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Doubledipstore: Cut down on lots of work and time in tracking affiliate performance

We – UpPromote had an interview with Doubledipstore manager. She told us about her business, how she knows about UpPromote app and how our app could help him with the business. Let’s hear her story! The ...

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We – UpPromote had an interview with Doubledipstore manager. She told us about her business, how she knows about UpPromote app and how our app could help him with the business. Let’s hear her story!

The company

Our brand is Double Dip Nails. We are a nail dipping powder company that strives to provide high-quality products that are very easy to use and give salon-worthy results. It is our company’s vision to empower women and help them feel more confident! Every day, we work on improving our products so our customers can get the best experience.

At Double Dip, we’re focused on creating a place to share and love the process of doing your nails while empowering you to have the freedom of expressing your amazing personality.

Every woman in the world deserves the best of the best. You should have more control and freedom on what you want and we, at DoubleDip, want to be there to help you! DoubleDip is a USA-made company that strives in providing high-quality dipping powders and liquids for long-lasting, beautiful nails.

The founder of our company has worked in the nail industry for over 30 years, and she saw that many everyday women were struggling to find colors that suited them the most. That is why she began mixing and perfecting colors made specially for each woman.

Since then, we have created over 2,000 colors you can choose from, each of which were custom-designed for a beautiful finish. Getting your nails done should be a fun and exciting part of your everyday routine.

It is our goal to build a community where people can feel special from their nails and share that feeling with those they love.

Beauty shouldn’t just be a luxury; it is also about having fun. So, don’t forget to enjoy every moment of your beauty experience with a friend:

We’re not always perfect and we continue to strive to improve every day. From our products,  to our customer service, and our end delivery to you.

The challenge

The challenge we were facing was that expanding our influencer marketing has made it more difficult to manage finances and track sales from our influencers. In order to push for more successful campaigns, we needed a service that can help automate and track our affiliate sales more efficiently.

Our affiliate network was growing larger and larger and tracking things manually has wasted more time and there’s more risk of human error in processing. To reduce mistakes and improve efficiency was the main reason we were in search of a solution.

The solution

#1 Make it easy for affiliates to sign up, track sales, create referrals, and process payments all in one platform

UpPromote is very user-friendly. There’s a lot of functions and options that can help you optimize your affiliate marketing. Being able to track clicks, sales, and referrals has been very useful and help us analyze the success of our campaigns.

Compared to manually tracking all of our affiliates, this function has helped accelerate our operations with little investment. Affiliates can independently take action to promote our products without our assistance, such as creating referral links.

It’s a very simple and easy process.  Affiliates can also track their own sales at any time and so it creates transparency between both parties, making it easier to form better relationships with those in our network.

We create a special page for our Reward program and use the UpPromote direct registration form for Affiliate program

Doubledip store's reward program

This service for affiliate marketing has cut down on a lot of work and time we needed to spend tracking affiliate performance. We use this to work with our influencers and improve our influencer marketing.

This service has made things much more efficient and easier to organize our marketing strategies. There are many different functions that this service provides that make it very useful to our affiliate marketing.

It was overall easy to use and made it better for us to track performance from all of our affiliates. Customer service is also always very quick to answer our questions and resolve our issues.

#2 Motivate your affiliates to promote your store

Factors that motivate our affiliates to promote our store are getting notifications every time they receive a referral and having access to track their sales independently and at any time. Another feature they use often is being able to create referrals on their own which motivates them to promote individual products they feel more inclined to promote.

Doubledip store's

This makes it easier for them to customize and do individual promotions based on products they favor on our website and this is something they can do without asking for assistance from us.

They gain more control over what they can promote and sometimes these promotions are completely unrelated to our own campaigns. So in a way, we have affiliates promoting our store without us actively cooperating with them.

#3 Take advantage of Influencer Marketing

We have different virtual assistants who prospect and outreach to influencers who fit into our niche. This can be on any social media platform such as Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. We use an influencer tracking tool to keep track of all our campaigns.

If we notice sales through there or Shopify, then we proceed to have our influencers onboard Uppromote to become an affiliate of ours and elevate our relationship. These influencers are normally those in beauty or nails.

One of the influencers make a review about our brand on her youtube channel which brought massive sales for us 

It’s evident that Doubledipstore had a major breakthrough with us, and you can accomplish the same when you start with UpPromote here.


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