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Top 15 Best Cyber Security Affiliate Programs in 2024

Cyber criminals’ growing audacity and sophistication in disrupting modern digitally-connected infrastructures, businesses, systems, organizations, and ordinary folks make cyber security affiliate programs the hottest niche this year. Cyber crimes like data breaches, ransomware attacks, and identity ...

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Cyber Security Affiliate Programs

Cyber criminals’ growing audacity and sophistication in disrupting modern digitally-connected infrastructures, businesses, systems, organizations, and ordinary folks make cyber security affiliate programs the hottest niche this year.

Cyber crimes like data breaches, ransomware attacks, and identity thefts are on the rise. Not to forget, cases of credit fraud, investment scams, and spoofing are, too. Cyber security affiliates play a major role in helping families, businesses, and individuals. They do this by arming them with the most advanced cybersecurity solutions.

And they get money out of it, too.

Wonder no more about the cybersecurity affiliate platform to join and monetize this year because we researched 15 of the best.

15 Best Cyber Security Affiliate Programs

Heimdal Security 

Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 2

Like the legendary Norse god of foresight, foreknowledge, order, and surveillance, Heimdal Security exerts its eagle-eye prowess to protect digital resources against cyber attacks.

Established in 2014 in Copenhagen, Heimdal offers AI-powered and unified cybersecurity solutions to enable modern businesses and ordinary people to protect their digital assets.

Phishing attacks and other cybersecurity threats cannot beat Heimdal’s unified XDR security platform. It has excellent threat detection, consolidated security technologies, and simplified compliance to reduce costs.

Heimdal offers exceptional endpoint security, reliable vulnerability management, topnotch resource security, advanced threat hunting, privileged access management, and impressive collaboration & email security.

And get this.

Heimdal has the appraisal of some of the world’s leading security agencies, including the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), the US Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

This all-around security solution makes Heimdal the ideal partner for everyone connected to the internet.

And you can leverage this by becoming its affiliate.

You can sign up via CJ Affiliate or ShareASale and start earning up to 75% share of each product you sell. This program promises to give bonuses to high-performing affiliate marketers, including a lifetime 50% discount on its products and other special offers.

If you don’t find this attractive, nothing will.

  • Commission: 50%% to 75%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 90 days

Express VPN

Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 3

Established in 2009, ExpressVPN is an award-winning program empowering millions of users to protect and control their internet experiences.

It doesn’t matter if one has a mobile device, a desktop, or other technology. As long as it connects to the internet, Express VPN safeguards your privacy.

Users free themselves from the prying eyes of pushy corporations, invasive governments, and unscrupulous hackers. These entities lose their ability to restrict, monitor, and manipulate internet-user experiences, giving you a sense of empowerment.

And that makes this product easy to promote and sell.

Although the Express VPN affiliate program doesn’t offer a percentage commission, its fixed-amount compensation remains noteworthy.

For example, you can get $13 for every referral subscribing to a monthly plan. Semi-annual and yearly plans are also available, with a fixed $22 and $36 share, respectively.

Promoting ExpressVPN is also a cinch because it supplies you with banners, infographics, logos, videos, screenshots, and other resources necessary for an effective marketing campaign. You can also promote via pay-per-click.

The program has a $50 minimum payout threshold and pays only via PayPal. However, if your earnings exceed $1,000 monthly, ExpressVPN can pay you by direct deposit.

  • Commission: $13 to $36, depending on subscription package
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Trend Micro 

Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 4

Trend Micro is one of the world’s oldest cybersecurity software solutions, following McAfee and NOD Antivirus. Unsurprisingly, millions of people use this cybersecurity platform to protect their digital experiences.

Additionally, over half a million companies rely on Trend Micro’s advanced cybersecurity technologies to keep them well ahead of emerging threats. It’s also the leader in Cloud security, making entities using the Cloud feel more secure and confident about their assets.

Trend Micro blocks over 250 million threats daily using advanced AI and machine learning. Individuals feel safer with its anti-identity theft features and ransomware protection.

Joining Trend Micro as an affiliate is a no-brainer.

While individuals, groups, and families are target audiences, you can also promote this program to businesses. Up to ten employees receive topnotch digital protection with Trend Micro’s premium services.

Earning a decent passive income with Trend Micro is easy, although it can reject applications. You can even have multiple websites and channels promoting Trend Micro, and you’ll still receive a share of each sale.

Great news for beginner affiliates!

  • Commission: Up to 20%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 5

The Federal Trade Commission says about a quarter of the 5.7 million digital fraud cases are identity theft-related (1.4 million), with benefits and government documents fraud topping the list.

These figures translate to $10.2 billion in financial losses.

LifeLock can protect internet users against identity theft.

Established in 2005 by Todd Davis and Robert J. Maynard, LifeLock leads the charge against unwarranted credit score changes, dubious use of personal information, and other identity theft forms.

It has affordable subscription plans for individuals and families, ranging from $12.49 monthly (one person) to $579.99 annually (two adults + five children).

Lifelock has an attractive affiliate program commission scheme, allowing you to earn as much as $110 for selling its Family (2+5) Plan. And if you only manage to sell its basic subscription, you can still enjoy an $8 flat commission.

That’s not bad, considering the number of people who don’t want their identities, personal information, and financial records stolen.

  • Commission: From $8 to $110
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 6

Founded in 2008, LastPass is a cybersecurity solution focusing on a unified and secure password management. Its standard version has a web interface, browser plugins, and mobile apps. LastPass also supports bookmarklets.

This platform uses an innovative Fort Knox-like multi-factor authentication to safeguard digital technologies from unauthorized access.

Over 33 million individuals and 100,000 businesses use LastPass to manage passwords and keep multiple devices free from outside interferences.

You can increase LastPass users by promoting the program in your channel as an affiliate.

Although LastPass is open to everyone, the company prioritizes solution providers, managed service providers, and technology enthusiasts. Vetting takes a while, but you can enjoy the guidance of a dedicated affiliate manager to help you mount an effective campaign.

Surprisingly, LastPass’s cookie duration is only 45 days. Most cybersecurity affiliate platforms offer 60 to 90 days. Still, 45 is better than the 30 days in other affiliate niches.

  • Commission: 20% per sale
  • Cookie Lifespan: 45 days


Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 7

Like Trend Micro, Avast entered the cybersecurity market in 1988. Eduard Kucera and Pavel Baudis established Avast as a cooperative, becoming a private company in 2010 and offering its IPO in 2018.

Although NortonLifeLock acquired Avast in September 2022, the brand remains a dependable anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and antivirus software.

Just how popular is Avast?

How does 435 active users (and growing) sound? It’s also available in 186 countries across 43 languages, blocking 1.5 billion threats monthly.

And Avast’s firewall protection is nearly impregnable, protecting users’ network devices from intrusions and unauthorized communication.

Affiliating with Avast is a no-brainer. After all, you’re partnering with one of the industry’s best.

It offers a wide range of text links, banners, and other marketing resources. You’ll also enjoy promos and exclusive offers to protect your digital platform and continue earning.

Although its commission is not as lucrative as others, promoting Avast to your audiences can help improve internet security for everyone else.

  • Commission: 35% for the first month (initial fixed commission for getting linked to a global brand)
  • Between 15%-30% (tiered commission) based on revenue
  • 30% commission  (content sites)
  • Fixed 5% commission (browser/toolbar extensions)
  • Cookie Lifespan: 60 days


Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 8

One of the pioneers in cybersecurity, ESET is a Slovak brand founded by Peter Pasko and Miroslav Trnka in 1987. The duo are the creators of one of the world’s first antivirus software package, NOD.

Today, ESET is Europe’s largest privately-owned cybersecurity solutions provider, available in 200 countries across 30 languages.

ESET is perfect for affiliates who want a steady flow of income.

The program provides discounts and long-term offers to boost marketing campaigns. Its partnership with CJ Affiliate is also noteworthy, allowing you to leverage Commission Junction’s other merchants.

ESET also has an in-house program manager to assist newbie affiliates. You’ll never worry about not getting customers to ESET because the company will guide your campaigns.

You will love ESET’s recurring or lifetime commission when referred customers renew their subscriptions. Most programs offer a single-tier system, meaning you get a commission only once.

That’s an offer no affiliate should refuse.

  • Commission: Starts at 20% recurring commission
  • Cookie Lifespan: 45 days

IT Governance

Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 9

IT Governance is not your usual cybersecurity solution (i.e., anti-malware, antivirus, antispam, and anti-ransomware). It’s a comprehensive platform empowering businesses and large entities to ensure maximum privacy protection and mitigate, if not eliminate, cyber risks.

This company focuses on data protection, cyber resilience, ISO 27001, cybersecurity, and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

IT Governance allows European businesses to conform with the European Union’s strictest data protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation enacted in May 2018. Violations can lead to harsh fines, reaching millions of Euros.

Hence, your target audiences are small- and medium-sized businesses, although big-name European brands can still benefit from IT Governance’s comprehensive cybersecurity consulting services.

A 10% commission might scare some affiliates. However, you might want to check this program’s typical affiliate conversion rate of 6%. And if you factor the 200-Euro average value, you’ll get about 20 Euros (about $21) per sale.

That’s still better than other platforms.

  • Commission: Up to 10%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 10

From the world’s leading VPN provider, NordVPN, comes a program designed to protect businesses’ network, internet, and resource application access controls.

It’s a multilayered solution empowering companies and brands to maximize productivity without worrying about cyber risks.

Companies will never worry about online threats and unauthorized resource and network access, while allowing them to create more personalized and smarter customer experiences.

Clients will feel more confident with every transaction.

And that’s worth conveying in your affiliate channels.

You can promote NordLayer to businesses with a distributed workforce, empowering remote teams to increase productivity by eliminating cybersecurity threats.

NordLayer has one of the most attractive affiliate remuneration structures, complementing it with a dedicated account manager and an array of campaign resources.

Beginner affiliates will find the program easy to join and make money, while feeling confident in NordLayer’s ability to help modern businesses secure their work processes.

  • Commission: 30% to 50%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Perimeter 81

Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 11

How does a minimum of $400 for every new customer you bring to an affiliate company sound? If you drive a hundred and 20 to buy the product, you already have at least $8,000 in monthly commission payments.

That’s what Perimeter 81 promises to its successful affiliates.

We don’t doubt Perimeter 81’s network security capabilities.

Established in 2018 by Sagi Gidali and Amit Bareket, Perimeter 81 became one of the most respected platforms for securing work-from-anywhere, Cloud-forward businesses.

The solutions allow organizations to secure their networks cost-effectively and easily. Setting up a holistic barrier against current and emerging digital threats is hassle-free, with many businesses ready for a secure environment within 15 minutes.

Promoting Perimeter 81’s cybersecurity solutions is easy because it unifies access and control to business applications, local networks, and the Cloud.

And when you drive home this message to your audiences, you’re that much closer to a minimum $400 per customer commission.

  • Commission: $400 to $1,000 per new customer
  • Cookie Lifespan: 31 days


Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 12

NordVPN is CNET’s most reliable virtual private network (VPN) provider for multiple devices, ensuring industry-leading secure connectivity.

Tom Okman established NordVPN in 2012, becoming an industry leader after only several years. It features an advanced NordLynx tunneling protocol, 24/7 live chat, robust security measures, and a state-of-the-art server network to deliver the best protection to websites, mobile apps, and Internet of Things technologies.

Unsurprisingly, over 14 million people and businesses use NordVPN to protect their internet transactions and experiences.

And you could add customers to NordVPN by affiliating with them and encouraging audiences to subscribe to the platform’s services.

If you do that, NordVPN will share 40% of the sale. Although it’s not as lucrative as Perimeter 81’s $400 minimum, the reward remains enticing because it’s recurring. You get an extra 30% when the referred customer renews their plan.

With attractive affiliate compensation, a valuable product, and adequate marketing support, NordVPN is worth joining this year.

  • Commission: 40% on initial signup, 30% on renewals (recurring)
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 12

GoodAccess is a NordVPN competitor, providing reliable Cloud-based VPN services to thousands of users worldwide.

Established in 2014, GoodAccess’s ace over NordVPN is its astonishing 10-minute deployment time (NordVPN does it in 15). Its 40% lead-to-customer conversion percentage is also impressive, allowing affiliates to guarantee more commissions.

GoodAccess empowers users to ensure a more secure internet access from anywhere. It requires zero hardware, is easy to create a whitelist, and has a fair price.

It’s the perfect solution for digital nomads and warriors who want a secure public static IP address to boost productivity on the go.

Although GoodAccess doesn’t offer a lifetime discount for affiliates, the program compensates with an annual recurring commission. At least, you’ll never worry about earnings because GoodAccess delivers them monthly through PayPal or Stripe.

Joining is easier than other platforms with network partners. You could start promoting GoodAccess within two days using the program’s marketing resources.

  • Commission: 30% annual recurring
  • Cookie Lifespan: 90 days

Panda Security

Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 13

Some folks don’t like Avast or ESET as their antivirus program. Instead, they prefer Panda Security (like Po, the Dragon Warrior, protecting the Valley in Kung Fu Panda).

And you can do that by offering your audiences this program.

You can even entice them with Panda Security’s exclusive customer promotions to improve your chances of converting leads into customers.

Mikel Urizarbarrena founded Panda Security in Bilbao (Spain) in 1990, gradually expanding overseas within four years.

Today, it’s slowly climbing to the top of the highly competitive antivirus and cybersecurity solutions market. Its quarter-of-a-century experience is enough to get the nod of at least 30 million users.

And you can add more customers to Panda Security’s growing client base.

Panda Security uses CJ Affiliate’s network for affiliate management, allowing you to leverage the program’s other offerings.

You will also access a well-thought-out campaign plan, special affiliate discounts, and a wealth of creatives.

  • Commission: Up to 50%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 14

Digital piracy is on the rise!

Experts say US businesses lose nearly $30 billion annually to digital piracy, leading to job losses, tax revenue reductions, and limited investments.

Nobody wants their digital content or creation stolen. They spend countless hours, endure sleepless nights, and dismiss hunger pangs to deliver the best results, only for unscrupulous individuals to snatch the content and make it their own.

SEO theft, website copying, indexing loss, and stolen marketing materials are every business’s worst nightmare. Private videos and pictures leaked online can be reputation-busting.

DMCA addresses these copyright issues and more!

Its impressive DMCA Protection Badge can also be an excellent threat prevention tool, protecting websites against content theft, plagiarism, and other copyright infringement issues.

Joining is easy. And although DMCA’s commission is decent enough, it has an edge over others.

While most cyber security affiliate programs offer a 60- to 90-day cookie lifespan, DMCA gives affiliates an astounding year-long cookie. You’ll have better chances of crediting a sale to your account, regardless of how long the customer takes to buy.

  • Commission: $10 to $25, product-dependent
  • Cookie Lifespan: 365 days


Cyber Security Affiliate Programs 15

Avangate is not an exclusive cybersecurity solutions provider but a third-party affiliate network offering software companies a platform to sell their digital goods through affiliates or publishers.

Established in 2006, Avangate is the leading platform for digital companies to sell their products. Some of its noteworthy partner-merchants or advertisers include Kaspersky, BitDefender, IObit, Malwarebytes, AVS4You, and Movavi.

Avangate has over 50,000 content publishers or affiliates bridging cybersecurity and digital solutions companies and end-users.

Because it’s a network of multiple software providers, Avangate’s commission varies across merchants. However, data suggests some brands offer up to 75% commission.

The other advantage is Avangate’s 120-day cookie lifespan. It might not be as lengthy as  DMCA’s 365 days, but it’s sufficient to rank second place in our list.

We recommend forming an affiliate team to optimize Avangate’s extensive advertiser partnerships. Each member can focus on a specific niche, maximizing the group’s earning potential.

  • Commission: Up to 75%, depending on merchant or advertiser
  • Cookie Lifespan: 120 days

How Do Cyber Security Affiliate Programs Work?

These affiliate programs leverage a growing need for vigilance against digital threats (i.e., financial losses, identity theft, reputation damage, and infrastructure collapse). The way it works is similar to other niches.

It starts with a cyber security company or brand that wants to increase its customer base. Traditionally, businesses have built-in marketing units in the organization responsible for attracting more clients.

In an affiliate system, the company partners with individuals or groups with an extensive audience. Examples are bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers, and podcasters. These individuals use their reach and influence to encourage readers, viewers, and listeners to buy or try a cyber security brand’s products.

Affiliates must have the cyber security company’s unique affiliate link to direct potential customers to the product offerings.

Don’t worry. The brand will give you this link (and other marketing resources) once you’re a program affiliate. Affiliates embed this code into their digital content and encourage audiences to click it.

When someone clicks the link and buys a product within a predetermined time frame (the cookie window), the company pays you a portion of the sale as a reward for driving the traffic.

So, the more product sales you produce, the higher your income potential.

And that’s how a cyber security affiliate platform works. It’s a performance-based model that rewards individuals for measurable results.

Why Should You Join a Cyber Security Affiliate Program?

Joining a cyber security affiliate program makes perfect sense, and the following three reasons will make you want to drop what you’re doing and sign-up with these platforms immediately.

It’s a booming industry

The cyber security industry is expanding at an unprecedented 12.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). If it stays its course, the global cyber security market will be worth $512.78 billion by 2030 from its $202.72 2022 level.

That’s over 2.5 times its current level!

With this explosive growth comes numerous opportunities for affiliate partners, allowing them to monetize cutting edge security technologies we cannot even imagine.

Everyone needs digital security

People think cyber security is only for businesses, governments, and other entities with sensitive data. They forget that cyber threats exist whenever one connects to the internet.

Over five billion people use the internet from various devices, including desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and other web-connected technologies.

We shop, perform bank transactions, socialize, communicate, and do other daily tasks. Even hailing a ride or ordering food requires internet access. And these channels are open to digital threats.

So, everyone is a potential cyber security customer.

Enhances own affiliate cyber security

You’re an affiliate marketer reliant on a secure and well-functioning digital infrastructure. Can you imagine if your platform is compromised?

Unscrupulous entities can hack your affiliate account and siphon your earnings. Your loyal audiences can also suffer with inadequate email protection. They’ll receive spammy messages and believe you sent them.

You can say goodbye to a hefty commission. And get this! Cyber security brands offer lucrative compensation. Are you willing to let it slip because you didn’t join a cyber security affiliate marketing program?

Of course you won’t.


Are cyber security affiliate programs free to join?

Affiliate programs in the cyber security niche are free to join. However, some platforms (i.e., AWIN) charge a $5 refundable fee, which it reimburses once you’re in the program.

How much can I earn from cyber security affiliate programs?

Although cyber security affiliate strategies vary in commission scheme, one thing is clear. Your earnings are directly proportional to your output.

For example, suppose a cyber security company offers a hefty 30% commission rate for every sale of a $50 product, and you are persistent in your marketing campaigns that two in five audiences become buyers.

In that case, you can expect around $600 for every 100 people you send to the business. Imagine driving 500 visitors monthly. Your potential monthly income will be $3,000.

Our featured programs have commission percentages ranging from 10% to 75%, while others have a fixed commission of $10 to $1,000 per sale.


Affiliates can make internet experiences and activities safer and more convenient by partnering with the best cyber security affiliate programs. Although we offered 15 of the best, you can still choose others by checking the company’s reputation and studying its commission structure.

After all, we want affiliates to get the compensation they deserve for working their butts off promoting cybersecurity solutions that matter to everyone. It’s a classic win-win strategy that will motivate affiliates to persevere in their campaigns.

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