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Top 11 Best Home Decor and Furniture Affiliate Programs in 2024

The global home decor industry revenue is forecasted to reach US$125 billion in 2023 and grow annually by nearly 5% from 2023 to 2028. Not only do furniture manufacturers and businesses benefit from this niche, but ...

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Home Decor and Furniture Affiliate Programs

The global home decor industry revenue is forecasted to reach US$125 billion in 2023 and grow annually by nearly 5% from 2023 to 2028. Not only do furniture manufacturers and businesses benefit from this niche, but also the people promoting these home decor brands.

So, what is the best way to advertise decor items and earn commissions from reputable companies? In this article, we have compiled a top list of home decor and furniture affiliate programs worth working with this year.

Besides having a wide variety of products, these programs are attractive for reasonable commission rates and growth potential.

Best Home Decor and Furniture Affiliate Programs


Efavormart is a leading online retailer offering a vast selection of home decor and furniture perfect for parties, from table linens and backdrops to floral decorations, balloons, and favors.

Efavormart offers an attractive affiliate program for content creators to earn commissions by promoting their wide range of party and wedding products. Creators can sign up to get a unique affiliate link and drive their audience to make purchases on Efavormart’s website.

Influencers with large followings (10k+) and high engagement on social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., can earn a 10% commission on sales they refer. Efavormart also has tiered commissions, so you can sign up friends as affiliates and get 30% of their earnings.

The program allows you to monetize your party and wedding content creation easily. You can share your affiliate links and creatives to recommend Efavormart’s table linens, backdrops, floral decor, balloons, and other favors. When your audience makes a purchase using your link, you earn a commission. Payouts are made monthly to PayPal or gift cards once you cross the $100 threshold.

Efavormart uses UpPromote – the top-recommended affiliate marketing solution on Shopify to manage and optimize its affiliate program. Thanks to its auto-tier model, the brand succeeded in encouraging its current affiliates to recruit others, resulting in an engaged community of 500 affiliates and more than $800,000 in only nine months.

  • URL: Efavormart affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: 10-30 % per sale
  • Payment methods: PayPal or Gift Card



home decor and furniture affiliate programs 1

Needless to say, we can hardly find other brands that are able to exceed IKEA, the world-famous home decor and furniture provider. Therefore, this company should be mentioned first things first when talking about the home furnishings niche.

According to Statista, IKEA’s annual revenue 2022 accounted for 44.6 billion EUR worldwide. Almost 300 IKEA stores are located across the globe, selling ready-to-assemble furniture like chairs, beds, appliances, desks, and other home accessories. These are also the items that affiliates will promote for this company.

The IKEA affiliate program is open to international affiliates so worldwide audiences can access its variety of first-grade furniture. Unfortunately, the brand provides a rather low commission rate and a normal cookie window compared with other home decor and furniture affiliate programs.

We understand that most affiliate marketers expect more from a reputable name than 5% commissions and a 30-day cookie length. However, thanks to its global reputation, your audience will make quicker purchase decisions as soon as they see IKEA furniture.

  • URL: IKEA affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: 5% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Depend on your country’s terms and conditions



home decor and furniture affiliate programs 2

Etsy is another renowned name in the home decor industry, contributing $3.2 billion in sales revenue according to Etsy’s 2020 year-over-year growth statistics. Did you know that homewares and home furnishings top the most popular categories listed on this platform, among up to 50 others?

Its most significant selling point lies in the uniqueness and originality of each decor item, ensuring that shoppers get to buy handmade or personalized pieces at reasonable prices. They can make visually attractive indoor furniture, such as flower vases, nightstands, picture frames, etc.

The Etsy website generates massive monthly traffic, averaging about 377 million visits in 2 months. So, there is no need to worry about the number of audiences wanting to purchase some furniture products from Etsy.

Awin affiliate network is responsible for running the Etsy affiliate program. It offers 30 days for cookie duration, and affiliates can get up to 4% commissions for all qualifying sales.

Etsy welcomes all types of partners, including bloggers, affiliate marketers, or social media influencers, to promote the platform. Even if you are an Etsy seller, do not hesitate to sign up!

  • URL: Etsy affiliate program
  • Operated by: Awin
  • Commission rate: Up to 4% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days for web, 7 days for app
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, international wire/ACH transfer



home decor and furniture affiliate programs 3

Apart from the renowned IKEA, Wayfair is a worldwide giant selling home decor, with 18+ million products in its online store. Following the ultimate motto of “everyone should live in a home they love,” this retailer ensures customers can find anything they need for home decoration.

That is why many people trust Wayfair to furnish or renovate their houses, resulting in an average order value of $300. It is insanely easy to get diverse kitchen appliances from this supplier, all the way through bedding and bath items.

At first, you might think the brand is a bit unfair for offering only 7% commission, much lower than other home decor and furniture affiliate programs. However, regarding the average order value above, this rate becomes less of a problem.

And for the seemingly short 7-day cookie duration? The majority of home decor enthusiasts are reported to be impulse shoppers. So, do not worry much about losing a referral within this period. The Wayfair affiliate program can definitely benefit you in the long run!

  • URL: Wayfair affiliate program
  • Operated by: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission rate: 7% per sale
  • Cookie window: 7 days
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, check, direct deposit


Ashley Furniture

home decor and furniture affiliate programs 4

Ashley Furniture, formerly known as Ashley Homestore, is a popular US-based furniture brand that sells affordable home decor goods. Since its manufacturers come from the US and China, budget-conscious customers will have various price points and styling options to choose from.

You can purchase bedding, rugs, recliners, outdoor furniture – basically anything on the decor market at reasonable prices. This range varies from $50 up to $4,000+, with a high product durability to withstand the test of time.

Furthermore, you will find home furnishings at even better costs in its Smart Buys section. Here, a wide array of goods are available at daily low prices, allowing people to save more money with a tight budget.

The Ashley Furniture affiliate program pays 4% for each successful sale made via your unique referral links. It is clearly not an enticing commission rate compared with most home decor programs, but customers will buy more than a few items at once from an inexpensive source like this.

You should already have a lifestyle or home decor blog to promote this affiliate program. The brand will provide you with creative tools like highlight banners to help display site-wide savings and attract potential buyers.

  • URL: Ashley Furniture affiliate program
  • Operated by: FlexOffers
  • Commission rate: 4% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, wire/bank transfer, check


Designer Living

home decor and furniture affiliate programs 5

If you want to collaborate with a company that caters to both style and comfort in home furnishings, Designer Living should be your ideal partner. It has a good reputation in home decor and interior design for selling various brand-name items from Bombay, Madison Park, Natori, etc.

You can either shop by room (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) or browse by your favorite brands for high-quality furniture pieces. That way, customers will have diverse choices in finding new rugs, mirrors, coffee tables, and so many more to decorate home sweet home in a unique style.

Now, what are the affiliate perks you can get from the Designer Living affiliate program? It has a $120 average order value, so you will gain up to $14 per transaction (12%). Although it is not among the highest rates, most affiliates find it attractive enough to join the program.

In addition, the level of personalization you have from Designer Living is also a highlight worth considering. Aside from a dedicated affiliate team for full support, you will receive special deals and coupon codes designed exclusively for your audience.

Trust that your website visitors are in good hands when they shop from this furniture business. It has always taken pride in high customer satisfaction and fast delivery time, with orders fulfilled within 1-2 business days.

  • URL: Designer Living affiliate program
  • Operated by: Impact Radius
  • Commission rate: Up to 12% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, wire/ACH transfer, direct deposit, check


Ted’s Woodworking

home decor and furniture affiliate programs 6

Most affiliate marketers might assume that Ted’s Woodworking does not fit into the home decor and furniture affiliate programs category at first glance. But home decor is not only about buying pre-made items. Some people like to renovate or build their furniture from scratch.

If they are your target audience, promoting Ted’s Woodworking is the perfect option. It is a digital product by ClickBank, providing users with A-Z guides on 16,000 woodworking projects.

From that, they can easily do some of the woodwork themselves for home furnishing. Of course, its wide range of instructions are available for all skill levels.

Unlike other programs where we focus on their EPC, the determining figure in ClickBank is the Gravity score. This product scores 139.88, which makes it a powerful seller. Moreover, affiliates have the potential to earn recurring commissions from one sale.

The best way to promote this program is to educate homeowners about the woodwork basics. It will help them avoid being scammed by con artists and unreliable builders. You will receive up to 75% in commission for each sale via your unique affiliate link.

  • URL: Ted’s Woodworking affiliate program
  • Operated by: ClickBank
  • Commission rate: Up to 75%
  • Cookie window: 60 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, direct deposit, check, bank transfer


One Kings Lane

home decor and furniture affiliate programs 7

Many people use home decor as a strong statement of their personal sense of style. And One Kings Lane definitely understands its mission to bring you the most amazing products.

Not only does this company sell regular furniture, wall art, mirrors, and rugs, but it also allows you to customize your own decor items. The Palette feature lets customers design their custom furniture and then have it manufactured and delivered to their doors.

Furthermore, if you take a look at its range of products for home decor and vintage furnishings, it is the main reason why One Kings Lane is unique on the market. Of course, uniqueness is always a highlight to sell more easily than the normal.

Affiliates working with this company will be paid up to 12% commission per sale for each referral made by returning customers. Regarding the $200 average order size, you can expect to make $24 for a successful sale. The program does have great offers for higher affiliate commissions.

  • URL: One Kings Lane affiliate program
  • Operated by: Partnerize
  • Commission rate: Up to 12% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, check, credit card, wire transfer


Brentwood Home

home decor and furniture affiliate programs 8

Brentwood Home has been selling high-end, handcrafted mattresses since the 1960s. Thus, it is certainly not a newbie in the home decor niche on the luxurious end. What makes the company stand out from the other home decor and furniture affiliate programs?

Besides the mattresses’ excellent quality, they are backed up by a “sleep trial offer” lasting 1 year. The wide selection of nursing and meditation pillows is also interesting since there is already a rich market for them.

But the best part lies in the variety of its luxury pet beds. If you are a pet parent, you will understand that most pet owners are willing to buy better mattresses for their furry friends than the ones they use.

This means every type of publisher can join and promote the Brentwood Home affiliate program, from DIY and interior design fans to pet bloggers. Not captivating enough? For your information, this brand has a $800 average order size, which is just wow! And the average commission payout is around 5-8% per sale.

Impact Radius is responsible for operating this affiliate program. It is reported to perform impressively in the network, so you can make good money here, targeting the right audience.

  • URL: Brentwood Home affiliate program
  • Operated by: Impact Radius
  • Commission rate: 5-8% per sale
  • Cookie window: 60 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, wire/ACH transfer, direct deposit, check



home decor and furniture affiliate programs 9

vidaXL is well-known for providing a vast array of indoor and outdoor trendy furniture. You can hardly find another retailer that sells regular home decor and stuff like vehicles and parts, pet supplies, and hardware at once. It makes these products accessible to every customer with different budgets.

The Auctions section on its website is highly profitable for those wanting to buy high-quality home decor at the lowest costs possible. Check out its guidelines on how to bid and other helpful features like automatic bidding to support customers to the greatest extent.

Like many home decor affiliate programs, affiliates can sign up to work with vidaXL through the Impact Radius network. Unfortunately, this program is not as appealing as others due to the short cookie length and a rather low commission rate.

  • URL: vidaXL affiliate program
  • Operated by: Impact Radius
  • Commission rate: Up to 8% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, wire/ACH transfer, direct deposit, check


Rug Source

home decor and furniture affiliate programs 10

While other home decor and furniture affiliate programs sell diverse product lines, Rug Source focuses on promoting hundreds of different rug types. Its variety of rugs can absolutely suit every home decoration style, creating a broad target audience for affiliates.

Here, you will find a stunning range of rugs in versatile colors and textures, from regular reproduction pieces to authentic Persian goods. And who cares about affordable prices?

Home decor enthusiasts are crazy for rugs and just cannot get enough of it. They are more than willing to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to purchase this item for home styling.

So, how much money can an affiliate make from the Rug Source affiliate program? Since its average order value is $400, you will receive $40 for each sale.

Rug Source has been a reputable decor business for the last 10 years. Any crafter, renovator, or home improvement blogger can benefit from promoting its program.

  • URL: Rug Source affiliate program
  • Operated by: ShareASale
  • Commission rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie window: 180 days
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, check, (international) direct deposit, wire transfer


Canvas Vows

home decor and furniture affiliate programs 11

Started off as a place to create meaningful, personalized gifts from canvas, the Canvas Vows studio has grown to become one of the most trustworthy printers in the industry. Its fantastic selection of canvas prints is suitable for anniversaries, baby showers, home decor, birthday parties, etc.

If you are looking for a furniture piece to light up that wall inside your home, this is the perfect address to customize a first-grade canvas. Feel free to pick a location in the house to hang your work of art – whether it is the bedroom, kitchen, or office wall.

Because the brand only uses high-quality printing materials, customers can rest assured of having durable personalized quotes, wishes, and slogans for wall decoration. These canvases are not cheap – they may cost up to $400, and Canvas Vows’s average order size is around $130.

This company offers an impressive cookie duration and commission rate way above the average furniture affiliate program. As you sign up for the Canvas Vows affiliate program via ShareASale, you have the chance to earn up to 25% commissions within 120 days of cookie.

Affiliate marketers having websites about real estate, home decor, gifts, wedding planning, etc., will undoubtedly benefit from the program. Consider this sub-niche to make money online!

  • URL: Canvas Vows affiliate program
  • Operated by: ShareASale
  • Commission rate: Up to 25% per sale
  • Cookie window: 120 days
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, check, (international) direct deposit, wire transfer


How Do Home Decor Affiliate Programs Work?

Home decor and furniture affiliate programs are a brilliant way to make money online by promoting these furniture goods to home decor lovers. This category includes products primarily used for indoor decoration but is not limited to:

  • Furniture
  • Wall decor
  • Rugs, pillows, blankets
  • Window decor
  • Seasonal decor
  • Lighting, etc.

People always search for these products when planning to update their homes. As an affiliate marketer, you can help these homeowners find the perfect items and earn money in the process.

Home and decor furniture affiliate programs provide unique links and promotional resources for affiliates to advertise these goods to their audiences. When a buyer clicks on the link and purchases something, the affiliates gain a commission on the sale.

Some programs only need customers to sign up for an account and still count that as a successful lead. The commission can be a fixed rate per sale or a percentage of the sale.

Why Should You Join a Home Decor and Furniture Affiliate Program?

A winning marketing strategy has to include choosing the right affiliate program. Here are a few reasons to apply for home decor affiliate programs:

  • Attractive commissions: Most home decor and furniture affiliate programs offer lucrative commissions, enabling stable passive income by advertising items you love.
  • High demand: The demand for new and stylish decor products never stops. Thus, this niche helps you get a steady potential customer base.
  • Easy to promote: Decor goodies are visually attractive and usually come with high-quality product images. This makes it easier to promote them via your blog, website, or social media channels.
  • Wide array of products: These affiliate programs let you access a variety of furniture products that apply to every sub-niche and target audience.
  • Marketing resources available: As you promote home decor businesses, a supportive brand will provide you with the relevant marketing tools. Besides unique tracking links, you can get banner ads, texts, product images, and even coupon codes to attract buyers.
  • Passion-driven niche: If you are genuinely interested in interior design and home decor, promoting home decor and furniture affiliate programs allows you to turn this passion into something profitable.
  • Flexible working hours: Being an affiliate marketer means you can work anywhere and at any hour as long as you complete the necessary tasks. That way, you can seamlessly integrate your affiliate marketing job into your lifestyle.

In general, if you aim to become a full-time affiliate, take this opportunity to join a home decor program. This evergreen niche is really easy to promote in diverse markets, and most programs cost you nothing to get started.

How to Choose the Best Home Decor and Furniture Affiliate Programs? 

Each furniture affiliate program has its unique selling point, but there are several common factors you can rely on to compare them. Here is how to evaluate a program in detail:

Brand reputation: Not every brand you aim to partner with will be a big name in the industry. But the most important thing is how reliable and well-respected it is since customers will feel more comfortable buying from those businesses.

Product quality: The furniture itself has to come with high quality. After all, it is easier to advertise items you believe can bring real value to customers. You can search for a brand’s product reviews to see if it sells stuff that meets users’ expectations.

Commission structure: An essential factor in choosing a program is how much it pays its affiliates. The commission rate needs to be fair and competitive.

Some programs provide flat commissions, while others offer a percentage of the sale value. Several even enable recurring commissions, so affiliates get ongoing payments of the subscription revenue.

Payout terms: These include the payment frequency and minimum payout threshold. Generally, programs with more frequent payments and lower thresholds are more attractive to affiliate marketers.

By considering these criteria, you will be able to filter out home decor and furniture affiliate programs that fit your requirements and eligibility. You should always opt for programs that are not only profitable but also reputable, transparent, and supportive of their partners.

How to Get Started With a Home Decor Affiliate Program?

The most essential step is selecting a suitable option from our list of home decor and furniture affiliate programs. Next, register for an account or fill in forms for affiliate application. After approval, you will get unique affiliate links to promote products.

Insert these links into your social media posts or blog content. Do not forget the necessary disclaimers. Finally, start advertising these home decor goods and earn commissions for every successful sale.

So, how do you carry on your work effectively as a home decor affiliate? Try these tips for success:

  • Do audience research: Before doing any promotion, it is crucial to identify your target audience. What type of decor do they like? Regular, unique, or luxurious? The style, the price? Once aware of this, you will know which product to promote.
  • Be creative: Think outside the box with your affiliate marketing efforts. Instead of producing plain content to advertise furniture, why not include decorating ideas and tips via appealing mood boards? This will ensure better personal branding and get you to sell more goods.
  • Use social media: Social media platforms are indispensable in affiliate promotion. Other than sharing images and links, it is your chance to connect with potential shoppers and answer their questions. Personal interaction helps build trust and convert leads into sales.


  • What are the most common home decor products that affiliates promote?

The home decor niche is diverse, with numerous different types of products. Still, there are more popular items that affiliates like to promote in home decor and furniture affiliate programs, such as:

  • Bedroom furniture
  • General home decor (rugs, plants, mirrors, photo frames, etc.)
  • Kitchen decor and items
  • Bathroom products

Feel free to choose other goods outside this category, but you will surely grab more attention with the abovementioned products. After all, they are necessary for home furnishings, and many homeowners like some refreshments once in a while.

  • How much commission can I earn from a home decor and furniture affiliate program?

The average commission you can make from home decor affiliate programs varies from a couple hundred to $1,000, depending on the sales number. These programs pay their affiliates either at a fixed dollar rate (e.g., $20) or a percentage of the sale value (e.g., 10%).

Do not always evaluate a program’s quality only based on its commission rate. There are more equally essential factors to consider, and a high commission rate is less attractive when the brand has a low average order value.


Home decor and furniture affiliate programs are on the rise to help home decor bloggers make money online by promoting what they love. It may take a few tries to find a program that suits your needs, but we hope it is one of the reviewed options in this article!

Whether you are into luxurious furniture or sustainable, minimal home decor, there is always an affiliate program for you. Before registering, remember to check the terms and conditions to ensure it is a transparent, fair, and profitable partner.

Have a great time blogging and working with reputable names in this niche!

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