Finally, we’ve knocked for the Holiday Season that we all wait for year-round- holidays. Despite the many challenges of the pandemic, according to Spendmenot, holiday spending speeded up 16.1% in 2021, with nearly 180 million Americans shopping from Thanksgiving day through Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday was recorded as the heaviest online spending day of 2021’s holiday shopping season. Sales rose 1.1% to $10.90 billion. Black Friday was the biggest shopping day of the year, with 154.5 million people making purchases at stores or online.

This is also a huge opportunity for Shopify merchants to boost their sales up to millions from holiday shoppers precisely what they want: a convenient, safe, and hassle-free shopping experience. In exchange, you will have the opportunity to broaden your reach, strengthen customer relationships, and see your sales skyrocket! However, the question is how we can win this game?

Don’t worry! Shopify apps will be invincibility stars and the powerups you’ll need to get through all parts of the game. They enable you to get more done, attract more potential customers, and process orders more smoothly during the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

If you’re looking for great deals on TOP APPS for Shopify Black Friday and Shopify Cyber Monday, we’ve got BIG DEALS for you. 

These are our top picks for the best value discount holidays available right now. So, thanks to this crazy sale season, this is a fantastic opportunity to use these apps at a lower cost. And, hopefully, this will significantly help to power up your processes and multiply your success.


Apps for effective Holiday Season marketing campaigns

1. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is known as an ideal marketing model for dropshipping businesses to advertise your products and increase revenue without any upfront cost. And UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is the top recommended affiliate/referral app on Shopify App Store. With this all-in-one solution, you can build and manage your marketing campaign with ease.

Launched in May 2019, UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is one of the potential Shopify affiliate marketing apps in the @Secomapp system. At the moment, UpPromote is trusted by more than 60.000 Shopify merchants globally with over 375M revenue generated. UpPromote is always in the top affiliate marketing app on Shopify App Store.

UpPromote is suitable for all business sizes with the price from FREE to $139.99/ month to match your business growth. Furthermore, UpPromote implements customization upon request for Enterprise customers.

With UpPromote, no technical knowledge is required. You can easily build a professional affiliate campaign by generating unlimited commission programs, or quickly creating coupons/ referral links for affiliates/ influencers. Furthermore, the highlight feature of UpPromote is UpPromote Marketplace where you can find the affiliate’s profiles and free list your offers here.


Key features:

  • Easy-to-use: Quick setting up process with detailed instructions. Automated processes with automated functions can help to save time, such as Auto-generated affiliate links, coupons, and auto approval affiliates/referrals.
  • Build your affiliate team: Customizable affiliate registration form. Besides, you can create unlimited affiliate programs with different commission offers.

  • Manage your affiliate campaign: Track all referral orders and manage your affiliate performance by reliable real-time tracking process. 
  • Fraud protection: Reduce the risks of affiliate fraud, referral scam that may cause loss to your business
  • Integrating with PayPal allows you to perform payment processes for your affiliates automatically within a few clicks. 
  • Support to recruit affiliates  by free listing on UpPromote Marketplace; or with Multi-level Marketing feature.
  • The customer referral feature allows your customers to refer your products to their friends and family and earn a small commission. 

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install UpPromote now to get 20% discount for all paid plans already applied via the link. 

Noted: This BFCM offer applies for new users only.


2. AVA Email Marketing,SMS,Pop up


AVADA Email Marketing can help store owners to automate their marketing activities from email to SMS and in-store pop-up, thus increase sales effortlessly.



Key features:

  • 24/7 Livechat Support.
  • Abandonment Protectors: Auto send email for Cart Recovery, Checkout Recovery, Abandonment Product Browse Recovery.
  • Automation Workflows: Welcome Emails/SMS, Post Purchase Follow up Emails/SMS, Cross-sell, Upsell Emails/SMS, Loyalty: Customers’ Birthday, First Purchase, Sign up Account, Transactional Emails/SMS: Order confirmation, shipment confirmation, return email…
  • Personalization: Segmentation based on contact profile, shopping behavior, order information, A/B Testing, Yes/No Split Condition, Multiple Splits, Product recommendations
  • Customize Shopify Notifications Emails: Order Confirmation Emails, Shipping Confirmation Emails, Welcome Customers Emails.
  • Various Email Marketing Templates: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year, etc. full holiday seasons in various industries.
  • Capturing leads (emails): Newsletter Popups, Exit intent Pop ups, Add-to-cart pop ups, Spin to Win, Inline form, Flyout pop ups, Informational pop ups, Multi-Step Pop ups.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install AVADA Email Marketing now to get 30% discount for all paid plans already applied via the link.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies for both new users and existing users.


3. Email Marketing Newsletter SMS


SmartrMail is the highest rated email app on the Shopify app store. Its easy email composer paired up with its powerful automation builder makes it the best tool to increase your sales this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Find out why so many Shopify merchants rave about our customer support experience and book a call with our team to discover the app here.



Key features:

  • Advanced tools to automatically send the right products to the right subscribers at the right time.
  • Pop-up builder and pop-up integrations to quickly grow your list.
  • 150+ Premade templates and 10+ Premade series of automated emails.
  • All best-practice automations and a customer support team to help you enable them within your first 20 minutes.
  • Most affordable advanced email app on the Shopify app store.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install SmartrMail now to get 30% Off your first 6 months on all paid plans as well as the free migration of all of your subscribers, your email design and all your existing email automations. Redeem this offer via the link. Noted: This BFCM offer applies for new users only.


4. LitCommerce


LitCommerce is proud to be the most simple and affordable multichannel solution to help e-sellers list & sell their products on the largest selling platforms. Built by the team LitExtension – the #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert, LitCommerce is the determination to further empower entrepreneurs to efficiently grow their eCommerce businesses.



Key features:

  • Connect eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, etc., to the biggest online marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc.
  • List products on several sales channels in just a single click.
  • Sync inventory, price, and orders frequently to minimize the effort of managing and maintaining listings.
  • Pull orders automatically from the sales channels into one central dashboard.
  • Support CSV File import to list products to the sales channels.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Join multichannel selling with LitCommerce to get 30% discount for YEARLY PLANS via the link in the button.


5. Smart SEO


Smart SEO helps merchants improve the SEO of their stores, thus ranking higher in SERPs. The app identifies any SEO problems and provides the right tools to fix them. It automates mundane and time-consuming tasks making SEO a breeze for no SEO-savvy merchants. Put your SEO on solid ground, improve rankings, drive more organic traffic, and boost sales.



Key features:

  • Generate relevant product Meta Tags instantly and save time and effort.
  • Optimize your store images and speed up your store.
  • Generate relevant image ALT tags and provide valuable data to search engines.
  • Provide structured data to Google in JSON-LD format and boost your ranking.
  • Automatically detect and fix broken links or non-existent pages in your store.
  • Choose which pages to include in your sitemap and help search engines navigate and craw your website easily.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Smart SEO now to get a 30% discount on all paid plans already applied via this link.


5. TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer


TinyIMG is an image SEO optimization app that will help you improve sales by achieving incredible website speed and dominating search engine rankings. Compressed and optimized product images will make your website noticeably faster, which will improve conversion rates. On top of that, TinyIMG solutions, such as bulk broken link redirects auto-optimizer, make it a breeze to take care of your store.

What makes it a good fit?

Conversion rates depend heavily on website speed and TinyIMG is designed to make your website exceptionally fast. Plus, it’s an all-in-one solution for many SEO and image optimization improvements on your Shopify store that will lead to more sales.



Key features:

  • Image optimization and resizing, alt texts – take your store images to the next level.
  • SEO metadata and JSON-LD – dominate search engine rankings.
  • Broken link detection and redirects – maintain store health.
  • Auto-optimizer – save time by letting TinyIMG take care of optimization tasks for you.
  • SEO & page speed store audit – get extensive reports and actionable suggestions for your store’s health and speed.
  • App script control (new) – control which app loads on which page to improve Shopify store speed.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install TinyIMG now to get 20% OFF on all paid plans already applied via the link.


6. Search Pie:SEO Booster & Speed


Search Pie is a powerful and user-friendly app about SEO solutions for all sizes of Shopify stores. It’s about optimizing all key factors to make Google understand your website much better and focus on high-speed performance. Those aims to drive more traffic and more clicks to your website. 

On top of that, free 24/7 customer support is willing to back you up with ideas, tips, and expert customizable assistance for your SEO journey. Let’s get started with a free-forever plan and see how the app can help you save your time and budget!



Key features:

  • Detect all SEO issues via comprehensive reports.
  • Speed up loading time with Instant page, AMP, Image Compressing…
  • Enhance website’s credibility through Long & 404 URLs auto-detected feature.
  • Provide other customized services to strengthen online local visibility.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Search Pie now to get 30 days FREE discount for all paid plans already applied via the link  in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new paid users only.


7. Upsell & Cross Sell ‑ Selleasy


Upsell & Cross Sell ‑ Selleasy by LogBase

BFCM is the time of year when consumers make lots of purchases because of the deals and discounts brands provide. With the fierce competition between businesses, it can be difficult to distinguish yourself from the rest and earn sales. As a Shopify business, your first step is to get started with cross selling and upselling.

Upsell & Cross Sell – Selleasy is a phenomenal app designed to display highly converting pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell offers. You can influence your customers by showing Frequently Bought Together bundles, related product add-ons, cart pages upsell funnel, and a lot more.

The app also offers automatic product recommendations and to further elevate the customer shopping experience, no annoying pop-ups are shown. It offers free installation and setup guidance over a Zoom call or chat. Find out more about Selleasy..




Key features:

  • Display Frequently Bought together on the product page.
  • Prompt customers to purchase related products and accessories by showing high-converting pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell offers.
  • Drive additional sales with Thank You Page Add-ons.
  • Improve item discoverability with its upsell widgets.
  • Offer a seamless shopping experience with fast UX.
  • Multi-language, and Multi-currency support.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Selleasy now to get extended 1 month free trial on all paid plans already applied via the link in the button.


Apps for designing a memorable Holiday Season customer experience

1. PageFly Landing Page Builder


PageFly is the most drag-and-drop Shopify page builder app. The app is designed with an intuitive interface and powerful customization capacity to help businesses build perfect online stores fast and easy. In addition, you can check out PageFly’s free profit margin calculator to determine the best pricing for your products.



Key features:

  • Powerful customization capacity: The app also comes with an extensive library of 100+ elements, pre-built sections and 3-rd party elements/app integration, 90+ templates for most industries and page types.
  • Excellent 24/7 live chat support: PageFly provides helpful, quick and dedicated, 24/7 live chat support, even on Free Plan.
  • Clean and optimized codes for better loading speed: Pages built with PageFly have slight better page speed than those built with default Shopify Page Builder.

🎁 ExclusiveShopify Black Friday offer: Install PageFly now to get 25% OFF on all paid plans (applied for new pricing model of PageFly)

How to use:

  • Install PageFly via the CTA button
  • Go to PageFly app.

– Go to Setting => Billing => Click to Apply coupon: UPPROMOTE25

– Approve Shopify charge on the next page


2. GemPages Powerful Page Builder


GemPages is one of the most powerful drag-and-drop visual page builder to create, customize, and optimize your Shopify store pages for conversion. No coding skills required.



Key features:

  • Compatible with most Shopify themes and Online Store 2.0.
  • Create any page type, from landing pages and product pages to collection pages.
  • An extensive library of 65+ professionally ready-made templates.
  • Lazy loading, pre-load resources, and high-speed CDN ensure your page loads as fast as possible.
  • Trigger customers’ to buy with sales booster elements like a countdown timer, stock level counter, pop-ups, bundles, reviews, social proof, and social sharing.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install GemPages now to get 20% discount for 6 months on all paid plans already applied via this link.

3. EComposer Landing Page Builder


The next generation Shopify Page Builder that helps you create any beautiful branded pages/sections. EComposer has the biggest template library & elements that make page design a freedom. Also, the live drag drop editor allows merchants (even beginners) to build any thing visually, no need a single line of code.



Key features:

  • Build any page types: Landing, Sales page, Homepage, Product page, Collection page, Blog & other standard pages.
  • 80+ page layouts,190+ section templates, countless elements & design options.
  • Section builder make any ideas for your website come to life.
  • 15+ built-in addons & top app integrations.
  • Optimized for all devices/browsers & SEO performance.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install EComposer Page Builder now to get 40% discount on all paid plans for 3 months.

Use code: “ECBFCM40” at subscription page

Noted: Discount expire on 30 Nov. 2022. 

4. AI Language Translate LangShop


LangShop is a multi language & multi currency app. You’ll improve customer experience by translating all Shopify store content in one click, include images, 3-d party apps, dynamic content, and Shopify Checkout. Pro (Google API, DeepL), AI machine, agency, and manual translations available. Maximize conversion rate by converting prices in local currencies automatically based on customers’ geolocations. Shopify Markets support.



Key features:

  • Accurate AI translation with Glossary support.
  • ALL your store content translation: Shopify Checkout translation, email notifications, images, and dynamic content translation.
  • DeepL Pro and Google API support.
  • Different images for every translated version of your store’s content.
  • Unlimited currency & language switchers Friendly SEO booster.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install LangShop now to get 35% discount for all paid plans for the next 6 months using a coupon code Secomapp_BFCM via the link in the button.


5. langify


langify comes with an easy to use interface that has been built with simplicity in mind and that helps you to find and translate your content in an intuitive way.

100% compatible with the new native Shopify translation API. langify is completely compatible to Shopify’s native translation features. This means, whenever Shopify improves or adds features, we’ll adapt immediately!



Key features:

  • Translations & Currency.
  • Domain & Localization.
  • Custom Switcher & Integration.
  • Along all those features, our best one is the excellent support for every customer.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install langify now to get 20% discount on all paid plans already applied via the link in the button.


6. Live Chat,Help Center,FAQ Page


Are you looking for a simple and reliable customer service system that can help you decrease time costs and increase your sales revenue? Willdesk is the best option for you!

Willdesk is a powerful, all-in-one eCommerce customer service platform. Deeply integrated with Tracking and FAQ features, it supports users to do logistics and FAQ self-service queries. It also integrates with messenger, CRM, and a variety of other features to assist you in providing personalized customer service and increasing sales. Designed for high performance and born for eCommerce.



Key features:

  • Multilingual (40+)
  • 24/7 self-support
  • Multi-platform integrations
  • Branded Self-service widget
  • Boost sales through live chat
  • Get a complete customer index
  • Manage all channels in one inbox
  • Integrate with Order Tracking and FAQ
  • Let customers review based on satisfaction

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Willdesk now to get 70% OFF on all paid plans already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: Discount’s available for 3 months


7. Product Labels & Badges


Shopify Product Labels & Badges is an app that helps merchants optimize products for better conversion rate. The app can create labels, badges & stickers for products. They can be displayed on product image, product page, home page & other pages on merchants’ stores. This helps visitors catch the sight and go to the product page.

To sum up, Shopify product label is like a powerful CTA to stimulate and urge buyers to make decisions faster.



Key features:

  • 10,000+ pre-designed labels & badges.
  • Custom labels/ badges design.
  • Set up priority & conditions for labels/ badges.
  • Unlimited label’s position, label per variant.
  • Aids visitors in catching the eye and proceeding to the product page.
  • Premium features for better sales motivation strategy.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Product Labels & Badges app and use the code BSS-BFCMUP at the checkout. 


8. Smart Search & Filter


Boost your in-store user experience with Smart Search & Filter from Searchanise. Rely on our fast & clever product search, easy-to-navigate search results & advanced filters. Connect customers to products in seconds and enjoy our advanced modification, priority support and latest features on top.



Key features:

  • Top Game Changer features.
  • Advanced custom modifications: Fine-tune our app’s widgets as you see fit by writing to our support with a modification request.
  • Priority support: Jump to the top of the queue and have your questions answered. We’ll get back to you within 6 hours at most.
  • Access to latest features: Enjoy early access to our latest features – at no additional cost.
  • Dedicated server: Ensure faster and more stable performance with a separate server for Game Changer clients.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Searchanise now to get 50% OFF on our most advanced Game Changer Plan!

How to get the sweet Game Changer deal

1) Install Smart Search and Filter the CTA button below.

2) Log into your Shopify store and go to the Smart Search and Filter tab.

3) Drop our support a line using the GC2022 promo code.

That’s it! We’ll make sure to send a discounted subscription your way.


9. Swift ‑ Page Speed Optimizer


Swift is a page speed optimizer that helps make your site faster, rank higher, and convert better. With Swift page speed optimizer, all you need is 01 click and our speed booster AI system will automatically optimize your page speed. Freaked out of coding? Let Swift do all the work you hate: preload, minify JS, CSS & HTML files; lazy load; compress images & videos, and more! Especially if you try OneExperts (done by our certified experts), we guarantee higher scores on Google PageSpeed Insights.



Key features:

  • Boost your store speed by Preloading content based on customer behavior.
  • Instantly load heavy content by compressing images at optimal quality.
  • Make Store Code Lighter by minifying JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Lazyload Images.
  • Make your site faster by rendering the most important content to customers first.
  • Improve your page speed with free store speed analysis & actionable suggestions.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Swift now to get 25% discount for all paid plans already applied via the link  in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies for users of UpPromote installing Swift for the first time. Read our Term & Policies for details.


10. T Lab ‑ AI Language Translate


Translation Lab is native to Shopify app that offers the tools and automation to translate your store into multiple languages hassle-free. The app integrates seamlessly with your store and is an easy and affordable solution for merchants looking to expand their business and maximize global sales. Translate your store into multiple languages, reach new markets, drive more traffic and boost sales.



Key features:

  • Manual and automatic translations using Google NMT (neural machine translations).
  • Let shoppers view prices and check out in their local currency. Integrate a language & currency switcher in line with the design of your store.
  • Provide translations for third-party apps.
  • Easy import and export of translations which will save you time and effort.
  • Translate product options in bulk, e.g., translate “Color: Red” for all product variants.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Translation Lab now to get a 30% discount on all paid plans already applied via this link in the CTA button.


11. Tapita Landing Page Builder


With Tapita you can easily create beautiful home page, landing pages, product/collection pages, and blog pages, without any coding knowledge. We have a robust library of page and block templates with awesome layouts and effects so you don’t have to build your pages from scratch. 

Customized and nice pages help you better convert your audiences into customers, and create a good image of your brand. 

Have an idea but can’t do it yourself? Our experts will help you build your pages for free.



Key features: 

  • Select from 70+ beautiful page templates or create your own.
  • Automatically translate your pages into multiple languages.
  • Support custom HTML/CSS/Javascript for developers and advanced users.
  • Import/Export Tapita pages to copy, backup, or transfer pages between accounts.
  • Save your sections to re-use for later.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Tapita Landing Page Builder now to get 20% OFF on all paid plans.


12. Transcy: AI Language Translate


Transcy helps you localize your store by content translating and currency conversion which provides your customer seamless native shopping experiences to boost your sales in every market you targeting. Our powerful AI system can automatically translates (and translates on demand) your store quickly and very easy to manage the translation with unlimited editing, real-time update the currency at exchange rate make your price very competitively and lively.



Key features:

  • Auto-Translate to native language & convert currency by real-time Exchange Rate.
  • Enhance translation quality, naturalness with powerful manual edit translation.
  • Worry-free with unlimited word translation at high quality and naturalness.
  • Increase organic traffic with multilingual SEO optimization.
  • Improve the user experience by geolocation-based language & currency switching.
  • Develop brand identity with stunning, customizable language & currency switcher.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Transcy now to get 25% discount for all paid plans already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies for users of UpPromote installing Transcy for the first time. Read our Term & Policies for details.


Apps for building comprehensive store management

1. BeProfit ‑ Profit Analytics


BeProfit is the most accurate profit analysis dashboard for eCommerce sellers. Chosen as a Shopify Staff Pick, the app provides sellers with an accurate picture of their bottom line and a 360° view on their business performance, in addition to valuable insights to optimize profitability.



Key features:

  • Overview of key business metrics.
  • Custom reports & predefined report templates.
  • Integration with ad, shipping and email platforms.
  • Marketing performance scores and insights.
  • Cohort analysis.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install BeProfit now to get 30% Off your first 3 months on all paid plans already applied via the link in the button below. Noted: This BFCM offer applies for new users only.


2. GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management


If your store is located in the EU/EEA, Brazil, California (US), Canada or Japan, then you need our app. It is also required if you are shipping goods to these countries. Our solution is a must-have for dropshipping and print-on-demand (POD) stores. Avoid getting fined and stay compliant with the latest regulations by using our app. We are Online Store 2.0 and Shopify Client Consent API Compliant.


Key features:

  • Pre-generated Compliance pages for all laws – data subject access requests.
  • Multiple Cookie bar layouts and unlimited designs – all needed to fit your brand.
  • Cookie Helpers like – Cookie Scanner, Cookie Information Tables and Panels.
  • Fully integrated with GA, GA4, GTM, GCM, GAds, FB Pixel + automated blockings.
  • YouTube videos for all app features + Compliance with the top translation apps.

🎁 Exclusive holiday offer: Install the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management now to get up to $45 OFF on all Yearly plans.

Noted: The campaign is already running and will be active until the 9th of November.

3. Growave ‑ Loyalty, Wishlist +3


Growave is the leading e-Commerce All-in-one Marketing Platform for Shopify stores. It comes with Reviews (UGC), Loyalty & Referrals, Wishlist, Instagram (shoppable galleries) and Social login. We help Shopify stores to create the most engaging reward, referrals, and VIP programs, bring social proof with product reviews, and reduce shopping cart abandonment.



Key features:

  • All-in-one app: easily replaces other apps
  • Value for money: ONE lower fee for 5 apps
  • Built exclusively for Shopify: no coding needed, customizable, works simply
  • Highest-rated with top-notch 24/7 live chat support (Check out our reviews)
  • Proven results (Most brands see a high ROI)

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Growave now to get 20% on all paid plans already applied via the link in the button below.


4. HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk


HelpCenter is a user-friendly customer service App for e-commerce, aimed at making interactions with customers more effective. By combining highly effective solutions – FAQ builder, Livechat & Chatbot, HelpDesk ticketing & Tabs – HelpCenter is a true lifesaver for every e-shop that values customer experience and its own time.



Key features:

  • Intuitive FAQ builder: Create an attractive FAQ page from scratch. Provide your customers with a simple, easy to navigate tool to find their answers instantly.
  • HelpDesk for customer service: Access all customer inquiries from Help Center: email, Live Chat, Chatbot and FB Messenger in a single platform and save your time.
  • Product description Tabs: Create world-class fully customizable tabs to your product page. Select from specific, shared or static content tabs based on your needs.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install HelpCenter now to get 30% OFF all monthly plans for the first 6 months. Install the app with discount via the link in the button.


5. LitExtension Store Migration


Powering up your online store with a new platform is now much easier, faster, and more accurate with LitExtension. Having delivered 200,000+ successful shopping-cart migration projects for 100,000+ worldwide customers, LitExtension is proud to be the #1 The World Shopping Cart Migration Expert.



Key features:

  • Cart to Cart Migration Never Been Easier.
  • Keep Your Store Going Steadily During Migration.
  • Your Data is Secured During Migration.
  • 200+ Largest eCommerce Platforms Are Supported.
  • Support Migration From Special Data Types.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Migrate to Shopify with LitExtension now to get 15% discount (for All-in-One data migration and Basic data migration (using the code: LITUP10).


6. Parcel Panel Order Tracking


Parcel Panel Order Tracking is specially designed for millions of Shopify merchants, driving customer loyalty and more sales by providing a branded post-purchase experience. As the one of the best order tracking app, Parcel Panel has everything you need to provide an exclusive and memorable experience. This includes all-inclusive shipping and tracking notification that keep customers in the loop about their shipments. Moreover, the app offers an SEO-optimized branded tracking page that’s designed to match the look and feel of your store.



Key features:

  • More than 1000+ global couriers.
  • Real-time tracking and syncing.
  • 8 standard shipment statuses to address exception orders before they result in a poor experience.
  • Smart shipping notifications with options for email and SMS alerts to keep customers informed.
  • Branded tracking page so that customers can track their orders through your website instead of a third-party carrier site.
  • Product recommendations and discount upsells to boost sales.
  • Powerful analytics for notifications, recommendation & upsell, and shipments.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Parcel Panel Order Tracking now to get 20% OFF discount for all paid plans already applied via the link in the button below. Noted: This BFCM offer applies for all users.


Apps for enhancing suceessful conversion

1. Candy Rack — One Click Upsell


Candy Rack is a one-click upsell app that allows you to upsell & cross-sell products to customers on your product pages – right after they click on the add to cart button. Offers are displayed in the form of a slick pop-up optimized for both desktop and mobile.



Key features:

  • All-in-one upsell solution – Combine pre-purchase and post-purchase offers using the single app.
  • AI-powered Smart Auto-Upsells – Save time and effort by leveraging the AI algorithm. It automatically cross-sells products based on the purchase history and product descriptions.
  • Mobile-first design – The majority of customers shop on their mobile devices. That’s why the Candy Rack pop-up is optimized for a seamless mobile experience.
  • Customizations – Adjust the content and design of your pop-up to match your storefront—and see the changes in a real-time preview. Use custom CSS if needed.
  • Performance – App script loads asynchronously via a global CDN, not affecting page load times and your customer experience.
  • Integrations – Built-in integrations with various currency conversion apps, translation apps, page builders, and many more.
  • Advanced targeting – Set custom rules and target your upsell offers with laser precision using conditions like product title, tag, price, and many more.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Candy Rack now to get 25% discount for all paid plans already applied via the link.


2. Adoric ‑ Popup & Gamification


Adoric allows you to run on-site Conversion Rate Optimization popups of all kinds. With the help of their automated wizard, you don’t need to design or code anything.

Adoric’s product offers ready-to-publish Abndonded cart popups, promotions with unique coupon codes, Email registration with integration to Shopify, Spin the Wheel, a Coouppon offer to finish the purchase, and more.


Automatic unique coupon code: Create a unique coupon code with one click. Adoric will automatically create the code in your store.

New in the industry: The Falling Gifts Game, a unique animative game that will help you to interact with clients and increase sales and leads.

No coding is needed: Adoric pulls the information from the cart and Adoric recognizes the relevant audience.

Get assisted revenue report: You have a dashboard reporting how much money Adoric assisted you in earning from abandoned cart campaigns.

Why choose the Adoric app for abandoned popups?

As a merchant, you want to work less and get more. The Adoric wizard offers a unique way to publish smart popups to help you sell more and have more emails.

You only need to choose one of their many pretty templates and publish it.



Key features:

  • Unique coupon code
  • Cart Recovery popups
  • Free shipping Progress
  • Smart Email Popups
  • Unique Gamification
  • Full integration with Shopify

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Adoric ‑ Popup & Gamification now to get a 25% discount for all paid plans already applied via the link in  the button. Noted: This BFCM offer applies to new users only.

Also, every user reached from the link is eligible for a FREE One-on-One onboarding session to personalize the product experience to the merchants’ needs. (Book the call here


3. qikify Sticky cart, Slide cart


Have a winning winter sale with Sticky Cart by qikify. Sticky Cart provides you multiple boost sales tool in one app:

1. Reduce abandoned carts with Sticky Cart Button

You can add a Sticky Cart Button to all pages, which can lead your customers directly to the cart page or checkout page. It’s easier and faster to checkout, and never forget the cart again.

2. Increase add to cart conversion with Sticky Add to Cart Bar

You can increase the conversion rate of add to cart by always showing Sticky Add to Cart Bar on the bottom or top of the screen.

3. Create better customer experience with Slide Cart

Allow your customers to add note, apply discount codes, and estimate shipping rates anytime without going to the cart page.

4. Motivate customers to buy

Create motivation that moves customers to buy with Free Shipping Progressive Bar and Countdown Timer.

5. Shorten checkout process

Sticky Cart Button allows customers to go straight to checkout, cart page, or open slide cart.



Key features:

  • Create sticky bar, sticky cart button.
  • Create cart drawer with countdown timer, free shipping progressive bar, add note, apply discount and estimate shipping rate.
  • Annalytics

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Sticky Cart via the link in the button now to get lifetime discount 20% off on all paid plans. Noted: Apply code QKFBFCM20 to get discount.


4. ToastiBar ‑ Sales Popup


ToastiBar – Sales Notification | Sales Popup is helping to boost your store’s sales by displaying recent sales notifications to your store’s visitors and encouraging them to purchase a product from your store. Sales Notification | Sales Popup will build trust by letting your store’s visitors know what your customers were ordering.



Key features:

  • Sales Notification
  • Cart Notification
  • Online Visitors Notification
  • Recent Visitors Notification
  • Product Visitors Notification

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install ToastiBar – Sales Popup app now to get 50% discount on all paid plans applied via the link in the button.


App for optimizing finding & selling products​

1. Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews


Ali Reviews is a powerful product reviews app that can help boost trust and conversions by harnessing high-impact reviews & customer photos. With beautiful widgets and great customization functions, you can adjust them to match your brand. It’s simple yet offers multiple features to collect reviews by email/SMS, review importer, QR code, social channels & more. Plus, your reviews are shown to customers based on their behaviors (products in cart, viewed products) to drive sales.



Key features:

  • Showcase reviews on important pages with the most beautiful review widget styles.
  • Easily get reviews and photos of customers via email/SMS, QR code & incentives.
  • Collect online reviews directly from various sources from Amazon, AliExpress importer, DSers & Ali Orders
  • Incresae conversions by showing right reviews based on customer profiles & behaviors.
  • Increase organic traffic by sharing reviews on multiple social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Ali Reviews now to get 25% discount for all paid plans already applied via  the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies for users of UpPromote installing Ali Reviews for the first time. Read our Term & Policies for details.


2. Blanka ‑ Private Label Beauty


Build your own branded beauty product line in under 5 minutes.

Blanka’s easy-to-use app gives anyone the ability to find high-quality North-American-made products they love, and brand them with their logo – all in under 5 minutes. With no minimum order quantities Blanka can dropship to your customer, combined with over 230 products to choose from, Blanka is the one-stop solution to build your brand at no risk and no commitment. Try for free today!



Key features:

  • Branded products made in North America.
  • No minimums, no order fees.
  • Dropshipping options.
  • Free 14 day trial.
  • 1-click e-commerce integrations (Shopify, WooCommerce & more!)

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Blanka now to receive a free 14 days trial for all paid plans! From November 24th, 2022, Blanka will offer a BIG discount with 20% OFF.

Noted: Brand plates are a 1-time purchase. Discount is not applicable on any other product or service, and only applies on brand plate purchases between 9:00am PT November 24th, 2022 until 9:00 PT November 29th, 2022.


3. CJ Dropshipping


Global leading dropshipping services provider. Sourcing, listing, order management, fulfillment, oversea warehouse, bulk order, POD, 24/7 online support, etc. Everything about dropshipping, just turn to CJdropshipping!



Key features:

  • Shopify’s certified partner.
  • 800K SKUs.
  • Global warehouses, Global suppliers.
  • No Setup Fee. No Monthly Fee. No Storage Fee. No Minimum Order.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install CJdropshipping now to get coupon for $10-3*1, coupon for $20-5*1, coupon for $30-7*1, coupon for $50-10*1, coupon for $1000-50 discount for all paid plans already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: These coupons will be active once the users register and collect it and it will be last for 60 days.


4. DSM ‑ AliExpress Dropshipping


Dropshipman is a free top-recommended dropshipping app for all Shopify merchants. It’s easy to navigate the app with their effective support team. With Dropshipman, you can easily find & import winning dropshipping products both on AliExpress and Dropshipman. Their agents are keen to help your store succeed in your niche. They keep your customer happy, with quality suppliers, meticulous quality inspection, and fast shipping. Join Dropshipman to scale up your store wildly in the Q4 season!



Key features:

  • Free warehousing service, without MOQ.
  • 15 Free sourcing requests are available daily.
  • Personal agent and 24/7 customer service help keep your orders’ status up to date.
  • Low customer loyalty? Start branding your store with customized packaging: box, thank-you card, sticker…
  • Just hand your supply chain to Dropshipman. Effective order fulfillment and fast shipping within 7-15 days.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Dropshipman now to get special coupons and discounted products for a limited time.


5. Fast Bundle | Product Bundling


Product bundles are one of the most powerful strategies for offering discounts. Fast Bundle supports a wide range of bundle types like Combo products, Bundle builder, Mix & Match, Buy X Get Y, Cart popup, etc. The app is trusted by more than 3000 Shopify merchants, including a lot of Shopify Plus stores. Although they are young, but lots of features and highly responsive and flexible support team, has made the app one of the most famous bundling apps in the market. More than that, if you need any customization or demo session or a setup session, you can set a free meeting and discuss your customizations and setup your bundles.



Key features:

  • Combo products.
  • Bundle builder.
  • Mix & Match.
  • Bundles page.
  • Cart popup/upsell.
  • Schedule bundles.
  • Frequently bought together.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Fast Bundle now to get a 3 month 50% discount for all paid plans by entering the following discount code until the end of November: FastBFCM2022.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies for new users only.


6. LAI Product Reviews Ali Review


LAI helps merchants increase their prestige and boost conversions by displaying authentic social proof as text/photo/video reviews. LAI is easy-to-use, professional and very affordable for a majority of Shopify merchants.



Key features:

  • Customizable reviews widget in various layouts.
  • Advanced display settings allow you to customize every element of the reviews widget: sort photo/video reviews first, pin the total reviews on top, edit date & country’s flag, and change the widget’s width without coding.
  • Build trust with authentic customer proof. After orders are fulfilled, review request emails are automatically sent.
  • Drive traffic from social channels & Google with social sharing & Google rich snippets features.
  • Upsell with coupon emails & reviews pop-ups.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install LAI Product Reviews now to get 30% discount for all paid plans already applied via the link in the button.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies for new users only.


7. Mobile App Builder ‑ Shopney


Shopney is a Shopify mobile app builder that enables thousands of merchants to turn Shopify stores into a mobile app in minutes with a drag & drop editor. It allows you to increase mobile sales flow and helps to save marketing ad spend with native iOS & Android mobile apps. With Shopney you can market your products for free with unlimited push notifications and get a higher mobile conversion rate with a seamless mobile experience.



Key features:

  • Limitless push notifications that you can send directly to your customers’ phones with special offers, promotions, and abandoned cart reminders. That means you don’t have to pay for expensive ads as much to bring the customers to your mobile store.
  • Fast- checkout to offer an easy and quick paying process to your customers and decrease the abandoned cart rates.
  • 8 different theme options that you can choose the most fitting one for your store to make your products look appealing.
  • In-app live chat feature that you can even convert your visitors to clients in real-time.
  • Incredible 7/24, multilingual customer support which guarantees a smooth onboarding and launch process.
  • Integrated with the most popular Shopify apps. So you can utilize your favorite tech you use in your website and also on your mobile app.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Fridayoffer: Install Shopney now and share UPPROMOTExSHOPNEY code with support team to get 60-Day extended trial period for all paid plans.

Noted: This BFCM offer applies for new users only.


8. Syncee ‑ Global Dropshipping


Syncee is a global B2B dropshipping and wholesale platform designed to help retailers and suppliers connect. Find your next bestsellers among millions of dropshipping products on Syncee Marketplace. Connect with verified suppliers providing fast shipping from the US, CA, EU, UK, AU and worldwide. Do you want to start a new business with no upfront investment in stock? Or would you like to broaden your existing product range with new arrivals? Check out Syncee! Automate the product uploads, updates, and order synchronization. Reach new heights with your business for this holiday season and after!



Key features:

  • Millions of dropshipping products in a wide range of categories with fast shipping.
  • Verified dropshipping suppliers from the US, CA, EU, UK, AU and more No onventory risk & No minimum orders.
  • Automated product uploads & updates.
  • Automated order synchronization.
  • Dynamic, customizable pricing settings.
  • Bulk product data management available.
  • Built-in retailer-supplier chat.

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Syncee now, and get the PRO Marketplace plan with 15% OFF. To claim the offer, go to the Billing menu in Syncee, and use the coupon code ‘UPPROMOTE_BFCM15‘.

Noted: Offer can be activated until 25 November 11.59pm GMT+00, for new subscribers only, and is valid until you change your subscription plan.


9. Ali Reviews Product Reviews

For all Shopify users, Ali Reviews Product Reviews is the best review app. Want to increase your sales and eliminate low conversation rates? You’ll need a lot of social proof and a good reputation! Customers will always pay for vivid image reviews. In addition, we provide some additional functions to assist you in optimizing SEO, increasing organic traffic, and gaining repeat customers.


Key features:

  • Translate reviews for your global clients.
  • One-click import reviews from AliExpress.
  • Product page review display.
  • 2 kinds of layout switching.
  • CSV file reviews import.
  • Product reviews management.
  • Email after-sales management.
  • Picture reviews show.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Conversion promotion.
  • Instagram feed

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install Ali Reviews Product Reviews now to get 70% off on all paid plans already applied via this code:

Noted: Available from November 15th to December 25th.


10. Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks


With WideBundle, change the appearance of your variants to create incredible offers directly on your product, discounts, bundles, upsells or quantity breaks and increase your Average Order Value. Boost your conversions.

It has a real positive impact on your business and profits, because… 

  • It puts your customers in a “buying mood”.
  • It increases your conversion rate
  • It makes your customer buy more.
  • It increases your AOV by +30%*.
  • It reduces your acquisition cost.

It’s not magic, it’s just the power of creating irresistible offers with WideBundle!

(*Average calculated with the results of our customers)



Key features:

  • You can still use your Shopify discount codes.
  • You have a lot of possibilities to customize your offers.
  • You can contact our very reactive customer support 7 days a week.
  • WideBundle is intuitive and easy to use.
  • WideBundle integrates well with all the Shopify themes.
  • WideBundle integrates well with many famous apps (page builders, cart drawers, COD Form, Translation & Currency converter)

🎁 Exclusive Shopify Black Friday offer: Install WideBundle now to get 10% OFF on all paid plans already applied via the link in the  button.


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