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Top 14 Best Music Affiliate Programs for Bigger Earnings

The best music affiliate programs are the perfect platforms where passion meets profit. Music is food for the human soul. You’ll never run out of potential customers. It’s an impressive niche with an equally extensive product ...

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Music affiliate programs

The best music affiliate programs are the perfect platforms where passion meets profit. Music is food for the human soul. You’ll never run out of potential customers. It’s an impressive niche with an equally extensive product and service offering, giving you more opportunities to boost passive income potential.

Naturally, you will want the best income-boosting affiliate programs you can join today.

Thankfully, our research shortlisted 14 of the best affiliate programs to improve your finances in 2024. So, let’s get to it.

Boost Your Income with These 14 Music Affiliate Programs

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates - #1 music affiliate programs

With over 300 million active users worldwide, it’s unsurprising that Amazon is on this list of the best music affiliate programs. It’s a massive e-commerce platform with offerings from almost every imaginable reach.

And get this!

Nearly two-thirds of Amazon users are Prime members, translating to around 200 million online shoppers willing to part with their money to buy the most exciting music products Amazon merchants can offer.

Joining Amazon as an Associate is easy, although vetting can take some time. Moreover, its cookie duration isn’t the most attractive. Only 24 hours!

Still, many seasoned affiliates pick Amazon Associates because it has one of the most attractive compensation schemes. The resources, tools, and support are top-notch, everything you can expect from 2022’s Top 2 Fortune 100 companies (yes, Amazon beat Apple in third place).

You can promote digital and physical music products, music videos, and handmade music-related items and earn 5% for every sale. With so many selections to push, I don’t see why you cannot make a fortune from Amazon Associates.

  • URL: Amazon Associates Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 5% for music-related offerings; 1% to 20% for other products
  • Cookie Lifespan: 24 hours

Apple Music 

Apple Music Affiliate Programs

Apple has a cult following. It’s a global icon, where people don’t mind queuing for days outside an Apple store whenever the Cupertino, CA-giant unveils something new.

Fortune 100’s Top 3 for 2022, Apple continues to dominate the tech market with its ingenious designs and cutting-edge technologies. And among audiophiles, nothing can come close to iTunes’ superior performance.

Apple Music (iTunes) made over $8 billion in 2022. Thanks to Apple’s $3-billion acquisition of Beats, the tech giant began closing in on Spotify. As of June 2022, iTunes has over 88 million subscribers.

That’s an impressive number to promote and sell to.

As an Apple Performance Partner, you can promote not only iTunes but also Apple TV+, Apple Podcast, and Apple News+ memberships. Audiobooks, movies, books, and TV shows are also up for grabs.

Here’s the real reason you’d want to join Apple!

It gives generous commissions of up to 400% on some offerings. Its cookie lifespan is also lengthier than Amazon. Imagine that!

  • URL: Apple Services Performance Partners
  • Commission: One-time payment on membership
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


Gear4Music Affiliate Programs

Musicians love to follow in the footsteps of legends, and Gear4Music has all the right tools and musical instruments to make that happen.

This music brand has some of the world’s finest names in the industry, including Gibson, Marshall, Sennheiser, Shure, and Pioneer. Hence, promoting these big-name products shouldn’t be challenging.

Gear4Music has guitars, pianos, drums, orchestral instruments, PA systems, and studio equipment to make an aspiring artist’s or musician’s dreams a reality.

And these are big-ticket items, too. Over a thousand manufacturers offering nearly 65,000 music products are yours to promote.

However, Gear4Music doesn’t manage its affiliate program. Instead, it partners with Affiliate Future, TradeDoubler, and AWIN. You can sign up with these platforms to become a Gear4Music affiliate.

Its commission scheme is interesting. Gear4Music offers as much as 5% for branded items. For example, a Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster sells for about $2,000, giving you a $100 commission.

  • URL: Gear4Music Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Starts at 3.5%, but branded products offer 5%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Guitar Center 

Guitar Center Affiliate Programs

Here’s another music affiliate program worth joining in 2024. It’s like Gear4More, although Guitar Center has fewer product offerings (about 40,000).

From guitars, to keyboards, basses, amps, drum sets, DJ gear, lighting, mixing, and recording, this music company is an online haven for aspiring musicians and artists.

And this music brand has over 260 retail stores, allowing you to whip your charm encouraging readers and followers to check GuitarCenter’s offerings in person (with your link, of course).

Here’s where GuitarCenter blasts Gear4More!

It offers a generous 6% commission for each sale. Given the big-ticket items on its collection, earning a fortune is not impossible. For example, a $50,000 recording studio package can give you a hefty $3,000 commission.

Note that GuitarCenter observes a $25 threshold for withdrawing money. Still, you can expect the check in your mailbox monthly once cleared.

  • URL: Guitar Center Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 5% per sale
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Playground Sessions 

Playground Sessions  Affiliate Programs

Even naturally-gifted artists need a music teacher to discover hidden gems and harness their musical abilities. Unfortunately, hiring a music tutor is expensive, averaging about $57 per hour in the US, €36 in Europe, and £36 in the UK.

For about the same price, aspiring musicians and artists can learn, develop, and reinforce their musical abilities for as low as $25 monthly (about 83 cents daily). And if you pick an annual membership, the cost drops to about $12.50 monthly.

That’s what Playground Sessions offers.

Subscriptions aren’t the only PlaygroundSessions products that you can generate a commission for. Gift codes, PgS products, lessons, and subscription renewals also entitle you to as much as 35% compensation.

Renewals are interesting because you can get a steady flow of income.

Signing up is also more straightforward than other platforms, and the dashboard’s intuitive layout makes affiliate performance monitoring a cinch. The user interface even features a link generator tool.

  • URL: Playground Sessions Affiliate Program
  • Commission:5-20% multi-tiered, recurring
  • Cookie Lifespan: 90 days


Pianoforall Affiliate Programs

Most affiliate programs have diverse offerings, from instruments to lessons and everything in between. Not Piano for All.

This organization focuses on piano lessons,  allowing folks to follow in the footsteps of legends like Martha Argerich, Sergei Rachmanin, Murray Perahia, and Arthur Rubinstein.

It’s been around since 2006, helping anyone to realize their dreams of becoming a pianist, from kids to old folks. The platform has ten e-books, thousands of audios, over 300 videos, and all-in-one packages that work with all devices.

You can promote this to anyone wanting to learn the piano in their free time. They can master classical, pop, jazz, improvisation, blues, and ballad.

Its commission scheme is also noteworthy. For example, if you sell the $49 Pianoforall Download Version, you’ll get around $27. The platform also allows upselling, netting you an extra 60%.

So, if you can sell five Pianoforalls daily, you can earn $4.050 monthly or $48,600 annually.


  • URL: Piano for All Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 60%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 90 days


Fiddlershop Affiliate Programs

Did you know over 6.5 million fiddlers (violinists) exist worldwide? Millions more are aspiring to become masters of bowed instruments.

You can help these people realize their dreams by introducing them to Fiddlershop.

Established in 2012, Florida-based Fiddlershop is the go-to venue for passionate musicians to buy high-quality, incredible-sounding string instruments, such as violins, cellos, violas, double basses, and other bowed instruments. It even has guitars.

Although its cookie lifespan is only seven days, it’s still better than Amazon Associates’ 24-hour duration.

Signing up is easy, but Fiddlershop requires two to three days to evaluate your application. Be patient because you can hit the ground running once accepted.

You can embed its affiliate links and professionally-designed banners in your platform to drive traffic to Fiddlershop.

So, if your blog or digital platform is all about violins and bowed instruments, Fiddlershop should be worth promoting to your readers and followers.

  • URL: FiddlerShop Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Starts at 5%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 7 days

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks Affiliate Programs

The guitar is one of the best instruments to have. You can play a tune virtually anywhere, transform a dull gathering into a party, or serenade your loved one under the moonlit sky.

Unsurprisingly, many folks want to learn playing the guitar, from basic strumming techniques to reading chords, finger play, pattern picking, alternating bass, and other tricks that will leave the audience in awe.

Thankfully, Guitar Tricks makes playing the guitar a cinch. And fun, too!

It has a step-by-step guitar curriculum, feedback from guitar coaches and experts, and hundreds of songs to help anyone master the different guitar-playing styles.

You can monetize it, too!

Even if customers only sign up for a trial version, you’ll still earn a commission. It’s unlike other platforms that pay you only for a verified sale.

What’s mind-boggling is GuitarTricks’ five-year cookie lifespan! I’ve heard of 365-day cookies, but never this long.


  • URL: Guitar Tricks
  • Commission: $25 on trial signups and $30 on full-access sales
  • Cookie Lifespan: 5 years


Flowkey Affiliate Programs

Like Pianoforall and similar music affiliate programs, Flowkey offers a revolutionary app for everyone to learn to play a musical instrument, specifically the piano.

Here’s the best part.

Flowkey has an outstanding partnership with Yamaha, one of the world’s leading music instrument brands. The 2015-founded platform offers online lessons, chords, a beginner’s guide, and access to over 1,500 songs per genre.

Although Flowkey’s affiliate program is commendable, we couldn’t find information about its commissions and cookie lifespan.

However, Flowkey’s Matthew Unicomb promises affiliates won’t regret joining because their commissions are competitive.

Moreover, the platform promises unparalleled support from its “partner support squad” and expert marketing team. You can be a beginner marketer and still earn cash.

And if you have a YouTube channel, Flowkey can also help drive more subscribers and viewers.

How about that?!

  • URL: Flowkey Partner Program
  • Commission: Undisclosed
  • Cookie Lifespan: Undisclosed


Singorama Affiliate Programs

Most affiliate programs we featured so far offer products, instruments, and instrument instruction. We haven’t had lessons for aspiring singers.

Singorama changes all that.

Melanie Alexanders founded Singorama to help aspiring singers develop and strengthen their vocal prowess, including range, pitch, and tone. It offers advanced singing methods, together with music theory essentials.

It even has a mini recording studio, and its Pitch Pro app is perfect for training the ears. Reading music is also easier with Singorama’s program.

Now you can easily promote that, right?

Did you know you can earn a $46.90 commission per sale of Singorama 2.0 with this platform? And if you sell its songwriting services, that’s an extra $35 for you.

And get this.

You can earn a recurring 50% monthly commission if your referred client subscribes to the Platinum Inner Circle.

  • URL: Singorama Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 50% (recurring) to 70% (one-time)
  • Cookie Lifespan: 60 days

Singing Machine

Singing Machine Affiliate Programs

Eddie Steele founded Singing Machine in 1982, about seven years after Roberto del Rosario invented the Karaoke Sing-along System in the Philippines. Steele’s aim was to deliver semi-professional and professional sing-along systems to American homes.

By 1988, Home Karaoke Machines became the centerpiece of backyard parties and family gatherings. These systems allowed everyone to join in a festive mood, singing their hearts out.

Fast-forward to the 21st-century, people’s passion for singing became more intense. SingingMachine capitalizes on this fervor by introducing a sing-along system anyone can sing to anywhere and anytime.

Given everyone loves to sing, promoting this product shouldn’t be challenging.

You can promote the Home Karaoke Series, Home Pro Series, and Kids Series. Sing-along system accessories are also at your disposal.

Although its commission percentage isn’t as attractive as other platforms, SingingMachine’s hot-selling products mean more opportunities to earn extra income.

It remains a good deal.

  • URL: Singing Machine Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Sam Ash

Sam Ash Affiliate Programs

Never underestimate Sam Ash Music because it’s a legend in the industry!

Established in 1924 by the Austro-Hungarian fiddler Samuel Ashkynase and his Russian wife Rose Dinin, Sam Ash is more than ready to meet and exceed 21-st century musical expectations.

Although the company started with phonographs, sheet music, and instrument repairs, Sam Ash diversified into guitar brands (it was one of the first establishments to offer Fender and Gibson units) and a record store.

Today, Sam Ash carries the nearly-century-old tradition. It offers over 50,000 music products (i.e., guitars, drums, keyboards, orchestral pieces, band instruments, mics, amps, studio setups, DJ gears, recording software, and electronics.

Promoting Sam Ash shouldn’t be an issue.

However, aspiring Sam Ash affiliates might want to sign up with Rakuten because the affiliate network is Sam Ash’s partner.

Refusing to join Sam Ash as an affiliate is challenging. After all, not many platforms out there have a nearly-century-old history. And that says a lot!

  • URL: Sam Ash Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 7% to 10%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 60 days

Fender Play

Fender Play Affiliate Programs

Fender is one of the music world’s, if not THE best, guitar brands. Some of the planet’s guitar gods use a Fender, from the legendary Jimi Hendrix to the phenomenal Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, and Eddie Van Halen.

Established in 146 in Fullerton, California, Fender has become synonymous to electric guitars, with its iconic Stratocasters.

Fast-forward to 2017, Fender’s guitar prowess extends to aspiring guitarists with its Fender Play offering. It’s the easiest and most complete way to learn to play the guitar, ukulele, and bass.

Finding a potential customer for Fender Play is a cinch because almost everyone knows this brand.

Although Fender Play’s affiliate program is by invitation only, you can still apply as a partner. However, the platform will review your platform and evaluate your suitability to their business.

As for its commission, Fender Play has custom rates. The platform encourages affiliates to contact Fender Play to discuss the best possible commission scheme.

Regardless, the average earnings per click (EPC) is $1. It should give you an idea of your potential income.

  • URL: Fender Play Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Affiliate-dependent
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

The Music Stand

The Music Stand Affiliate Programs

The Music Stand is like Amazon, only smaller in scope.

Established in 1977, this brand offers anything and everything music-related. It has music-themed and –inspired apparel, accessories, decorative items, and jewelry to complement its impressive collection of musical equipment, instructional materials, and instruments.

The Music Stand’s extensive product offerings make it easy for affiliates to earn extra because they can promote to more people, not just aspiring artists and musicians.

You can encourage readers to buy music stands, books, and other items with music themes to give as gifts to their loved ones.

Joining The Music Stand’s affiliate program is easy and free. You can start enjoying a substantial commission rate for the net sales. Note the compensation applies not per product but on total monthly sales.

The good news is The Music Stand doesn’t limit how you want to withdraw your earnings. You can cashout via PayPal, eCheck, credit card, or auto-deposit.

Now that’s convenient!

  • URL: The Music Stand Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Up to 10% on net sales
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

What is a Music Affiliate Program?

A music affiliate program describes the mutually beneficial relationship between music industry players (i.e., labels, artists, musicians, music instrument dealers, digital music creators, and more) and third-party individuals (affiliates) serving as a bridge for music lovers to access their favorites.

For example, suppose a company invented a device allowing musically-disadvantaged individuals to hit the correct notes and sing like viral The Voice or AGT prospects. They would want to promote this technology but cannot earmark a budget for a bigtime marketing firm.

So, what do they do?

They create a program for affiliates to join. These “digital warriors” (you) receive a unique link to embed in various media (i.e., blogs, websites, videos, social platforms, etc.).

When people click on these links, the company’s product website opens. And if the visitors (with the unique code from the link) buys the music device, the company pays the affiliate a commission.

Music affiliate programs

Benefits of Promoting Music Affiliate Programs

Promoting these affiliate programs can be as rewarding as any worthy endeavor. These enterprising platforms can provide tens of benefits, but we want to emphasize the following points.

Help aspiring artists and musicians

Did you know over five million artists are independent yet release 8.5 times more songs and musical creations than record labels?

An indie artist’s greatest concern is budget, making promoting and marketing creations challenging. After all, indie singers and musicians don’t have the multi-million budgets of big-name labels.

Promoting music affiliate programs empowers you to help these aspiring artists. And if an artist becomes famous, they’ll be thankful for your efforts.

Introduce audiences to non-mainstream music

Promoting music affiliate programs doesn’t only benefit artists, musicians, and others in the industry. These platforms are also advantageous to music consumers.

Did you know major labels spend $500,000 to $2 million to promote a single artist? Unsurprisingly, the industry spends over $5.8 billion in annual advertising and marketing. And that’s why most people are only familiar with songs they see in ads.

Working with music affiliate programs empowers you to introduce lesser-known music content and technologies. You can expand their musical collection and open other genres for them to consider.

Boosts own musical inclinations

A music affiliate program also benefits you, especially if you’re a music lover? Some programs offer affiliate discounts and other perks.

For example, music affiliates can listen to a song before release, allowing them to create meaningful reviews for their followers to read.

Some brands might even offer a musical instrument or device to try and evaluate. And you get to keep that item and use it to boost your musical inclinations.

By the way, you’ll enjoy income-padding commissions, too.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Music Affiliate Program

Choosing the best from hundreds of these affiliate programs can be daunting. However, you can consider the following parameters to zero-in on the best platform for your income-generating adventures.

The Product

The music niche is HUGE! You can specialize in instruments, streaming services, music lessons, sound technologies, and other music-related items and services. Hence, you’ll have many products to promote.

However, you might want to evaluate the product. Is it fast-selling (high-volume) or expensive (high-value)? In-demand affiliate products are easy to sell, but might have a lower commission. Meanwhile, big-ticket items are challenging to promote, but can pay big dividends.

Commission Scheme

You’re joining a music affiliate program to earn. Hence, consider the platform’s commission scheme. How much does it pay affiliates for every verified sale they make? Do you have to wait several weeks before you can earn a commission? Is there a minimum amount you can withdraw?

You can also check the platform’s commission model. Some platforms pay per lead, while others require a specific action or sale.


Your reputation as a digital creator is on the line. Hence, you’ll want to work with only trustworthy music brands. You might want to research the affiliate program’s history and credibility, including “negative experiences.”

Cookie Lifespan

Cookies are digital identifiers the affiliate referral link “drops” into a user’s browser. You’ll want cookies with a longer lifespan, giving potential customers more time to buy the referred product. The cookie also ensures you’ll get the commission.

Payment Method

Getting a commission credited to your affiliate account is one thing. Withdrawing the money is another. How will the affiliate program pay you? Is it through a bank deposit, a check, PayPal, or some other platform?

Support and Affiliate Resources

Does the music affiliate program have all the tools and resources you need to mount an effective campaign? Some platforms have dedicated managers to guide and support affiliates.


What is a music affiliate?

A music affiliate bridges artists, musicians, instrument manufacturers, and others in the industry and music lovers everywhere. They can be music bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, and website owners who utilize their platforms to promote industry products to music consumers, and get paid for it.

How do I effectively promote products in the music niche?

You can create relatable or meaningful content around the music product you promote. This technique builds credibility and trustworthiness, ensuring your readers and viewers will click the link and increase your chances of earning a commission.

Sound SEO principles, reliable content marketing strategies, email marketing, word-of-mouth promotions, and engaging social media content can also help promote music products effectively.

What do I need to do to join music affiliate programs?

Joining affiliate programs is easy. However, we highly recommend checking the terms and conditions to determine if the affiliate platform is right for you. Some brands have strict requirements.

For example, the company might require a website with a minimum daily or monthly traffic. It’s a similar story with social media accounts, with some companies asking for a minimum number of engaged followers.

Sign up as an affiliate marketer ONLY if you agree with the music brand’s terms. Most companies have third-party “retailers” (i.e., Commission Junction, ClickBank, or Amazon Associates) to join. You’ll open an account with these platforms, not the music brand.


That wraps up our list of the best music affiliate programs to join in 2024. Of course, our selection is not inclusive. However, we included these platforms because they’re easy to sign up with, offer great commissions, and provide exceptional support for beginner affiliates.

You could affiliate with these music brands or just pick a few. At the end of the day, you’re still in the driver’s seat of your financial destiny.

So, try them, whip out your affiliate magic, and start earning extra cash as we head into 2024.

Joan, a creative mind and author behind UpPromote blog. Writing has always been my sanctuary, a place where I can explore my imagination and share my unique perspective on the world of eCommerce. Through my words, I strive to explain the complexities of the digital world and showcase its potential for innovation, growth, and limitless opportunities.