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Top 20+ Best Shopify Apps to Boost Sales

Starting a Shopify store can be an exhilarating experience. Finally, your dream of becoming an entrepreneur is about to come true. Your hopes are high, and you are super excited. But those hopes can be quickly ...

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Starting a Shopify store can be an exhilarating experience. Finally, your dream of becoming an entrepreneur is about to come true. Your hopes are high, and you are super excited.

But those hopes can be quickly dashed when you realize how hard making sales on Shopify can be, especially when starting.

If you have been struggling to make sales on your Shopify website, you are not alone – even veteran merchants still struggle with that.

But, there is good news. There are many apps you can use to boost sales for your eCommerce business. These apps can help you grow your website traffic, convert that traffic into sales, and grow your business.

In this post, we will review the best Shopify apps guaranteed to help you grow your sales and generate more revenue.

Let’s get right into it!

20+ Best Shopify Apps to Get More Sales

We will be kicking things off by reviewing the best apps to convert traffic into sales.

1. Adoric

Did you know that according to Statista, the average conversion rate of eCommerce websites globally was about 2.2% in 2020? And that figure hasn’t changed much till now.

That’s low, isn’t it?

This explains why you are not getting enough sales despite your website’s sizable traffic.

But Adoric can help.

Adoric is a popup builder app for Shopify that makes it easy to add eye-catching and converting popups, slide-in displays, and sticky bars on your website.

You can capture your visitors’ email addresses and turn them into subscribers with these popups. Also, you can use them to promote your sales offers, win back visitors attempting to leave your website, generate more sales, etc.

What types of popups can you create with Adoric?

Exit-intent popups, cart recovery popups, spin-to-win popups, etc.

The best part is that you don’t have to write any code or higher a designer, thanks to Adoric’s easy-to-use design editor.

2. GemPages

GemPages is a powerful page builder that helps Shopify store build and customize their pages without code.

You can choose between picking from its extensive library of 80+ professional templates or drag and drop elements from scratch to create pages to your exact liking. Use animations and design features to create compelling experiences, wow your customers, boost sales, and more.

Besides design functionalities, GemPages is also one of the leading apps in initiatives that empower Shopify merchants to increase conversion rates with sales-boosting features like A/B testing and Instant Landing Pages.

A free plan is available with access to all design elements. Paid plan starts from $29/month.

3. UpPromote Affiliate & Referral

UpPromote is an affiliate marketing app for Shopify that makes it easy to set up and run affiliate marketing programs without any hassle.

With our app, you can create affiliate links and send them to your affiliate partners, track clicks and purchases from those links, customize your affiliate program however you want it, etc. The coolest part is the Customer referral feature, which allows your customers to promote your products without the need of joining any affiliate program. It helps you boost sales with positive word-of-mouth as well as connect to your loyal customers.

It also makes it easy to set up an MLM marketing campaign to promote your business. To recruit more affiliates, the highlight feature of UpPromote is UpPromote Marketplace where you can find the affiliate’s profiles and free list your offers here.

Did we forget to mention that you can start for free and grow as your business expands?

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4. Nudgify

Nudgify increases your sales with Social Proof and FOMO notifications (“Nudges”). Nudges turn your real-time store data (such as recent orders and low stock levels) into persuasive pop-up messages automatically.

You can display Nudges that show recent sales (“Sales Pops”), low stock levels, order deadlines, free delivery and discount offers, and more. You can also write your own message and display it in a Custom Nudge.

Nudges show online shoppers that your store is a buzzing place, entice them to buy from you, and give them a reason to complete their purchase now rather than later. This helps you turn more visitors into customers and reduce basket abandonment.

You can customize the Nudges to match your brand, choose from 17 languages, and track the success of your Nudges with built-in analytics. The app is free to install, and we offer a forever free plan that allows you to display up to 1,000 notifications per month. If you want to show more, you can choose to upgrade to one of our paid plans (from $9/month).

5. B2B Portal/ Net Terms

B2B Portal/Net Terms allow you to create bundle kits effortlessly. This app includes comprehensive custom pricing, and quantity breaks B2B solutions. You can create product bundle kits easily without duplicates, sync bundled products and fulfill bundle orders. This is extremely useful when creating a bundle with various selectable options.

Two other remarkable features of B2B Portal/ Net Terms are Net Terms and Bundle Kit. This app allows customers to pay within a particular period, such as Net15/30/45/60/90. With the Net Terms feature, you can select clients to create an unpaid order directly from their shopping cart.

In addition, you can rapidly view the entire product inventory using the Quick Orders/ Bulk Order feature. Besides, the app also allows you to add numerous things to the cart or checkout directly from the Quick Order page.

The app offers a 14-day free trial and a forever free plan for all features. If you want to open more advanced features for your B2B store, our paid plan starts from $5/month.

6. LitExtension

LitExtension is the leading cart-to-cart migration solution with 10+ years of experience in the data migration sphere. LitExtension can help migrate all types of data, including products, customers, and orders, from an eCommerce platform to a more robust one. All data types, from Database Dump, CSV Files, XML Files and other special data types, are supported.

The solution always puts its customers at its core, providing a seamless and secure data migration process. Within only three steps, all your data will be migrated properly to the new platform.

Highlight features: 

  • 140+ Platforms are Supported
  • Demo Migration is Available
  • Hassle-free Setup
  • Secure Data Migration Process
  • Unlimited Free Re-Migrations
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • Keep Your Store Going Steadily During Migration

7. LitCommerce

LitCommerce is a multichannel management tool that helps store owners list and sell their products on the top global marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, Walmart, Facebook, and many more. Built by the team LitExtension – the #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert, LitCommerce is the determination to empower entrepreneurs further to efficiently grow their eCommerce businesses.

Some of the notable features for multichannel sellers such as bulk listing, real-time sync, and advanced customization.

  • Multichannel Connect: Effortlessly connect with multiple sales channels and manage inventory, prices, and orders within a single dashboard. No technical skill is required.
  • LitCommerce QuickGrid: A spreadsheet-style interface lets you view, edit and manage all listings on a single screen. You can edit products individually or in filtered groups and create rules to bulk-update products with Templates and Recipes.
  • LitCommerce LiveSync: Establishes a near-instant sync of product listing, orders, pricing, and inventory between your store and your sales channels.
  • Integrated Order Flow: Import your sales channel orders directly into your eCommerce platform’s orders page. You can manage and process orders effectively in one place.

LitCommerce provides a variety of pricing options to meet the needs of customers (from $0 – $149). To decide on the pricing plan, you need to determine the number of products in the central catalog of users and the number of orders received per month.

8. Wholesale Pricing Discount

With the Wholesale Pricing Discount app, you can maximize your Shopify sales by selling to retail as well as wholesale customers from your single Shopify store. This app lets you offer multiple types of discounts and offers some great features such as Volume discounts, Quantity breaks, Individual variant pricing, percentage discount and flat discount, wholesale shipping rates, net payment terms and much more.

Unlike any other Shopify wholesale apps available in the Shopify app store, Wholesale Pricing Discount allows you to either customize your current theme’s code to display the wholesale prices to your B2B customers OR let’s you create a dedicated wholesale section with applied discounts and link this store in your Shopify store’s main navigation (as a menu item)

The Wholesale Pricing Discount app is available for 21-day free trial and then it’s just $19.99/month. So, drop the plan of upgrading to Shopify Plus and try the Wholesale Pricing Discount.

9. Boost Commerce: Product Filter & Search

For effective search and filtering on Shopify, use Product Filter & Search by Boost Commerce. It offers Shopify merchants strong product filter trees, a selection of options and display settings, intelligent search capabilities for hyper-relevant results, practical tools for site search merchandising, and analytical reports that show customer habits.

Get a 14-day free trial of Boost Product Filter & Search now with no credit card needed to leverage your online business. Access to our sophisticated filter, intelligent search, merchandising to increase AOVs, and analytical analytics of consumer activity is available.

As a result, you will employ a wide range of powerful capabilities for a variety of tasks, including product filtering, search engine optimization, search merchandising, on-site behavior analysis, and many others. All to make it easier for customers to quickly and painlessly find the proper products.

10. VS Ali Reviews Product Reviews

In eCommerce parlance, getting good product reviews is a good way to generate more sales.

If you think this is false, just look at AliExpress reviews and Google reviews.

Research has shown that displaying reviews, testimonials, or even customers’ social media posts increases your sales by about 30 to 40 percent.

Now, facts don’t lie, do they?

That is why we recommend you the best Shopify review app — VStar Ali Reviews Product Reviews app.

Vstar helps you turn Social proof (from reviews and other user-generated content like photos and videos) to become the most effective marketing material, and level up your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement!

Vstar has all the features you need, you can import photo/video reviews from any platform, and manage all the reviews easily. Pick the best reviews to show up on your product page and other places as you want. You could also use the discount code and Email/SMS after-sales management to turn every customer into a return customer.

Vstar also has the best first-class technical service support, you don’t need to worry about anything!

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Widget installation & CSS customization

Let UGC boost your sales today!

11. BOGO+ Free Gift With Purchase

BOGO+ is a powerful boost sale app that turns visitors into customers and helps you win the conversion rate game effortlessly. With various promotion types, including BOGO, Buy X Get Y, Flash Sale, Free Gift with Purchase, and Volume Discount, this app provides a range of options to attract and engage customers.

The customizable widgets, such as countdown timers, offer tables, header banners, and product badges, make your promotions even more enticing. Launching multiple promotion campaigns is a breeze with its user-friendly interface.

Plus, BOGO+ provides advanced features that other boost sales apps don’t have. You can set up unlimited levels for Buy X Get Y campaign, mix & match variants for Buy X Get X and Volume Discount campaigns. Flexibly choose between Auto add or Manually add to configure the campaign.

BOGO+ gives you a 7-day free trial with unlimited features to experience the app entirely. Paid plan starts from $9.85/month.

12. Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist

In the digital world, where customer choices are endless, how do you ensure they come back to your store? The answer is Growave’s loyalty program. 

Growave transforms your Shopify store into a loyalty hotspot, making every purchase, referral, and interaction a rewarding experience. Crafted to amplify customer engagement, Growave allows you to set up enticing reward systems, cashback offers, and exclusive loyalty perks, ensuring your customers have every reason to return. 

Harness the power of incentivized shopping and see customers not only return but also become brand advocates. Dive into insightful analytics and fine-tune your loyalty offers for optimal results. 

Experience the simplicity of Growave’s seamless integration; no technical know-how is needed. From point systems to special occasion bonuses, cater to your customers like never before. 

Secure your brand’s place in your customer’s hearts with Growave. Plans suitable for every store size, from budding startups to market leaders. Elevate loyalty, elevate growth.

13. ZipChat.ai | AI Sales Chatbot

Zipchat AI is the best sales and support chatbot for ecommerce. Businesses also use it for lead generation and handling customer queries from web visitors. Its AI converts on average at 12.4% Chat-to-Sale, meaning if you are selling products online, about 1 in every 8 people engaging with the Chat will turn into a buyer. Zipchat AI is able to proactively engage visitors at the right moment, depending on how they are behaving on your website. It integrates natively with Shopify through its app, where there are only 5-star reviews. It can also be installed on Woocommerce, WordPress, PrestaShop, and any other CMS.

Zipchat AI affiliate program pays 30% recurring on every plan, even upgrades for 12 months. Plans start at $49 per month, but since the pricing is based on usage, bigger merchants pay a monthly subscription in the thousands of dollars, making the recurring commission really interesting for Affiliates.

Commission Rate: 30% recurring
Length: 12-Months
Cookie Duration: 60 Days
Payout method: Bank Wire
Product/Services: AI Chatbot for Ecommerce, AI Chatbot for Shopify, AI Chatbot for Lead Genearation
Network: FirstPromoter – In-Houser

14. Retainful

Retainful is an excellent app for increasing sales and revenue for your shopify store. This robust email marketing automation software helps to recover abandoned carts and convert them to sales with the help of cart recovery emails. Besides these, you can set up various post-purchase email campaigns and boost your Word of mouth sales with a Referral program. The intuitive dashboard lets you track and measure your email marketing campaigns effortlessly.


  • Customer Journey Builder
  • Built-in Email templates.
  • Dynamic discount coupons.
  • Drag and Drop email editor
  • Unlimited cart recovery emails
  • Post-purchase emails
  • Real-time analytics

The subscription plan starts at just $19 per month.

15. RecurrinGO! Subscriptions

RecurrinGO! Subscriptions is a Shopify subscription app that allows store owners to create and manage subscriptions in just few clicks. The app provides a range of features to help merchants increase their subscription revenue, including automatic charges and recurring invoices.

One of the key benefits of RecurrinGO is its fully customizable design, which allows adjusting the subscription widget design to match the store’s branding. Besides multiple design customization options, RecurrinGO! offer intuitive customer portal, comprehensive analytics, flexible discount options, as well as cancellation and dunning management.

There’s a free plan that charges a 3% transaction fee on every order with a subscription item. All paid plans can be tested during a 14-day free trial.

16. Relish AI:

Hiring and training 24/7 sales and support teams can be expensive and time-consuming. It can take weeks or months. With Relish AI, you can have an army of intelligent sales and support chatbots trained and ready in a day.

Relish AI is your one app solution to sales and supports automation.


  1. Reduce your response time.
  2. Instant answers with conversational FAQs.
  3. Engage and assist your customers at every stage.
  4. Automate simple and repetitive tasks to free up resources and assets.

Want a demo to see Relish AI in action ?  Start your 14-day trial now

17. Privy

Privy is another app that can help you convert your website visitors into subscribers and customers.

Like Adoric, Privy also allows you to create enticing popups to capture leads and promote your sales offers.

It comes with many other interesting features such as cross-sell modals, coupon generator, A/B testing, campaign triggers, and more.

Privy also allows sending automated texts to customers that abandoned their carts to get them back to complete their purchase.

18. Zotabox 20+ Promotional Sales Tools

Get all of your promotional tools like popups, banners, upsell, coupons, timers, add to cart buttons, reviews etc in just one app. Increase your sales automatically and easily.

No need to install multiple apps. Save money and reduce loading speed of multiple apps.

Zotabox is also integrated with 20 Email Marketing Services to grow your email subscriber lists.

Take the 30 day free trial and track your conversions today.

19. YotPo SMS Marketing

SMS marketing can work well in helping you win customers and sales when used properly. And this is what the YotPo SMS marketing app comes into play as one of the best Shopify apps to boost sales.

YotPo allows you to send automated SMS to customers who started the checkout process but never completed it to get them back to complete their purchase. On top of that, YotPo makes it easy for you to add social opt-in, floating buttons, and popups to your Shopify website.

In addition to that, YotPo makes it possible for you to add emojis and GIFs to text messages, send messages to the right people and at the right time, track your SMS campaign, etc.

As for pricing, YotPo is free to install. You will only pay $0.015 each time you send a message to a customer in the US.

20. Shopify Email 

Shopify Email is a free app from Shopify that allows merchants to create stunning email messages without writing any code.

It comes with lots of email templates you can edit and customize to your heart’s content, saving you the trouble and stress of building from scratch.

What’s more, Shopify email makes it easy to segment your mailing list, import customer list into Shopify, and send branded messages to new subscribers, all with a few clicks of the button.

As you would expect, this app is free to install, and you can send as many as 10,000 emails every month for free. When you exceed that limit, you will pay $1 for every additional 1,000 emails you send.

21. Judge.me Product Reviews

If you are struggling to make sales, there is a good chance that the reason is that customers don’t trust your store well enough to want to buy.

One good way to solve that problem and make it easy for them to trust your store is by displaying reviews on your website.

This is where Judge.me app comes into play.

With Judge.me, you can conveniently boost your Shopify sales by displaying social proof in the form of testimonials and product reviews on your website.

The coolest part is that this app allows you to embed photos and videos into customers’ reviews and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

22. Instagram & Facebook Marketing 

From the name, you could easily tell what this app is about – and yes, you are right.

Instagram & Facebook marketing is an app that makes it easy for you to promote your products on your favourite social media channels and generate sales.

It comes with an A.I tool that makes it easy for you to schedule your post and publish them without any hassle.

This app supports a lot of integrations, some of which include Pinterest, WhatsApp, Google Ads, WordPress, and a long list of others.

How much does using this app cost?

You can start for free if you plan to post less than 30 times per month. If more, you’d have to upgrade to the Pro plan, and it costs $10/month.

23. Abandonment Protector

Shopping cart abandonment is a serious problem in the eCommerce space. A study by the Baymard Institute has shown that 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts without reaching final checkout.

If you have cart abandonment issues on your website, the Abandonment Protector app can help.

With this app, you can automatically send emails to customers that abandoned their carts and allow them to check out right in the email.

It lets you send pending orders, thank you, new offers, etc., emails to your customers.

In addition to that, the Abandonment Protector app comes with many email templates that make it easy to build out email campaigns without starting from scratch.

24. Loyalty, Rewards, and Referrals 

Another best Shopify apps to boost your sales and grow your business is Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals by Rivo by giving your customers reasons to give you their loyalty. Loyal customers are pure gold – not only will they bring repeat purchases, but they will also refer their friends to your store.

The Loyalty, Reward, and Referrals app is the go-to Shopify app for merchants looking to build loyalty with their customers.

It makes it easy to set up a loyalty and reward program to boost engagement and get lots of repeat sales.

This app offers 24/7 support and allows you to customize your loyalty program however you wish.

As for pricing, you can start for free and upgrade to the paid plans as your business grows.

25. Tidio Live Chat

Did you know that adding a live chat feature can improve your bottom line? The reason is that when you make it easy for prospective customers to reach you via live chat, they will naturally want to buy from your store.

This is why you need the Tidio Live Chat App.

With this app, you can add live chat, email, messenger, and chatbot features to your Shopify website with a few clicks.

The chatbot feature makes it easy to offer your customers 24/7 chat support even while you are asleep. How cool is that?

The coolest part is that you can start using this app for free and start paying as your business grows.

26. SEO Booster

Would you like to improve the visibility of your website on Google to generate more traffic? SEO booster is your best bet.

With the SEO Booster app, you can easily optimize the website’s site map, images, meta tags, and product URLs, allowing Google crawl bots to find your store easily.

What’s more, this app allows you to make your website load faster. And the faster your website loads, the higher it will rank on Google.

Like the Tidio app, SEO booster also offers 24/7 support, and you can start on the free plan if you are looking to test the waters.

27. Thank You Email Marketing Tool

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send an automated ‘Thank you” email to your customers anytime they make a purchase or subscribe to your mailing list?

Sure it would! For one thing, it will help boost customer loyalty and confidence.

This is what the Thank You Email Marketing Tool is all about. (One of the best Shopify apps to boost sales for sure).

With this app, you can send automated emails to your customers to express your gratitude for their patronage, notify them of a successful delivery, and more.

It is easy to install and use – you don’t have to be an email marketing guru to make the most of it.

28. Stamped Product Reviews 

Collecting reviews from your customers and publishing them to your website just got easier, thanks to the Stamped Product Reviews app.

With this app, you can motivate your customers to write reviews and add videos/photos to them.

It is easy to set up, allows you to add customer attributes, and offers lots of display widgets.

29. Easy Facebook & Instagram Ads

Setting up and running Facebook ads for your Shopify store can be exhausting and time-consuming. The Easy Facebook & Instagram Ads by Sixads seek to relieve you of that stress by allowing you to automatically run ads effectively.

With this app, you can easily set up re-targeting ad campaigns to get back visitors who visited your store without buying anything.

Interestingly, this app offers expert PPC support, allowing you to make the most of your Google ads.

What’s more, it comes with several ad templates you can easily edit and customize the way you want.

The Easy Facebook & Instagram Ads app is free to install.


So there you have it; the best Shopify apps to boost your sales and grow your business beyond measure.

We hope you found them helpful. Also, check the best shipping apps to save time & money.

If you did, be kind enough to share.

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