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Top 15 Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs in 2024: Earn Money Now!

You probably have heard about CBD (cannabidiol), a substance found in cannabis that provides many medical benefits, including reducing anxiety and pain relief. It is currently among the most appealing affiliate marketing niches in 2024. Thanks ...

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CBD affiliate programs

You probably have heard about CBD (cannabidiol), a substance found in cannabis that provides many medical benefits, including reducing anxiety and pain relief. It is currently among the most appealing affiliate marketing niches in 2024.

Thanks to CBD legalization across many countries, this industry went from an illegal market to an expected worth of $13+ billion by 2028.

In this article, Uppromote compiled the top CBD affiliate programs with generous commissions and long cookie durations for your choice. The demand for these oils is growing tremendously, so don’t wait any longer to begin your affiliate journey with this special niche.

Top 15 Best CBD Affiliate Programs: Earn Money Now!

Green Roads CBD

cbd affiliate programs 1

Looking for a pharmacist-approved CBD brand to promote? Check out Green Roads, a high-profile company that pharmacists founded for more credibility. Its wide range of products from CBD are available in 7,000+ US stores and featured by major publications, including Forbes and Cosmopolitan.

The company has a large fan base with over 30,000 5-star consumer reviews. And the fairly affordable prices are hard to beat, with versatile goods sold under $15. These factors make Green Roads seemingly a potential partner for CBD affiliate marketers.

At the same time, the Green Roads affiliate program’s terms are not super attractive. Experienced affiliates will find its 30-day cookie length and 10% commission rate at the standard base. However, the upsides include high 5-30% conversion rates and more than $100 for an average order value.

  • Operated by: ShareASale
  • Commission rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: ACH transfer, check, direct deposit


Hemp Bombs

cbd affiliate programs 2

Almost everyone working in the CBD industry would know about Hemp Bombs. Its CBD originates from A-class industrial hemp in the US, ensuring the production of only high-quality products.

Hemp Bombs’ product lines consist of less than 0.3% THC (relatively low) and have undergone lab tests for the finest quality control. Compared with most other brands, this company offers more extensive goodies like CBD bath bombs, gummies, and other infused items.

Since they are also sold at affordable prices, it contributes to the stable conversion rate of the Hemp Bombs website of 4%. This is why many affiliates partnered with the brand among multiple CBD affiliate programs.

You can promote your favorite CBD products on social media or website. Then, you may earn up to 20% commissions per sale from your unique affiliate links or coupon codes. The program’s full-time management and up-to-date creative assets are ideal tools for affiliate support.

  • Operated by: Impact Radius
  • Commission rate: Up to 20% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, direct deposit, check, wire/ACH transfer


Hemp My Pet

cbd affiliate programs 3

CBD is beneficial for humans, but how about giving it to your pets? For example, hempseed oils for dogs contain an appropriate omega rate to support their health. Their owners can use such products as daily supplements or maintenance for pet wellness.

Being a dedicated pet CBD business, Hemp My Pet manages every part of the process. From manufacturing to sales, and of course, affiliate marketing as well. Despite its target audience being our four-legged friends, all the goods are human-grade, pesticide and gluten-free.

Moreover, the company provides free delivery across 50 states, an attractive factor to promote to your followers. The Hemp My Pet affiliate program even has an integrated link customizer/shortener tool for your affiliate links to look more professional.

And let’s do a quick math. The brand’s average order value is over $100, with a 30% commission per sale. That means you will receive at least $30 for each CBD pet product sold. What are you waiting for?

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: 30% per sale
  • Cookie window: 90 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal


Savage Cabbage CBD

cbd affiliate programs 4

Since 2016, Savage Cabbage CBD has been the official UK distributor of Charlotte’s Web, the most trusted company in this industry. After struggling to access high-grade CBD products, its founder – Jade Proudman, determined to make these goods available in the UK.

The brand specializes in distributing whole-plant, full-spectrum CBD products that bring significant health benefits to users. All helpful compounds in CBD and the hemp plant will be used inside these items, ranging from oil to gummies.

When partnering with the Savage Cabbage CBD affiliate program, you will receive unique referral links and discount codes. It tracks every successful purchase and pays you a certain percentage per sale monthly.

In addition, affiliates get freebies on a regular basis and sitewide discounts. This helps you close the deal much easier with potential customers, offering them the best prices via your referrals.

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: Unlisted
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: To be confirmed


CBD Medic

cbd affiliate programs 5

When visiting the CBD Medic website, you will find an image of Carli Lloyd – a high-profile soccer player, on the banner as a means of marketing. But rather than promoting the recreational benefits of CBD, the company focuses on how it supports people’s health.

According to a Brightfield Group survey in 2019, 3,500 consumers buy CBD products to manage pain and inflammation. That is why this brand is proud to become the official Arthritis Foundation Impact Sponsor in 2021, striving to help many Americans in pain.

CBD Medic’s broad-spectrum products can solve most sporting ailments like muscle, back, and ankle pain. CBD ointments, massage oils, and creams – not many CBD affiliate programs can guarantee to provide the best topical medications like this one.

The majority of its CBD goods receive good customer feedback on their natural but strong effects. So, be confident to advertise these items to your customers and enjoy up to 40% commissions on sales. What’s more, the program can pay you bi-weekly, something most affiliate marketing programs do not offer.

  • Operated by: ShareASale
  • Commission rate: Up to 40% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: eCheck, wire/ACH transfer



cbd affiliate programs 6

CBD marketing requires a lot of trust between the supplier and the consumer. After all, it is a pretty new niche, so even the affiliate needs to build customer trust from their marketing efforts. CBDistillery tries its best by emphasizing product quality – the most solid way for people to believe.

The company applies natural farming practices to grow non-GMO industrial hemp and has this hemp undergone third-party tests. Although it does not provide a wide range of CBD goods, you can find pure, high-quality CBD gummies, capsules, and topical products here.

Take note of this unique selling point: CBDistillery has been serving 3+ million US customers since 2016. This prideful background can be your advantage in promoting its products as an affiliate.

Despite having an entry-level 20% commission like most other CBD affiliate programs, it is possible to gain up to 35% per sale. Additionally, if you reach monthly revenues of over $15,000, $50,000, and $100,000, there is a bonus program with higher commissions.

The 90-day cookie window and its $90 average order value are great factors to attract affiliates. Sign up for this program on the Impact Radius affiliate network.

  • Operated by: Impact Radius
  • Commission rate: Online Sale: 20-35%; Subsequent subscription: 20%; Order Total greater than $75: 5% bonus; Order Total greater than $100: 10% bonus
  • Cookie window: 90 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, direct deposit, check, wire/ACH transfer


Charlotte’s Web

cbd affiliate programs 7

Hardly any CBD brand can beat the popularity of Charlotte’s Web, one of the world’s most reliable hemp extract businesses. As mentioned above, CBD Medic has been a part of this company since March 2020.

This brand stocks a wide range of CBD gummies, capsules, oil products, etc., to your advantage in affiliate promotion. In 2022, its revenue was more than $74M, a decrease from 2021’s $96M, but still the largest eCommerce CBD business.

Unfortunately, like most household names (Amazon, for example), Charlotte’s Web affiliate program does not have many enticing features. However, the brand eligibility is strong enough to convert your referrals to sales.

The 10% off custom coupon is also a nice incentive to monetize affiliate traffic. Sign up for this program via the RevOffers or Pepperjam affiliate network.

  • Operated by: Impact Radius
  • Commission rate: Up to 20% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, wire transfer, e-wallet


CBD Essence

cbd affiliate programs 8

CBD Essence has always been a leading example of customer satisfaction in this business. By solving 99% of order issues, the brand receives a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot and over 900 positive reviews.

As you can tell by its name, it focuses on creating diverse CBD flavors, from natural and sweet to tangy. The online store can fulfill most cannabidiol needs with various CBD tinctures.

That is not the only highlight of the CBD Essence affiliate program. Up to 40% of commissions is already fascinating, right? But can you imagine it still paying affiliates even if customers do not buy for 6 months after clicking the referral links?

This is literally a no-brainer opportunity for CBD affiliate marketers. You just need to sign up!

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: Up to 40% per sale
  • Cookie window: 180 days
  • Payment methods: Bank transfer, check, wire transfer



cbd affiliate programs 9

Thanks to famous advocates like Daniel Cormier, former UFC star, cbdMD indeed made a strong brand. Thus, your potential customers can be assured when purchasing via your affiliate links. After all, it helps buyers feel that you are promoting trustworthy businesses.

You can find a wide variety of CBD goodies here, with a whole bath bomb collection and many pet products. It is not exaggerating to say that cbdMD has one of the most extensive categories on the market.

Although the cbdMD affiliate program pays a flat-rate commission of 20%, it is still higher than many other CBD affiliate programs. Affiliates also get custom coupons for 15% discounts to drive more sales.

Furthermore, top-earning affiliates in this program can earn 25% commissions when achieving $100,000+ per month. Note that the company has a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you must wait through this period to receive monthly commissions.

Sign up to partner with cbdMD through the Impact Radius affiliate network.

  • Operated by: Impact Radius
  • Commission rate: 20% per sale
  • Cookie window: 90 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, e-wallet


Just CBD

cbd affiliate programs 10

When all your products have been lab tested, it is a unique selling point worth boasting about. Just CBD does not miss any opportunity to let shoppers know about their high-quality CBD products.

You can use the on-site tool to track third-party lab results for its CBD gummies, oils, and other tinctures. By offering a reliable quality check, the brand makes a strong statement about what they are doing. And it seems to work since these items have received more than 18,000 online reviews.

So, what is it to like about this CBD oil affiliate program?

The 10-20% commission per sale is already a great start – you may not earn that same rate in most affiliate marketing programs. The best part about it? Selling a regular Just CBD gummies jar can get you up to $99.

Successful affiliates will receive payouts via wire transfer, check, store credit, or BitCoin. Remember to request custom coupons as you register for the program!

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: 10-20% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Check, wire transfer, BitCoin, store credit



cbd affiliate programs 11

Hemp that is organically grown in Colorado? That is what you can find in Fab CBD’s oil products. The company focuses on improving people’s wellness by using CBD as part of their regular supplementation.

But there are more goodies to purchase and promote for this 6-year-old business. From CBD gummies, topicals, and green superfood powder to dog treats. The techniques this brand applies in production are also worth mentioning – growing, extracting, and cloning to get the best quality items.

$99 is the minimum payment to get free shipping from Fab CBD. And it comes with an incentive for those buying in bulk – a brilliant opportunity for you to promote wholesale deals.

Nonetheless, its 15% commission rate falls toward the lower end of most CBD affiliate programs in this article.

  • Operated by: Refersion
  • Commission rate: 30% per sale, 15% for discounted sales
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Trolley


Honest Paws Pet

cbd affiliate programs 12

You can immediately tell by the name that Honest Paws is a CBD product brand specializing in pet care. All the goodness for your furry friends – CBD pet treats, balms, and oils are infused with healthy ingredients (organic barley, glucosamine HCL, etc.)

As you become a part of the Honest Paws affiliate program, your potential customers will receive many awesome perks. These include exclusive discounts and free delivery on selected orders. They can shop for products tailored to their pets’ needs, such as immunity or skin, without worrying about budget.

Its 30-day cookie duration is just among the standards of CBD affiliate programs; nothing spectacular about this. But your commission can go up to 25% on each sale, and it is what captivates potential affiliates.

So, who can collaborate with Honest Paws? Review sites, paid media publishers, bloggers, pet shopping directories, and so on – the company welcomes all kinds of affiliate marketers. You can choose to earn either a CPA commission or revenue share, and this program pays its partners monthly.

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: Up to 25% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal



cbd affiliate programs 13

The Thai word “Sabaidee” means “to be happy.” And this is what SabaiDee CBD focuses on: bringing good vibes to customers by providing them with high-quality hemp extracts.

Its online store has 5 varieties of broad spectrum oils, but customers can also buy CBD creams and balms from SabaiDee. The brand collabs with Eden Reforestation Projects, converting each purchase into a donation for environmental purposes. Green lovers would speak very highly of this company!

The SabaiDee affiliate program is appealing because affiliates will get a 30% commission on all retail sales. Plus, it comes with a generous bonus program, as the brand promises.

You will receive payments on the 1st of each month for all conversions made in the last month via check, PayPal, or bank wire.

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: 30% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, bank wire, check


Avida CBD

cbd affiliate programs 14

Avida CBD is pretty new in the cannabidiol product industry, having launched just 5 years ago in 2018. The brand is well-known for good customer service, providing a 30-day money-back warranty on its first-grade products – from CBD oils to vape juices and gummies.

When you first look at Avida CBD’s terms and conditions, it may not be the most exciting among the various programs in this article. But the 20% commission and 90-day cookie length are still respectable.

The Avida CBD affiliate program highlights lie in its extra features. These include a $100 cash bonus for new partners after making the first 5 sales. Not to mention the prize giveaways and monthly payouts.

Since its average order value is around $80, affiliates will receive handsome payouts. Moreover, you can get high-converting creatives like banner ads to help your promotional efforts.

  • Operated by: ShareASale
  • Commission rate: 20% per sale
  • Cookie window: 90 days
  • Payment methods: eCheck, wire/ACH transfer


Diamond CBD

cbd affiliate programs 15

The Diamond CBD website gives most visitors the impression that it focuses on the “fun” end of the CBD product niche. Besides various specialized vape products with CBD, it sells other stuff like THC shrooms and CBD smokables.

But “fun” does not mean these items are low-quality. This company has been leading the niche for over 8 years, a true veteran in such a young industry. During this time, $70+ million of CBD goodies by Diamond CBD have been sold. That must count for something, right?

Like most CBD affiliate programs, the terms and conditions here – a 90-day cookie window and up to 30% commissions, are on the standard level. Nonetheless, they are still attractive and beneficial enough for most CBD affiliates.

The best part is its website’s high conversion rate of 7% and custom coupon codes. Being backed by such advantages will help you monetize referred traffic much more easily.

  • Operated by: FlexOffers, ShareASale, CBD Affiliates
  • Commission rate: Up to 30% per sale
  • Cookie window: 90 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, check, wire/bank transfer


What is a CBD Affiliate Program and How Does It Work? 

CBD affiliate programs recruit affiliate marketers who wish to promote CBD-related products, such as the Circle CBD Pure 100 Cannabis Oil, to their potential customers. These products vary from cannabidiol-infused oil, creams, and pet treats to gummies. Customers can purchase CBD goodies for both medical and recreational purposes.

Affiliates will register with such programs via their individual platforms or an affiliate network. Then, they will receive unique links and other marketing materials to advertise CBD products to customers.

After clicking on the affiliate links, buyers will be directed to the brand’s online store. If someone makes a purchase, affiliates receive a specific commission rate from the program. Each program has a different payment threshold in terms of money and time.

Factors to Consider When Choosing CBD Affiliate Programs

With so many CBD affiliate programs available on the market, how do you choose the best one to work with? Take in these factors when you do your research:

Commission rates

A generous commission rate is certainly essential to check out in each program. It represents how much share of the revenue you will gain for each successful sale.

It is pretty simple to join individual programs, but be a bit more careful with affiliate networks. Some offer low rates of 5%, while others may pay you 50% or higher commissions per sale. You should review the exact terms per referral.

Reputation and support

There are 2 parts to consider here: first, how reputable the CBD affiliate program is. Do thorough research to determine which program and network meets your needs. And also whether you are eligible to join it.

Secondly, the level of affiliate support in those platforms. A helpful affiliate program and network will provide full support for their partners.

Look for available marketing resources (banners, promo codes, etc.) in their terms and conditions. It would be best if you could also get an affiliate manager for advice and support.

Cookie length

The cookie window matters because it is how long you have to earn a commission per sale. For instance, a CBD affiliate program can offer a 90-day cookie duration, while others only allow 15 days.

The longer the cookie, the better since it expands your chance to receive commissions without getting cut out.

Are There Specific Regulations on Promoting CBD Products? 

Each state has different regulations for CBD product marketing, so make sure to check the laws in your area. In general, anyone above 18 years old can promote CBD goods legally. Nonetheless, there are extra rules when advertising these products in CBD affiliate programs.

For example, CBD affiliate marketers must guarantee that a third-party lab has examined the items for accuracy and purity. They must follow guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

These federal agencies have issued multiple warnings to affiliate marketers who claimed false or misleadingly about CBD’s health benefits. They will take measures against marketers violating these regulations.

A Brightfield Group survey recently indicated that almost 80% of CBD users found it useful to reduce pain and anxiety. It proves how powerful this natural remedy can be. Thus, marketing campaigns must not make unsubstantiated statements about its health benefits.


  • Is the CBD niche a good investment opportunity in 2024?

The CBD niche consists of many big names established only a few years ago. And in this industry, the commission rates are pretty high and competitive. If most affiliate programs offer less than 5% per sale, the lowest rate in CBD programs is around 10%.

Obviously, newcomers can always jump in to get a share of the billion-dollar profits from oil products. In 2014, the US CBD product sales were $108 million and rocketed to $1.6 billion in 2021. Does that sound like a brilliant investment opportunity yet?

  • What’s the potential income for a CBD affiliate?

If you wonder how much you can get when joining CBD affiliate programs, let’s do a simple calculation. The average commission rate in these programs is around 25% or more for each sale.

Most retail CBD products cost less than $100, so you will likely receive $25 per successful referral. Of course, you can always try offers up to 50% to increase your passive income.

Plus, some programs even offer generous bonus programs when affiliates reach specific milestones. Thus, you will have plenty of chances to make money online being a CBD affiliate.

  • How can I gain from joining CBD affiliate networks?

Here are a few benefits you can get from signing up for CBD affiliate networks, such as ShareASale of CJ affiliate network:

  • Increase online visibility with potential customers
  • More opportunities to convert sales
  • Monetize your website or social media channels

The commissions will be competitive with flexible payment terms. Moreover, some networks offer a dedicated affiliate support team to help their partners.

Rather than putting in efforts manually and on your own, these platforms will optimize your process to maximize profits.


Although the CBD goodie niche is relatively new in the marketplace, there is a huge growth potential in these CBD affiliate programs. Where else can you find programs that offer high commissions, generous cookie durations, and a broad range of goodies for promotion?

Also, the brand diversity is impressive, with various high-quality products for both humans and pets. So, you can easily target different audiences and advertise diverse product ranges to them.

Decide whether you want to promote the health-beneficial or recreational side of CBD items, then choose a suitable program/network to start earning a passive income.

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