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Elevate Your Earnings with Top 10 Best Forex Affiliate Programs

Are you interested in the world of forex trading? Wondering how people make money in this niche through affiliate marketing? In fact, the forex market is a huge and ever-growing industry. There are a lot of ...

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Forex affiliate programs

Are you interested in the world of forex trading? Wondering how people make money in this niche through affiliate marketing?

In fact, the forex market is a huge and ever-growing industry. There are a lot of chances to earn extra income by referring traders or investors to forex brokers.

However, not all forex affiliate programs are equal. How do you know which ones are the best?

Well, that’s where this article comes in. We’ve done the research for you and found the top programs on the market. As you keep scrolling, you’ll be provided with some tips on how to choose appropriate ones and start promoting.

Without further ado. Let’s dive in!

Forex Trading Affiliate Programs: Top 10 Hand-Selected Programs For You

In The Money Stocks

Forex Affiliate Programs 1

Are you seeking a dynamic way to engage your audience in the world of stock trading? If so, the In The Money Stocks is a compelling partnership.

This is a financial research and educational company that primarily focuses on providing trading and investing guidance to anyone interested.

They have educational materials, including courses, webinars, and tutorials for traders and investors to improve their skills and knowledge in this industry.

If you want to help your audiences make informed investment decisions, refer them to this platform. You’ll earn money by joining their affiliate program directly on their website or through ShareASale – an affiliate network.

In particular, the program offers a commission rate from 30% to 65% per sale. Besides, they’ll provide you with great affiliate support, marketing creatives, and a generous cookie length of 90 days. Sounds fantastic, right?

Consider joining their program via the link below and start earning today.

  • Commission rate: 30%-65% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment methods: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, and Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $100


Forex Affiliate Programs 2

Now, let’s explore the second name in this list of Forex affiliate programs.

With nearly 15 years of experience, RoboForex stands out as a leading brokerage. Their global presence has spanned over 170 countries.

They’re dedicated to empowering traders of all levels with a platform that combines cutting-edge technology and more than 12,000 financial instruments for trading.

Additionally, they offer a variety of account types to suit different trading styles, and their leverage is competitive. The company also offers many bonuses and promotions.

Well, their service is quite impressive. How about their affiliate program?

In fact, RoboForex offers two commission schemes for affiliates to make money.

The first one is called “VIP,” which allows you to earn up to 70% of the company’s revenue from your referred clients and 10% from your sub-affiliates earnings.

The other is “Expert”. You’ll get up to 35% from your clients and 10%-20% from sub-affiliates.

Moreover, RoboForex also has a Loyalty Programme, giving their affiliates up to 20% extra on their monthly earnings.

  • Commission rate:
    • The “VIP” scheme: up to 70% of the company’s revenue from referred clients; 10% from sub-affiliates earnings
    • The “Expert” scheme: up to 15% of the company’s revenue from referred clients; 10%-20% from sub-affiliates earnings
  • Cookie duration: revealed once registered
  • Payment methods: revealed once registered
  • Payment threshold: revealed once registered


Forex Affiliate Programs 3

Admirals (previously known as Admiral Markets) is a global forex and CFD broker founded in 2001. It’s headquartered in Estonia, has 16 local offices, and serves customers from over 110 countries around the world.

This company offers a range of financial instruments for trading, such as forex, stocks, commodities, indices, bonds, and more.

Plus, their forex trading platforms are varied, including the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). These platforms are known for their versatility and are widely used by traders globally.

What makes Admirals stand out is that they have a mobile app for trading, which functions as a desktop trading platform. It’s designed to be user-friendly and responsive, making it convenient for traders to monitor their positions, access market data, and execute trades on the go.

Now, join the Admirals partner program to share this well-established platform with your audience.

Whether you’re a blogger, webmaster, or social media influencer, you can sign up to become their affiliate and earn commissions.

So, how much can you get?

Admirals offers a revenue share payment plan, which gives you 25% of the company’s revenue from your referred traders. To earn this commission, your clients must perform on Trade MT4, Zero MT4, Trade MT5, or Zero MT5.

Besides, they have the CPA payment plan, rewarding affiliates based on their clients’ initial deposit and country group. For this scheme, you can earn up to $1,000.

  • Commission rate:
  • Revenue share payment plan
Account type Revenue share (%) Base for revenue calculations
Trade.MT4 25% Spread
Zero.MT4 25% Commission
Trade.MT5 25% Spread
Zero.MT5 25% Commission
  • CPA payment plan
Initial minimum deposit 500 1000 5000 10000
Minimum number of lots to be traded by the client 5 10 10 10
Payout for Country Group 1* 200 400 600 800
Payout for Country Group 2 250 500 700 900
Payout for Country Group 3 300 600 800 1000

(*click the link provided to see countries in each group)

  • Cookie duration: revealed once registered
  • Payment methods: revealed once registered
  • Payment threshold: revealed once registered

Forex Trendy

Forex Affiliate Programs 4

For forex traders, knowing the most profitable currency pairs to trade can be a daunting task. This is where Forex Trendy comes in.

This is a cloud-based software tool that helps traders identify trending currency pairs and time frames. It uses various technical analysis tools and algorithms to scan the forex market for trends and patterns.

For traders looking for validation of their own trading ideas, Forex Trendy’s pattern recognition skills are a must-have. It analyzes historical data to identify common chart patterns that may foretell future price changes.

Additionally, Forex Trendy also offers several other features that can be helpful for traders. These features include customizable alerts, live charts, and integrations.

If you want to promote this software item to your audience, join their network, which is managed by ClickBank. They’ll allow you to earn commissions by promoting their products using your website, blog, email list, and more.

  • Commission rate: revealed once registered
  • Cookie duration: revealed once registered
  • Payment methods: Direct Deposit, check, wire transfer, or Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $100

FPM Global

Forex Affiliate Programs 5

FPM Global (also known as Financial Partners Marketing) is a world-leading forex affiliate network with over 25 years of operation. With a global reach and a commitment to providing its affiliates with the best support, FPM Global is a trusted partner for traders of all levels.

Currently, the company is offering two particularly compelling offers.

The first one is Libertex.

This regulated broker generates a simple and convenient trading platform for traders or investors. They offer over 250 CFDs and 200 unique instruments, including FX, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

You can create an affiliate account on FPM and start promoting Libertex on your website, newsletter, or any presence you own.

In return, you can get a fixed commission of up to $1,200 (CPA plan) or up to 50% of your referred client’s gross revenue (revenue share plan).

Now, let’s move to the second plan – All-in-one Crypto.

This comprehensive crypto trading platform is proud of its generous bonuses and convenient payment structure.

By promoting this platform, you’ll also earn a commission based on the same plans as Libertex. However, there’s a slight difference. While the CPA scheme still gives you up to $1,200, the maximum rate of the revenue share is 35%.

  • Commission rate: 
  • Libertex offers: up to $1,200 (CPA plan); up to 50% of referred client’s gross revenue (revenue share plan)
  • All-in-one crypto offers: up to $1,200 (CPA plan); up to 35% of referred client’s gross revenue (revenue share plan)
  • Cookie duration: revealed once registered
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney, Bitcoin, or Tether
  • Payment threshold: $50


Forex Affiliate Programs 6

Here’s another well-known online retail forex trading platform and broker.

FXCM has a wide range of trading products and services for retail and institutional customers. The company is regulated in multiple regions, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, and Australia.

In terms of products, FXCM offers trading on many currency pairs, as well as CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. This gives traders different options depending on their goals and risk appetite.

It’s free to join the FXCM affiliate program. Simply visit the FXCM Affiliates website and complete the online form required. The application evaluation process typically takes 5 business days.

Once you’ve been accepted, you can access their marketing materials, such as creatives or logos, to help promote FXCM. Currently, they allow you to advertise on your website only. If you desire to use your email or social account, contact them for help.

How about their commission structure?

FXCM is using the CPA payment plan. They’ll pay you a fixed amount of up to $750 for each trader you refer to their site. The commission will vary depending on the traders’ deposit amount and country group. Besides, you’ll earn it only when they generate at least 10 closed trades.

  • Commission rate: up to $750 per referred client
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Bank Wire
  • Payment threshold: $150

Forex Mentor

Forex Affiliate Programs 7

Do you want to help your audience find a reliable source of education and support? Then Forexmentor is a great solution to consider.

Founded in 2003, Forexmentor has a rich history of helping traders achieve their goals.

They have a staff of seasoned educators who are committed to giving their clients an interesting and instructive education. Forexmentor has a course for everyone, from total novices to professional traders looking to hone their abilities.

Their wealth of home-study video courses includes everything from basic ideas to expert trading techniques. You may study at your own pace with these courses because they are self-paced and straightforward.

Forexmentor also provides live webinars, workshops, and mentorship programs, giving you plenty of chances to learn from the expertise of other traders.

Do you find this platform helpful? Join to become their affiliate and promote over 40 products on ShareASale. For each successful sale generated, you’ll earn a commission of 30%.

  • Commission rate: 30% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Payment methods: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, and Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $50


Forex Affiliate Programs 8

AvaTrade, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, has established itself as a prominent player in the financial markets.

The company offers comprehensive financial deals. Whether you’re interested in forex, stocks, indices, commodities, or cryptocurrencies, you can find them all here.

Regarding popular trading platforms, AvaTrade also supports MT4 or MT5 like other companies. Besides, they have the AvaTradeGO and AvaOptions, which give traders other choices to suit their needs.

What’s more?

AvaTrade understands that education is crucial for traders. Thus, they offer a wealth of educational resources, such as webinars, video tutorials, and market analysis.

For all the supportive features that they own, you can consider promoting their products to your audience.

AvaTrade wants their affiliates to earn as much as possible, so they offer a wide range of choices for promotion. Pick the most relevant investments for your target market from the newest stocks, ETFs, and bonds.

What’s their commission structure?

While their CPA plan lets you earn up to $1,000, the revenue share one offers a maximum commission of 50%. You can also earn up to 10% from your sub-affiliates revenue based on AvaTrade’s Master Affiliate scheme.

  • Commission rate: up to $1,000 (CPA); up to 50% (revenue share); up to 10% sub-affiliates revenue
  • Cookie duration: revealed once registered
  • Payment methods: Wire transfer, PayPal, WebMoney, Neteller, Moneybookers, Ava Debit Card, or directly into your trading account
  • Payment threshold: $10

Traders Union

Forex Affiliate Programs 9

Welcome to the world’s largest association of forex traders, Traders Union. Founded in 2010, this company aims to provide traders with a comprehensive and unbiased source of information about the global trading and investment industry.

Traders Union offers traders a wide range of services, including broker reviews, trading guides, and price predictions.

If you want to introduce these services to your readers, become Traders Union’s partner and start advertising them on your website.

So, how much will you receive from this?

The Traders Union is applying a two-tier commission structure.

For each first-level client you refer to join the platform, you’ll get 10% of the revenue generated.

If this client attracts more traders, you’ll earn 5% of the revenue from these traders.

To get more sales, use promotional materials offered by the Trades Union. They have banners, unique thematic articles, buttons, icons, and more.

  • Commission rate: 10% of the income of first-level referred traders; 5% of the income of second-level referred traders
  • Cookie duration: revealed once registered
  • Payment methods: bank transfer, PayPal, or direct deposit
  • Payment threshold: revealed once registered

Vantage Markets

Forex Affiliate Programs 10

Vantage Markets is a cutting-edge, global multi-asset broker that is trusted worldwide. They have provided traders access to the financial markets for over 10 years.

Vantage’s platform has over 1,000 trading instruments, including forex, indices, stocks, bonds, soft commodities, and more.

They’re committed to providing traders with the best possible trading experience. The broker offers a comprehensive range of educational resources. Among those, educational webinars are the most popular option.

If you see this platform as a potential candidate to promote to your audience, join to become one of 20,000+ affiliates in their network.

Currently, Vantage Markets offers two ways for their partners to earn a commission.

Let’s talk about the CPA program first. This is recommended for any website owner, blogger, or social media influencer with a strong presence.

Refer new clients to this market and earn up to $800 commission.

The other program is called Introducing Broker (IB). If you’re an educator, a rebate provider, or a fund manager with a substantial online presence, consider joining this plan to earn a long-term commission.

In particular, you can get up to $8 in rebates for each of your client’s trades.

  • Commission rate: up to $800 per client (CPA); up to $8 in rebates for each trade of your client (IB)
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment methods: Wire Transfer or directly to the trading account
  • Payment threshold: $1,000

What Are Forex Affiliate Programs and How Do They Work?

Referring new traders and investors to forex brokers through affiliate programs has become a common strategy for both individuals and business models to earn commissions.

Forex refers to the global marketplace for trading currencies. Forex brokers (such as AvaTrade or Vantage Markets we’ve mentioned above) are intermediaries that facilitate trading in this market. They are continually seeking to expand their client base.

This is where affiliate programs come into play. The major objective is to drive traffic and attract new clients to the broker’s platform. Affiliates play a pivotal role in achieving this goal by using various marketing strategies.

So, how do forex affiliate programs work? Well, it’s quite similar to affiliate programs in other niches.

Firstly, you need to register to join the affiliate network of your chosen broker. The registration process may involve providing personal information and agreeing to the program’s terms and conditions.

After approval, you can get your referral links for promotion. These links will be placed in your content. Besides, you can gain access to a range of marketing materials provided by the forex broker. These materials include banners, educational content, buttons, and other promotional tools.

Now, it’s time to use these materials to promote the forex broker’s services. Promotion methods are based on the presence agreed upon by the program. They may include websites, newsletters, social media platforms, or advertising campaigns.

When a potential client clicks on your affiliate links and engages with the broker, their activities are tracked, and you’ll earn a commission.

You’ll receive daily payments or monthly payments, depending on the program. If your commission exceeds the minimum threshold required, they’ll pay you money into your account.

Advantages of Joining Forex Affiliate Programs

Are you still hesitating about joining these programs? Let us wrap up some basic advantages of becoming their affiliates so you can make a thorough decision.

Competitive commissions

The allure of forex affiliate marketing programs lies in their potential for generating substantial earnings. In fact, forex brokers know the value of affiliate partnerships. As a result, they often offer attractive commission rates.

There are typically two commission plans. The first one is cost-per-action (CPA). It means that affiliates are paid a fixed amount for each new active trader they refer to the broker. The second one is revenue share. In this case, you’ll earn a percentage of the broker’s earnings from your referrals.

This flexibility enables you to choose the compensation structure that suits your goals.

Sub-affiliate commissions

Well, your referred clients are not the only way to make a lot of money. Some broker affiliate programs go the extra mile by allowing you to refer to other affiliates.

This creates a passive income stream for you, as you earn commissions from the referrals made by the affiliates you brought in.

Global market reach

With a daily trading volume of more than $7 trillion, the foreign exchange market is one of the world’s major financial markets.

By participating in a Forex affiliate program, you can tap into this vast market potential. It doesn’t matter where your referrals are located. There’s always a global audience to target.

Great affiliate support

To help you succeed in promoting their CFDs and other services, forex affiliate programs typically provide many types of marketing tools and resources.

Besides, reputable brokers often offer comprehensive training materials, webinars, and workshops to ensure their affiliates are well-informed. These resources help affiliates communicate effectively with their referrals and build trust by sharing valuable knowledge.

How to Choose the Right Forex Affiliate Program?

Do you want to promote forex trading affiliate programs to your audience successfully? Then, don’t miss out on our roadmap to help you select the most suitable program.

Know your target audience

You can’t promote a platform that has no relation to your audience, right? Different traders have varying needs, preferences, and trading habits. The more relevant your chosen programs are, the more chances of success you’ll get.

Ask yourself, “Am I targeting those audiences new to the forex or experienced ones?”. For example, if your audiences are novices and looking for tutorials, you can guide them to educational forex programs (like the Forexmentor or In The Money Stocks).

Research affiliate programs

This stage is for narrowing down your choices to programs that align with your niche. There are many sources to look for these programs.

You might examine our list above, which includes lucrative programs in the market.

Need more options? Then, search the internet with the main keywords “forex affiliate program.” Or else, look for recommendations in forums, reviews on social media, or any traffic sources that you can access.

Pick appropriate programs

Consider the following factors when choosing any forex program to join:

  • Reputation and support

Look into the broker and its affiliate program thoroughly. You may learn a lot about their past performance by reading reviews and recommendations made on the web. Also, it’s essential to contact their customer service to find out how helpful and accommodating they are to affiliates.

  • Commission Structure

Forex affiliate programs offer different commission structures, such as CPA (Cost Per Action), revenue share, or hybrid models.

Consider your income goals and choose a program that aligns with your expectations and strategy.

For example, if you’re confident that you can generate a high volume of referrals who will make deposits. Go for CPA commissions so you can start earning money quickly.

Do you want to focus on building a long-term relationship with your referrals? Then, choose revenue-sharing commissions to make money even if they don’t immediately make a deposit.

  • Cookie Duration

We suggest those programs with a longer cookie length. It’ll increase your chances of earning commissions even if the referred trader doesn’t sign up immediately.

  • Marketing Resources

Browse to see which marketing tools and resources are offered by the affiliate program. Having access to high-quality marketing materials simplifies your promotional efforts.

How to Promote a Forex Brand as an Affiliate Marketer?

First, you need to identify which promotion methods the programs allow before advertising. Below are basic options for promotion:

Build a forex-focused website

This method is widely accepted by forex programs. Start a website or blog and share quality content, such as market analysis, trading tips, or broker reviews. Make sure your website is user-friendly and responsive.

After that, include affiliate links in your content. This will allow readers or viewers to easily find the forex broker you are promoting.

Use social media presence

Choosing social media to gain new customers is a brilliant strategy. Make use of popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Keep profiles updated, share your content, and interact with your visitors.

Advertise via newsletter

Do they accept email marketing? Then, build an email list by offering free resources or newsletter subscriptions. Send regular updates, including financial market insights and affiliate offers, to keep your subscribers engaged.

Use forex forums

This is also a great way to engage a larger audience. Participate in any forex-related forum and online communities to establish your expertise. You need to build trust first by sharing helpful knowledge, answering questions, or giving advice. Then, discreetly promote your affiliate links when appropriate.


How many types of forex affiliate programs are there?

Forex affiliate programs come in different types. They might be about promoting the broker’s platform and their products, such as CFDs on stocks, bonds, or commodities.

Other programs focus on related educational resources instead. They provide online courses, webinars, and many tutorials for anyone interested.

As the programs vary, your mission is to decide which ones are suitable the most for your audience.

How much can I earn from Forex affiliate marketing?

In fact, earnings from forex affiliate marketing can vary widely. They depend on several factors, including commission structures, traffic amount, conversion rate, and the trading value of your referred clients.

What common kinds of commissions do Forex affiliate programs offer?

Forex affiliate programs offer various types of commissions to their affiliates. But common structures are Cost Per Action (CPA), Revenue Share (RevShare), and Hybrid programs.

As mentioned earlier, CPA programs pay affiliates a fixed commission for each new trader they refer to the broker. RevShare pays a percentage of the profits generated by the referred traders. The hybrid model is a combination of the two previous programs.

How can I apply for a Forex affiliate program?

Go to the official website of the Forex broker or trading platform. Affiliate program information is usually found in the “Affiliates” or “Partners” section.

For many programs, you’ll apply by filling an online form directly on their site. For those whose programs are hosted by an affiliate network, sign up to become this network’s member and start applying.


To sum up, the forex market continues to grow, and so does the potential for affiliate marketers. So, whether you’re driven by passion or a desire for lucrative income, the door to the world of forex affiliate programs is wide open for you.

However, when considering these programs, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate their options before joining. From commission structure to affiliate support to company reputation, choose wisely, and success can be yours.

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