How to Recruit Affiliates for Appliances Brand

Recruiting affiliates is always a critical issue when starting affiliate marketing programs. If you are merchants who have business in appliance brands and looking for influencers that help you promote your products, this is the article for you.

We’ve worked together on several affiliate recruiting projects, and you’ve got to know how to recruit potential affiliates in a variety of industries including beauty & health, fashion, jewelry, and sports.

The topic shared today is how to find and recruit affiliates and influencers for appliance brands. Stay tuned!

1. How To Recruit Affiliates For Appliance Brands? 

To recruit affiliates for appliances brands, there are the 10 different types of affiliates that merchants should consider: 

  • Content Creator
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Agency Partners 
  • Review Writers 
  • Email/Newsletter Marketer
  • Mass Media Influencers
  • PPC Affiliates 
  • Mobile Marketers 
  • Coupon/Websites Deal 
  • Price Comparison Website 

In the top 10 above, the Social media influencers will be the most successful for affiliate marketing. They are skilled at creating engaging content that is tailored to your ideal customer. 

They may utilize their platform and personal brand to effectively promote your products, services, deals, coupon codes, and more to a whole new audience — their dedicated followers, of course — and promote your products, services, discounts, coupon codes, and more.

Thereby, by partnering with influencers to showcase pieces, decor brands can gain brand awareness in niches of aesthetic inspiration and remain top-of-mind as people shop for their homes.

The most effective way to recruit affiliates for appliance brands is the influencer should be ultimately the lifestyle influencer. Why am I saying that? Going through the report of NRF Consumer Behavior in 2021, the home goods consumers are looking for content that catches their eye, helps them envision the products in their space, and is a true testimony of quality. 

Additionally, as consumers look for new styles to add to their homes, gyms, offices, and living spaces, they’re also searching a full lifestyle landscape of influencers, who have become a go-to l resource for what to do and buy.

So, where can you find them? There are a hundred affiliates out there but where can you recruit affiliates the best for your brand? Let’s go through the next part to answer that question.

2. Place To Recruit Affiliates For Appliance Brands

2.1 Affiliate Marketplace 

This is the pretty obvious one and you can simply join any Affiliate Marketplace such as UpPromote Marketplace. There is a good chance that affiliates come to you automatically instead of you reaching out to them.

uppromote marketplace

The biggest benefit of joining these networks is they can help you steer your affiliate marketing in the right direction due to their years of experience and expertise. You can directly talk to their support representative or go to their knowledge hub.

In UpPromote Marketplace, you only need to filter the Home & Tool in Categories and you will find the targeting partners.

2.2 Niche Blog 

People frequently start blogs because they are genuinely enthusiastic about something. For example, if a person’s hobby is DIY decoration, starting a blog is a good way to stay motivated while also meeting other people who are interested in DIY decoration.

Most of the time, if a person is good at something and provides valuable information on his/her blog to help other people who share similar interests, the blog will subsequently become rather popular among such like-minded people.

As a result, a niche blog serves as a palace from which you can easily recruit affiliates for your brands. Using these already established blogs as a starting point for your affiliate marketing is a decent way to recruit affiliates.

You can indeed find specialized blogs in your aim market and offer your affiliate program to them directly.

For example, if you sell “canvas decoration,” a simple Google search of “wall decoration guide blog” will generate numerous results.

2.3 Turn Customer into Affiliates

You’ve probably heard that your best salespeople are your current customers. As true since it is, this is the most underpriced way to acquire affiliates for your product or service.

A happy customer is more likely to recommend your product to family and friends, and what could be better than getting paid to do so?

Now, there’s a good chance that your shopper uses Facebook, and studies show that the average Facebook user has 155 friends.

This appears to mean your customer can tell 155 people he or she knows personally about your product.

With every order confirmation or delivery email you send to your customer, you can tell them about your affiliate network. There is a pretty good chance that if your customer is happy with your product or service, he is more than willing to promote your product.

But before asking your customers to recommend your product to their friends or family, make sure that he/she is satisfied with the product or service. You’d better have awesome & active customer service to sort out any customer issue.

There are numerous tactics you can use to convert your customers into affiliates, such as sending email campaigns with sign-up bonuses and incentives to entice them to join. 

Alternatively, you can automatically convert them into affiliates using the UpPromote Post-Purchase Popup feature, which is a simple affiliate recruitment process.

Select Grow Affiliates Tools > Convert Customers to Affiliates from the UpPromote Dashboard. When you turn on Active, the feature is ready to use.

Furthermore, you can configure the popup to appear once or multiple times and direct customers to the appropriate programs based on your preferences.

2.4 Social Media

Have you noted that the home furnishing eCommerce industry has boomed, reaching $92.32 billion in sales, and included a surge in home gyms, home offices, and DIY projects to improve surroundings? 

That statistic shows that people are increasingly purchasing and searching for the idea in home & tool categories when going shopping. Using affiliates in the right ways will scale your sale incredibly. Let’s have a look at some media platforms that are useful for searching influencers and affiliates.


Thanks to the rapid growth of social media today, customers now can easily learn about new products through social media. According to Facebook IQ Report, 87% of users take action after seeing the product information on Instagram. 

According to the report of Insiders, there are more than 500,000 Instagram influencers that are active, however, it’s not straightforward to look for the appropriate influencers for your brand with a mixed pot like Instagram. Keep reading and you will find out the great tips to spot them out.

The fastest way is to ask Google to help you out. To get started, do a general search for something like “top Instagram appliances influencers.” 


Next, navigate to the Advanced Search Section. You’ll find this in your settings. Choose the region and select Last Update by the newest to meet your requirements. In this case, I will choose the United States as region and the Past Month as the Last Update

By doing this, you can search and find directly the newest potential Instagram influencers. 

The second way to find the most lifestyle and appropriate influencers and affiliates for your programs is using hashtags on Instagram. Here is a comprehensive list of popular home & tool hashtags to assist you in identifying potential influencers.




















































Otherwise, we would like to suggest to you some of the valuable influencers on Instagram with massive followers in the home & tool appliances brands to save your time. 

  • Grace – @lovefordesigns – 1.3M Followers 
  • Amber – @amberinterior – 1.3M Followers 
  • Becki – @beckiowens – 1.2M Followers 
  • Angela – @angelarosehome – 1M Followers 
  • Melike – @easyinterieur – 728K Followers 

On the other hand, you also do not underestimate the value of micro-influencers

Micro-influencers have gained followers who respect their expertise and opinions on specific topics. They often create content they’re knowledgeable about and care about. Their social following is more of a community than an audience.

Therefore, working with a few relevant micro-influencers may help you get your content in front of the right audience.

By dragging and dropping this query into Google, ‘k followers’ appliances brands influencers, Google will filter Instagram accounts with more than 1000 followers in this manner.


To be more specific, ‘k followers’ is how Google filters account with more than 1000 followers, which aids in narrowing your influencers’ follower range.

Alternatively, when searching for influencers with more than 100.000 followers, change ‘k followers’ to ‘100k followers’.

When you find the influencers that are suitable for your programs, just leave a comment in their post, most of them will reply to you, or simply direct message to them and ask them about your offers. 


Pinterest can be an incredibly useful tool for attracting consumers to your products. Based on the report of Hootsuite in 2021, Printerest has about 459 million monthly active users and the weekly conversion rate grew by 300$ by the last year.

Whenever starting affiliate marketing or finding affiliates on Pinterest, you will have to create a business account

By creating a business account, you’ll ensure that all brand-related posts include your logo/brand name and a link to your website.

More importantly, influencers will be able to tag your brand more easily on their posts, and every time users pin your post, followers will see your brand, along with a link to your website.

The next thing to do is create the ideal customer profiles. This step will allow you to find affiliates easier consorting to the same buyers’ personas. Your best influencer relationships will occur when you share the same audience.    

When you have created a relationship with your influencers, they can help you reach out to the audience on a deeper level. 

Moreover, using the shoppable pins features will help users to view items from brands and purchase them without leaving the app. Also, the influencers can then tag your brand to the content to introduce it to their audience.


When you are looking for influencers on Youtube, first of all, you need to know about the influencer’s tiers. There are five general tiers based on the average views on Youtube include: 

  • Nano with from 1k to 10k views 
  • Micro with from 10k to 25k views
  • Mid-Tier with 25k to 100k views 
  • Macro with 100k to 1M views 
  • Elite with +1M views 

Understanding the respective engagement levels will get you a better understanding of who’s fit and suitable for your programs. 

The following is checking the ‘Trending Tab’. By searching the ‘Trending’ tab for creators relevant to your brand, you will almost certainly find creators capable of reaching your audience through content that YouTube’s algorithm favors.

Moreover, you can have some advantages when finding influencers on Youtube by using Youtube’s Search & Discovery. To select the most relevant results when seeking a channel or creator on YouTube, be as detailed as possible by utilizing keywords relating to your brand, audience, as well as industry. 

Otherwise, you can use services such as Channel Crawler to find influencers on Youtube. Also, the Youtube Creator Blog is a place one should discover when looking for affiliates. This is primarily a place for creators to keep up with the latest features on the platform.

2.5 Working with an influencer marketing agency 

Hiring an influencer advertising agency can assist your company in strategizing and launching a campaign that achieves your objectives.

From the plan stages to recruit affiliates and monitor campaigns, they will be in charge of everything. This will allow you to save time and work while staying within your budget.

When looking for an influencer marketing agency, there are several things to think about, beginning with their offerings.

It’s possible that agencies that offer to only recruit affiliates and manage them aren’t the best fit for you. Instead, look for agencies that can help you plan, execute, and manage your campaign.

You should also try to figure out how they determine the success of influencer marketing efforts by looking into their measurement methodologies. It’s also critical to know how they count the number of impressions. Check to see if they’re reporting real beliefs of the material or simply a guess.

There are top 5 agency affiliate marketing that we’d like to suggest to you: 

  • Americanoize
  • Carusele 
  • The Influencer Marketing Factory
  • HireInfluence
  • Zorka.Agency

Final Words 

Recruit affiliates is a simple process; all you have to do is look in the correct places for them.

The idea is to ensure that your affiliates are aware of the appliance market and can generate high-quality leads for you. It’s far better to concentrate your efforts on a small number of high-quality affiliates rather than a substantial majority of affiliates who may have a large following but underperform.

Are you ready to find the best affiliates for your business? Remember to choose affiliates who have a comparable intended audience to yours, create a detailed registration process, and thoroughly evaluate each potential affiliate.

Some affiliate systems can also help you manage affiliate recruitment, allowing you to build a high-quality affiliate network. Start initiated with UpPromote today if you would like to get started rapidly and effortlessly.

On UpPromote Marketplace, you can find top-tier affiliates in many industries, handle your affiliate workforce at your fingertips, and easily monitor and analyze their productivity. UpPromote is a one-stop shop for affiliate marketing.

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