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11 Best Vape Affiliate Programs to Gain High Income for 2024

Vape affiliate programs lets you monetize a growing trend, while helping others quit smoking or transition to a safer form. Vaping is a multi-billion-dollar market currently valued at $28.17 billion. And although the products (i.e., e-cigarettes, ...

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vape affiliate programs

Vape affiliate programs lets you monetize a growing trend, while helping others quit smoking or transition to a safer form.

Vaping is a multi-billion-dollar market currently valued at $28.17 billion. And although the products (i.e., e-cigarettes, liquids, and accessories) are less numerous than other niches, you can still earn a decent commission better than other programs.

The real question is, which vape program will give you your desired income? Relax. We reviewed 11 of the best vape companies with excellent commissions to help realize your financial goals.

11 Best Vape Affiliate Programs to Gain High Income


vape affiliate programs 1

Established by three teenage friends coming together after college and united by the joys of vaping, EightVape is the online community’s best store for electronic cigarettes, vape juices, and accessories.

EightVape offers exceptional customer service experience, a 14-day warranty, and an impressive collection of leading vape brands (i.e., SMOK, Uwell, Wismec, Geekvape, and iJoy).

Unsurprisingly, EightVape is one of the best brands to monitize from affiliate marketing.


Let’s start with EightVape’s partnership with the ShareASale network. This second-best affiliate network (with 19.32% market share) makes sign-ups a breeze, and its affiliate links are highly customizable. You will also enjoy reliable affiliate tracking and reporting.

And then, there’s the generous commission ranging from 5% to 20%. Promotional materials, including links, videos, and banners, are also abundant.

Promoting EightVape’s products is a cinch. Your referrals can use EightVape’s discount coupons to save more with the brand’s select offerings.

That’s great value your audiences won’t want to miss and an opportunity for you to earn more.

  • Commission: 5% to 20%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


EJuice Connect

vape affiliate programs 2

Florida-based EJuice Connect addressed the prohibitive prices of vape products in 2011 by offering more affordable e-cigarettes, liquids, and gear.

At the time, vapers had to order from Chinese companies, but the lengthy delivery prompted many to abandon such schemes.

In 2013, the brand set its .com business to expand its reach outside Florida borders. It allowed EJuice Connect to fuel Americans’ growing fondness of vaping by offering these devices and associated products at wholesale prices.

EJuice Connect is the go-to online shop for vapers seeking budget-friendly yet high-quality e-liquids, pod mods, vape mods, replacement coils, refillable pods, sub-ohm tanks, and more.

And since the US has over 9 million vapers, your target audience is at least this many.

Surprisingly, EJuice Connect doesn’t have a dedicated affiliate program link on its official website.

However, online resources reveal this company has such a partnership for vape bloggers, influencers, and product reviewers. Contacting them should give you more clarity and peace of mind.

With its wholesale pricing, a 10% commission might be “small” on a per-piece model. You can still earn generously by promoting higher-value items (i.e., GeekVape Aegis Legend 2 at $50.48).

  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days



vape affiliate programs 3

VaporFi is one of the most exciting vape companies you’ll ever encounter. Instead of focusing on affordability, VaporFi emphasis the highest possible standards for vaping technologies and associated products.

Its devices are proudly US-made, and its e-liquids are diacetyl-free, soybean-based, and feature USP-grade Kosher ingredients. Customers can also customize vape flavors and have them delivered in their doorsteps in a monthly subscription-type of service.

But is it worth becoming a VaporFi affiliate? Let’s consider the advantages.

Commissions start at 10% for third-party vapes, while its VaporFi starter kits and related gear earns you a decent 15%. And if you sell the company’s e-liquids, you can make about 20% of the purchase price.

But that’s not all!

If your referral subscribes to VaporFi’s Home Delivery Program, you get automatic 20% monthly recurring commissions as long as the customer stays with the program.

Here’s the sweetener!

If your referral becomes an affiliate, you’ll get 5% commission for every sale they make!

And we’re not done!

VaporFi’s 365-day cookie duration blasts other programs out of the water.

And it’s not only vapes you can promote. VaporFi is also perfect for marketers wanting credible and high-paying CBD affiliate programs.

With all these advantages, no affiliate needs more convincing.

  • Commission: Up to 20%, with possibility of monthly recurring
  • Cookie Lifespan: 365 days



vape affiliate programs 4

A group of vape-loving affiliate marketers established SmokeTip to leverage electronic smoking’s rising popularity.

The principal advantage of an affiliate-initiated program is they know highly-sellable products. So, you can expect its offerings appeal to the vaping community.

SmokeTip offers high-quality vaping kits, cartridges, pods, and accessories (i.e., charging cables, batteries, adapters, skins, lanyards, bags, gift certificates, and USB extenders) any seasoned vaporiser user will find admirable.

SmokeTip’s commission is within industry standards, although it cannot beat VaporIF’s commission structure. On the bright side, you’ll get a permanent 20% commission for any product you sell.

We thought VaporFi’s 365-day cookie window is impressive. But SmokeTip blows our mind with its “lifetime” cookies.

But then again, an affiliate marketer founded this company, and they know all affiliates want extended cookies.

And since affiliates formed SmokeTip, you can expect the promotional materials to be spot-on.

  • Commission: 20% commission (initial sales); 15% residual sales
  • Cookie Lifespan: Lifetime


Central Vapors

vape affiliate programs 5

As the name implies, Central Vapors specializes in e-juices for vapes. But we’re not talking about just any other liquid you can inject into your device.

Central Vapors formulates its e-juices with only the purest, all-natural flavor extracts to make vaping safer and more enjoyable.

Its wide range of offerings include e-juices, DIY supplies, vape mods, tanks, and accessories. These products are sufficient to monetize your vaping, culture, lifestyle, and health-related affiliate blog or social media channel.

Like VaporFi, Central Vapors has a unique commission structure. First orders net you a 30% commission, while succeeding sales have 25%.

That’s not all!

Central Vapors also provide performance rewards and bonuses, which could boost your commission percentage to 40%. It also has special commissions for vape liquids, pod mods, and premium e-juices.

This platform also values conversion rates. So, it tests and analyzes conversions to create more effective conversion content for affiliates. And that translates to better commissions.

It’s worth pointing out that Central Vapors only recognizes ShareASale as its partner.

  • Commission: 25% to 40%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 60 days



vape affiliate programs 6

A south Florida company, AtmosRx is one of the vaping world’s leading designers of innovative and stylish portable vaporizers. The brand has over 14 registered trademarks and 35 patents, underscoring its impactful design philosophy.

After all, no vaper should limit their vaping experiences to bulky and obtrusive devices.

Unsurprisingly, AtmosRx’s Vaporizer was High Times Magazine’s Vaporizer of the Year awardee.

So, you can surprise your audiences by introducing them to AtmosRx. You can also promote this brand’s other offerings, including batteries & attachments, CBD & Delta cartridges, and accessories.

An attractive commission and an extended cookie window are notable reasons for joining AtmosRx.

However, it’s the brand’s affiliate interface we find pleasantly surprising.

You can manage ads, track affiliate clicks, monitor commissions, check recent payments, and identify unique visitors with AtmosRx’s all-in-one user dashboard.

And here’s the kicker!

Everything is in real time. You can make timely decisions to improve campaign effectiveness and boost earning potential.

Now that’s an awesome deal!

  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 45 days



vape affiliate programs 7

Founded in 2013 to address the growing concern over chronic cigarette smoking, CSVAPE has one of the most impressive range of vaporizers, e-liquids, e-juices, vape tools, gear, and accessories.

It has over 130 e-juice flavors featuring all-natural ingredients from sunny southern California.

If you’re wondering what’s “CS” in the name, that’s acronym for “Cloudscape.” It’s a fitting badge to how the brand’s products give a relaxing vibe without the ill effects of tobacco smoking.

CSVAPE carries several leading vape brands, including VGOD, SMOK, Reds Apple Juice, Choco Cow, Fredericks, and Vaporesso. You can share this information with your readers and followers.

Like other programs, CSVAPE offers a generous 20% commission. And with an average order of $48.64, you can bring home about $10 per sale. Of course, you can always promote and sell higher-value items to earn more.

ShareASale manages CSVAPE’s affiliate platform, ensuring marketers get the best deals for their efforts, including a monthly newsletter, promo coupons, text links & banners, and an affiliate manager.

  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 90 days



vape affiliate programs 8

For the passionate professional, nothing beats premium-quality products. And that extends to vaping experiences.

Thankfully, one vape company puts this requirement to heart.

Established in 2013, VaporDNA wows the industry with its top-of-the-line e-cigarettes, e-juices & e-liquids, gear, and accessories.

Vaping enthusiasts will love SMOK’s Alien kits, iJoy’s EXO RBAs, Wismec’s Reux tanks, and other fascinating products from The Finest, Daze, Flum, Naked, Vaporesso, and Geek Vapor.

It makes perfect sense to affiliate with VaporDNA.

Because VaporDNA has premium products, you can expect its average order size to be higher than other platforms. According to the company, the average VaporDNA spends about $65 to $85 at the store. This figure translates to at least $6.5 commission, which can increase to $13 or $17.

Interestingly, VaporDNA partners with two of the industry’s leading affiliate networks – CJ Commission and ShareASale. It’s worth pointing out that this brand is one of ShareASale’s Top 50 merchants.

That’s great news because you’ll feel confident about better conversions and commissions.

And if you’re a newbie, worry not because VaporDNA has a dedicated affiliate management team supporting and guiding your campaign.

  • Commission: 10% to 20%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days



vape affiliate programs 9

True to its name, SlickVapes has some of the most stylish, premium-quality vaping devices and related products across more than 50 leading brands.

But why “slick?”

SlickVapes’ vision is to create exciting vape deals no competitor can match.

Although the company isn’t a Direct-to-Consumer business model, its healthy relationships with vape manufacturers allows SlickVapes to lower its prices. This approach empowers customers to enjoy huge savings.

Moreover, SlickVapes offers “un-advertised” deals to give the best value to customers.

Now, that’s “slick!”

And here’s the gem.

SlickVapes only offer authentic products. And even if the company sells “replicas” of popular products, they subject the items to rigorous testing and evaluation. Additionally, SlickVapes classify these offerings as “generic.”

So, if you’re into dry herb vaporizers, wax atomizers, grinders, bongs, dab pens, vape pods, vape pens, and other related products, SlickVapes has them for your audiences.

Signing up with SlickVapes requires a simple registration with Affiliatly, giving you access to the company’s generous commissions and noteworthy affiliate support resources.

  • Commission: 10% to 15%
  • Cookie Lifespan: Revealed once accepted



vape affiliate programs 10

Buying good-quality vaporizers at reasonable prices is easy with Vapor.com. This online retailer evaluates its offerings to the strictest quality standards, ensuring customers will only get the best vaporizer technologies.

It’s a one-stop shop for almost everything vapor-related, from pens to portables and desktop versions. Families, groups, and individuals will love Vapor.com’s offerings.

Here’s a message you can convey to your audiences.

Vapor.com will ship their orders worth over $48 free of charge. Other vape affiliate programs offer free shipping, but at a higher cutoff value.

And that means more opportunities for you to earn more because referrals will want to grab this “free shipping” policy.

With products ranging from $6 to $600, Vapor.com lets you earn as much as $90 per sale. It’s worth pointing out that the average Vapor.com customer spends about $200 on the store’s vaporizers. That’s an automatic $30 to your account.

Now, who can say Vapor.com isn’t worth joining?

  • Commission: 7-25%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 15 days



vape affiliate programs 11

Founded in 2011 by Cortney Smith, DAVINCI VAPORIZER draws inspiration from the legendary 15th-century polymath, scientist, painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, theorist, and draughtsman Leonardo da Vinci.

Although DAVINCI excels in innovative vaporizers, its range of products isn’t as extensive as other platforms. This company only provides vaporizers and related accessories like Vapor.com.

DAVINCI offers industry-leading vaporizers featuring the most advanced hardware components and a thoughtful design to make clean vapor consumption a reality.

Surprisingly, the company also provides apparel and aromatherapy products.

And while DAVINCI’s products are innovative, the company never puts the burden of cost on customers’ shoulders. It guarantees affordable pricing for all offerings.

That’s welcome news for your audiences.

Selling the DAVINCI IQ2 Carbon Vaporizer Collector’s Edition will net you about $75 in affiliate commission. If you can sell 30 of these products, that’s $2,250 monthly.

And that’s something!

  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


What are the Benefits of Joining Vape Affiliate Programs?

vape affiliate programs 12

Joining a vaping affiliate program makes sense for those who love these cigarette alternatives. Here are some benefits you can derive from signing up with such platforms.

You leverage a booming market

The vaping industry has a market value of $22.45 billion, with experts saying it will reach $28.17 billion before 2024. And if it continues with its 30.6% compound annual growth rate, the vape market will reach $182.55 billion in 2030.

Vaping’s phenomenal growth fuels many affiliates’ desire to monetize the niche. And you should, too.

And you can use these updates to drum excitement among followers and audiences. It can make you seem more credible and improve your earning potential.

You’ll earn passive income

Just how much can you earn from vaporizer affiliate programs? Brands vary in commissions and compensations. However, it’s not unusual to make about 5% to 40% promoting and selling high-quality vaporizers and related products.

For example, suppose you sell a vaporizer worth $80 with a 20% commission. In that case, selling a hundred units will net you about $1,600 monthly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Vape Affiliate Program

vape affiliate programs 13

Although the vape niche has many suitable affiliate programs for beginners, choosing the right platform can be tricky. Here are some attributes worth considering when picking a vape marketing program.

Vape brand reputation

Establishing a brand’s trustworthiness is easier uttered than executed. Any company can say the nicest things about their business to entice customers.

So, how should you evaluate brand reputation? You can read customer experiences about product quality, interactions, and technical support. Are they mostly positive?

Do these businesses have trustworthiness scores on leading platforms like TrustPilot and other brand reputation management sources?

Vape product quality

Even well-known brands can have missteps, creating defective or poorly-designed products. Hence, affiliates must take each offering with a “grain of salt.”

The best way to avoid this is by testing the product. Some brands offer samples or test items, while others give them at discounted prices. Affiliates must check these devices and related products before joining the program.

Alternatively, reviews from reputable platforms should give you insights on the product’s quality.

Commission structure

Some brands offer a generous commission, while others are somewhat “stingy.” We understand if you shoot for the vape business with a higher commission percentage than competitors.

However, you might want to consider the “commissionable action” or the desired customer action necessary to credit a commission. Is it per sale or lead?

Moreover, analyzing the vape brand’s commission structure requires appreciating its average order size. For example, a 20% commission on a $100 AOS translates to about $20 for every sale.

Payout terms

Most affiliate businesses observe a minimum payout threshold and payment method. Ideally, you’ll want the withdrawal limit to be as low as possible and the payment channels as many as possible.

vape affiliate programs 14


Joining vape affiliate programs lets you earn enough money to finance your dream vacation, pay off debts, and more. More importantly, you’re helping audiences find the best vaping technologies and resources to support quitting smoking. And that will lead to healthier lives.

These are possible only if you do your affiliate tasks diligently and with conviction. Earning your audiences’ trust is vital to encourage them to buy these “commissionable” products.

So, nurture audience relationships to make promoting and selling vape and vaping-related products more worthwhile.

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