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Unlock the Definitive Guide on How To Recruit Affiliates in 2024

The rise of affiliate marketing has attracted a lot of affiliate marketers to join and showcase their abilities. However, selecting the ideal partners among the millions challenges advertisers. If you also face the same issue, explore ...

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how to recruit affiliates

The rise of affiliate marketing has attracted a lot of affiliate marketers to join and showcase their abilities. However, selecting the ideal partners among the millions challenges advertisers.

If you also face the same issue, explore our guide on how to recruit affiliates. Here, we’ve included the most charming tactics that help you build a dream team for your campaign.

As you master this game-changing principle, success is within your reach.

Now, let’s explore and apply!

What Is Affiliate Recruitment?

Affiliate recruitment is the process of attracting individuals or businesses to join specific affiliate programs released by advertisers. It aims to build a team of dedicated partners. They’re responsible for promoting the brand’s offering, driving traffic, generating sales, and contributing to the overall success.

how to recruit affiliates

Let’s review some key components of this process:

Potential affiliate identification: Much like recruiting new employees for a company, advertisers will identify who aligns with their business. They could be bloggers, influencers, or other types with an existing online presence.

Offering: As you’ve got a list of criteria, it’s time to build your offerings. What are the requirements for affiliates? They could be about the niche, experience, advertising platforms, etc. What do you offer? They involve the commission structure, referral links, performance bonuses, promotional materials, free training, and more.

Outreach: There are different ways to connect with affiliate marketers, i.e., through affiliate networks or advertising. Based on your business goals and situation, you’ll choose appropriate methods.

Selection: As affiliates sign up for your program, consider whether they fit well.

Onboarding: Those who pass the application will be onboarded to understand the affiliate program’s brand, products, and terms. After that, they’ll use the affiliate links and materials provided to start promoting.

It’s super important to understand the affiliate recruitment process. Know what your brand needs and find effective ways to approach ideal candidates. That guarantees successful collaboration.

How to Recruit Affiliates Effectively in 2024

If you plan to recruit affiliates this year, don’t forget to include the following steps to ensure the best results. 

Include your affiliate program page in the footer/header

The header and footer are the first and last things visitors see on your website. They’re the perfect spot to grab attention and spark curiosity.

Browsing other advertisers’ sites, you might see the “Affiliate Program” term in their footers. Sometimes, it might be “Affiliates,” “Affiliate Sign Up,” “Partnership,” etc.

how to recruit affiliates

Placing your affiliate program page in these sections ensures maximum accessibility. Let’s dig a little deeper!

Visitors navigate your websites in various ways. Some may be your loyal customers; others may be potential affiliate partners.

Assume some affiliates know your brand and land on your site to look for collaboration opportunities. However, after browsing the site for a few minutes, they still don’t find any related information since you “hide” it somewhere. As a result, you may lose lots of potential affiliates who actually look for your program.

So, let the affiliate page be prominently displayed in these high-traffic areas. It’ll be easily discoverable for every visitor. They just need to click and explore the program offerings. 

Featuring your affiliate program in the header or footer indicates that you are open and transparent about your collaborative efforts. Adversely, hiding it is a silent message of a lack of confidence and professionalism.

So, how to execute this step?

Here at UpPromote, we’ve prepared a guide to help you publish an affiliate registration form on your store menu. It’s pretty simple. Visit to see the detailed steps.

List out your program benefits on the landing page

Your landing page serves as an invitation to your affiliate program. List all its benefits if you want to make your program as inviting and intriguing as possible. They help capture the attention of potential affiliates right from the outset.

Moreover, openly sharing the benefits of your program is a perfect way to build credibility. Since affiliates can easily understand what’s in it, they can trust the partnership and minimize any hesitations they may have.

What benefits should you include on your landing page? Here are some basic options:

Competitive commission structure: Emphasize how lucrative your commission is.

Bonuses and incentives (if any): They could be additional earnings for reaching specific sales milestones or attracting a certain number of customers.

Exclusive promotional materials: Say that affiliates will have free access to ready-to-use promotional materials, such as banners and pre-written content.

Dedicated affiliate training and support: Whether a free training course or a responsive support team, it can be a compelling factor for potential affiliates.

Transparent payments: Flexible and timely payout options are also appealing to affiliates.

The list of benefits may go beyond these basics, including long cookie duration, real-time tracking tools, high conversions, exclusive newsletters, etc.

how to recruit affiliates

Here’s an example of the Bulletproof affiliate program’s list of benefits. They’ve included those we’ve mentioned above, such as competitive commissions, a wide range of promotional assets, a dedicated affiliate team, etc.

Tip: Instead of inserting a page with dense text, make a concise, organized list of benefits for affiliates to follow easily.

Turn your customers into affiliates

Many advertisers scour the networks and communities to recruit affiliates. However, they don’t realize that there’s a potential source in front of their eyes – their existing customers. 

So, why should you share a focus on these already established ambassadors?

– They bring authenticity to your affiliate marketing efforts. Their firsthand experiences with your products and services develop trust in a way that outstands traditional advertising. As a result, it can lead to powerful conversions.

– They understand your brand and target audience. With this advantage, they can create user-generated content, such as reviews and social media posts. These pieces often speak directly to the preferences of potential customers.

– They expand your brand’s reach to potential networks, including online communities, social circles, and personal connections. Did you know that 92% of individuals put the trust of friends and family ahead of all other types of advertising? This word-of-mouth marketing can lead to incredible results for your business.

How to recruit customers for your team? Review some tips as follows:

– Simplify the onboarding process for customers becoming affiliates. As you leverage their existing account information and minimize barriers to entry, your satisfied customers find it easier to join.

– Provide exclusive incentives, such as special vouchers/discounts or early access to promotions, to make them feel valued and appreciated.

– Use various channels, such as email, social media, forums, or in-app notifications, to inform them about the affiliate opportunity. If you have no clue about this, worry not. UpPromote has developed specific features to help you convert customers to affiliates. They involve using a pop-up on your website and including affiliate program details in emails.

how to recruit affiliates

For instance, Systeme.io used a pop-up to introduce their affiliate program to customers. Here, they highlight the 40% lifetime commission for attraction. A box for inserting an email address and a compelling call-to-action are also included.

Find content creators through social media or Google

There are around 50 million individuals worldwide who identify themselves as content creators. By recruiting them as affiliates, you tap into a ready-made audience that values the creator’s recommendations.

Finding content creators across various platforms allows you to reach different target markets. We’ve divided them into two main streams: social media and Google. Now, explore how you can benefit from them.

Find social media content creators

Based on your niche and goals, consider suitable channels to dive into. Are you looking for Instagram content creators with significant image resources or YouTubers with detailed review videos? Your choice!

Then, leverage the search features of the platforms. Use keywords, hashtags, and phrases related to your industry or niche to start hunting for posts or people. Or else, use the influencer marketing platforms to assist your research.

For instance, let’s say you’re looking for content creators to promote your line of hair-curling irons. If you choose Instagram, use the hashtags #hairstyling,  #hairtools, #haircurlingirons, etc. If you focus on YouTube, search for “curling irons review” or “how to curl hair.”

how to recruit affiliates

Find content creators through Google

Jumping into Google, use niche-specific keywords, such as “hairstyle blogs,” “best curling irons review,” “hair tutorials,” etc.


– Include terms like “review,” “tutorial,” or “comparison” while searching to find creators producing relevant content.

– Consider searching for blog posts mentioning your brand.

– You can use Advanced Google Search for a more targeted approach. 

how to recruit affiliates

Examine their channels as you target some people on social media and search engines. Look for those with a loyal following and a consistent publishing schedule. Plus, evaluate whether their style aligns with your values. Once you identify potential ones, reach out directly via social media or email for offerings. 

Run ads to expand your ambassadors’ reach

It’s a wise idea to leverage paid ads to reach individuals interested in affiliate programs within your niche. The most popular platforms to run advertising platforms are Google and social media. Let’s dig a little deeper!

Google Ads

These paid ads often target users based on keywords they search for. Thus, it allows you to reach those actively seeking information about your niche or affiliate programs.

For instance, as users type “best coffee affiliate programs,” they might come across several paid ads by coffee vendors. These sites are looking for affiliate partners, just like the Pure Coffee Club did, as shown below.

how to recruit affiliates

Usually, Google Ads appear in a text-based form in the search results or in display ads on Google’s Display Network. Users will be sent directly to the advertiser’s affiliate landing page as they click the links.

Social media ads

Running social media ads is perfect for reaching many potential affiliates. Your ads will target demographic information, interests, and behaviors, gaining users based on online activities.

Ads on these platforms stand out for high-visual forms, such as images, videos, etc. You can also display them in different formats. They could include newsfeeds, stories, and sponsored posts.

Another unique feature of social media ads is that they allow engagement, such as likes, comments, and shares, in addition to direct clicks.

Tips for using ads effectively for recruitment:

– Craft compelling ad copy highlighting the benefits of joining your affiliate program. i.e., commission rates, performance-based bonuses, and any exclusive incentives.

– Run A/B tests on different ad variations to enhance the effectiveness of your ads.

Connect with affiliates through industry events and conferences

Say goodbye to text messages and hello to face-to-face interaction at industry events and conferences. This is a great chance to meet and network with targeted audiences actively seeking affiliate partnerships and collaboration.

Here, showcase your brand identity and affiliate program in a tangible and memorable way. It increases the likelihood of engagement and successful recruitment.

Now, check whether there are any upcoming events. Look for popular and reliable ones, such as Affiliate Summit West/East, ICAMM, Affiliate World Dubai,  Affiliate Huddle, etc. Some are free, while others charge a ticket fee to join.

For example, in 2023, Affiliate Summit West occurred in Las Vegas, United States. The conference attracted over 6,000 attendees from different positions and various industries. There’s also an impressive amount of over 250 exhibitors and sponsors.

how to recruit affiliates

Affiliate Summit West created a vibrant platform to connect advertisers, affiliates, and industry experts worldwide. They host an event every year. Visit their site to get official information and explore additional specifics.

Leverage affiliate networks

Networks are rich sources of potential partners. They allow you to enter different niches, demographics, and geographical locations.

Associating with reputable networks is ideal to enhance your brand’s credibility. As a result, it attracts high-quality affiliates who are passionate about your niche.

Besides, these affiliate platforms help brands handle payment processing and fraud prevention. So you can save time and focus on managing your program.

Crucial tips for choosing the right network of affiliates:

– What are your objectives? Generate leads, increase sales, or expand brand awareness? Define your goals before searching.

– Choose reputable networks only since they are more likely to offer a reliable and trustworthy partnership. Consider well-known names such as ShareAsale, Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, Impact, etc.

– Check the size and diversity of the affiliate base within the networks. Ensure that they attract affiliates relevant to your industry and products.

– Compare network fees and service offerings among affiliate program directories to find the best deal for your budget.

how to recruit affiliates

For instance, If your brand has a significant budget and requires advanced targeting and analytics. This well-established and powerful network has a global reach and a diverse pool of over 300,000 publishers across various niches. It’s also known for flexible commission structures and dedicated affiliate managers.

Ask for a connection

This method involves leveraging the relationships you’ve already cultivated within your professional network. They could be partners, affiliate marketing agencies, consultants, or even existing customers.

It works based on the trust between your connections and potential affiliates.

Here are some tips on how to ask for introductions effectively:

– Craft a thoughtful message. You need to clearly state the purpose of the introduction and how it benefits both parties. Plus, briefly explain your program and highlight what makes it unique and attractive. Importantly, express your appreciation for their assistance.

– Choose the right platform. Depending on your relationship and the person’s preferences, use email, a professional networking platform, or even social media. Be mindful of your  communication style when connecting with them.

– Focus on quality over quantity. There’s no need to send a bunch of emails. Make a curated selection to target the most potential.

Let’s review this example:

Assume you have a brand of homemade candles – HomeLit. Now, you want to send an email to Joanna – the social media manager of your company, to ask for her introduction. Here’s what your mail may sound like:

how to recruit affiliates

Research affiliates advertising on Google

Another potential source for recruiting affiliates lies in those who advertise themselves on Google. In other words, these people use their own budget to promote their content on Google and drive traffic.

To better understand how it works, input a query on Google, such as “best web hosting.” You’ll see many publishers use the ad scheme to let their content appear on the SERPs. That’s also what the comparingwebhosting.com, a comparison website, did.

how to recruit affiliates

An advantage of this affiliate recruitment strategy is that you can align your program with relevant affiliates. They understand your niche, speak your audience’s language, and actively target potential customer bases.

However, since these people use their money for promotion, you need to foster a transparent approach. It involves analyzing their campaigns, landing pages, positive user reviews, etc.

Find a site promoting other affiliate programs

We can’t round up our list without mentioning this smart tactic. Why should you connect with websites promoting different successful affiliate programs?

First, these affiliates are likely well-versed in the affiliate marketing industry. Their extensive experience and successful history can benefit your program.

Besides, these websites often have established audiences within your niche. When your program shows up on their sites, it might meet the needs of many affiliates browsing. Ultimately, it can increase the likelihood of successful recruitment.

How to identify suitable sites to collaborate with?

Consider using relevant keywords to find websites that promote similar affiliate programs. For instance, when searching “web hosting affiliate programs,” you’ll find tons of top-list articles.

how to recruit affiliates

Analyze their sites and narrow down your list to some with high-quality content, engaged readers, and a genuine focus on your niche.

Then, reach out to them via email addresses or contact forms on their websites.

how to recruit affiliates

Best Success-Proven Strategies for Affiliate Recruitment

We’ve walked you through the most ideal methods to recruit affiliates effectively. Now, let’s add an extra magic touch to your chosen tactics to increase your chance of success! 

Quality over quantity

A smaller group of high-quality affiliates can help build trust and credibility for your brand. They are more likely to understand your niche and target audience. This can result in more quality leads and greater conversion rates.

In addition, quality affiliates are typically more engaged and committed to the success of your program. They also show interest in building long-term partnerships. As a result, you don’t need to waste time recruiting repeatedly.

So, how can you prioritize quality:

– Target the right niche and clearly define your ideal affiliates.

– Review potential names thoroughly to ensure they align with your brand values and objectives. Check their performance, content quality, and audience engagement before sending an offer.

Personalized outreach

Step out of generic emails and mass communications and head to customized outreach. This approach genuinely attracts attention and leads to successful collaborations.

Once the affiliates feel valued, they might reply to your offer and look forward to a robust, collaborative relationship.

Follow these tips to master your outreach:

– Address affiliates’ names in your message. This simple personalization touch can make your communication more engaging and respectful.

– Mention specific aspects of their content that align with your brand. Say how your products can bring value to their audience and complement their existing content.

– Highlight mutual benefits: Explain how your affiliate program aligns with their goals and how it can contribute to their success.

Build a strong network

By actively building a sustainable network. You can add an extra touch of trust and credibility to your program, attracting high-quality partners.

Networking is also ideal for cross-promotional opportunities. It’s a base for knowledge sharing with other advertisers and affiliates, amplifying your reach and impact.

You can attend affiliate marketing conferences, workshops, and online forums to connect with others. Nurturing relationships with current affiliates is also a great idea. Besides, engage with relevant bloggers and influencers, even if they’re not currently engaged in affiliate marketing.

While networking, it’s essential to stay active. Share your knowledge and resources to enhance trust and appreciation within the communities.

Diversified outreach techniques

Diversifying your outreach techniques is perfect for reaching a wider range of high-quality affiliates and increasing response rates. It also helps your affiliate recruiting cater to diverse preferences, maximizing your connection potential.

Explore potential diversification strategies as follows:

– Craft compelling emails to reach out to potential types of affiliates

– Use direct messaging via social media channels to initiate conversations

– Collaborate with macro and micro influencers and thought leaders in your industry to create co-branded content

– Meet affiliate recruitment agencies that specialize in connecting brands with affiliates

Those are just several suggestions to broaden your reach. Explore further and brace techniques that suit your goals and targeted affiliates the most.


  • Why is affiliate recruitment important?

Affiliate recruitment is a great way for brands to reach and tap into new audiences within their niches. As affiliates help promote their products or services, they can reach higher sales and revenue.

  • How do you attract affiliates?

There are diverse tactics that help you attract affiliates. Ensure your programs are attractive and  the signup process is simple. In addition, consider showcasing affiliate success stories, offering dedicated support and communication, etc.

  • How do you recruit high-quality affiliates?

To find high-quality affiliates, you need to define your ideal affiliates first. Then, target them through multiple channels such as direct outreach, affiliate networks, social media platforms, conferences, etc. Ensure you carefully consider and evaluate before accepting any affiliates to join your program.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, building a dream team of affiliates takes time and dedication. We hope our guide will help you step out of the challenges of how to recruit affiliates.

Remember that quality matters. A dozen qualified affiliates who understand your niche are far better than a hundred less dedicated and passionate ones.

As you’re armed with fresh insights, seek potential partners to take your business to new heights. Good luck with your recruitment!

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