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The 7 Best Binary Options Affiliate Programs for 2024

The financial market is always a lucrative niche to affiliate with, especially binary options affiliate programs. Although these platforms are somewhat controversial, earning RED-listing by the US and many of its allies, these trading programs remain ...

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Binary options affiliate programs

The financial market is always a lucrative niche to affiliate with, especially binary options affiliate programs.

Although these platforms are somewhat controversial, earning RED-listing by the US and many of its allies, these trading programs remain a wise choice for individuals. After all, few trading methods are as simple and low-risk as binary options.

So, how do you pick a legit program and let you earn higher-than-usual commissions? We sorted everything, so you don’t need to. Here are seven excellent programs with highly paid offers to check.

Binary Options Affiliate Programs. Check Out These 7 Best Offers

IQ Option 

Binary Options Affiliate Programs 1

IQ Option might have entered the trading industry in 2013, but it has proven its mettle (and hardcore determination) among experienced traders.

Yes, traders don’t need to shell out a fortune to profit from this platform. And if people are greenhorns to investing, IQ Option’s demo mode should drum interest and fuel the drive to invest.

It has a bit of everything, from the traditional stocks to more stable commodities, more rewarding indices & ETFs, and even the largely speculative, high-risk game of crypto trading. And if you’re into the forex niche, IQ Option has your back.

Of the many binary options platforms available, IQ Option is one of the worthiest to sign up with.


How about a 50% share of the revenues from a broker’s trading team?

And since it’s available worldwide (175 countries) and pays through multiple payment channels, we don’t see why an affiliate would look the other way.

  • Commission: Up to 50%, three-tiered
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Binary Cent

Binary Options Affiliate Programs 2

Binary Cent is one of the most popular affiliate programs for beginners and veterans, and we’ll tell you why.

Its monetary rewards are more attractive than IQ Option. Did you know you could earn 65% commission from the initial deposit of 10-49 people you drive to Binary Cent? And if they continue trading (adding more money to their account), that’s an extra 20% for you.

And if your persuasive powers are spot-on, bringing at least 50 investors, that’s 70% on the initial deposit and a generous 20% on succeeding add-ons.

Don’t worry if you cannot hit ten folks because this platform still gives you 60%+20%. Now that’s a recurring income no one should disregard.

Our only lament is its $250 minimum deposit. In hindsight, that’s good news for you!

Receiving a hefty paycheck or fattening your bank account should be easy.

  • Commission: Up to 70% initial, 20% succeeding, three-tiered
  • Cookie Lifespan: Revealed once accepted

Olymp Trade

Binary Options Affiliate Programs 4

Olymp Trade is almost similar to IQ Option. It has an uncluttered user interface and easy-to-navigate elements. This platform makes binary trading more convenient, even for greenhorns.

We mentioned an uncanny similarity to IQ Option. And that’s because this platform has nearly identical binary options assets, from forex to stocks.

Interestingly, this trading platform offers several exciting deals and programs. And you can communicate these perks to followers, readers, viewers, and visitors. That will get them to join.

Risk-free deals should dampen the worries of first-time traders, while OlympTrade’s VIP program should make seasoned buyer-sellers feel they’re the Kings of the Hill.

This trading company shares up to 60% of its revenues with affiliates. Although unclear, the minimum revenue share is 50%. It’s still significant because it’s at par with IQ Option.

Also noteworthy is OlympTrade’s “Cost-per-Action” starting at $30.


  • Commission: 50% to 60%
  • Cookie Lifespan: Revealed once accepted


Binary Options Affiliate Programs 5

Becoming a successful trader must start somewhere. Having a partner who “knows the way” and is willing to show it helps.

Unsurprisingly, beginner traders love Binomo, a platform that lets you trade for only $1. And if newbies turn to highly active traders, their earnings can grow exponentially.

Binomo wins our approval for its no-nonsense approach to investing. The trading platform’s “smart organization” and responsive elements make navigating menus and tabs enjoyable.

The best part? Newbies receive $10,000 to “play” in a low-stakes, high-learning opportunity demo mode.

Affiliates won’t feel shortchanged because Binomo rewards a hefty three-tiered commission topping at 70%.

Promotional materials overflow, proving Binomo’s attitudes towards the people bringing them the business. It also has an affiliate manager directing an affiliate support team, ensuring the most productive marketing campaign.

We couldn’t say “no” to that. Neither should any affiliate.

  • Commission: Up to 70%, three-tiered
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Race Option

Binary Options Affiliate Programs 6

Race Option is another binary options broker worth affiliating with this year. It has several assets to invest in, ultra-fast withdrawals processing, and 24/7 trading.

This platform’s financial transactions methods (deposits and withdrawals) are also noteworthy, giving traders the convenience they demand from such programs.

Even beginners appreciate the Race Option’s trader guidance program, allowing them to learn the basics and tricks to advance.

Like IQ Option, Race Option features a wide range of trading assets, including commodities, indices, stocks, and foreign exchange.

It’s the perfect platform for playing a simple “yes-or-no” game with excellent monetary rewards. For example, traders could bet on Apple, Microsoft, TATA, HSBC, Coca-Cola, BP, and other stock indices. Getting their investment’s worth should be easy.

Race Option’s affiliate rewards are surprisingly simple, which could potentially “scare” some marketers. Unlike other programs with a tiered scheme, this platform only provides a flat 20%.

We still think it’s commendable.

  • Commission: 20% per lead single-tier
  • Cookie Lifespan: Revealed once accepted


Binary Options Affiliate Programs 7

Becoming an ExpertOption affiliate partner makes sense for many because the platform offers at least two reward systems for marketers.

Its revenue-sharing scheme is attractive enough to make affiliates’ dreams a reality. ExpertOptions also provides a Cost-per-Action approach to rewarding its affiliates. And that amount is a convincing $1,000.

But that’s not the only ace up ExpertOption’s sleeve. Its cookies last a lifetime, too.

So, what’s affiliate marketing with ExpertOption like?

Communicating with like-minded folks is easy with this program’s affiliate dashboard. You’ll receive real-time notifications and avail support anytime. Tracking performance is also a cinch.

The program’s variety of assets is commendable, spanning over 100. Unsurprisingly, over 45 million traders use the platform to generate wealth. Its multi-device compatibility is also noteworthy.

Unfortunately, ExpertOption isn’t available in some countries, such as the UK, EU, and the US.

So, if your audience is in the British Isles, you might want to consider other option UK affiliate programs.

  • Commission: Up to 70% in revenue sharing
  • Cookie Lifespan: Lifetime


Binary Options Affiliate Programs 8

Traders can have the best brokers, but still require dependable trading instruments to ensure traders make the correct decisions.

One such instrument is VFXAlert, a revolutionary technology that searches and indexes all relevant trading data into a single, seamless platform regardless of brokerage. It’s like your spy, surveilling the market and noting changes warranting your attention.

VFXAlert is a surefire way to guarantee a “productive” source of income.

Even newbies can learn from the program’s intuitive demo mode, allowing them to make mistakes and learning from them. So, when they’re up on the trading platform with real money, they’ll use VFXAlert’s reports to the fullest and with exceptional confidence.

VFXAlerts has three traders’ subscription plans ranging from $89 to $299, with a 30-day $39 test program. You can monetize these plans and enjoy other perks, including well-curated marketing collateral, affiliate support, and timely payouts across multiple channels.

The commission might be “less attractive” than the others in this list, but it can be complementary.

  • Commission: Up to 70% per sale
  • Cookie Lifespan: Revealed once accepted

What Are Binary Options Affiliate Programs and How Do They Work?

Alt-text: Image of a graph showing market movements on a binary trading platform by Behnam Norouzi on Unsplash.

Binary option affiliate programs are money-making strategies leveraging some people’s penchant for “betting” on a yes-or-no model. This trading type only has two options: you’re “in the money” or not. You win if your prediction is correct or lose otherwise.

Such a program works like a traditional marketing strategy, where a company employs marketing professionals to encourage or entice potential clients. The only difference with an affiliate system is the “marketers” aren’t under the organization’s official structure.

Hence, binary options affiliates are “outside help” or “outsourced” partners of companies or businesses offering such products.

The system works like a traditional marketing platform, save for a few variations.

An affiliate application kickstarts the process, allowing the marketer to establish a “nearly-formal” business relationship with the BO company. The brand gives promotional and marketing resources to the affiliate, who, in turn, uses the materials in various digital platforms (i.e., video channels, social media, blogs, and podcasts).

The marketer (like their traditional counterpart) creates high-quality, attractive content to draw more visitors to various channels. Affiliates place links and similar items strategically in the content, increasing the chances of visitors activating (or clicking) them.

If the visitor or audience activates the link, a special code opens the internet portal and transports the audience to the BO company’s website. And since we’re talking about two-sided options trading, the referral deposits (like IQ Option) or purchases a plan (like VFXAlert).

These actions are only possible because of the affiliate’s efforts to convince the customer. So, the BO company pays the marketer a share or commission.

Benefits of Becoming a Binary Options Affiliate

Alt-text: Image of a person deciding whether to buy or sell on a binary platform by Kelly Sikkerna on Unsplash.

Becoming an affiliate in this financial market sub-niche can provide the following benefits.

Grow more appreciative of a “simpler” trading model

The binary options industry offers one of the simplest trading models working on an “all-or-nothing” principle. The potential for win/loss is a 50/50 split. That makes it easy to understand and appreciate, even for greenhorns.

However, the more you promote these products, the more you appreciate their advantages over other trading methods. For instance, this model allows you to “limit” your losses, giving you control over other things.

The risk is ever-present (at 50%), but BOs won’t shock you with an unexpected (and unnecessary) surprise. And the trading platforms are also simpler, allowing you to learn the financial market’s ins and outs before progressing to the big league.

Boosts your income potential

Being an affiliate marketer for a binary option platform is financially rewarding. Looking at our featured programs, receiving a 4- to 5-digit paycheck is not only possible, but a reality.

Most programs share a commission from the client’s deposits. Suppose the referral puts $10,000 into the BO account, and the company pays 70% commission. A check worth $7,000 would be on your doorstep next payday.

Helps others move towards financial independence

Most folks want to trade, even with a simple “yes-no” model. After all, who doesn’t want financial security? With today’s ever-rising cost of living, every dollar (or whatever currency you use) counts.

Imagine showing people where to trade. And if they learn the basics, they’ll make the correct trading decisions. They could generate enough cash to finance a much-needed home renovation project or a long-overdue family vacation.

If referrals are anxious about investing, many programs offer demo accounts to build confidence. They will still be thankful to you for introducing these programs into their lives.

And that’s a compliment no financial reward can match.

What to Consider When Selecting Binary Options Affiliate Programs

Alt-text: Image of a person monitoring a binary option cryptocurrency movement by PiggyBank on Unsplash.

You can consider the following attributes when choosing a binary option program.

Company’s reputation

Most BO trading platforms don’t have the green light to operate in the US and other western countries because of “fraud.” For example, binary options trading platforms in the US must have a certification from the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

These legal impediments can make establishing a BO brand’s trustworthiness challenging, if not impossible.

Your alternative would be to examine the company’s regulatory license, customer complaints history (i.e., fraud allegations), and other “incidents” undermining its trustworthiness.

On the other hand, credible awards can be a good sign of a reputable BO brand.

Product attributes

Evaluating a trading product isn’t as easy as assessing a physical item. However, you can still examine these offerings based on several attributes.

For example, if the platform offers currency exchange, does it cover all currencies or only the major ones? How about stocks, commodities, and other instruments?

As for these products’ quality, we can only recommend reading customer experiences to determine their validity.

Affiliate compensation

Most BO programs offer a revenue sharing model, while some employ a cost-per-action approach. Different types of commissions vary in rates. So, we recommend studying these models carefully to pick the right program.

Moreover, some brands offer multiple commission tiers or levels based on sales volume. Others are content with leads, while a few require referrals to subscribe.

Support and other resources

This attribute is crucial for beginners or affiliates with limited BO knowledge. Check the program and see if it provides training, marketing materials, and other support resources.

For example, does the BO brand assign a team or manager to support and guide you in planning and mounting an effective affiliate campaign?


How to earn a commission from binary options affiliate programs?

You can earn money from affiliate marketing binary option programs by driving as many referrals to the company as possible. Because affiliate platforms are performance-focused, your earnings hinge on the output.

Create meaningful blogs, videos, and other digital content focusing on these programs to generate interest and boost audience’s confidence to “buy” or “trade.” Don’t forget to include affiliate links, banners, and promo codes to entice potential customers.

How can I promote binary options affiliate programs to my customers?

Several methods of promoting binary option platforms to a target audience exist. The most common method is publishing binary option-centric articles on blogs or websites. This channel leverages a blog’s audience, and if you play SEO well, it could benefit from organic traffic.

Posting “friendlier” or more “upbeat” information about binary options on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other social media platforms can also improve BO promotions.

Updating your email lists and SMS recipients with the latest binary option offerings also makes sense. So does producing high-quality, engaging YouTube videos.

Alt-text: Image of a woman deciding whether to call or put in a binary option trading by Daniel Dan on Unsplash.


Affiliating with a binary option program can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not careful who to sign up with. It’s worth pointing out that many people trade on these platforms despite increasing regulatory crackdowns.

And that says something loud. You can inform audiences (“educate” them if you please) about trading in trustworthy and reputable businesses, not shady ones.

The programs we shared are an excellent start, but you must keep updating your followers to build trust. They’ll still have your back if this endeavor turns south.

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