentives like bonuses, gifts, store credit, and MLM. Our automated processes, including PayPal auto-pay and auto-tier commission, ensure a hassle-free affiliate program setup and management.

UpPromote is suitable for all business sizes with the price from FREE to $199.99/ month to match your business growth. Furthermore, UpPromote implements customization upon request for Enterprise customers.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use: Quick setting up process with detailed instructions.
  • Automated processes with automated functions can help to save time, such as Auto-generated affiliate links, coupons, and auto-approval affiliates/referrals.
  • Build your affiliate team: Customizable affiliate registration form. Besides, you can create unlimited affiliate programs with different commission offers.
  • Seamlessly track referral orders via affiliate links, coupons, and connected emails
  • Motivate affiliates with powerful options: bonuses, gifts, store credit, and MLM
  • Automate your affiliate program process: PayPal auto-pay, Auto-tier Commission

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install UpPromote now to get a 20% discount for all paid plans already applied via the link.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


2. Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

Omnisend should be the go-to email & SMS marketing automation platform for micro, small, and medium-sized e-commerce businesses and marketers. Omnisend stands out as a versatile tool to supercharge your email outreach campaigns.

Omnisend’s email & SMS marketing automation app helps tens of thousands of ecommerce stores sell more stuff to more people. The made-for-Shopify app is feature-rich, helping you to build your email list with landing pages and popups and easily create emails with loads of ready-made templates. Send more personalized emails and generate more sales at the right time with abandoned cart and welcome workflows. All of that’s backed with 24/7 email & live chat support for all — even free users.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-Build Campaigns: Omnisend simplifies the process of crafting captivating email and SMS campaigns. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll find it user-friendly.
  • Signup Forms: Engage your audience effectively with signup forms that seamlessly integrate with your campaigns.
  • Sales and Performance Reports: Stay in the loop with insightful reports to track your campaign’s success.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Email Marketing, Newsletter, SMS, Abandoned Cart & Pop Up. Don’t miss out on this exclusive deal to get 30% off Omnisend plans for the first three months. Use code UPPROMOTE to get started.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


3. AI Search & Product Filter |SB

Sobooster’s AI Search & Product Filter – Your Key to eCommerce Success! Are you looking to supercharge your Shopify store’s sales and improve the shopping experience for your customers? Look no further! Sobooster’s AI Search & Product Filter is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Our advanced search and filter capabilities enhance your store’s functionality, enabling customers to find products quickly and easily. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, our search engine optimizes conversion rates, shortens the customer journey, and boosts your sales and revenue.

Sobooster’s Ultimate Search and Filter isn’t just an app; it’s a powerful tool that transforms your Shopify store into a high-performing, user-friendly platform. With these features, you’ll not only improve customer satisfaction but also drive more sales and revenue. Elevate your eCommerce game with Sobooster today!

Key features:

  • Advanced Product Filter: Filter products with precision by tags, vendors, options, and metafields. Offer customers a streamlined path to discover products tailored to their preferences.
  • AI Smart Instant Search: Provide an intuitive search experience with real-time auto-suggestions as customers type. Tolerate typos and offer suggestions, ensuring that customers never miss out on what they’re looking for.
  • Smart Merchandising: Elevate your sales strategy with the ability to promote your best-selling products prominently. Boost conversions by showcasing your most popular items and enticing customers with compelling offers.
  • Advanced Analytics: Gain valuable insights into customer search and filter behavior. Make data-driven decisions to fine-tune your product offerings and merchandising strategy for optimal results
  • Advanced Synonyms: Deliver more relevant search results by recognizing synonyms. Ensure that even if customers use different words to describe the same product, they can still find it effortlessly.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install AI Search & Product Filter |SB now to get 15% OFF already applied via CODE: 15_UPPROMOTE.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


4. Adoriс: Upsell & Email Pop Ups

Adoric is a unique Upsell, Smart Pop-ups and Product Recommendations Shopify app. Trusted by dozens of merchants, Adoric helps merchants increase sales and conversion rates with lots of amazing features.

Adoric is easy to use and comes at an affordable price with 24/7 support. Try Adoric now and get yourself ready for the upcoming holiday season.

Key features:

  • Cart Upsell: Customize cart upsell based on different segments of shoppers
  • Product Recommendations: Customize what and how you want to recommend to your shoppers on other pages
  • Smart Cart Recovery: Adoric uses advanced exit-intent messages, using high-intent personalized messages that fit the shopper’s activities
  • Gamification: Spin-the-Wheel, Falling Gifts, Custom Scratching Card
  • Email Popups: Including integrations with all Email Service Providers
  • Dynamic Free Shipping Bar: Personalize the shopper’s road to free shipping

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Adoriс: Upsell & Email Pop Ups now to get a 20% discount for all paid plans already applied via the link in the button. Also, every user reached from the link is eligible for a FREE One-on-One onboarding session to personalize the product experience to the merchants’ needs. (Book the call here)

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


5. Avada SEO Suite

Avada SEO Suite is a comprehensive tool designed for Shopify store owners aiming to optimize their online presence. Recognizing the importance of SEO in driving organic traffic and increasing sales, this app offers a range of features tailored to enhance a store’s visibility on search engines. From meta tags optimization to image ALT text automation, Avada SEO Suite ensures that your store is easily discoverable by potential customers. Additionally, with its user-friendly interface, even those new to SEO can navigate and utilize its features with ease. By integrating Avada SEO Suite, Shopify merchants can effectively boost their rankings, attract more visitors, and ultimately achieve higher conversions.

Key features:

  • Enhance images, improve loading times, and use lazy load.
  • Adjust meta tags, promote local business, and use Google’s structured data.
  • Automatic SEO checks for products, blogs, collections, and more.
  • Find and fix broken links and redirect users from error pages.
  • SEO issue reports, Automated Email Notification, and Image Optimization

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Avada SEO Suite for 20% off now.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to free users only. Coupon code: BFCM2023 (20% off all paid plans for first two months)


6. BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y

This BFCM, why not offer some special deals to delight your customers? BOGOS has endless possibilities: free gift, BOGO, buy X get Y, gift with purchase, buy 2 get 1, and so many more. Strategically, these promotions can push slow-moving items or boost your average order value during the holiday season.

With over 8 years of experience in the market, BOGOS has consistently evolved, becoming a trusted partner in driving revenue growth for thousands of Shopify stores. You can automatically add some extra freebies to customers’ carts or let them pick their preferred gift using a slider. Furthermore, the app offers customization features, making it easy to match everything to your store’s design. The team also provides highly skilled technical support through live chat and email if you need assistance.

Key features:

  • Hundreds of offers: BOGO, free gift with purchase…
  • Gift based on cart value or specific products
  • Auto add gift to cart
  • Multi-tiered deal
  • Gift icon on product page
  • Gift slider tailored to your branding
  • Subscription products offer
  • Special URL for email campaigns

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install BOGOS: Free gift now to get 20% OFF already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies only to new users.


7. BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell

BOGO+ helps you maximize order value from existing customers with free gifts. Get more $ in BFCM, Xmas.

BOGO+ makes your visitors become customers and win the conversion rate game easily. The app provides a variety of promotion types: BOGO, Buy X Get Y, Flash Sale, Free Gift with Purchase, and Volume Discount. With customizable widgets (including a countdown timer, offer table, header banner, and product badge), your promotions are empowered to be even more attractive to customers. Plus, the simple interface allows you to launch multiple promotion campaigns in minutes.

Key features:

  • Versatile Upsell Solutions: BOGO+ offers a comprehensive range of gift and promotion solutions, including BOGO (Buy One Get One), Free Gift, Buy X Get Y, Gift With Purchases, and Volume Discounts.
  • Customizable Widgets: To make your offers stand out, BOGO+ comes with customizable widgets such as countdown timers, offer tables, header banners, and product badges.
  • Free Gift Automation: Streamline your free gift offers with BOGO+ by allowing the app to add gifts to customers’ carts automatically. Alternatively, you can manually select gifts from popups to cater to specific preferences and customer segments.
  • Buy X Get Y with Quantity Breaks: Encourage bulk purchases and reward customers with Buy X Get Y offers, which provide discounts or gifts based on quantity breaks.
  • Volume Discount: With BOGO+, create Volume Discount campaigns that offer unlimited quantity levels and mix variants of products. This powerful feature motivates customers to add more items to their carts to enjoy tiered discounts.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install BOGO+ by WizzCommerce now to get 30% OFF 3 months already applied via the code BFWIZZ30.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only from Oct 10 to Dec 31.


8. Candy Rack | All‑in‑One Upsell

Candy Rack app boosts your sales by upselling and cross-selling relevant products to your customers, on the product page, cart page, and checkout.

Candy Rack app makes upselling and cross-selling an absolute breeze. You can effortlessly integrate pre-purchase pop-ups, in-cart offers, and post-purchase checkout upsells into your store. Candy Rack doesn’t just focus on upselling – we’re committed to enhancing the entire shopping journey as a trusted partner. With its proven track record, you can be confident that you’re using the premium upsell solution and watch your business soar.

Key features:

  • 4 Upsell Placements — Add to cart, checkout, post-purchase, and thank you page
  • Smart Auto-Upsell — One-click AI-powered recommendations for relevant offers
  • Mobile-first Design — Upsells are optimized for a seamless mobile experience
  • Performance — Ensures fast load times and doesn’t slow down your store
  • Customizations — Adjust the content and design to match your brand design

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Candy Rack now to get 25% off already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies only to new users


9. Easy Bundles | Bundle Builder

Let your customers build their own bundles by providing a customizable, branded, and step-based bundling experience. Sell more and improve conversion with custom rules and volume discounts. Build Subscription, Discounted, Fixed Price, Holidays & BFCM Bundles, and gift box bundles.

Easy Bundles improves AOV via custom bundles upsell and box builder features. Enhance gifting through greeting cards, gift boxes, and video messages, perfect for promoting bundled products. Integration with store UI to allow customization. Creates a distraction-free flow for seamless checkout, contributing to a successful product builder experience. Tag filters for product discovery, facilitating cross-sell tactics. Ideal for AOV boost, cross-sell enhancement, and bundle product creation.

5-star-rated on the Shopify App Store | Trusted by 5k+ merchants worldwide!

Key features:

  • Bundle Builder: Customizable layouts for unique bundle and box builders
  • Gifting bundles: Add a personal touch with greeting cards, gift boxes, and videos
  • Customizable UI for bundles: Integrated with your store for consistent branding
  • Tag-based filtering for customer product discovery and selection of bundles
  • Upselling & Cross-selling: Boosts sales and AOV via bundle and gift box creation.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install EasyBundles now to get 20% off via the link in the button.


10. Simple Bundles & Kits

Simple Bundles allows you to break down bundles into individual SKUs, facilitating real-time inventory syncing and simplifying order fulfillment. This app offers various bundle types, including single-SKU, multi-SKU, and Infinite Option, enabling you to create a range of bundles like mix-and-match, multipacks, subscription sets, curated sets, volume discounts, and wholesale packs without any coding. It surpasses Shopify’s 100 variant limit, offering bundles both online and at Point of Sale (POS) for a seamless shopping experience.

Additionally, it supports syncing bundle details with third-party logistics (3PL) partners, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), shipping software, and other apps such as ShipStation, Printful, Amazon’s FBA/MCF, and Deliverr.


Key features:

  • Easily break down product bundles for streamlined order processing and real-time inventory synchronization.
  • Boost your sales by offering customers the choice of bundle or quantity discounts.
  • Promote your bundles effectively through specialized product bundle pages.
  • Create versatile bundles that allow unlimited selection options for customers, providing a tailored shopping experience.
  • Integrates smoothly with a variety of upsell applications, third-party logistics (3PL), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF), shipping software, and Point of Sale (POS) systems for enhanced functionality and efficiency.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Simple Bundles & Kits now to get 20% discount.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only. To redeem, install the app and email hello@simplebundles.io with code BFCMSBUP.


11. FoxKit: All‑in‑one Sales Boost

FoxKit, the all-in-one sales boost solution to supercharge your Shopify store’s sales & AOV. FoxKit is designed to be your trusty companion on your eCommerce journey, offering a comprehensive suite of tools & features to help your business thrive.

Imagine having a powerful ally by your side, one that not only understands your customers’ preferences but also empowers you with data-driven insights to make informed decisions. FoxKit is more than just an app. It’s a comprehensive solution built to maximize your profit & increase average order values.

With FoxKit, you’ll unlock a world of powerful possibilities, including:

+ Advanced Analytics & Reports to make impactful data-driven decisions

+ Upells to boost cart value & profitability

+ Cross-sells (Product bundles, Volume discounts, Related products, & more) to grow AOV & customer satisfaction

+ Sales-boosters (Lucky wheel, Sales notifications, Free shipping goal, Countdown, & more) to keep shoppers engaged & excited

Get ready to transform your online store into a thriving eCommerce powerhouse with FoxKit!

Key features:

  • Advanced Analytics & Report: Gain valuable insights into the performance of your marketing set-ups, tracking metrics from initial impressions to actual sales and average order value.
  • Effective Upsells: Pre-order, In-cart offers, Discount pop-ups, Back-in-stock alerts, & more
  • Strategic Cross-Sells: Product bundles, Volume discounts, Related product suggestions, etc.
  • Powerful Sales-boosters: Free shipping goal, Countdown (cart, stock, timer), Size chart, & more

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install FoxKit: All‑in‑one Sales Boost now to get 40% off for three months – code: FoxUPBFCM23 via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies only to new users


12. iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell is an all-in-one sales booster Shopify app that allows you to sell more and earn more in both the cart drawer and the full cart page. iCart comes with many options like product upsell, product recommendation, product bundle, discount, progress bar, birthday and survey collector, etc.

These options let you provide the best buying experience for your customers, and at the same time, you can double your AOV and revenue. iCart is a very easy-to-use app. As it comes with a drag-and-drop interface, any non-technical person can easily customize both the cart drawer and cart page without any coding. Apart from this, you can track the performance of your store’s sales gained through iCart through its advanced analytics.

Key features:

  • Side cart drawer and cart page to reduce cart abandonment.
  • Prompt users by cart progress bar with free gifts, discounts, and free shipping
  • Intuitive design with drag and drop customizable readymade template
  • Popup-free upselling and cross-selling so that customers won’t feel annoyed.
  • Volume discounts and buy more, save more offers that induce visitors.
  • Rules to create offers more specifically for your potential buyers.
  • Works with order delivery date, simple shipping protection, and review apps like Rivyo, Stamped.io, Reviews.io, and LAI

 Exclusive holiday offer: Install iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell now to get 20% OFF on both monthly and yearly bills for a lifetime already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only (if the user uninstalls and reinstalls after the offer period, no discounts will be applied).


13. Loloyal: Loyalty & Referrals

Loloyal: loyalty & referrals is a Shopify app for loyalty programs, boosting merchants retention rates and increasing sales with powerful loyalty and rewards systems, such as points, referrals, rewards programs, and VIP tiers.

Loloyal supports Shopify POS service to connect merchants’ online and offline sales channels and Email notifications to increase customer engagement and drive repeat purchases. Turn your shoppers into loyal fans with Loloyal.

Loloyal builds a referral marketing program that turns loyal customers into brand advocates and lets customers refer friends, which helps merchants save on ad spending. Loloyal is a full-time development and support team focused purely on building outstanding Shopify Apps.

Key features:

  • Point program: Increase lifetime value by rewarding customers with points.
  • Reward program: Incentivize repeat purchases with points redemption.
  • Referral program: Reach more users by encouraging users to refer.
  • VIP tiers: Improve customers’ stickiness with different VIP tiers.
  • Shopify POS & Email Service Provider integration.
  • Email Notification: boosts customer engagement through points, rewards, and birthday notifications.
  • Customization: Customized templates to match your store theme.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Loloyal: Loyalty & Referrals now to get at least 35% off already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies only to new users.


14. MBC Bundle Products

The MBC Bundle Products is a simple and flexible Shopify app with AI-powered features ready to boost your Average Order Value (AOV).

  • Customization: Choose from a variety of layouts and options to create visually appealing bundles that align with your brand and store design.
  • Flexibility: The app empowers you to create diverse bundle patterns while defining the rules for which products can be included. (From “Mix and Match” to “Buy X Get Y”)
  • Ease of use: The app is user-friendly and easy to use, making the solution accessible to users with little technical knowledge
  • Time-Saving: AI-powered Bundle Engine creates high-converting product bundles in minutes. No more hours of manual work. Make minor setups, and you’re ready to start selling from day one.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide range of Shopify themes.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to its competitors, the app is reasonably priced, making it an affordable option

Key features:

  • Drive sales through versatile bundles for both online and draft orders.
  • Bundle products with dedicated pages for a seamless shopping experience.
  • Ensure accurate stock tracking by updating inventory with bundle purchases.
  • Combine bundle purchases with other discount codes for added value.
  • Receive AI-driven recommendations, track top-selling items, and refine strategies.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install the MBC Bundle Products App now to get Unlimited access to Pro Plan features at the cost of Growth Plan 3 months from code activation. Redeem the offer by using code “BFCM-BNDL-23” on the app pricing page.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only from Oct 16 to Dec 31.


15. Omega Two Owls Facebook Pixels

A must-have for all Facebook advertisers looking for optimal test & scale. Two Owls tracks 100% sales and trace them back to the exact Campaign, Ad set & Ad. Make data-informed decisions faster. Collect valuable data to train your pixel and run ads with more confidence and less wasted money. Try Two Owls today.

Key features:

  • Track with two: browser-side pixel + server-side Conversion API (first-party).
  • 99.99% accurate.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Great Event Match Quality.
  • Automated Catalog for Advantage+ Catalog Ads, Advantage+ Shopping Ads.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Two Owls now to get 30% off the Monthly plan for 3 months.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only. Enter this code: UPPROMOTE_TWOOWLS_30# to apply at the pricing page (Expires 31 Dec 2023).


16. Rebolt ‑ Bundle Products

Looking to dominate this Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Say hello to Rebolt Bundle Products, your secret weapon for skyrocketing sales during the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

Rebolt Bundle Products is the ultimate Shopify app that empowers you to create irresistible product bundles. Boost your Average Order Value (AOV), enhance the customer experience, and watch your revenue soar. With our user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly design and promote bundles that entice shoppers to add more to their carts.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your BFCM strategy. Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce pro or just starting your journey, Rebolt Bundle Products makes it easy to turn visitors into loyal customers and increase your profits. Get ready for a record-breaking BFCM with Rebolt on your side. Elevate your sales game today!


Key features:

  • Create unlimited bundles, and offer bundle discounts to increase your sales.
  • Increase AOV with product bundles, mix-and-match bundles, and quantity discounts.
  • Create frequently bought-together bundles, combo bundles, and popup bundles. 4) Customize the bundle widget look to match your store’s style perfectly.
  • Seamlessly integrates with page builders, upsell apps and side cart apps.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Rebolt – Bundle Products now to get 10% OFF already applied via the link below

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


17. SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed

SearchPie is a premium choice for SEO optimization, offering cutting-edge tools like AI generators, backlinks, speed boosters, keyword research, and more. It focuses on improving search rankings and enhancing your site’s credibility. With features like SEO manager, AI-generated content, and rich snippets, SearchPie is your go-to solution for driving more traffic.

You pay for full cutting-edge tools such as AI generator, Backlinks, Speed boost, Keyword research, Meta tags, schema, AMP,… that’s worth every penny you spend and brings a big improvement in search ranking. Add SearchPie and enjoy professional service now!

Key features:

  • SEO manager for tracking and resolving SEO issues.
  • SEO optimization and traffic boost with AI-generated content.
  • Speed optimization with instant page loading, AMP, and image compression.
  • Detection and navigation of long and 404 URLs.
  • Auto Rich Snippets with JSON-LD.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Search Pie now. Buy any paid plan to get 1 VIP AI package FREE already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to all users.


18. ToastiBar ‑ Sales Popup

Build Trust, Encourage Customers, and increase Sales Using Sales, Add-To-Cart, Reviews, Visitors Notifications, and more Using ToastiBar – Sales Popup App.

The tiny piece of information in the popup creates infinite opportunities, including increasing your store’s sales. Build trust by displaying recent Sales notifications. Encourage the visitors to become customers by displaying Add to Cart notifications. Provide social proof and make the store busy by displaying the Online visitors’ notifications, Recent visitors’ notifications, and Product visitors’ notifications. To boost conversion & sales, just install the ToastiBar – Sales Popup app.

Key features:

  • Sales Notifications
  • Cart Notifications
  • Reviews Notifications
  • Visitors Notifications
  • Order Summary Notifications
  • Cart Summary Notifications

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install ToastiBar- Sales Popup app now to get a 50% discount applied via BFCM50_2023.


19. Trustoo Product & Ali Reviews

Trustoo.io Product Reviews is the leading Shopify review app that can boost sales with an attractive customer feedback system. It also includes some extra features to assist you in optimizing SEO, increasing organic traffic, and gaining repeat customers.

Trustoo.io, named TT/VS Ali reviews before, is fully customizable to fit your brand and is a social proof solution that helps you build and scale a reliable brand. Collect product reviews with photos from your customers automatically. Display reviews in beautiful widgets to build trust with visitors and make it easy to make more informed purchase decisions. Reach new customers by rewarding customers for referring their friends and through organic search. Multi-lingual Support 24/7.

Key features:

  • Translate reviews for your global clients
  • Effortlessly import reviews from AliExpress/Amazon
  • Showcase your brand with a customized product review page
  • Choose from two appealing layout options
  • Seamlessly import reviews from CSV files

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Trustoo now to get 30% OFF for all the plans already applied via the link in the button.

How to use it?

  1. Install our app: https://share.channelwill.com/app/21650baa6c7a95e0HK
  2. Enter your code “trustoo.io-BFCM”: https://prnt.sc/OKjZcuvozjis
  3. Choose the plan you need: https://prnt.sc/mX9VFcVTaOTy

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to all kinds of users, but it only stays for 30 minutes after you claim it.


20. Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy

The Upsell & Cross sell – Selleasy is a user-friendly app for creating high-converting upsell and cross-sell offers. You can display product offers to boost your sales by making customers buy more than what they came for.

You have varied options to display offers on the product page, cart page, post-purchase page, and even on the thank you page. The Selleasy app comes with a flexible setup of offers through widgets like frequently bought together, product add-ons, pop-ups, and funnels. 

This app also has earned the ‘Built for Shopify’ badge that ensures compatibility with your Shopify store and theme. With 1100+ 5-star reviews, Selleasy has been featured on Shopify stories reflecting the customer’s choice and real-time results. 

The app has a 30-day free trial and even has a free plan for stores with up to 50 orders/ month across all channels.

Key features:
  • Bundle offers: Display Amazon-style frequently bought-together bundle offers.
  • Multi-language and multi-currency: Offer exciting deals in the customer’s language and currency.
  • Cart page offers: Create seamless cart page pop-ups and upsell funnels.
  • One-click upsell: Offer one-click upsell options through the post-purchase page.
  • Thank you page upsell: Cross-sell related products with thank you page offers

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Upsell & Cross sell – Selleasy now and get 30-day free trial.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only (or the offer applies for whom and how to use it).

21. Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks

Unlock the power of e-commerce success with WideBundle, the ultimate Shopify app designed to revolutionize your store’s performance. Boost your Average Order Value (AOV) by an impressive 23% on average, supercharging your revenue effortlessly. Experience a remarkable uptick in conversion rates, paving the way for increased sales and profitability.

WideBundle offers unrivaled customization options, allowing you to tailor every aspect to your brand’s unique identity. Seamlessly integrate with a vast array of Shopify apps, providing a seamless ecosystem for your e-commerce needs. Plus, our commitment to outstanding customer support ensures you have a trusted partner every step of the way.

The best part? WideBundle is incredibly user-friendly, enabling you to set up your store for success in just 5 minutes. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity – supercharge your Shopify store with WideBundle today and watch your e-commerce business soar to new heights! Download now and embark on a journey to unparalleled success.

Key features:

  • Increase the global profits, boost the average order value, Bundles & quantity breaks
  • Add a bundle to all your products to increase your average order value
  • Customize the design of the widget to match your store
  • Add custom texts to the offers to increase conversions
  • Integrate the app with upsell apps, side cart apps, or page builders

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install WideBundle now to get 23% OFF already applied via the link in the button.


Apps for Designing a Memorable BFCM Customer Experience

1. PageFly Landing Page Builder

PageFly is your go-to solution for creating stunning web pages without any coding. The app includes an extensive library of over 100 elements, pre-built sections, and integrations with more than 80 third-party Shopify app providers. There are also 90+ templates available for various industries and page types. Explore all these features from FREE plan and enjoy 24/7 live chat support.

Key features:

  • Powerful customization capacity: Initially built by developers – for developers (or at least people with a background in development), PageFly has impressive customization power. The app also comes with an extensive library of 100+ elements, pre-built sections and 3-rd party elements/app integration, 100+ templates for most industries and page types.
  • Excellent 24/7 live chat support: PageFly provides helpful, quick and dedicated, 24/7 live chat support, even on Free Plan. Free Plan is also available with full access to all features.
  • Clean and optimized codes for better loading speed – pages built with PageFly have slight better page speed than those built with default Shopify Page Builder.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install PageFly now to get 20% OFF for all PageFly plans (applied to new pricing model) already applied via the link below.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to users in the new pricing model.

How to apply? If you haven’t install PF, install via the link below.

  1. Go to PageFly app.
  2. Click on Preferences => Billing => Apply coupon https://prnt.sc/3girNO3sYd60
  3. Apply coupon UPPROMOTE20 https://prnt.sc/mllO3kro2RWA
  4. Approve Shopify charge on the next page. An existing charge (if any) will be cancelled.
  5. Enjoy a discounted monthly fee for life-time.


2. EComposer Landing Page Builder

EComposer – The Next-Generation Landing Page Builder you need to create an awesome Shopify store that brings irresistible shopping experiences for your customers.

EComposer Page Builder helps merchants create any page type or section, fast and simply, using a live drag-and-drop editor. Support Landing, Homepage, Collection page, Product, Blog page, Cart page, Footer, Coming Soon Page, 404 page & any theme section. Save tons of time and cost using third-party apps with various built-in extensions to boost sales. No worries about store speed with EComposer speed-up tools and optimized codes. Our 24/7 livechat support is always happy to assist you anytime!

Key features:

  • Versatile Page Building: EComposer enables you to create any page type or section effortlessly, from landing pages to homepages and other custom pages.
  • Live Drag-and-Drop Editor: Experience instant previews of changes as you design with EComposer’s intuitive live drag-and-drop editor.
  • 400+ Stunning templates: Access a wide array of page layouts, section templates, and countless customizable elements.
  • 20+ Built-in Add-ons: Enjoy a seamless shopping experience with built-in add-ons like Ajax Cart, Color Swatches, Image Optimizer, Cross-selling, etc.
  • Advanced Tools: Elevate your pages with advanced features, including Page Analytics, Global Blocks, AI Content Generator, Lazy Load, etc.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install EComposer now to get 30% off all paid plans. Use code BFCM2023 on EComposer subscription page in-app to redeem the offer.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only and expires on 31st November, 2023.


3. GemPages Landing Page Builder

GemPages is a one-stop storefront customization solution for multiple eCommerce platforms. Named in the top 3 Shopify page builders, GemPages empowers e-sellers to create, customize, and optimize their stores effortlessly with an AI-powered feature and intuitive elements.

The company has helped over 165,000 merchants build sales-boosting and stunning stores with less code and is en route to transforming the global eCommerce industry.

For more information, visit https://gempages.net/

Key features:

  • All page types: Home, Product, Collection, FAQ, Blog Posts, and Landing Pages.
  • 80+ stunning mobile-friendly templates that work with the latest Shopify themes.
  • 100+ built-in elements to boost sales: Countdown Timer, Stock Counter, Bundles, Compare-at-price, etc.
  • Minimalized building effort: Turn images/URLs into editable layouts in seconds with AI.
  • Enhanced productivity: Global Style, Product Assignment, and more.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install GemPages now to get 15% off for all monthly plans already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: Exclusively for users making any first payment from Oct 1st to Dec 31st, 2023, UTC. Discount applied automatically at checkout.


4. Attrac: Bars, Banners, Popups

Attrac offers all types of marketing campaigns in a single app. It provides high-converting bars, banners, and popups for Shopify stores, helping to engage customers and boost sales. With Attrac, merchants can announce special offers, promote free shipping, and grow their email and SMS lists. The app is fully customizable and can be set up in under 5 minutes. It seamlessly integrates with popular email marketing apps. Install Attrac for free from the Shopify app store.

Key features:

  • Attrac provides all campaign types: Offer announcements, urgency countdown timers, free shipping promotions, and email & SMS signup campaigns.
  • High-converting bars, banners, and popups: Announce special offers and events to engage customers and increase sales.
  • Easy to set up in five minutes or less: One-click installation, fully customizable, and adaptable to fit any Shopify theme.
  • Advanced targeting capabilities: Display the right message to the right customer at the right time.
  • Grow email & SMS lists: Email and SMS signup campaigns that seamlessly integrate with popular email marketing apps such as MailChimp, Klaviyo, and Omnisend.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Attrac now to get 30% off of Attrac plans for the first three months, use coupon code: UPPROMOTE

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.

5. Essential Countdown Timer Bar

Setting up a countdown timer on your product page is one of the ways to boost sales. The counter triggers FOMO, urgency among buyers, and encourages them to act. Use the countdown timer for flash sales, promotions, pre-orders, product launches, and holiday sales! You can choose between scheduled to-date, evergreen, or recurring timer types located on the product page, announcement bar, landing page, and cart page. Count down timer bar helps merchants like you to increase sales by leveraging urgency!

Key features:

  • Product Page Countdown. Add a countdown timer to your store’s product page.
  • Announcement Bar Countdown. Promote a sale across your store with a top bar.
  • Landing Page Countdown. Show your promotion as a countdown timer on any page.
  • Cart Countdown Timer. Boost your store’s conversions by using a cart countdown.
  • Scheduled to-date, daily recurring, or evergreen fixed-minute countdown timer.

🎁 Exclusive BFCM offer: Install Essential Countdown Timer Bar now and use the Discount Code UPPROMOTE_BFCM to get 20%OFF.

Noted: Paste the discount code at the bottom of the Pricing Plans page when pressing “Have a coupon code?” to get 20% off for all plans!

6. qikify Sales Pop up & Proof

The ultimate toolkit to convert visitors to customers with pop-ups, social proof, urgency and FOMO notifications, countdown timers, recent sales notifications, and more.

qikify includes multiple boost sales tools in 1 app. With qikify, you can boost sales and trigger customers’ FOMO by adding social proof with recent sales. Build trust and attract new customers with visitor counters, sales popups, and sold count. Let’s increase engagement, collect leads & promote your campaigns easily with Popup (newsletter, discount, exit popup). The conversion rate can be improved with many types of promotional bars such as Cart countdown, Announcement bar, etc.

Key features:

  • Create attractive popups to promote sales, discounts, and new products.
  • Show recent purchases, visitor count, and sales count to build trust with your customers and create FOMO feelings for the sales campaign.
  • Create a sense of urgency by displaying countdown timers for your sales and promotions.
  • Analyze customer’s’ insights and forecasts.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install qikify Sales Pop up & Proof now to get 10% off for three months via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to all new users. Please redeem discount code BFCMUP23 in the app to get 10% off for three months. (Discount expired date: 31st Dec, 2023).


7. qikify Smart Menu ‑ Mega Menu

qikify Smart Mega Menu – easily create a mega menu for your store with pre-designed templates and no coding skill requirements

With qikify Smart Menu, you can easily create a mega menu to enhance store design and increase conversion without coding. qikify Smart Menu helps you quickly and easily create a mega menu with pre-designed templates and unlimited menu items. Customization helps improve your store design and customer experience by providing clear and flexible navigation. You can boost sales by promoting featured products, collections, and banners with flexible widgets.

Key features:

  • Create an attractive menu to feature sales campaigns, discounts, and new products.
  • Improve shopping experience and store design without coding
  • Quickly and easily create a mega menu with pre-designed templates
  • There is no coding required

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install qikify Smart Mega Menu now to get 10% off for three months via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to all new users. Please redeem discount code BFCMUP23 in the app to get 10% off for three months. (Discount expired date: 31st Dec, 2023).


8. Avada Trust badges, pop‑up

Avada Trust Badges Sale Pop-up is a dynamic app on the Shopify platform designed to elevate online store performance. It integrates trust badges and sale pop-ups to instill confidence in potential buyers, showcasing real-time purchase notifications and emphasizing the security of transactions. By visually reinforcing the credibility and popularity of products, the app aims to reduce cart abandonment rates and drive conversions.

With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, Avada ensures that online merchants can blend these trust elements into their store design, fostering a trustworthy shopping environment and boosting overall sales.

Key features:

  • Showcase your store’s reliability with a customizable trust badge
  • Display real-time sales pop-ups to boost buyer confidence
  • Set up various countdown timers on different pages
  • Promote free shipping offers to motivate purchases
  • Fully responsive design to ensure optimal viewing on all devices.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Avada Trust badges, pop‑up for FREE via the link in the button.


9. Boost AI Search & Discovery

Build Powerful Product Discovery with Boost AI

Boost AI Search & Discovery (BSD) is a complete product search and discovery suite committed to creating the best possible tool to help merchants and partners generate more revenue with less effort.

? AI-powered search embraces cutting-edge AI technology in search algorithms to make site search more efficient in delivering relevant and accurate results.

? Product Recommendation covers the Homepage, Collection page, Product page, & Cart page and includes the top 8 popular recommendation types with Machine learning (ML) algorithms in the background.

? New Merchandising allows online merchants to modify the results of all keywords and the product display order on a particular collection page.

? Advanced Analytics for better planning and decision-making with first-party data and insightful metrics. With 5-star support, lightning-fast performance, and air-tight data security, Boost AI Search & Discovery is a must-have tool to optimize conversion rates, upsell and cross-sell for all online businesses.

Key features:

  • Not just a filter & search app, Boost AI Search & Discovery is MORE:
  • Intelligent with AI-powered search
  • Sales-efficient with AI/ML recommendations & merchandising
  • Powerful with highly secured multi-regional infrastructure
  • Dedicated with a 5-star support team
  • Flexible with new pay-as-you-grow pricing

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Boost AI Search & Discovery now to get 15% off for three months. Click the link in the button to install the app and use code UPPROMOTE23 at checkout

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


10. BSS: Product Labels & Badges

Create catchy labels/badges for your products that fit your brand and sales campaign in just a minute!

Our app, BSS Product Labels & Badges helps you motivate customers to purchase more with catchy labels and badges. You can use our pre-designed library with various categories: sales, BFCM, discounts, Christmas, New Year, etc, or easily upload your own images.

Our app also provides different display conditions for your sales campaigns: discount/price ranges, publish date/time, stock status, country, and label/badge visibility period. Merchants can also customize the position, size, and other display settings.

Key features:

  • Explore professional template library: pre-designed labels for sales, BFCM, and Christmas images to cover all niches
  • Set up various display conditions: show label by stock status, discount range, and more
  • Display on specific pages: product page, collection page, search page, home page
  • Custom text label/badge/banner to fit your brand: dynamic text, font size, font style, font color
  • Hot feature: Label per variant – display labels on selected variants on the product page

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install BSS: Product Labels & Badges now to get 30% already applied via promote code UPPROMOTE30. Offer ends soon: Before 12/01/2023

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


11. Consentmo GDPR Compliance

Protect customer data with the first GDPR-compliance app built for the platform.

Protect your customers’ data and boost trust while complying with GDPR, LGPD, CCPA-CPRA, VCDPA, CPA, CTDPA, PIPEDA, and APPI. Compatible with Shopify’s Consent API, Online Store 2.0 themes, and Google Consent Mode – perfect for stores anywhere, including the EU/EEA, Switzerland, UK, Brazil, California, Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, Canada, Japan, and more laws are coming soon. Join over 65,000+ savvy merchants and enjoy our awesome support.

Key features:

  • Compliance Simplified: Handle laws effortlessly with our Compliance pages.
  • Your Bar, Your Rules: Personalize your cookie bar to fit your brand’s identity.
  • Advanced cookie helpers: Cookie scanner, info tables, and cookie management
  • Accessibility First: Be WCAG 2.0 compliant and ready for Shopify Online Store 2.0.
  • Swift Learning: Available YouTube videos and 24 EU languages coverage!

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Consentmo now to get 20% OFF of the Plus or Enterprise plan already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only from October 23rd till November 17th; the offer is valid until the app is uninstalled.


12. Foxify: Smart Page Builder

Introducing Foxify, the ultimate Shopify app that revolutionizes the way you design and build your e-commerce store. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the world of online retail, Foxify empowers you to create stunning, high-converting pages without the need for coding or design skills.

With our vast template repository comprising more than 60 templates tailored for landing pages, product showcases, collections, and blogs, you have a wealth of tools at your disposal to transform your distinctive vision into reality. Tailor your page layout to suit various devices, guaranteeing an optimal user experience for shoppers and optimizing your Average Order Value. Foxify also boasts integrated upsell and cross-sell capabilities, effortlessly amplifying your business’s sales performance. Foxify stands ready to streamline the web design journey, enabling you to attain online success, one captivating webpage at a time.

Say goodbye to the sweat and tears of web design and welcome Foxify – an innovative solution that transforms your web page design dreams into reality with just one click.

Key features:

  • 60+ High-converting Designs: Quickly create & launch converting landing pages, product pages, collections, & blogs within minutes. New designs every month
  • 20+ Sections: Easily craft a persuasive design with beautiful pre-built section presets formed by UI/UX masters
  • Built-in Upsells & Cross-sells Extensions: Foxify provides a range of extensions to boost sales, from Filters, Recently Viewed Products, Product Quick View, Sticky Add-to-Cart, & more
  • Global Styles: Maintain brand consistency with store-wide settings for global colors, buttons, & typography

? Exclusive holiday offer: Install Foxify – Smart Pagebuilder now to get 40% off for 3 months – code: FoxUPBFCM23 via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


13. LAI Product Reviews Ali Review

Simplify the process of gathering reviews from various platforms like AliExpress, Amazon, DSers, CJdropshipping, and CSV files. Our completely adaptable widgets seamlessly blend with your store’s design, ensuring a consistent customer experience that builds trust.

LAI Product Reviews offers robust review management capabilities, including pinning, hiding, and grouping reviews, empowering you to harness the influence of product reviews to boost customer interaction, enhance satisfaction, and drive conversions on your e-commerce site.

Key features:

  • Import product reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, DSers, CJ, or a custom CSV
  • Fully customizable widget to match your store’s aesthetic
  • Integrations with Google Shopping, Klaviyo, Omnisend, PageFly & more
  • Automatic emails to collect authentic reviews and encourage repeat purchase
  • Showcase reviews across your store: homepage, collections, products, pop-ups

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install LAI Product Reviews Ali Review now to get 30% off via the link in the button.


  • This BFCM offer applies to both new sign-ups and existing merchants
  • This BFCM offer applies forever
  • Use code “LAI-UpPromote-30%” at check out


14. Opinew Product Reviews App UGC

Trusted by 10,000 Shopify merchants, Opinew boosts Shopify stores with reviews rich in UGC. If you’re selling via multiple channels and want to sync your reviews to Shopify, Opinew is the tool for you.

Opinew will help you import and sync reviews from Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay. It will also allow you to collect 2x more reviews on autopilot from existing Shopify customers via SMS and email flows. Opinew makes sure you never miss a chance to collect reviews from your happy customers!

Convert more visitors by displaying beautiful customizable widgets on your homepage, collection, and product pages. Finally, display rich snippets on Google & on your Facebook page to build trust on channels where customers are looking for you.

Key features:

  • All-in-one review management tool to boost conversions with strong UGC
  • Import & sync reviews from Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay.
  • Collect 2x more reviews on autopilot via SMS and email flows.
  • Convert more with 8+ customizable review widgets.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Opinew now to get 50% off on any plans for the next three months via the link in the button using code “zzIR6R“.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


15. Rivyo Product Reviews & QA

This Black Friday/Cyber Monday, make customers trust your greatest ally with Rivyo Product Reviews & QA, the must-have Shopify app for e-commerce success.

Rivyo empowers your store with authentic product reviews and responsive Q&A, providing shoppers with invaluable insights and social proof. Leverage this goldmine of feedback to build customer trust and drive sales.

Customize your review widgets, display star ratings, and feature reviews on product pages to captivate visitors and instill confidence. Let your satisfied customers become your brand advocates.

As BFCM approaches, don’t miss out on the opportunity to harness the persuasive power of Rivyo. In a crowded marketplace, stand out with genuine feedback and responsive customer service. Maximize conversions, build your brand, and skyrocket sales with Rivyo Product Reviews & QA on your side. Elevate your BFCM strategy today!

Key features:

  • Showcase product reviews & testimonials to build brand trust and credibility.
  • Import valuable reviews back to your store from Amazon/AliExpress.
  • Display store average and rating popup widget on the homepage to build loyalty.
  • Highlight all product reviews anywhere in your store to increase brand identity.
  • Collect more reviews by sending automatic customized review request emails.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Rivyo now to get 10% Off already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


16. Ryviu: Product Reviews & QA

Import reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, and other platforms. Displaying them on your store to build trust and boost conversion rates.

Looking for an easy way to boost sales and increase trust in your eCommerce store? Ryviu is here to help! Our app offers a range of cool features to help you showcase product reviews and answer customer questions. Import reviews from multiple sources, customize and optimize them for your store, and enjoy dedicated support through live chat. Start using Ryviu today and see the difference for yourself!

Key features:

  • Display customer reviews on your store wherever you want with multiple themes.
  • Import reviews with photos from multiple sources: AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy, CSV,…
  • Send emails to collect reviews after customers purchase products.
  • Display Question & Answer helps customers ask questions about products.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install RYVIU now to get 50% already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies only to new users.


17. Super Effects: Halloween Boost

Super Effects provides various interactive season-based, holiday-related effects, ornaments, and animations that make your website more eye-catching and more easily to increase traffic and sales for your website. The storage of 70+ effects can be easily searched by tags and is compatible with your store’s interface which is easy to use with simple manipulation and previews the effect on your store.

One of the most special things is that you don’t need to make any customizations on your website. Instead of that, you can easily change the appearance of your website on every single occasion with a click and easily choose all pages or a specific page to apply the effect.

Key features:

  • Simple manipulation
  • Easily searched by tags
  • Compatible with store’s interface
  • Can choose all pages or a specific page to apply the effect
  • Can preview the effect on your store

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Extend from a 7-day free trial with limited functions to a 30-day free trial with full functions.


Apps for Stocking Your Store with Products Customers Love

1. DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping

DSers is the standard to process hundreds of orders at once, find new products & suppliers to sell always more, with better profits! With DSers, you can find cheaper suppliers, import products from various sources, find better and more reliable suppliers, automate some time-consuming tasks and more.

Key features:

  • Optimize your suppliers-Find cheaper & better supplier selling the same products.
  • Product management-Find, import & edit products. Auto update stock & prices.
  • Bulk orders-Place 100s of orders with one click in a few seconds.
  • Automation-Automatically track order & package status Manage multiple Shopify stores in one account.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install DSers now to get 1 month for free already applied via the link below.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


2. Dropshipman: Dropshipping&POD

Tired of common challenges associated with dropshipping, such as unreliable dropshipping suppliers, slow shipping, poor quality, and low margins? Now Dropshipman: Easily import products from AliExpress, and utilizing popular platforms like Oberlo, CJDropshipping, Zendrop or DSers, our comprehensive solution simplifies the entire process.Stay ahead with trending and winning products and finding reliable suppliers. While eliminating frustrations and maximizing your business’s potential.

Key features:

  • One-Click Import Products
  • Product Sourcing
  • Automatically Order Fulfillment
  • Tracking Number Updates
  • Quality Inspection
  • Branding
  • 24/7 customer support

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Dropshipman now to get $100 already applied via the link below.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


3. Syncee ‑ Global Dropshipping

You bring the dropshipping business idea, Syncee gives the tools you need to find winning products and trusted suppliers to turn that idea into a reality! Find millions of dropshipping products with fast delivery from all over the world. Start your online business today with no upfront inventory cost and no risks.

Key features:

  • Premium dropshipping & wholesale marketplace.
  • Over 7 million ready-to-sell products with fast shipping.
  • No upfront cost & no minimum order.
  • Suppliers from the US, CA, UK, EU, AU, and worldwide.
  • Trusted by 200,000+ retailers.
  • Automated product uploads, updates & order synchronization.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Syncee via the link below now to get the Business Marketplace plan with 15% OFF.

Noted: To claim the offer:

  • Go to the Billing menu in Syncee.
  • Use the coupon code ‘UPPROMOTE_BFCM15‘.
  • Offer can be activated until 24 November 11.59pm GMT+00, for new subscribers only, and is valid until you change your subscription plan.


Apps for Expanding Your Sales Channel

1. Mobile App Builder ‑ Shopney

Shopney is a mobile app builder that helps Shopify merchants to turn their online store into a mobile app in minutes without any coding or design skills. Merchants can increase conversion up to 5X by leveraging excellent shopping experience, fast checkout and push notifications. Plus, Shopney helps saving on marketing ad spend by offering push notification leverage over digital ads.

Key features:

  • High-converting themes.
  • Native in-app chat.
  • Limitless push notifications.
  • Fast checkout
  • Simple design editor.
  • Fast set-up & launch.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Shopney now to get 10% discount in all plans already applied via Shopney support.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only. You should send SHOPNEYxUP code to Shopney customer support to utilize this opportunity.


2. Subify Subscription | Membership

Subify is your go-to subscription app for managing recurring payments, subscription boxes, memberships, and abonnements with ease. Designed for seamless integration, it facilitates recurring orders of physical/digital products and services, boosting your revenue.

The app offers flexible discounts and delivery options, with customizable subscription models including more than four types of subscription widgets and unique subscription boxes. Users benefit from easy-to-integrate widgets, quick setup, and a customer portal for subscription management with skip, pause, or cancel options.

Key features:

  • Customizable & various widget templates that fit perfectly in your store.
  • Quick setup and Auto-adding widget. Embed app to use directly in Shopify admin.
  • Seamless customer portal to manage their subscriptions. Skip, pause & cancel.
  • Powerful and knowledgeable support team that responds in less than 1 minute.
  • Expert customer success managers help you with subscription setup, marketing, etc.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Subify subscriptions app now to get 40% off with the discount code bfcm8798

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only and it’s for two months.


3. TIB Product Options Variants

Expanding your product options on the product page with over 10 types of options to enable buyers to customize products based on flexible choices. It also helps you in boosting your Average Order Value by offering more options and extra services with Add-on price. It’s definitely a go-to solution to maximize the results from your BFCM campaign and boost sales.

Key features:

  • Multiple option types: Text, Paragrah, Photo upload, Dropdown, Checkbox, Button, Image/Color swatch,…
  • Price add-ons: Charge extra for custom options, such as gift wrapping or express delivery.
  • Bulk apply option sets: Save time by applying option sets to multiple products at once.
  • Advanced configs: Limit character for text, min/max selections, edit selected options in cart page.
  • Fully customizable: Modify the content and design of your options to match your brand. Use custom CSS if needed.
  • Whether you sell clothing, furniture, or anything else, this app can help you to create a more customized shopping experience for your customers.

🎁 Early-bird offer: Install now to grab Early-bird offer and get access to unlimited features of the app!


Apps for Efficient Shipping, Delivery, and Returns

1. Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup

Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup app allows your customers to choose a convenient date and time for their order delivery. This would help you to increase customer satisfaction and customer retention. Customers can choose their own desired date and time for store pickup and local delivery. Not only they can choose the date and time but also they can select the mode of order delivery like local delivery, store pickup and shipping.

Apart from this, you can set shipping date and time for holiday and working days of your store. You can set the limit for orders that you want to receive in a single day. And the best part is that customer can reschedule their order from thank you page.

Key features:

  • Export all scheduled orders of your store in CSV file with delivery date & time.
  • You can manage orders in your personal calendar by using Google Calendar add-on.
  • Keep pickup orders safe from fraud by validating store pickup security code.
  • Translate the calendar and delivery date picker text in your store’s language.
  • Set date and times different for different locations in store pickup & delivery.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Stellar Delivery Date & Pickup now to get 60 days free trial already applied via the link below.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only (if user uninstall and reinstall after the offer period then normal free trial as per app’s plan will be applied).


2. Fordeer: PDF Invoice Generator

Are you looking for an easy way to streamline your Shopifyinvoicing process and solve every tax-complaint issue? Fordeer: PDF Invoice Generator is one of the best free Shopify invoice generators that can support EU, India, etc., B2B and wholesale to solve tax-compliant issues.

This is an all-in-one solution that allows you to manage your invoicing process and build your brand consistency smarter and easier. With fully customizable templates, batch printing, and automatic order status updates, Fordeer makes it easy to stay organized, save time, and improve efficiency.

Key features:

  • Personalize your unique and on-brand invoice templates.
  • Batch print & download invoices and orders, even for orders including 50+ items.
  • Auto-detect customer’s language with a diverse customer base.
  • Show multiple currencies on the invoices with 100% law compliance.
  • Set up email automation campaigns easily with PDF invoices attachment.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Fordeer: PDF Invoice Printer now to get 50% OFF. Redeem the offer by using code “UPBFCM50” at check out.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies from October 1st, 2023 to March 31st, 2024.


3. Shipping Rates — Shipeasy

Looking for a better shipping solution in this BFCM season?

Shipeasy is all you need to ensure a seamless customer experience and maximize your profits. With over 30 parameters, this app calculates shipping rates based on advanced rules, allowing you to customize rates for Black Friday deals.

You can:

  • Set different rates for drop shipping.
  • Apply specific conditions based on cart and product details, and
  • Consider postal/zip codes, distances, and product dimensions.
  • Offer exclusive rates to wholesale customers. Our app is also functional in all Shopify-supported countries and currencies.

Don’t miss out on Black Friday profits due to shipping challenges. Get Shipeasy now and streamline your Black Friday sales and shipping!

Key features:

  • Multiple rate-decision parameters based on Weight, Quantity, Price, and Zipcode.
  • Use various shipping carriers like UPS, USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post, etc.
  • Offer special rates for specific Customers and Products.
  • Set up international shipping rates by country.
  • Combine Multiple Rates and Scenarios.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Shipeasy now and get the 14-day free trial.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only (or the offer applies to whom and how to use it).


Apps for Better BFCM Efficient Management

1. BON Loyalty Rewards Referrals

BON Loyalty Rewards Referrals is a loyalty program builder that allows merchants to turn one-time buyers into repeat purchasers. Think of this app as the best friend to your affiliate program. Once customers have been referred to your store, loyalty programs will keep them coming back, which helps your affiliate program have a longer-term impact on revenue. With BON Loyalty, you can motivate post-sales engagement through loyalty points, rewards and VIP programs.

Key features:

  • Point programs: Allow your customers to earn points for purchases or other engagements, and then redeem those same points for discounts or gifts
  • Fully customized rewards: Choose the type and amount of rewards to your preference from our various options (discounts, free shipping, POS vouchers, etc)
  • VIP Tiers: Offer exclusive benefits to your high-spending buyers based on their loyalty points or spending amount

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install BON Loyalty now to get 20% off forever on all paid plans already with 30-day free trial applied via the link below.

How to redeem: Install BON and chat with our support team mentioning UpPromote BFCM

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to both new sign-ups and existing merchants


2. LitExtension Store Migration

Powering up your online store with a new platform is now much easier, faster, and more accurate with LitExtension. Having delivered 280K+ successful cart migration projects for 150K+ worldwide customers, LitExtension is proud to be the #1 provider of Shopping Cart Migration services.

Key features:

  • Migrate from 140+ eCommerce platforms to Shopify.
  • Bulk import data using Excel, Google Sheets, CSV files or database files.
  • 3-step setup, no technical skill required, 24/7 support.
  • Additional options: 301 Redirects, SEO URLs migration, etc.
  • Post migration: Unlimited Recent Migration, Smart Update and Re-migration.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install LitExtension now and use CODE: UPLITE10 to get 10% OFF for all migration projects via the link below.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to all new users and valid for 3 months.


3. Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist

Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform that replaces several apps, including loyalty, referrals, rewards, gift cards, VIP tiers, reviews, and wishlists. This means you don’t have to pay for each app individually! All the features work seamlessly together to effectively help you grow and transform your site into a sales-driving store. Growave is exclusively built for Shopify and provides extensive customization options for any theme. The app is easily managed from a single dashboard, and no coding is needed. It also offers multi-language support for cross-border selling, real-time analytics, and 24/7 world-class customer support.

Key features:

  • Increase repeat. purchases and retention with loyalty program, VIP tiers, rewards.
  • Acquire more customers organically through referral program and save on ad spend.
  • Implement wishlists and trigger emails to boost sales: on sale, back in stock.
  • Collect photo & product reviews on autopilot. Reviews on Google search results.
  • Showcase Instagram photos & UGC to build social proof and drive conversions.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Growave now. New users can now enjoy a 30% discount on all paid plans for the first 3 months! Just install Growave and use promo code UPPROMOTE30_BFCM at checkout to claim your discount.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


4. Parcel Panel Order Tracking

ParcelPanel is a remarkable order tracking solution that is tailor-made for DTC brands.Real-time tracking, proactive exception handling, auto shipping notifications, branded tracking page, smart upsell system, powerful analytics, and more. It not only brings customers to your own website but also decreases WISMO tickets by 75%, ultimately boosting your sales and fostering customer loyalty.

Key features:

  • Smart dashboard, track your order in 1 go, push parcel tracking info to PayPal.
  • Engage your customers through seamless ParcelPanel shipping notifications.
  • Branded order lookup page with abundant custom elements, no more WISMO tickets.
  • Perfect for dropshipping app, easily hide all Chinese origin with 1 click.
  • Even better, smart upsell system, powerful analytics, and 24/7 customer support.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Parcel Panel now to get 30-day free trial already applied via the link below.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.


5. Synctrack PayPal Tracking Sync

Auto-sync PayPal & Stripe tracking info. Faster PayPal funds release, build trust and avoid disputes.

With Synctrack, tracking numbers shall be synced to PayPal and Stripe with one click. Sync your old orders to PayPal & Stripe within 365 days.

Synctrack helps you reduce unwanted disputes, money on hold & reserves. Instantly add tracking info to support PayPal verifying your account more quickly, and gain trust and transparency. Get funds faster and confidently defend disputes with clear proof. PayPal sync automation tool reduces manual work and its cost, protecting your cashflow.

Key features:

  • Real-time sync PayPal tracking and Stripe: Minimize the time money is on hold.
  • Sync tracking to PayPal & Stripe for orders within 365 days with just 1 click.
  • Multi-stores: Manage & sync orders for all stores in 1 place with 1 subscription.
  • Instant Digital Order Sync & Courier mapping rule with PayPal-supported couriers.
  • Monitor status of PayPal tracking sync from a powerful yet easy-to-use dashboard.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Synctrack now to get 20% OFF FOR ALL PLANS already applied via the link below.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only. To use the discount:

Go to Account plan tab > Click on button “Apply discount code” > Insert the code UPPROMOTEBFCM20 > Apply.


6. Willdesk‑Live Chat, Helpdesk

Willdesk is the ultimate all-in-one platform for eCommerce businesses. It seamlessly integrates tracking, FAQs, messengers, CRM, and more, empowering you to deliver personalized customer service and drive sales effortlessly. Simplify logistics, enable self-service FAQs, and provide top-notch support—all in one powerful platform. Try Willdesk today and unlock a new level of efficiency and growth.

Key features:

  • Multilingual (40+) 24/7 self-support.
  • Multi-platform integrations Branded.
  • Self-service widget.
  • Boost sales through live chat.
  • Get a complete customer index.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Willdesk now to get 30% OFF for all plans already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: Install Willdesk and contact the customer support team with the code “Uppromote2023“.


7. Chargeflow Dispute Chargebacks

Chargeflow is a chargeback automation platform that takes a more modern, sophisticated, and scalable approach to chargeback recovery.

After analyzing millions of chargebacks and feeding them into its powerful AI-based system, Chargeflow created ChargeScore® and ChargeResponse®, two proprietary frameworks that help you forecast chargeback success rates and submit chargeback responses directly to the credit card companies using compelling evidence from over 50 customer touchpoints.

Chargeflow automates the chargeback process while providing much-needed reporting transparency and maintains one of the highest win rates in the industry – averaging at around 80%. If you currently use Stripe or Shopify for payment processing/storefront, you can extend their functionalities into your chargeback mitigation with the Chargeflow App. The pricing model is success-based, meaning you will only be charged for won cases. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties!

Key features:

  • Fully automated chargeback management. The system can analyze large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, providing insights that human analysts may not readily identify.
  • ROI-Guarantee. With Chargeflow, there are no fixed fees or long-term contracts! You only pay for disputes won, a win-win process for maximum outcome.
  • Higher win rates (2x industry average). Merchants using Chargeflow’s chargeback automation system have reported getting up to a 75% dispute win rate instead of the 12% industry average. And they save about $4000 on monthly labor costs.
  • White-glove evidence curation and submission. You no longer have to worry about beating the clock regarding chargeback disputes —that’s all done for you. Chargeflow gives you access to seamless evidence gathering from over 50 3rd party data sources, fully automated dispute filing, and analytics to grow your business.
  • Connection to all processors for all-in-one analytics and dashboard. Chargeflow integrates seamlessly into your existing payments stack. This integration ensures that critical information and necessary order insight can flow smoothly between our systems and yours, guaranteeing that your data is always up-to-date and precise.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install Chargeflow now to get 10 chargebacks resolved in your favor (Ts&Cs apply) via the link in the button.


Huy is an extremely meticulous and strict young man. He always sets high standards for himself and those around him. Huy's exacting nature is exhibited in his attention to the smallest details, and he never accepts carelessness or oversight. For him, everything must be done as perfectly as possible. He is also very strict, not only with himself but with everyone around him. However, in the end, Huy just wants everything to reach its greatest level of perfection and excellence.