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Top 9 Best Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs in 2024

Tax preparation affiliate programs are far off the minds of many beginner affiliates, thinking it’s a seasonal activity that brings mediocre earnings. How wrong were they? While the tax season only lasts about 105 days in ...

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Tax preparation affiliate programs

Tax preparation affiliate programs are far off the minds of many beginner affiliates, thinking it’s a seasonal activity that brings mediocre earnings. How wrong were they?

While the tax season only lasts about 105 days in the first quarter of every calendar year, over 165 million prepare and file their taxes within this period. That’s about 55 million potential customers monthly. And the $13.6 billion tax preparation market is growing stronger.

The opportunity to monetize people’s need to pay taxes is ever-present.

So, check out our nine best tax preparation and filing affiliate platforms to boost your earnings.

9 Best Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs to Boost Your Earnings in 2024


Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs 1

No business owner should feel nervous or anxious whenever preparing and filing taxes. And that goes with individuals and other entities, too.

We understand penalties can be severe when tax documents are not as orderly and complete as they should. And that’s why TurboTax can be a “magic pill” during these times.

This business and personal tax preparation service takes the hassle of collecting, reviewing, and preparing all the documents you’ll need for a penalty-free tax filing.

But why should you affiliate with TurboTax?

How about we start with Intuit? It’s a leading financial technology platform serving as the umbrella organization for TurboTax, Quickbooks, CreditKarma, Mint, and MailChimp. With many service-providers under the Intuit badge, you can expect TurboTax’s trustworthiness to soar through the roof.

This platform works with CJ Affiliate, one of the affiliate word’s pioneers. So, you can expect its affiliate management practices to be on point.

Ten percent might not be attractive enough, but the tax season can bring many clients. And that should bump your chances of securing more commissions.

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 15 days

Intuit Quickbooks 

Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs 2

Quickbooks is every business person’s handy tool for navigating the complex financial management of any organization.

And if they can organize their money data, filing and paying taxes should be a breeze.

Tom Proulx and Scott Cook founded Quickbooks only a couple years after IBM wowed the world with the PC. That was 1983. Today, Quickbooks is one of the business world’s most trusted accounting digital products.

So, when you join the Quickbooks affiliate program, you know you’ll promote a recognizable and dependable system.

The QB program has a slightly different commission structure from its sister company, TurboTax.

And that’s understandable because the former provides “products,” while the latter focuses on “services.”

Note Quickbooks only pays a commission for qualified QB software online sales, not phone or personal sales. And if you produce at least $10,001 in a pay period, QB will write you a check worth at least $1,001.

If you cannot hit the mark, the QB still recognizes your contribution and gives you 7%.

How’s that for a tool you can monetize?

  • Commission: 7% to 10%, two-tiered
  • Cookie Lifespan: Revealed once accepted


Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs 3

The beauty of the internet is optimum convenience. Imagine! You can file personal taxes without leaving the home.

And for a company in this industry since 1998, you can expect the e-filing services to be second-to-none in quality (service, products, and everything else).

Otherwise, over 90 million taxpayers would flock to TaxAct’s offices complaining of poor service. Yet, not a single law-abiding citizen has bad blood with this business.

And that proves something – joining TaxAct as an affiliate is sound!

Besides the usual commission, TaxAct promises its partners a wealth of thoughtfully designed and curated marketing creatives. Moreover, a dedicated team supporting and propping affiliates in their campaigns is available.

Surprisingly, this program leaves its cookies active for 45 days, beating TurboTax by a month.

We’re amazed with this policy because both programs work with CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction), yet this service provider offers a more forgiving tracking window.

So, remind your audiences about their tax obligations come January 1st, and introduce TaxAct today.

  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 45 days


Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs 4

Preparing tax documents can be a real headache, especially if you have multiple incomes or taxable activities.

Thankfully, tax preparation services, like TaxHub, exist to make your life easier. These organizations have comprehensive tax filing to a tee.

But what separates TaxHub from others?

Well, how about a team of certified public accountants ready to assist any taxpayer? Some companies don’t have the luxury of a CPA-led tax preparers and examiners. TaxHub does!

So, joining TaxHub’s affiliate program makes sense. Your followers and audiences won’t have to worry about filing taxes come April next year.

We find TaxHub’s affiliate program commission more appealing than others. Although the scheme isn’t a percentage share, pegging each sale at a minimum of $100 translates (in our opinion) to higher earnings.

For instance, driving ten paying customers to TaxHub automatically nets you a grand in the check.

And get this.

The $100 per sale is just the start. TaxHub promises more lucrative commissions for more leads and sales.

How about that?

  • Commission: Starts at $100 per sale
  • Cookie Lifespan: 45 days


Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs 5

David Kang and Paul Koullick invented an ingenious system in 2018, allowing taxpayers to search for any item worth deducting from their income taxes. That technology is KeeperTax, one of the most innovative solutions for independent contractors today.

No, KeeperTax isn’t a software that encourages you to cheat on your taxes.

Instead, it’s an intuitive AI-commanded software that analyzes multiple data sources for potential tax deductions. The issue with tax preparation is it’s easy to overlook small things. And that’s how you lose money on taxes.

KeeperTax nit-picks everything and flags potentially tax-deductible items.

And that’s why the KeeperTax affiliate program is worth signing up with.

That is, if you don’t mind receiving a fixed $20 commission for every taxpayer you send to Keeper Tax.

But then, we’re confident your audiences would love to discover ALL potential tax write-offs in their financial documents. That should keep them excited about KeeperTax.

  • Commission: Up to $20 per referral
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Free Tax USA

Hiring a CPA to examine and prepare documents for filing and paying state and federal taxes can be expensive. After all, these are pros.

Thankfully, some companies understand the ordinary taxpayer’s predicament, offering affordable solutions while ensuring the most accurate tax filing. One such firm is Free Tax USA.

It’s worth pointing out Free Tax USA is a revolutionary software, a one-stop-digital solution to keep every tax filing updated and accurate.

Although tax professionals form Free Tax USA’s core, its backbone is a team of software engineers. This mix allows users to leverage sound tax preparation advice and management in an easy-to-use interface.

While your audiences can save a lot by using Free Tax USA, you’ll still earn a generous compensation.

Surprisingly, Free Tax USA attributes sales to the first click (most programs attribute commissions to the last click), ensuring affiliates can leverage the company’s equally impressive 90-day cookie duration.

  • Commission: Starts at 15%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 90 days


Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs 6

E-File makes filing income taxes at the state and federal levels hassle-free. It also has a wide range of tax-related resources (i.e., articles) to keep your followers well-informed with the latest IRS developments.

But why should you sign up with E-File?

You have three affiliate network options to join E-File: CJ, Affiliate Window, and LinkConnector.

This program beats other e-file affiliate programs in commissions and cookie lifespan. First, its 40% compensation blasts others’ 10% to 15%, and its 120 days is three times longer than Free Tax USA.

And here’s the kicker.

The 40% is only the start. Top affiliates can earn more generous compensation other tax preparation affiliate programs can only dream of. It even pays affiliates $1.40 for free tax filings.

And if you prefer a revenue-sharing model, E-File partnership with GlobalWide Media should guarantee a “greener” compensation.


  • Commission: Starts at 40%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 120 days


Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs 7

Tax preparation solutions have a team of dedicated professionals examining each financial document to ensure accuracy. However, few use Cloud services to secure and manage data.

And one such service is TaxSlayer.

This platform empowers taxpayers to prepare and file income taxes with 100% accuracy. Its team of tax professionals scrutinize your filings to get the most tax cuts without undermining the system.

Receiving commission payments from this platform is a cinch. After all, its messaging of 100% accurate data and high tax refund returns should sit well with any tax-paying audience.

You can promote four products –  Simply Free, Premium, Self-employed, and Classic –  and earn commissions for each.

The TaxSlayer affiliate program is nearly identical to E-File, except its compensation maxes at 40%, and the cookie window is only about a quarter of the latter’s duration.

Still, TaxSlayer remains a good program to sign up with via CJ, allowing marketers to leverage the latter’s pioneering platform and management.

Monetizing people’s annual taxpaying obligations has never been this easy.

  • Commission: 40%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs 8

Here’s a tax program unique from other platforms in our list. Instead of offering tax preparation services, TaxCE prepares aspiring tax professionals for the highly-demanding job.

The “CE” in the TaxCE reflects the company’s dedication to “continuing education.” Hence, you can expect educational courses for accountants and similar professions.

These CE courses are perfect for maintaining a tax professional’s credentials, empowering them to serve clients accurately and legally. After all, no taxpayer should fall victim to unscrupulous individuals pretending to be tax pros.

So, using the affiliate link on your website, social media platform, or blog requires a more “specific” target market. We’re talking about people handling financial documents for taxation purposes.

Fifteen percent affiliate commissions are generous for a continuing education program. And if you purchase a course for your professional consumption, TaxCE gives you a 15% cashback.

Now, that’s enticing.

  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie Lifespan: Revealed once accepted

Why Should You Promote Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs?

Alt-text: Image of tax forms by Olga DeLawrence on Unsplash.

Tax preparation affiliate programs might not be a top-of-mind choice for budding affiliates. After all, these platforms only become relevant in January to April. However, we found three compelling reasons affiliates should sign up with a credible platform.

The demand for tax preparation services is growing

Not everyone understands taxation’s inner workings. And that’s why the tax preparation niche is a $13.6 billion industry, up by six percent from 2021.

And we can only assume the number of people seeking such services will continue to grow.

Any market growth is good for affiliate businesses. It allows you to leverage the continuing rise in the number of people seeking such services. In other words, you will have an available market to promote to.

It’s a seasonal money-making opportunity 

The American “tax season” officially commences on New Year’s Day every year and culminates on the 15th day of April of the same calendar year. It’s roughly a 105-day window to collect, organize, and prepare financial documents for tax filing.

We know it’s a short period, but the number of people availing tax preparation and filing services is phenomenal.

The US Internal Revenue Service reported about 165 million tax filings in 2022, over a million short of its 2021 statistics. Still, 150+ million isn’t a joke. That’s the number of potential “customers” you have within the year’s first 105 days.

You help taxpayers make the most of their money

Sure, making money from other people’s tax preparation and filing requirements seem cold. However, the silver lining is you’re introducing taxpayers to credible solutions, allowing them to enjoy more tax rebates, lower their taxable incomes, or both.

Many tax preparation programs also provide taxpayer education, empowering people to learn more about this fiscal activity. Some offer tools to maximize tax relief measures.

How to Choose the Right Tax Preparation Affiliate Program?

Alt-text: Image of a typewriter with a “tax return” paper by Markus Winkler on Unsplash.

Picking a tax preparation affiliate platform isn’t any different from other niches. Some attributes are more crucial than others, including the following.

Program reputation

Affiliates spend years building and strengthening their reputation among audiences and followers. And if you’re like them, you don’t want to partner with a shady company offering dubious tax preparation and filing services or products.

But, how do you establish a service provider’s reputation?

You have several options. First, check the company with the Better Business Bureau and note its rating. If the organization isn’t on the list, your next option is to look for a TrustPilot score. Anywhere above 4.5 stars should be a great choice.

Third, check the company’s origins or history. Brands won’t stay long in a competitive market if people and organizations don’t trust them enough.

Product quality

While the tax preparation and filing niche doesn’t have an extensive product offering, unlike other market segments, affiliates must still evaluate these services’ or products’ quality.

Don’t think that a reputable company isn’t immune to less-than-stellar products. Unfortunately, most offerings in this niche are “intangible services,” making quality evaluation challenging.

However, you can check customer reviews, especially their experiences about these programs’ tax preparation services (i.e., accuracy, value for money, comprehensiveness, and customer service).

Commission scheme

A program’s commission rates are major factors for inclusion into your shortlist. Our review shows a 10% average commission, although some would offer up to 40%. Still, others provide a fixed compensation in dollars (i.e., $100).

Analyze the program’s “commissionable” actions and determine whether they’re reasonable. You might want to study the platform’s payout terms (i.e., minimum withdrawal threshold and payment channels).


Preparing tax documents and filing your income taxes aren’t easy. With state and federal governments updating their tax policies and rules as frequently as changing clothes, you’ll want your audiences to have the best tax preparation and filing service to avoid potentially costly tax-related repercussions.

Affiliate programs empower you to help audiences and visitors prepare and file taxes accurately. These platforms can also be evergreen, albeit seasonal. So, nurture relationships and strengthen trustworthiness. Your audiences are partners to affiliate success.

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