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Saledress: The Best Funnels to Reach Potential Customers

We – UpPromote had an interview with Jon – The CMO of the Saledress store. He told us about his business, how he knows about the UpPromote app, and how our app could help him with ...

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We – UpPromote had an interview with Jon – The CMO of the Saledress store. He told us about his business, how he knows about the UpPromote app, and how our app could help him with the business. Let’s hear his story!

The best funnels to reach potential customers

The company

Saledress, founded in October 2018, is an international online fashion clothing store that mainly focuses on providing women’s apparel & accessories in hot sale styles at the most competitive prices.

Under the support of the powerful clothing supply chain, we concentrate on efforts to offer a wide variety of clothing at an affordable price for our customers. Meanwhile, with the cooperation of lots of Amazon sellers, most of our clothes on the website can be fulfilled by Amazon; we offer the most fashionable and hot sale styles in the market.

About Saledress.com

The challenge

Online customers don’t shop the same way as they used to back in the day. They don’t just use Google but use Amazon to search for products. They would be searching around on Social Media for recommendations. They would check out for reviews.

Lots have changed, including the way they consume content and communicate online. They get easily distracted by technology and social media. We’re working hard to find the best funnels to reach our potential customers and provide them with the best product and service.

Being a happy customer and helping women to find their unique looks is always our motivation. This is also the reason Saledress was founded.

The solution

#1 Choose a very trustworthy affiliate software

Last year, UpPromote helped us to reach over $1 million in sales on affiliate marketing. We have 5 thousand affiliates at the moment. We use other platforms to grow the sales, but most of our sales are from the UpPromote platform.

We tried to use other platforms before. However, we think UpPromote is the best. We’ve been using this platform for a long time, and our affiliates are familiar with this platform, and we absolutely keep using the UpPromote service.

We designed a special page for our influencers and told them that “You may discover Saledress affiliate program tiers, each with its own set of benefits, which include higher commission rate, free clothes, special affiliate offers, and more”

I think the UpPromote app is very functional, structural so we don’t have to measure the result of sales manually.

Over $1.8 mil came from UpPromote
Over $1.8 mil came from UpPromote

#2 Take Advantage of the MLM model and Tier Commission

We use the Multi-level marketing tool we like a lot because it helps us to grow more affiliates.

First of all, we put the link on our website so the customers can see that.

Then we use Email marketing to share that information with affiliates so they can deliver the messages to the other affiliates.

The Auto-tier commission will help to give a lot of motivation to reach out to the next level, and that helps to market the products.

We will consider the affiliates to the next level according to their qualifications and their resources.

#3 Create Motivations for Our Partners

First of all, we’ve been using your platform. Second of all, we need to keep a higher profit margin to affiliates so they have the motivation to promote our product, and most importantly, you need to have good service and good products. Most of all, you should keep providing more benefits to your customers.

We provide our affiliates with high commissions while our products are competitive in the market, so our affiliates are happy because they can provide value to their audience. We had speedy delivery compared to other Shopify sellers.

#4 Attract Top-Notch Affiliates to Join Our Program

It’s part of our marketing strategy. We have ads and a lot of social networking on Facebook and Instagram; put a link on our website I have mentioned before.

Most importantly, our products are very competitive in the market. As I mentioned before, you need to give out your profit margin. Second, you need to expose your program to more affiliates. Those are two of our affiliate strategies.

If you could get your program to reach out to more professional affiliates like ShareAsales, or CJ affiliates, so you could get more professional affiliates, that challenges us for now and it is not easy to get affiliates. And we find everything to get more affiliates, and we hope you can get your platforms on other eCommerce sites.

I can share that YouTube is one of the channels our influencer is working on; for example:

It’s evident that Saledress had a major breakthrough with us, and you can accomplish the same when you start with UpPromote here.


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