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Top 12 Best Boating Affiliate Programs for 2024

Boating is a popular recreational activity for individuals of all ages. It’s an excellent way to chill out, enjoy the outdoors, and have a thrilling experience. You can become a boating affiliate if you like boating ...

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Boating affiliate programs

Boating is a popular recreational activity for individuals of all ages. It’s an excellent way to chill out, enjoy the outdoors, and have a thrilling experience. You can become a boating affiliate if you like boating and want to earn passive money.

You can make money with boat affiliate programs by marketing boating goods and services on your web blog or social media accounts.

There are several boating affiliate programs accessible, so it is crucial to choose those that are appropriate for your audience.

In this post, we’ll review the top boating affiliate programs for 2024 that you should join to promote and boost your income potential.

12 Best Boating Affiliate Programs to Earn Big for 2024


Boating Affiliate Programs 1

Boatbookings is one of the world’s top online yacht charter brokers. The organization rents out beautiful boats to its clients to make their company occasions unforgettable.

It also serves consumers who wish to take sailing or motorboat holidays. The firm is in the United Kingdom, although it delivers services worldwide.

The Boatbookings affiliate program pays affiliates a commission for each new and repeat client they suggest. The firm offers a generous 20% commission for introducing a new client and a 10% incentive for referring a returning customer.

They then develop an increasing fee for affiliates who produce recurring customers or a significant number of clients. This affiliate program’s cookie duration is 30 days. The firm provides affiliates with real-time commission monitoring and reporting.

To be eligible for the program, you need to have a website with your target audiences interested in yacht chartering or a similar niche, such as luxury items, concierge services, or vacations. The affiliate program poses no risk or expense to you.

  • Commission rate: 20% commission on new customers, 10% commission on returning customers
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Bank transfer
  • Products/services: Luxury yacht charter, crewed super yachts, and sailing or motor yacht vacations.
  • Network: Direct


Better Boat

Boating Affiliate Programs 2

Better Boat is an online family-run company specializing in safety gear, accessories, and boat maintenance items. Better Boat’s soap, polish, wax, and cleaning equipment are necessities for every boat owner, assuring affiliates’ repeat purchases.

Better Boat has over 500,000 delighted customers and provides free delivery for purchases over $25 and a money-back guarantee.

By signing up for the Better Boat affiliate program, you can earn a 12% commission on every sale during the 21-day cookie window. You can join this affiliate program through the Refersion affiliate network.

Affiliate commissions are paid as long as you have a $10 minimum balance and 30 days after the transaction.

Better Boat is seeking affiliates with engaged followings, such as high-traffic blogs, YouTubers, and social media influencers with a following of at least 1,000.

  • Commission rate: 12% base commission on all purchases
  • Cookie duration: 21 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Trolley, or gift card
  • Products/services: Boat cleaning products and boat accessories
  • Network: Refersion


Marine Products

Boating Affiliate Programs 3

Marine Products has a broad range of boat components, nautical hardware, life jackets, and other accessories. They are among the top five water sports dealers in the United States due to the high quality of their products.

The Marine Products affiliate program is well-designed and appeals to beginners and specialists:

  • 8% equals to $1-$999
  • 9% equals to $1000-$2,499
  • 10% equals to $2,500-$7,499
  • 11% equals to $7,500-$14,999
  • 12% equals to $15,000-$24,999
  • 13% equals to $25,000 + month

AvantLink, one of the most well-known brands in the affiliate marketing business, manages Marine Products’ affiliate program. Moreover, this affiliate program offers a cookie duration of 120 days.

With a $250 minimum purchase, it may seem like you’re putting in much work for little compensation. This is true until you understand that their sales volume is among the greatest in the business.

As an affiliate, you’ll also get unique access to the Marine Products’ marketing material, tracking tools, etc.

  • Commission rate: Up to 13% commission on sales
  • Cookie duration: 120 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Direct deposit/ACH, wire transfer
  • Products/services: Boating gear, water sport equipment, accessories
  • Network: AvantLink


Wholesale Marine

Boating Affiliate Programs 4

The following business is Wholesale Marine, a developing merchant of premium boating gear at reasonable costs.

Boat coverings, boat parts, boat anchors, dock lines,  boat hooks, fishing equipment, boat lights, switches & panels, engine accessories, seats, and hundreds of other items are available.

They include items from market leaders such as Attwood, WISE, Bennett Marine, and Solas. Their website has over 150,000 SKUs, and their Buyer’s Guides make shopping simple for all consumers.

The Wholesale Marine affiliate program provides commission rates varying from 2% to 5% per purchase, depending on the item bought. It also offers a 14-day cookie window. You must create an AvantLink account for the dedicated program management to sign up for the program.

After joining this affiliate program successfully, you can access official banners, text links, product data feeds, and a dedicated affiliate support staff.

  • Commission rate: 2-5% commission based on items ordered
  • Cookie duration: 14 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Direct deposit/ACH, wire transfer
  • Products/services: Quality boating parts and supplies
  • Network: AvantLink


Sea Eagle

Boating Affiliate Programs 5

Sea Eagle is the first firm that comes to mind when people talk or think of inflatable boats, kayaks, and SUPs.

Sea Eagle is famous for producing and developing some of the most significant low-cost boating alternatives to high-priced solutions. However, their typical order is about $650, which makes your commissions profitable.

Sea Eagle has used with AvantLink to establish one of the most outstanding luxury yacht affiliate programs available today.

The Sea Eagle affiliate program offers a commission rate of 9% on each sale (excluding outboard motors, solar panels, and Scotty products). Furthermore, it also provides a 120-day cookie window.

They also provide tools and resources to support you in marketing their program and expanding conversion rates.

Furthermore, all orders are processed in just one business day. You may earn your commission by taking advantage of the various promos and unique material they provide. Sea Eagle also accepts PPC advertisements if you adhere to the brand’s rules.

  • Commission rate: 9% commission on every sale
  • Cookie duration: 120 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Direct deposit/ACH, wire transfer
  • Products/services: Inflatable SUPs, inflatable boat, inflatable kayaks, and canoes
  • Network: AvantLink



Boating Affiliate Programs 6

Cabela’s offers a wide range of outdoor gear, including electronics, motors, and accessories, that is both elegant and tough.

Cabela’s was established in 1961 by brothers Dick and James and was acquired by outdoor gear behemoth Bass Pro Shops in 2017.

Take advantage of Cabela’s sliding commission structure by signing up through Impact Radius. It pays 1% on firearms and guns, 2% on rimfire ammo, ammunition skus, and ammunition category, and 3% on all other products.

Additionally, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to reel in revenue thanks to the 14-day cookie window. When promoting their products, don’t forget to highlight that they offer free shipping.

Sales promos will also be available to affiliates, raising your conversion rate. You will be able to market their products more quickly thanks to their pre-written material. It also has its own affiliate management team.

  • Commission rate: Up to 5% commission on sales
  • Cookie duration: 14 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer
  • Products/services: Marine electronics, trolling motors, kayaks & canoes, boat accessories
  • Network: Impact


Sailing Europe

Boating Affiliate Programs 7

Sailing Europe is a well-known organization that offers boat rental services in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Atlantic, and other places. By selecting SailingEurope, you can simply arrange your sailing vacation without additional expenses.

The company offers sailing vacations in several locations, such as Greece, Croatia, France, Italy, and Spain. Additionally, the corporation provides many boat kinds for its consumers to select from.

The Sailing Europe affiliate program pays its affiliates a fixed payment of €50 for each new sale generated through an affiliate link.

The cookie duration for this affiliate program is currently unknown. For sales made in the preceding month, commissions are paid monthly, with a €100 minimum.

With regard to this affiliate program, the business uses a pay-per-sale strategy. By going to Sailing Europe’s official website, you may sign up for the affiliate program. You’ll have access to various marketing resources, such as text links and banners if approved.

  • Commission rate: €50 per sale
  • Cookie duration: Revealed upon registration
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Products/services: Yacht charters
  • Network: Direct



Boating Affiliate Programs 8

With over half a million boaters, BoatUS is a massive association and enterprise. In addition to discounts both on and off the water, they have been offering towing services, informative and helpful boating information, and, last but not least, representation on Capitol Hill.

The group provides more than 700,000 members with various services and advantages, including the chance to save money at over 1,200 businesses and over 30 national partners.

Those who are interested in becoming affiliates can apply by completing an application and emailing it to their affiliate management team. That is the only option to join the program now, which is strange.

BoatUS has an internal affiliate program that pays on a sliding commission basis:

  • $10 per Basic Membership
  • $20 per Unlimited Freshwater Towing Membership
  • $25 per Unlimited Saltwater or Gold Towing Membership
  • Plus an additional $5 for customers who purchase Trailer Assist as part of their membership.

Your customers will adore BoatUS’s products and services even more if you run a website about boats and marine matters.

  • Commission rate: Up to $30 for every membership sale
  • Cookie duration: Revealed upon registration
  • Payment methods: Revealed upon registration
  • Products/services: Boat memberships, boat insurance, boat rentals, boat safety courses, and other boating-related products and services
  • Network: Direct



Boating Affiliate Programs 9

BoatWorld, as its name implies, is yet another comprehensive boat-related website that covers every aspect of boats, including their parts and applications.

Additionally, there is a limited selection of ATV hand mittens, motorcycle saddlebags, and side bags. They also provide caravan coverings for individuals who work on other fuel-powered equipment.

The company has been on the market since 1969 and has a stellar reputation in the marine industry.

To begin participating in the BoatWorld affiliate program, contact their customer service staff. The cookie life is 30 days, and they pay a 5% commission on every sale.

Affiliates can access promotional materials like banners, ad creatives, conversion tracking tools, and an affiliate management staff to assist them in attaining successful marketing outcomes.

  • Commission rate: 5% commission per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Revealed upon registration
  • Products/services: Boats, boat accessories, boat parts, boat maintenance services
  • Network: Direct


Bass Pro Shops

Boating Affiliate Programs 10

Bass Pro Shops sells items from national and local companies, as well as those made in-house. They not only sell boating equipment, but also camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

They also carry a nice selection of life jackets, marine gadgets, trolling motors, and other accessories. While promoting them on your website, be sure to showcase the variety of items they offer.

Their high-quality boat affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius. When signing up for the Bass Pro Shops affiliate program, you can get paid up to 5% commission on all purchases, and the cookie life is up to 14 days.

This program is intended for bloggers and influencers who lack the time to spend on their websites.

You can access product photographs, descriptions, and reviews, which you may use on your website. This will save you significant time spent developing all of the information from scratch.

  • Commission rate: Up to 5% of sales
  • Cookie duration: Up to 14 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer
  • Products/services: Outdoor sporting goods and accessories, including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and boating gear
  • Network: Impact



Boating Affiliate Programs 11

Outdoorplay is a well-known retailer of kayaks, kayak gear, climbing tools, and climbing supplies. Outdoorplay is very well-known in providing everything you’ll need to enjoy the great outdoors. Tents, climbing equipment, and kayaks are all included.

They utilize AvantLink, as do many other well-known affiliate programs. Although their commission rates begin modestly, they rise as affiliate performance improves.

Even the first low rates aren’t all that horrible, given their sizeable average order value. Top-performing affiliates may earn up to 15% in commissions. Their competitive commission rate is outstanding, owing to their large customer base.

The cookie window of this affiliate program is 120 days. You should also keep in mind that they do not vary between product categories; you get the same percentage of commission on anything you sell.

Affiliates will get access to a product data stream, text links, banners, and a previous support staff to assist them with promotional efforts. Outdoorplay also offers specials and promotions, as well as sales advice.

  • Commission rate: 8% commission on every sale, up to 15% for top-performing affiliates
  • Cookie duration: Up to 120 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Direct deposit/ACH, wire transfer
  • Products/services: A wide range of outdoor gear, including camping, backpacking, kayaking, climbing, and mountaineering equipment
  • Network: AvantLink


Cruise Direct

Boating Affiliate Programs 12

Cruise Direct is one of the most excellent websites for booking a cruise. Everyone can use the platform/website to pick from a variety of cruise providers as well as a variety of locations.

You can see how they have optimized their website with relevancy to enable consumers to have a better user experience when they visit Cruisedirect.com.

They have won several honors, including North America’s top cruise travel agency in 2020, the world’s leading travel agent in the same year, and more.

CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) manages its affiliate program, and affiliates are paid a 3% commission on all purchases. This program provides a cookie duration of 45 days. You will get credit for reservations made within the first 1/2 months following a customer’s visit.

Affiliates can also access additional resources such as banners, text advertising, and search boxes (widgets). Moreover, they intend to provide customized landing pages and banners for top-performing affiliates.

  • Commission rate: 3% of the commissionable cruise fare
  • Cookie duration: 45 days
  • Payment methods: Direct deposit, check, or Payoneer
  • Products/services: Cruises
  • Network: CJ Affiliate


Factors to Consider When Choosing Boating Affiliate Programs 

You must do research and pick the ideal boating affiliate program for you. Consider the following elements to improve your chances of success with boating affiliate programs:

Commission rate

If money is your primary motive for joining affiliate marketers, the payout rate given is the most important thing to consider when choosing an affiliate program.

Affiliate programs provide varying levels of commission rates. The greater the affiliate program commission rate, the more money you may potentially make on each purchase. A critical issue to consider is the program’s conversion rate.

Products and services

The kind of product you can promote via an affiliate program is also essential. Choosing a program that includes items with value and demand throughout the year is also critical.

Everyone, as you know, has a website, and hundreds of new websites are added every day. You must choose a limitless tool or technology.

Market competence

With so many affiliate programs available today, you must carefully analyze all of your alternatives and choose the one that best fits you. Examine the possibilities and repercussions of the program’s customer-facing offer critically. A little-known truth is that competitive product prices are directly proportional to conversion rates.

Market position

Before you invest in a product, be sure it has an impeccable market reputation. Choose an application with a negative reputation instead.

Conduct extensive study and market research. If available, read impartial and unbiased evaluations from current affiliates. Participate in a number of affiliate forums and blogs.

Cookie lifespan

The referral time is also known as the cookie length. This is the time period during which the advertiser rewards affiliates for client referrals. For example, if the program you are promoting has a cookie life of 30 days and a visitor you advised purchases 31 days after the first referral, you will not be compensated.

Option for payment

Another consideration is whether payments are made monthly or weekly. If you’re short on cash and need it fast, seek an affiliate program that processes late payments rapidly.

How to Promote These Boating Affiliate Programs Effectively? 

Consider applying the following tactics to promote boating affiliate programs and improve your earnings successfully:

Choose the appropriate niche

The first stage in establishing a successful affiliate marketing strategy is identifying a niche as a specific target market or a bigger audience. A market niche may be characterized by a shared interest or demographic, influencing product quality and price.

Here are some examples of boating niches: boating accessories, boating gear, boating lifestyle, boating electronics, or boating maintenance.

Create high-quality, relevant content

By developing exciting and informative content, you can attract a large amount of your target audience. You can share boating advice, reviews, guides, or location suggestions. To demonstrate, you can write a blog about the best destinations to boat in your countryside or make a video about selecting the most suitable boat for each demand.

Moreover, to improve the user experience, you may use high-quality graphics such as high-resolution photos and videos.

Use social media marketing

You can engage your audience on many social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. To broaden your reach, you should provide engaging content, use hashtags related to your topic, or work with boating influencers.

For example, you can partner with other boating content creators in the niche on Twitter by retweeting or mentioning their content. This will increase the amount of your account’s followers and interactions.

Optimize for search engines 

A powerful SEO(search engine optimization) strategy is essential. The more visitors your website receives, the better it will rank in search engines. Besides, SEO needs both mobile friendliness and keyword optimization.

For instance, you can use some SEO tools like Google Trend, Ahref, or SEMRush to see high-search-volume keywords, such as best fishing gear for boats.

Promote exclusive offers 

Offering exclusive discounts or promotions to your target audience is one of the best practical strategies to promote your boating affiliate programs. This method can encourage everybody to buy your company’s products from your affiliate links.

As an illustration, you can provide a discount on a specific boat model or free gear with purchase.

Wrapping up!

If you want to build a boating blog or a general marine items site that pays out generously every month, we strongly think you should look into the stated affiliate programs.

The boating industry has enormous potential, and market sizes will only grow over time. It’s time to put your best foot forward.

We hope you find this above list useful. Promoting boating affiliate programs is an excellent way to get passive money; you’ll appreciate how little effort is required.

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