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Affiliate types: Who to recruit to become your potential affiliates?

One of the most important yet challenging tasks when doing affiliate marketing is to recruit members into your program. The first question that comes up is: Who? What affiliate types will be suitable for me. This ...

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Types of affiliate partners

One of the most important yet challenging tasks when doing affiliate marketing is to recruit members into your program.

The first question that comes up is: Who? What affiliate types will be suitable for me.

This article will reveal everything you need to know about choosing the right affiliate partners by knowing who they are.

Let’s take a deeper look into who they are.

8 Popular Types of Affiliates to Work With

1. Social media KOLs/ influencers

There are many people who obtain fame online by appealing to a specific demographic. From models to reviewers, these individuals use their skills to amass a vast and devoted fan base.

They could be influencers on popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

They’re on a lot of prominent social networking sites and applications. These applications can assist you in locating well-known people in specific thematic or specialty groupings.

For example, with Instagram’s “hashtags” feature, you could look for notable popular individuals in categories like sports, gaming, fashion, beauty, food, and more.

Through the postings they make on these programs, Instagram publishers can advertise your products and services, discount codes, yearly promotions, and more.

# How to choose social media influencers to work with?

Keep in mind three things below:

  • Pick the ones with the styles that fit your brands, as their followers would be more likely to buy.
  • Also, pick the ones that are the same size as you. It might be a waste of time to approach someone who is too famous, as there is a high chance that they will turn down your offer.
  • Pick someone who have experience in affiliate marketing, as they are gonna save you a lot of time onboarding, and they know what to do.

Don’t turn down applications from affiliates with many or few followers right away. You need to be flexible and make personal conversations with them, make sure it’s a match between your influencers and your brand, build and nurture relationships with them. The right influencers approaching tactics will be effectively making the process easier.

2. Bloggers

Bloggers are a subset of content kinds, however, there are numerous blogs dedicated to certain topics. Personal interests, consumer product evaluations, and tips and ideas on common themes like saving money and parenting are all covered.

Bloggers could utilize affiliate banners or integrate affiliate links throughout their blog entries, depending on their preferences. However, keep in mind that not all blogs are made equal. Choose bloggers that address topics that are relevant to your niche to your target audience.


# Reach out to affiliate bloggers

Approaching bloggers’ strategies are the same as those of influencers. Follow these simple quick steps:

  • Write a straightforward message and make an offer
  • Tailor the email to each affiliate blogger
  • Ask them to make a review about your product/ service
  • Send follow-up emails
  • Compensate a unique commission

3. Mobile app affiliates

In recent years, people are increasingly preferring to choose smartphones and mobile apps compared to desktops and web browsers. That’s why there is a lot of room for affiliate marketing on mobile apps.

You can identify software developers who specialize in your niche market.

For instance, a toy 3D app might promote the real toy that a company sells. Because certain developers are proficient at inserting affiliate connections, businesses may advertise on general and popular apps.

# How to do mobile affiliate marketing?

If you have no idea of finding where to push your online store, there are literally a myriad of mobile affiliate networks you could sign up with, here are the most popular:

  • MaxBounty
  • Perform CB
  • Crak Revenue
  • AdmitAd
  • Globalwide Media
  • Madrivo

On these networks, you’ll discover some well-known companies, but the majority of the CPA (Cost-per-action) offers are more specialized.

Instead of doing a manual search for deals, you could use an affiliate network aggregator like Offervault.

4. Coupon distribution websites

Coupon sites are function-based affiliates, these people operate in a more organized way, attracting traffic by offering their audience coupon site service for promotion needs.

Coupon websites allow you to attract first-time shoppers to your website and encourage them to make a purchase. After all, who can say no to a bargain?

If you’re a B2C firm aiming to acquire new clients with high-volume purchase intentions, promoting discount codes and promotions could be more beneficial. Allowing your partners to offer them a good bargain can increase sales, but it may also result in smaller margins, so proceed carefully.

Always tell your partners of the restrictions of your promotions and make sure to ask them not to use your brand’s promo codes excessively to avoid potential traffic difficulties.

# Tips to get in touch with coupon websites

It may be difficult to contact these individuals, but it pays off handsomely because their traffic is rather consistent. Don’t send the same email to many affiliates; instead, tailor it to the website you’re attempting to reach.

You should have several bargaining programs, such as “if you can get my offer on the homepage, I’ll give you 15% commission instead of 10%.”

Some coupon sites may want a specific level of commission, so be prepared to haggle! To assess the transaction, ask them for information such as traffic and conversion rate.

5. Price comparison websites

Sites that provide eCommerce features such as comparison shopping rely primarily on product data feeds with affiliate links. These function-based affiliates would lend you a hand in bringing your product/service in front of several customers.

Don’t forget to take a look at other products’ prices of your rivals and decide the best fit-right price for your products. Customers always look for products of high quality but also at a reasonably affordable price.

You can search millions of goods on sites like Shopping, PriceGrabber which return relevant results. When a customer goes through a merchant’s website to buy goods, he or she is using an affiliate link, which helps the comparison shopping site make money.

Some comparison websites/services might ask for a certain level of commission, so get ready to bargain! Ask them info like traffic, conversion rate to consider the deal.

6. Agency partners

If you’re operating a B2B affiliate program, collaborating with agencies who are knowledgeable with B2B sales cycles and can assist you to attract business customers might be beneficial. Remember that an agency partner might become your own consumer, which means they’re already familiar with the product or service you’re promoting and are committed to your business.

You can filter through your client list and go out to those consumers who you believe are the happiest with your service and products to recruit agency partners. You may also utilize email campaigns to promote your affiliate program or urge your sales staff to promote it during their calls and meetings.

7. Pay Per Click (PPC) affiliates

PPC publishers that send visitors to merchants or intermediate pages pay for clicks in the hopes of generating conversions on the other side. Within the confines of an affiliate program and a sponsored search network, they often bid on merchant-specific keywords (branded) in major search engines. Merchants are only compensated when a visitor converts.

8. Email/ Newsletter Publishers

Email is a traditional way to promote your business. It’s not the trending or most effective way for promotion but remaining effective.

Some affiliates promote to their lists using newsletters, subscription material, and “story selling” autoresponder series, while others are topical thought leaders to their mailing lists.

Remember that your affiliates will freely place anything in their newsletter, nobody likes irrelevant content, remember to ask them what they will put in the email, and send them your promotional content including banner, video description, product images.

Sharing your creative gadget with your affiliates is easier than ever before with UpPromote Creative feature. Your affiliates could get access to your promotional materials for an effective referral.

Affiliate creative gadgets
Affiliate creative gadgets

Conclusion on affiliate types

We hope that this list will help you have an overall look at affiliate types by separating them into different categories. Some of these affiliates cater to certain demographics, while others can reach a larger range of customers that you won’t be able to do with other marketing methods.

You can limit down your affiliate selections to best fit your organization if you know who your target audience is. It’s critical to have a variety of options for expanding your reach and attracting new customers.

Once you’ve established your list, try out each affiliate to see which ones will help your business the most.

Good luck!

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