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10+ Best Investing Affiliate Programs to Boost Income in 2024

Earning thousands of dollars monthly is possible with the finance niche’s best investing affiliate programs.  We say “possible” because everything depends on how well you understand these platforms’ unique requirements and their target audiences’ financial needs. While ...

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Investing Affiliate Programs

Earning thousands of dollars monthly is possible with the finance niche’s best investing affiliate programs. 

We say “possible” because everything depends on how well you understand these platforms’ unique requirements and their target audiences’ financial needs. While these programs offer lucrative compensation and reward, some platforms might only run after potential investors’ money.

No worries! We researched 11 of the most trustworthy (and high-paying) investing platforms to join this year across every affiliate level (beginner, advanced, or pro). That’s our vow.

Ready? Let’s start.

11 Investing Affiliate Programs Worth Joining in 2024 (Top Offers)


Investing Affiliate Programs 1

True to the legend of Sherwood Forest, Robinhood evens the playing field. Rich and poor can now invest in various platforms to realize their financial dreams.

The brainchild of Stanford classmates Baiju and Vlad, Robinhood is a brokerage company with a wide variety of investment offerings.

They have stocks (i.e., Amazon, Apple, and Tesla), exchange-traded funds (i.e., real estate, commodities, and index), and cryptocurrencies (i.e., Bitcoin and Ethereum). Robinhood even has individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to give your audiences peace of mind.

You can share Robinhood’s Portfolio Builder feature to your audiences to customize their investments.

Robinhood is an excellent affiliate program for digital creators, bloggers, publishers, podcasters, and influencers.

Not only will you enjoy generous commissions. You also get news, updates, insights, exclusive events access, and special offers all year round.

Becoming a Robinhood affiliate marketer is easy with this platform’s partnership with Impact Radius. However, note that Robinhood observes a $50 minimum withdrawal threshold.

  • Commission: Gold Membership; Sign Up: $50.00; Retirement Funding: $5.00; Funded Account: $20.00
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days


Money Metals Exchange

Investing Affiliate Programs 2

The name says it all! Money Metals Exchange is one of the most lucrative investing affiliate programs one can join. It’s a gold pot of earning opportunities for both clients and affiliates.

Stefan Gleason founded Money Metals Exchange in 2010, focusing on trading precious metals. Gleason envisioned a company that will end the abusive tactics of other industry players, robbing investors of their hard-earned cash by marking up their offerings by at least 50%.

Although gold, silver, and platinum remain Money Metals Exchange’s bread-and-butter, it has expanded to include other metals (i.e., palladium, copper, and rhodium), cryptos (i.e., Ethereum and Bitcoin), forex, crude oil, and stocks (i.e., S&P 500).

And if business owners need additional funding for their ventures, Money Metals offers a loan using precious metals as collateral. The process is fast, and the valuation is topnotch (as much as 75%).

Can you imagine how you can help your audiences realize their earning potential?

Like many programs, Money Metals Exchange works with a network for more efficient and secure affiliate management. ShareASale is its partner, and you can get affiliate links once accepted.

  • Commission: $16 per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days



Investing Affiliate Programs 3

Do you want a lucrative commission of up to 30%? Bitbond can give you that!

Bitbond’s compensation scheme, which is more impressive than the best CBD affiliate programs, isn’t the only thing going for this brand.

Founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2014 by Radoslav Albrecht, Bitbond is one of the most trusted names in bank-grade digital assets and tokenization technology. The platform expanded into peer-to-peer lending, empowering users to borrow and lend cryptocurrencies through its Token Tool kit.

Hence, you can consider it a social trading platform, where members and users can interact with each other without a third party interfering in their transactions.

Surprisingly, signup requirements are easy. For example, Bitbond prioritizes social media influencers with at least a thousand followers. This prerequisite is perfect for beginner affiliates, allowing them to monetize Bitbond’s SaaS and P2P technologies.

By the way, you’ll need a Web3 wallet to apply. This digital wallet grants access to the affiliate platform and serves as a repository of commissions earned in Ethereum, MATIC, BNB, and Avalanche cryptocurrencies.

  • Commission: 30%
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days



Investing Affiliate Programs 4

Forexmentor has been helping aspiring investors navigate the complex and confusing world of Forex trading for two decades. Its founder, Peter Bain, established this platform to correct the ongoing misinformation about this investing type.

Over 27,000 traders have benefitted from Forexmentor’s world-class investing and trading education.

Today, it has over 40 digital products on ShareASale, encouraging affiliates to join and monetize the program’s results-oriented trading courses (both digital and live).

It’s like having a coaching community right in the homeClients can get Vic Noble’s London Close 2.0 or Darko Ali and Noble’s Advanced Forex Patterns.

Or you can encourage audiences to try Forexmentor’s live training services.

Aspiring forex traders will love these courses.

And you will love its commission scheme!

Forexmentor offers you a 30% share of all trading courses you sell. However, note that the company won’t compensate you for customer product upgrades (i.e., from CD to DVD).

Surprisingly, its 60-day cookie duration is one of the longest on our list, allowing you to optimize your earning potential.

  • Commission: 30%, except for product upgrades
  • Cookie lifespan: 60 days



Investing Affiliate Programs 5

Not all investing programs offer a generous commission rate. And that’s where Coinbase has a unique edge.

Founded in 2012, Coinbase started with the noble idea of enabling anyone to trade Bitcoins from anywhere and at any time. And securely, too!

Today, Coinbase has expanded to include almost every other circulating cryptocurrency. It’s a secure platform and digital wallet for crypto traders and enthusiasts.

And you can tell your fans and readers that!

As mentioned, Coinbase’s compensation scheme blasts other programs out of the water. Imagine earning 50% commission for every referral’s trading fee for THREE MONTHS! Most platforms only reward you one time. 

Here’s another plus from Coinbase!

The program pays you in local currency (i.e., Indian Rupee, Philippine Peso, Japanese Yen, etc.), making Coinbase an excellent platform for affiliates worldwide. It sends the payment to your local bank account or via PayPal.

Very convenient, indeed!

  • Commission: 50% for 3 months
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days



Investing Affiliate Programs 6

Alt-text: Screenshot of Binance affiliate page.

Although Binance entered the crypto exchange market five years after Coinbase, the online trading platform has become one of the most trusted in the high-stakes game of crypto trading.

In 2022 alone, Binance recorded 300 billion crypto transactions with an average daily volume of $65 billion across 350-plus cryptocurrencies.

Changpeng Zhao and Yi He co-founded Binance in 2017, creating the world’s largest crypto exchange in terms of trade volume. It also has futures and other offerings, allowing potential investors to diversify.

And you can deliver this message to your audiences.

Binance’s 30% base commission might discourage aspiring affiliates. However, this platform offers bonuses of up to $72,000 monthly, promoting Futures trading. Perform well in your campaigns, and Binance rewards you with 50% commission for every trade referred clients make.

With a secure platform, impressive crypto collection, lucrative compensation & rewards, and topnotch support, we consider Binance one of the best investing affiliate programs anyone can join.

  • Commission: 30% to 50%
  • Cookie lifespan: Lifetime for spot referrals


Golden Eagle Coins

Investing Affiliate Programs 7

Alt-text: Screenshot of Golden Eagle Coins landing page.

Trustworthiness is an essential consideration when choosing an investing sales and affiliate platform. Golden Eagle Coins fit the bill!

Bob Mangels, Sr., and Richard Stelfox co-founded Golden Eagle Coins in 1974, attending high-profile coin shows across the US. Today, it’s an e-commerce giant trading gold and silver coins and other precious metals.

Golden Eagle Coins is a haven for collectors and investors engaged in direct trading of precious and rare metals.

And they are your potential customers as an affiliate.

Collectors and coin traders will love the American Gold Eagle, Austrian Philharmonic, Canadian Maple Leaf, and South African Krugerrand gold coins. The platform also has the British Britannia and the silver coin versions of the American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf.

Although Golden Eagle Coins is not as generous as other investing sales and affiliate platforms, you can still earn substantially.

  • Commission: $15
  • Cookie lifespan: 15 days


Rocket Dollar

Investing Affiliate Programs 8

Although Rocket Dollar is relatively new (established in 2018) in the financial industry, customers value it for its self directed trading platform.

Henry Yoshida and his team believe individuals should not limit their investment options. Rocket Dollar empowers people to use 401(k)s and IRAs to invest in real estate, crypto, startups, and other alternative assets.

This company delivers a safe, fast, and simple platform for investors to control and manage their retirement savings.

Joining Rocket Dollar as an affiliate lets you earn a sizable commission for promoting its self-directed guides and e-books, including retirement plans, alternative investments, Roth retirement accounts, and real estate.

So, who are your potential referrals?

You can promote Rocket Dollar to anyone with IRA or 401(k), highlighting the significance of thinking about their golden years in relative peace and quiet.

Perform well, and Rocket Dollar will reward you with seasonal awards and promotions (on top of the 15% commission).

  • Commission: 15%  per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days



Investing Affiliate Programs 9

Most folks don’t invest because they don’t have a large sum of money to use. But what if you can share with them a platform that lets them grow their “spare change?”

Acorns lets you do that!

For example, suppose you invest $100 and put $5 daily into your account for the next two decades. Did you know in the 21st year, your daily “spare change investments” would grow to $70,892 at 6% average annual return?


Imagine if people put more dollars into their Acorns accounts.

And get this!

Acorns is open to anyone, even without Wall Street-style investing knowledge (yes, even kids). And they can do it anywhere, any time, with Acorns’ easy-to-use investing app. It’s an excellent micro-investment tool for growing personal finance.

Its commission scheme might not look enticing. However, the volume of leads you can generate with such a convenient investing program still translates to generous rewards.

  • Commission: $50 for first deposit
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days



Investing Affiliate Programs 10

Pepperstone entered the financial market in 2010 to help potential investors face and conquer different trading challenges.

Thirteen years later, Pepperstone is now an award-winning CFD and Forex broker, attracting seasoned traders, even those with extensive experience in mutual funds and other financial instruments.

The platform processes $12.5 billion trades daily and complies with strict CMA, ASIC, FCA, SCB, DFSA, BaFin, and CySEC regulations. Retail brokers will be confident in trading with this program.

And you will love its partner program!

Although Pepperstone’s affiliate partnership is open to everyone, it prioritizes bloggers and website owners with impartial trading or finance related content.

Its year-long cookies stand out, and Pepperstone’s tiered CPA commission model is one of the most lucrative on our list.

Unfortunately, some affiliates might find Pepperstone’s $500 minimum withdrawal threshold a bummer. Still, it shouldn’t prevent you from affiliating with this program, especially if you’re passionate about trading and investing.

  • Commission: $340 to $750 CPA (depending on country classification) per Qualified Trader performance
  • Cookie lifespan: 365 days



Investing Affiliate Programs 11

Kraken joins Coinbase and Binance in our list of crypto trading-based investing affiliate programs worth joining this year. Interestingly, this crypto exchange preceded Coinbase in 2011, co-founded by Jesse Powell, Michael Gronager, and Than Luu.

Despite regulatory investigations and controversies (i.e., work culture, Glassdoor fiasco, and layoffs), Kraken still managed to churn a $10.8 market value as of mid-2022.

And that says a lot about this platform, making it a viable option for growing your earnings.

Although Kraken only supports about 220 cryptocurrencies, unlike Binance’s 350-plus, it has one of the most attractive affiliate compensation schemes.

While others only pay you for each new client, Kraken offers a recurring commission every time a referral trades and for as long as they stay with Kraken.

Here’s a gem!

Kraken doesn’t impose “deadlines” on commission crediting. Once you drive leads to the platform and they trade, the cookies stay active for life (unless the client deletes the trackers).

  • Commission: 20% of trading fees, lifetime recurring
  • Cookie lifespan: Lifetime


What is an Investing Affiliate Program?

An investment affiliate program is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a platform where affiliates earn monetary rewards for driving potential customers to a financial company, resulting in a desired action (the customer “invests”).

For example, a financial company offering small business loan solutions will want to grow its client base. The organization can hire a professional marketing team or create a dedicated department.

Although professional marketers can deliver results, they often command exorbitant service fees. On the other hand, a built-in marketing unit can be more practical. Unfortunately, results are inconsistent, but the company pays marketers anyway because it’s their legal right.

So, what should this financial company do?

Recruit affiliate marketers, of course!

Affiliates work like a professional marketing team, but at more affordable rates. Their advantage? Affiliates have excellent readership or follower base.

Affiliates don’t have to be marketing professionals, although understanding marketing essentials is handy. These marketers leverage the internet to reach as many potential customers as possible through blogs, videos, webinars, emails, podcasts, and social media posts.

Professional marketing service providers might be knowledgeable, but their internet presence might be inferior to affiliates. And investment platforms know this!

In a world of seamless interconnectivity, whoever has more digital connections wins!

Investment firms leverage these connections to encourage more clients and customers. And they have affiliates to work for them, which they pay with generous commissions.

Common Types of Investing Programs

Affiliates joining an investing program must learn the different types in financial markets to determine niche-appropriateness or relevance. You’ll know if a platform fits perfectly in your blog, website, video channel, webinar, social media, or podcast content.


Speculation is at the heart of this investing program. And its unregulated status can make cryptocurrency trading very risky. However, picking a trustworthy platform can mitigate these risks, allowing you to build wealth.

And that’s why affiliates are responsible for sharing only reputable cryptocurrency trading platforms. After all, you don’t want audiences to blame you for losing in crypto scams.


This investing program leverages the dynamics between currencies (i.e., US dollar vs. the Euro). Although the foreign exchange market is generally a safer and more secure platform to invest in than crypto, some worms exist.

Your job is to evaluate forex companies before recommending them to your audiences.


The stock market remains a viable investment option for people who want to increase their earnings. They buy “shares” from an organization duly-listed at leading stock exchanges (i.e., New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Tokyo Stock Exchange, and London Stock Exchange).

Hence, affiliates must recommend only reputable stock exchange-listed companies or portfolio organizations to followers.


Petroleum products, precious metals (i.e., gold and silver), grains (i.e., rice and corn), cotton, coffee, and lumber are commodities worth investing in. These products are excellent inflation indicators (their prices skyrocket with inflation).

Although the returns can be lucrative, affiliates must evaluate companies trading in commodities to protect their audiences’ investments against dubious organizations.

Alternative Assets

Did you know you can invest in real estate, antiques, fine art, collectors’ items, and high-value wines? And there are companies that handle these alternative assets.

As always, you’re responsible for ensuring these companies are trustworthy for your audiences.

What Makes Investing Affiliate Programs A Good Choice?

Affiliating with a trustworthy investing program is a wise decision. But why? What makes these platforms a good choice? We have three!

A wide audience

Did you know only 29% of households with annual incomes less than $40,000 invest? Compare this figure to 84% of six-digit-earning families, and you’ll know investing favors those with cash to spare.

And if we take the average, less than two-thirds (61%) of Americans invest.

There’s an opportunity here!

You can help the remaining 39% to find the wisdom of investing. And if you show them where to put their money to grow, you’ll be instrumental in their march toward financial freedom.

Attractive rewards

Some programs have impressive paying offers, allowing you to boost your finances. And we have yet to meet an affiliate who’s not thinking about the commission.

The good news is many investing programs offer other perks. For instance, you can enjoy discounts, promo coupons, and other bonuses to make your affiliate campaigns worthwhile.

Professional support

Investing affiliate platforms recognize everyone needs support and guidance, especially beginners promoting unique (and sometimes “technical”) products. Thankfully, trustworthy programs have exceptional affiliate management and support teams to help newbies.

You’ll feel more confident writing about financial and investment products, boosting your trustworthiness and credibility to audiences. And this new-found confidence can spread to other aspects of your life.

How to Select the Right Investing Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate promotion and marketing is rewarding, but only if you choose the suitable affiliate program for your niche. And here’s how to do just that!

Evaluate the company’s reputation

Rotten apples exist anywhere, including investing programs. After all, we’re talking about real money that people use to invest. Unscrupulous entities can offer “too-good-to-be-true” and “get-rich-quick” schemes to entice others to invest.

You’re not only a company’s representative. You’re also a protector of your audiences and an advocate of their rights. You’ll never want them to fall victim to fictitious investment scams.

Prevent this by evaluating the financial organization’s reputation. Reviews by authoritative sources and ratings by credible institutions can offer insight into a company’s trustworthiness.

Analyze the commission structure

The programs we reviewed reveal varying affiliate commissions ranging from 12% to 50%. Choosing the platform with a higher commission is the norm, and nobody will blame you.

The commission model matters, too. What user action will produce a commission? Is it a simple click, completing an email list or form (leads), or investing in the platform (sale)?

Determine the average order value

Percentages are great. But knowing the average order value (AOV) is priceless. This affiliate marketing metric describes how much your customers spend with each purchase. It allows you to determine the amount of money you can bring home within a pay period.

Determining the AOV is impossible if you’re not a program affiliate yet. However, you can look for information at the company’s affiliate page or ask other affiliates about their AOVs.

Learn the payment terms

Another consideration is the investing program’s payout scheme. Some might observe a minimum threshold for withdrawing the commission, while others don’t have restrictions.

Some have multiple payout methods (i.e., direct deposit, PayPal, and checks), while others only have one.


Many investing affiliate programs are too “technical” for ordinary folks. However, our featured platforms have impeccable support systems to guide and assist even novice affiliates. That’s a sure way of realizing your earning potential.

Although investing affiliate platforms is lucrative, potential earnings still depend on the affiliate’s output. If you slacken the marketing campaign, don’t expect to hit the thousand-dollar mark in a month. Meanwhile, doubling your efforts will encourage these programs to reward you beyond your wildest imaginations.

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