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14 Best Hair Product Affiliate Programs That Earn You Money 

The best hair product affiliate programs could be the Holy Grail you’ve been searching for, discovering the perfect niche for amassing wealth! Imagine promoting products EVERYONE needs and is willing to spend even in an economic ...

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Hair product affiliate programs

The best hair product affiliate programs could be the Holy Grail you’ve been searching for, discovering the perfect niche for amassing wealth!

Imagine promoting products EVERYONE needs and is willing to spend even in an economic slump. It’s also evergreen, allowing affiliates like yourself to monetize all year round.

The key is to choose only high-commission affiliate programs. And we have the perfect shortlist for you.

If you’re raring to learn 14 of the world’s best hair care affiliate programs, we’re not holding you back. Read on.

14 Best Hair Product Affiliate Programs That Earn You Money 

iRestore Hair Growth System

hair product affiliate programs 1

Some folks look good bald! Can you imagine Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, and Vin Diesel with well-groomed locks? We couldn’t!

However, hair is essential for most. Unfortunately, about 160 million people suffer from some form of baldness globally. And we’re not even talking about individuals with “thin” hair or those undergoing treatments.

These are your target audiences and your key to earning more money as an affiliate.

And that’s why iRestore Hair Growth System is a Holy Grail for affiliate marketers. It’s an ingenious system that hinges on advanced laser technology to stimulate hair regrowth.

And get this!

iRestore’s technology has the FDA’s clearance, making your potential customers feel more confident about the helmet-like device’s safety and performance. And within three months, they can see a change in their scalps, as if Mother Nature blessed them with another crowning glory.

Note iRestore only offers commissions for its Professional Kit (ID-505E), Professional (ID-505), Laser HairGrowth System (ID-500A), and MAX Growth Kit (ID-500B).

A 2.5% commission rate might seem small. However, considering its products run in the thousands of dollars, you can still earn substantially.

  • Commission: 2.5% per sale on some products
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days

Cristophe Robin

hair product affiliate programs 2

Hollywood A-listers love styling their hair, with some sporting colors some people find outrageous. Behind some of these celebrity hairstyles is Cristophe Robin, a renowned hair colorist and founder of the hair product brand of the same name.

And that edges other affiliate programs.

Established in 1999, Cristophe Robin offers an impressive list of hair product offerings, from prickly pear oil-infused regenerating masks to cleansing purifying scrubs with sea salt, hair volumizing pastes with rose extracts, and more.

These offerings are perfect for caring and protecting color-treated hair, making Christophe Robin products worth promoting and monetizing.

AWIN is Christophe Robin’s affiliate retailer, opening more opportunities for you to generate income from other merchants’ products.

Its commission structure is also noteworthy, allowing you to earn from new and existing clients, albeit at a lower rate. For example, sales from returning customers merit a 5% commission, while new clients can bring you a 10% commission.

Not bad for promoting a hair product!

  • Commission: 2% to 10%, depending on product
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days

It’s A 10 Haircare

hair product affiliate programs 3

Carolyn Aronson established It’s a 10 Haircare, banking on her two-decade hairstyling and salon ownership experience. The company’s Miracle Leave-In was an instant hit with professional hairstylists and ordinary folks.

Today, It’s A 10 Haircare supplies over 15,000 salon chains (i.e., Regis and Ulta) and 25,000 independent hair salons.

There’s a good chance many of your readers, followers, subscribers, and audiences go to these places for their hair treatments.

And that’s your opportunity.

You can promote It’s A 10 Haircare’s many products, including conditioners, shampoos for blondes, keratin treatments, volumizing solutions, hair products for blow-dried hair, and silky-smooth locks.

People with curly hair also love It’s A 10 Haircare’s Coily products infused with avocado, hair oil, shea butter, monoi extract, and coconut oil.

Now, who wouldn’t want this product on their curly crowns?

It’s A 10 Haircare is available for affiliates on ShareASale and Refersion, although the former offers a slightly lower affiliate commission of 8%. Refersion gives 10% as the base. The latter seems more attractive.

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days

More Hair Naturally

More Hair Naturally

More Hair Naturally is dedicated to helping individuals with thinning hair regain control and confidence. The brand prioritizes customers’ health, ensuring their products are 100% natural without harmful chemicals.

Excitingly, More Hair Naturally also cares about the planet, encouraging responsible choices.

Like many other programs, More Hair Naturally collaborates with a third-party provider, UpPromote. This partnership brings more chances for you as an affiliate partner.

Joining UpPromote gives you access to the More Hair Naturally program and a powerful affiliate dashboard, text links, banners, and creative assets to boost your affiliate marketing efforts.

As an affiliate, you’ll snag a nice 15% revenue cut and even score monthly bonus chances. The brand offers a sweet 30-day cookie duration, and the average order value is $310, making it a great deal for anyone looking to become a hair brand ambassador.

To top it off, rest easy knowing they’ll send your earnings through a check.

  • Commission: 15% per sale and bonus
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days

Grow Gorgeous

hair product affiliate programs 4

Undoubtedly, hair care is one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing niches. And generous compensation awaits if you can leverage Grow Gorgeous’ unique philosophy.

Grow Gorgeous isn’t your ordinary hair care brand. Oh, no! It’s a complete system – a lifestyle – that empowers people to look their absolute best. Strutting a healthy and vibrant crown on the streets is no easy feat.

And Grow Gorgeous lets people have that!

That’s your messaging in promoting these brand’s products. Not only will your readers’ hair grow faster. They will have fuller, healthier locks, too.

Like other programs, Grow Gorgeous partners with third-party providers. In this case, it’s AWIN. It opens other opportunities for you as an affiliate marketer.

Its commission scheme might not be as lucrative as others, but Grow Gorgeous is ready to give you up to 10% commission even on returning clients.

I wouldn’t blame beginner affiliates for signing up with Grow Gorgeous. After all, it’s not everyday you can promote products that boost other people’s confidence.

  • Commission: 2% to 10% on AWIN
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days


hair product affiliate programs 5

Do you want to create a profitable affiliate site? You can consider Dermstore in your income-boosting journey.

Established in 1999 by a licensed dermatologist, Dermstore has an impressive array of authentic and safe beauty products.

And take note! We’re only talking about hair care items but also makeup products, natural beauty products, specialty brands, and hard-to-find spa care items.

No wonder it beats other hair product affiliate programs. With such an extensive lineup, you’ll have your hands full promoting these brands and earning money.

Although AWIN is Dermstore’s official affiliate partner, you can signup with other platforms (i.e., CJ Affiliate Network, SkimLinks, and Sourn).

Surprisingly, affiliate networks vary in commission scheme. For instance, SkimLinks offers a 12% base commission and up to 15% for new clients. It also provides $5 cash incentives on certain Dermstore products.

Meanwhile, CJ Affiliate can only offer 2% for repeat customers and 5% on new ones.

Hence, you might want to shop for the affiliate network with the best Dermstore affiliate deal.

  • Commission: 2% to 15% depending on affiliate network
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days

eSalon Custom Hair Colors 

hair product affiliate programs 6

People love coloring their hair, especially teens and young adults who consider such a trend a crucial element of their style. Unfortunately, many hair coloring agents have “questionable” ingredients and are not customized to the user. And this can bring a host of problems.

And you can drive this message to your audiences while promoting eSalon Custom Hair Colors in the hair product niche.

eSalon is a subscription service, delivering custom-formulated hair coloring solutions to customers. It offers over 260,000 unique color combinations, especially formulated for all hair styles and types.

And they have hair science experts formulating the recipes and equally talented technicians managing custom-made machines. Quality is never a question.

It’s a message your readers, audiences, and followers will like, making promoting these products a cinch.

As a ShareASale partner, eSalon gives you $20 for every new client you drive to the program to subscribe. And if you’re a blogger, eSalon has other perks to keep you motivated.

  • Commission: $20 on new hair color subscribers, additional perks for bloggers
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days


hair product affiliate programs 7

Everyone knows L’Oreal, or at least most do. It’s Fortune 500’s 370th largest brand and the world’s 40th most valuable company, with a staggering $221 billion market cap as of October 2023.

L’Oreal has 1.5 million partner professional hairdressers, over 143,000 of whom connect to the brand via L’Oreal ACCESS.

This 1909-established French brand owns Hair.com, allowing it to extend its market dominance by reaching everyone with internet access. The platform has all the right products for every hair type.

And with a name like L’Oreal, promoting these products is a piece of cake.

Hair.com uses the Rakuten Advertising platform to manage its affiliate marketing program. Although you can be an affiliate, note your commission is only 7%.

However, if L’Oreal Hair.com evaluates your application and deems you a professional hairstylist, it will bump your commission to 20%.

Fair enough!

Seven percent is still commendable, considering L’Oreal’s products aren’t inexpensive. Moreover, almost everyone is familiar with L’Oreal, making its promotion a cinch.

  • Commission: 7% (non-stylists), 20% (pros)
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days


L’ange Hair

hair product affiliate programs 8

Although a relative newcomer in the industry, L’ange turns heads among the different affiliate programs.

Dalia Lange established L’ange in 2017 to address many parents’ worst nightmares. Having two daughters with distinct hairs – one curly and the other straight – Lange sought to create a product that addresses all hair types and empower young girls and women to feel beautiful and confident.

Today, L’ange offers a product line that embraces all hair types, styles, and textures while feeding customers inspiration, support, and education about all things hair.

L’ange’s bestsellers include the $89 Le Duo styler and Le Volume brush dryer. Hydrating masks, texturizing sprays, and conditioning solutions are also available, allowing you to promote to a wider audience.

While L’ange’s commission isn’t as attractive as others, you can still earn up to $4.45 per sale. It’s a substantial amount, considering many people need L’ange’s products.

  • Commission: 5% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days

Madison Reed

hair product affiliate programs 9

Madison Reed’s wide range of offerings is impressive, from hair coloring solutions to light works, touch-up kits, hair treatments, reviving gloss, styling, hair tools, and accessories. It even has hair products for men, something other platforms don’t offer.

It wasn’t always this way, of course.

Madison Reed started as a company providing consumers with the most luxurious and safest hair coloring solutions. Today, its dedication to do better saw Martin Reed expand its offerings.

Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Promoting Martin Reed products should be easy. And you can entice your readers to try Martin Reed and enjoy discounts, including free shipping on select purchases.

Becoming an affiliate with this brand is never challenging. And although their commission scheme is commendable, it’s the perks that are worth signing up for.

Creating custom links is also a cinch, allowing you to embed these in your stories, social media posts, and videos.

  • Commission: Per booked appointment: 3.5% for existing customer, 10% for new and re-engaged customers
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days


hair product affiliate programs 10

Thinning hair, receding hairlines, and hair loss are some of the tell-tale signs of aging.

Let’s face it. Growing old is not as glorious as the media portrays. But what if we can somehow slow it down, perhaps even reverse the process? The boost in our confidence and self-esteem would be immeasurable.

And that’s what Viviscal promises!

Imagine how many friends, relatives, family members, and acquaintances can benefit from such a promise, especially if followed with concrete results.

Viviscal offers a supplement featuring the AminoMar collagen complex to stimulate hair regeneration and growth. It also nourishes the locks, allowing them to grow fuller, thicker, and healthier.

That’s a messaging that’s easy to convey as an affiliate.

You can apply with FlexOffers or Impact to become a Viviscal affiliate and earn considerable commission. And like most affiliate programs, Viviscal gives you a 30-day cookie duration to credit a sale to your account.

  • Commission: Up to 30% depending on the platform
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days


hair product affiliate programs 11

What separates NaturallyCurly from other hair product affiliate programs is its hair type specificity. Anyone with “textured, curly, or wavy hair” will love this company.

It’s not a single-brand organization, however. You can consider NaturallyCurly a distributor of well-known brands for textured hair products. Examples are SheaMoisture, Cantu, ORS, Lusters, The Mane Choice, and Taliah Waajid.

The implications for affiliate marketers are immense. You’ll have more chances to create relatable stories, solving other people’s pain points across a wider audience.

And that translates to more income-generating opportunities.

Besides the 5% commission across hundreds of for-textured hair products from over 100 leading brands, you will also receive at least $50 worth of samples.

Writing about these products in your blog should be easy because you can evaluate the offerings’ real-world performance, giving your audience a head’s up on what to expect.

And get this!

Commission tracking is hassle-free with NaturallyCurly’s real-time user dashboard. And if that doesn’t entice you to join, you’ve got to check out the program’s discount codes, exclusive offers, and special promos.

  • Commission: 5% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: Undisclosed

Earthtones Naturals

hair product affiliate programs 12

Curly and textured hair is a love-hate relationship. Some love the unique look of wavy locks, while others loathe its complicated management (i.e., fussy washing and styling).

And that’s why Susan Walker established Earthtones Naturals, using her experiences to deliver a range of product offerings for women (and men) with “knotty,” curly hair issues.

Earthtones Naturals promises only high-quality ingredients in its textured hair-specific products, free of silicone, formaldehyde, paraben, petroleum products, and other harmful ingredients.

Each formula contains allantoin, aloe vera, arnica extract, and avocado oil, or a combination of these natural ingredients.

Earthtones Naturals’ high-quality and safe formulations should be at the core of your promotional messages. You can market the company’s sealers, moisturizes, shampoos, hair kits, creams, and cleansers to earn more.

Surprisingly, Earthtones Naturals’ commission percentage is slightly higher than other programs (i.e., NaturallyCurly’s 5%).

And that should encourage you to sign up with Earthtones Naturals’ affiliate marketing program, which should be a cinch via Lead Dyno.

  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: Undisclosed


CHI Haircare

hair product affiliate programs 13

Raid a vanity table, and you’ll see a distinct instrument women worldwide use (besides the usual makeup kit). We’re talking about the hairstyling iron!

This tool is essential for every woman who wants to look her best by straightening the locks or curling them into elegant waves to match their style.

And here’s the deal!

CHI Haircare’s founder, Dr. Farouk Shami, invented the first-ever ceramic hairstyling iron. That was 1986, and with it came CHI Haircare.

Today, CHI hair care products are extensive. This brand offers aromatherapy oils, hair coloring agents, shampoos, conditioners, rejuvenating masks, hair treatments, hair polishes, molding clays, sanitizing wands, combs, brushes, and more. It even has pet products to keep furry friends as stylish as their owners.

And you can leverage these products to earn more.

Here’s a tip!

Encourage your readers to buy at least $100 worth of CHI Haircare products to enjoy free shipping.

Although AWIN is CHI Haircare’s official affiliate partner, other platforms might offer this program. You can check them out to determine the network with a more lucrative commission.

  • Commission: 15% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days


Benefits of Joining Hair Product Affiliate Programs

Joining these affiliate programs is not only financially rewarding. It can also offer several benefits you cannot get from other product niches, including the following.

You’ll feel less stressed promoting hair care products

Everyone needs hair products. And we mean EVERYONE! Even follicle-challenged people need some hair care items to massage the scalp and nourish the head’s skin.

For example, shampoo isn’t only for Rapunzels and Cinderallas. These products can also be excellent for Grus, Professor Xs, and Dr. Evils because of their moisturizing effects, protecting the scalp against excessive dryness from the sun’s rays.

So, looking for potential customers to promote these products shouldn’t be a problem. And that makes affiliate marketing less stressful, allowing you to focus on generating income through effective promotions.

Be instrumental in other people’s grooming, hygiene, and style needs

Everyone has a style. And a part of that statement is hair grooming and hygiene. Most people use the same products, not because they love them but because they’re unfamiliar with other options.

Imagine if you could introduce new or effective yet lesser-known offerings to these people. They will be grateful. They’ll have more innovative (and better) ways to care, groom, and style their hair and scalp.

hair product affiliate programs 14

You can try the hair products yourself

Some affiliate programs send samples to affiliates, allowing them to try the hair products and make more accurate, realistic promotional articles. Not only are you building credibility, but you also care for your crowning glory.

Moreover, you’ll be the first to know and use any new product offering – even before the company launches it. You can set the trend.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Hair Product Affiliate Program?

Joining a hair product affiliate program is easy. Unfortunately, choosing the best platform isn’t always as straightforward as expected. Hence, aspiring hair product affiliates would want to consider the following.


Regardless of niche, product quality rules! Nobody wants an item that doesn’t work as intended or bring more harm than benefits.

Unbiased product reviews can help evaluate an item’s quality. Personal and second-hand experiences can reveal the product’s unique qualities.

Brand reputation

Did you know the hair care industry is worth nearly $100 billion, with experts saying it could reach $147.5 billion by 2030? These figures underscore the unimaginable number of hair care brands.

So, how do you pick a hair care company with a trustworthy reputation?

Research, and plenty of it, should help you analyze a brand’s reputation. The US’s Better Business Bureau and similar organizations can also give insights on a company’s trustworthiness. Reviews help, too.

Commission terms

All affiliate marketers desire a generous commission. You’re not here if not. Although affiliate programs vary in commissions, aspiring affiliates might want to consider the dollar value instead of the percentage.

For example, 10% might seem insufficient. However, if the product sells for $500, you bring home $50 for each sale. On the other hand, a $50 hair product with a 50% commission will only give you $25 per sale.

You can also consider the commissionable action (i.e., per lead or per sale) and minimum payout thresholds.

Marketing support

Determine the affiliate platform’s support resources, including banners, text links, promo codes, user dashboard, and affiliate tracking system. A dedicated affiliate manager is a must for beginner affiliates.

Thankfully, most affiliate programs and networks (i.e., ShareASale, ClickBank, and Pepperjam Network) offer these resources.

hair product affiliate programs 15


The best hair product affiliate programs are the Holy Grail of affiliate marketing. It’s a niche with limitless opportunities leveraging one of humankind’s fundamental needs – to care for oneself through hair health, hygiene, grooming, and styling.

Although hair product affiliate platforms can be evergreens, they need your commitment. Money won’t come to your doorstep doing nothing. These brands support your marketing campaigns and are ready to compensate for your efforts. But results are a must.

So, don’t dilly dally and start whipping out relatable and engaging content around these hair products to start earning more in 2024.

Joan, a creative mind and author behind UpPromote blog. Writing has always been my sanctuary, a place where I can explore my imagination and share my unique perspective on the world of eCommerce. Through my words, I strive to explain the complexities of the digital world and showcase its potential for innovation, growth, and limitless opportunities.