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Best 19 SaaS Partner Programs in 2024: Types & Examples

Today, most SaaS companies (96%) believe teaming up with reseller partners can boost their revenue. Big players like Microsoft make a whopping $32 billion yearly through partners. This shows there’s a big opportunity to make money ...

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Today, most SaaS companies (96%) believe teaming up with reseller partners can boost their revenue. Big players like Microsoft make a whopping $32 billion yearly through partners. This shows there’s a big opportunity to make money by joining a SaaS reseller program.

With around 30,000 SaaS companies worldwide, people are expected to spend $195.2 million on SaaS by 2023. This shows how important SaaS products are and how fast SaaS reseller programs are growing.

But it’s hard for people to find the right SaaS partner program. This article explains the basics of SaaS partner programs, their benefits, and how to pick one. Plus, it lists some of the best SaaS reseller programs to consider.
Let’s dive in!

Best 19 SaaS Partner Programs in 2024: Let’s Check It Out


best saas partner programs 1

Partner Program Types:

  • Design and product development agencies/ companies
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • System integrators
  • Enterprise consultants

Shopify’s partner program is widely regarded as one of the best for eCommerce businesses worldwide. It’s specifically designed to help app developers, designers, web experts, and marketers build successful ventures by assisting merchants with their online stores on Shopify.

Shopify’s partner program is known for its great results and big rewards, making it a favorite for online shops. Partners get helpful tools, discounts, and support from Shopify. Joining gives exposure to millions of merchants worldwide, meaning big earning potential.

Plus, partners earn 20% of referred customers’ fees every month, forever. Developers also get 50-80% of one-time sales or subscription fees, making Shopify partnerships even better.


best saas partner programs 2

Partner Program Types: agencies, Shopify themes/apps, influencers

UpPromote is a highly regarded SaaS partner program, especially in ecommerce. Trusted by 90,000 brands and experts, it collaborates with Shopify leaders to benefit online merchants.

UpPromote helps partners grow by connecting them with lots of Shopify merchants, leading to big earnings.

Partnering with UpPromote is great for ecommerce agencies. They get access to over 40,000 global merchants, chances for co-marketing, and a steady 20% lifetime referral commission.

Influencers also benefit from getting more leads and a 20% lifetime commission on referrals, plus special discounts for their followers.

UpPromote also offers technical integration, making services better and creating extra income opportunities.

Nord VPN

best saas partner programs 3

Partner Program Types: resellers, affiliates

NordVPN offers online users the ability to enhance their privacy and security by encrypting internet traffic and concealing their IP address and physical location.

NordVPN’s SaaS partner program mainly relies on the affiliate model, letting people and groups earn money by promoting NordVPN services.

The key perks of the NordVPN affiliate program include earning up to 100% commission for new sign-ups and up to 30% for renewals, based on subscription length.

Affiliates also get access to global campaigns for worldwide promotion, along with lifetime revenue streams from recurring customer payments.

They provide marketing materials like banners and logos to help with promotion, and dedicated account managers offer individual support. NordVPN runs the program in-house, not through outside affiliate networks.

Their strong brand and effective promo materials mean affiliates can expect a good conversion rate, making it a profitable opportunity.


best saas partner programs 4

Partner Program Types: agencies and service providers, accelerators, incubators, and VCs

HubSpot’s CRM platform is a comprehensive solution that includes essential software for marketing, sales, service, operations, and website building, providing everything you need to drive growth for your business.

Their partner program is tailored to different B2B audiences, divided into three parts:

  • Marketing Agency Partners: HubSpot supports agencies offering inbound marketing services to clients.
  • Sales Partners: Assistance is provided to CRM service providers and sales consultants selling HubSpot services, earning commissions.
  • Integration Partners: The Connect Program helps companies integrate their technology with HubSpot’s software.

HubSpot’s partner program boasts a robust 20% monthly referral commission for a customer’s first year, along with perks like a dedicated partner manager, toolkit for managing referral leads, online training, and listing in HubSpot’s partner directory.

The only downside is a $50 monthly membership fee.



Partner Program Types: regional resellers, technical partners, affiliates, agency partners, educational partners

Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk management system that offers customizable tools for creating online communities, knowledge bases, customer service and partner portals.

Their partner program is flexible and value-based, allowing businesses to prioritize value and reap increased rewards based on their abilities and contributions. This approach enables partners to boost profits and reinvest them for even greater returns.

The program provides SaaS partners with:

  • Access to online sales training
  • Commissions for referrals
  • Dedicated partner manager

and higher tiers offer additional perks like:

  • Instructor-led product training
  • Marketing funds
  • Joint business planning

Participants also benefit from inclusion in Zendesk’s public directory, leveraging the company’s brand authority and website traffic.


best saas partner programs 5


Partner Program Types: regional resellers, technical partners, affiliates, agency partners, educational partners

SEMRush is a comprehensive tool suite designed to enhance online visibility and uncover valuable marketing insights.

It offers a popular SaaS reseller program encompassing various services such as content marketing, email marketing, lead generation, social media marketing, web designing, and public relations.

Resellers using Semrush can opt to sell SaaS products across multiple regions or focus solely on a specific area.

The compensation structure for Semrush SaaS reselling involves commissions based on the sold product or service, typically starting at a minimum of 5% per sale.


best saas partner programs 6

Partner Program Types: Acquirer sales, introducer

Aircall is a cloud-based phone and integration system used by businesses globally to handle millions of customer support and sales calls every day.

Their Refer-A-Friend program simplifies the process of referring friends to Aircall and earning rewards through a straightforward link and program.

When your referral requests a demo, you can earn:

  • $100 if the referred company is a good fit for Aircall.
  • $200 if the referred company becomes an Aircall customer.


best saas partner programs 7

Partner Program Types: freelancers or agencies

Hotjar is a powerful tool that allows businesses to track consumer behaviors, interactions, and demographics while offering analytics to enhance sales. It provides an unbiased view of user behavior on websites, enabling businesses to make impactful changes swiftly.

The Hotjar Referral Program targets freelancers or agencies specializing in UX, digital marketing, and growth.

Partners earn a revenue share of up to 25% for as long as their referrals maintain a paid plan. They also gain access to co-marketing campaigns and specialized training opportunities.


best saas partner programs 8

Partner Program Types: enterprise partners, expert partners

Webflow is a visual development platform that turns your design ideas into polished, ready-to-use code, enabling designers and developers to craft visually stunning and fully responsive websites.

Their affiliate program is tailored to empower designers and developers to not only create websites with creative freedom but also to generate extra income. Affiliate partners share their designs using unique affiliate links, encouraging others to explore and create their own web projects.

The more partners share, the more they can earn. With Webflow, there’s no cap on earnings per customer or overall as an affiliate, offering unlimited potential for income.


best saas partner programs 9

Partner Program Types: accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, tax professionals, affiliates

FreshBooks offers accounting software that streamlines invoicing, time tracking, expense reporting, and payment collection, making small business management easy, fast, and secure.

Their affiliate program is open to anyone who believes in the platform and wants to spread the word.  Partners can use the FreshBooks affiliate link anywhere and start earning income.

Commissions are structured to reward the best leads, ensuring you earn for every trial signup and every upgrade to a paid plan.

It’s a straightforward way to earn by sharing a valuable tool for small businesses.


best saas partner programs 10

Partner Program Types: resellers, affiliate marketers

Pipedrive stands out as a sales CRM known for its user-friendly interface and extensive integrations with over 100 software tools.

Their partner program, which is free to join, offers a generous referral commission of 33% for the first year.

In addition to the standard Affiliate program, Pipedrive provides an Expert program tailored for partners aiming to make Pipedrive a core offering in their business.

Expert partners undergo certification and must meet quarterly customer retention goals. In return, they receive benefits like a public directory listing on Pipedrive’s site, 20% referral commissions for life, and a complimentary Pipedrive demo account.


best saas partner programs 11

Partner Program Types: technology partners, Channel partners

PayPal offers comprehensive payment management solutions for businesses of all sizes, including invoicing and reporting tools for financial clarity.

Key features of PayPal’s partnership program:

  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Live customer support
  • Reporting with partner performance insights
  • Revenue sharing for referrals
  • Access to an online partner directory

Their “Partner with us” page provides valuable insights into how PayPal technology can benefit businesses, their readiness to collaborate in 17 languages, and case studies from partners, serving as a source of inspiration for recruitment strategies.


best saas partner programs 12

Partner Program Types: tech, affiliate

Notion is a project management system designed to streamline coordination within businesses or organizations, enhancing effectiveness and productivity.

Their referral program provides bloggers, writers, community leaders, and influencers an opportunity to market Notion and earn profits.

Upon approval, you can access Notion’s affiliate resource center for promotional materials.

Then, start to promote Notion to your audience.

For this program, you can earn 50% of all payments for the first 12 months for every new team plan upgrade.


best saas partner programs 13

Partner Program Types: agency, tech

Formstack helps businesses do tasks more easily. You can make forms, documents, and eSignatures without tech skills.

Their partner program brings together experts and tech that work with Formstack’s products. Together, they make better solutions.

Joining means exceptional support, training, and chances to earn money by reselling or referring. It’s a win-win for more accessible work and more money.


best saas partner programs 14

Partner Program Types: reseller and wholesale partners, affiliates, referral

Smith.ai is a call answering service that gives you the benefit of having a live receptionist inside your software company, but virtually. These friendly virtual receptionists handle everything from answering calls to scheduling appointments and qualifying leads.

Their partner program is open to businesses of any size.

Through the partner portal, you can manage all the accounts you oversee in one place. This includes chat and virtual receptionist services, which can boost your business’s profitability, all accessible from one convenient dashboard.

As a partner, you get some cool perks:

  • Opportunities for co-marketing, co-selling, and even guest writing.
  • They offer a free live webinar tailored to your audience.
  • You’ll get free affiliate training and access to resources.
  • Plus, you can tap into the expertise of Smith.ai’s experts and join their insiders group.


best saas partner programs 15

Partner Program Types: affiliate, referral, solution

Kiflo is a PRM software tailored for expanding partner programs, helping optimize partners to boost brand awareness, sales, and customer base.

With features like CRM synchronization and lead/deal tracking, it offers an all-in-one solution for maximizing partner programs.

Through Kiflo’s referral partner program, you can earn money by referring Kiflo to your network of contacts, customers, or interested parties. Your referrals gain access to the most efficient PRM for SMBs, setting them up for steady growth and income.

By joining this program, you will earn a $500 commission and access to Kiflo’s partner portal. Also, they offer a dedicated support team and marketing materials to help you promote better.


best saas partner programs 16

Partner Program Types: Integration, Agency

Mailchimp is a one-stop platform for marketing that helps you handle and communicate with your clients, customers, and anyone else who’s interested.

They treat their partners well. They give them extra help through email and live chat, and they have special guides and a newsletter just for partners.

Partners also get listed in MailChimp’s directory so that customers can find them easily. You can look for partners by where they are and what languages they speak.

The directory also shows stories of customers who did well with partners. And there are more resources to help you know what working with a MailChimp partner is like.


best saas partner programs 17

Partner Program Types: reseller, affiliate, referral

If you’ve ever dealt with social media management, you’ve heard of Sprout Social. They’re a top-notch tool for managing social media, offering features like publishing, reporting, and overall management for all the big social platforms.

Sprout Social teams up with agencies of all types, giving them marketing, sales, and support services. This includes co-marketing resources, help with sales, partner certifications, and being listed in their Agency Directory.

Their pricing is tailored to fit the agency’s size, which means even smaller agencies can afford it – something not many others do.

If you refer someone to Sprout, you get a nice 20% commission for life.


best saas partner programs 18

Partner Program Types: solution, tech, channel

Optimizely’s A/B testing software helps SaaS companies improve their products and marketing by trying out different versions to see what works best. This way, they don’t have to guess what customers want.

With Optimizely, companies can quickly see how users react to website changes and make adjustments immediately.

Partnering with Optimizely comes with lots of perks. They offer support for developers to help them use the software better.

You also get your special area, a sandbox, to try experiments without messing anything up. And you become part of Optimizely’s partner community, where you can learn from and connect with other partners.

What is a SaaS Partner Program?

A SaaS Partner Program allows software companies to team up with agencies, influencers, and other businesses for better results.

These programs can be affiliate marketing, referrals, reselling, technology partnerships, customer ambassador programs, or distributor partnerships.

Companies count on partners to help with sales and marketing tasks, like driving website traffic and referring leads.

In technology partnerships, software companies create integrations for seamless data sharing between their partner ecosystem.

Types of SaaS Partner Programs

SaaS partner programs offer various types, and picking the right one is crucial based on your business needs and preferences.

Here are five common types of SaaS partner programs to consider:

Reseller partnerships

In a reseller partnership, you authorize partners to sell your software on their platforms. Resellers typically sell your SaaS alongside other programs in their marketplaces.

But they don’t just offer another distribution channel—they add extra value, often called “value-added resellers.”

Resellers provide support from installation to customer service.

For instance, Fiscal Foundations resells QuickBooks subscriptions and offers setup, customization, and support services.

Affiliate Partnerships

Another common type of SaaS partner program is affiliate marketing.

In this arrangement, partners promote the SaaS company’s products or services through unique tracking links. They earn a commission for each sale or referral generated through their efforts.

You reward the partners with cash commissions each time someone buys your software through their link.

Referral Partnerships

In a referral partnership, your current customers suggest your software to their friends, family, and people they know.

Because these partners have already used your software, they can explain what makes you special.

Recommendations from trusted friends have a big impact and usually lead to loyal customers. While they might not bring in as many sales as other partnerships, these leads are warmer and more likely to buy, especially for subscription-based software.

Referral partnerships are a bit like customer referral programs but more official. They involve chosen partners, while SaaS referral programs let any customer take part casually.

Agent partnerships

Agents or brokers target potential customers who may be interested in your software. They establish connections with these leads and guide them to your website. In return, you compensate the agent for each successful sale they made.

Unlike affiliates and referral partners, agents may not have prior experience with your products. However, they are motivated to promote your company in exchange for rewards.

Similar to affiliates and referral partners, agents do not directly sell your products. Instead, they refer interested customers to your platform to complete their purchase.

Integration partnerships

Integration partnerships mean teaming up with other companies to connect your software with theirs. This makes it easier for users to access extra features or services.

These partnerships help both sides, letting them improve what they offer to customers.

For example, project management software might connect with a time-tracking tool, giving users a better solution. These partnerships can make your software more helpful and popular, reaching more customers.

Benefits of Starting A SaaS Partner Program

Starting a SaaS partner program can benefit your business in numerous ways that we can mention here are:

  • Reach new markets and customer groups
  • Enhance brand trustworthiness
  • Gain fresh customers
  • Nurture lasting partnerships for growth
  • Provide expanded solutions to clients
  • Sustain competitiveness in the market

Firstly, it helps expand your reach by tapping into your partners’ networks, such as resellers and affiliates. This allows you to access new markets and customer segments that were previously out of reach.

Partnering with trusted organizations can make your brand look more reliable. When respected partners recommend your software, it builds trust with potential customers, making them more likely to buy from you.

Also, a partner program can be a cheaper way to get new customers. Instead of spending a lot on regular marketing, you can use your partners’ networks to reach potential customers more effectively.

Plus, by supporting and rewarding your partners, you can build strong relationships that help your business grow in the long run. This teamwork is good for your business and strengthens your partnerships.

Another big benefit is offering more complete solutions to your customers. By teaming up with integration partners, you can link your software with other products or services. This gives your customers a smoother experience and more features without needing different tools.

Having a partner program also helps you stay competitive. As more businesses partner up, having your own program lets you keep up with trends and meet customer expectations for connected solutions and partnerships.

That’s why starting a SaaS partner program is a smart move. It helps you grow your business, boosts your brand’s reputation, and saves you money on marketing.

Plus, it creates valuable partnerships that can lead to ongoing success for everyone involved.

What You Need To Know Before Starting A Saas Partner Program

Starting a SaaS partner program can be a strategic move to expand your market reach and drive growth through partnerships.

But to be successful, you should keep some key considerations in mind.

Understand Your Target Markets

First, you need to figure out which new markets or areas you want to reach. It’s best if these are places that are hard to reach on your own.

Have a Solid Business

Being established means you’ve got enough money, people, and know-how to handle a partner program. Your business doesn’t have to be huge; it just needs to run smoothly.

Set Clear Goals

Know precisely what you want to achieve with your partnerships. Focus on making more money, getting more customers, and getting your brand out there.

Ready for Growth

Make sure your team and systems can handle a bunch of new customers. You need to be set up to grow.

Sort Out Your Sales Process

Get your own sales process running smoothly before asking partners to sell for you. They’ll need clear guidance on how to do it right.

Wrapping Up

The best 19 SaaS partner programs offer fantastic chances to team up with top SaaS companies. They give good commissions, support, and access to great tech partner. Joining these programs can help you make more money. In short, they’re a great way to succeed in the SaaS industry and build strong partnerships.

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