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10+ Best Shopify Customer Support Apps in 2024

No matter how big or small your business is, providing exceptional customer support is the key to success. For Shopify store owners, tools like a customer service app can come in handy – allowing you to ...

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No matter how big or small your business is, providing exceptional customer support is the key to success. For Shopify store owners, tools like a customer service app can come in handy – allowing you to provide omnichannel support that’s speedy and efficient!

To make sure you’re looking after each of your customers properly, we’ve compiled a list of the five best Shopify customer support apps available. Hence, they get exactly what they need quickly and effectively.

Looking to kickstart your customer service experience? Here are the winning apps guaranteed to offer exceptional Shopify customer support apps. Put the spotlight on stellar customer relations with these top-notch solutions!

Top 10+ Best Shopify Customer Support Apps

ZipChat.ai | AI Sales Chatbot

Zipchat AI emerges as a dynamic and effective sales and support solution, catering specifically to the nuanced needs of ecommerce brands, especially if built on top of Shopify or Shopify Plus. This robust chatbot excels not only in converting casual browsers into confirmed buyers with an impressive average Chat-to-Sale rate of 12.4% but also in offering comprehensive support by addressing customer inquiries efficiently.
For ecommerce entities, Zipchat AI is a game-changer, skillfully engaging with site visitors and guiding them through their purchase journey. Its proactive engagement strategy is tailored to the visitor’s behavior on the site, ensuring that each interaction is timely and contextually relevant, significantly enhancing the chances of conversion. The seamless integration with Shopify, confirmed by glowing five-star reviews, attests to its effectiveness and ease of use within the ecommerce framework.

  • 100% AI-based.
  • Learn from your Store.
  • Learn from any additional material you provide.
  • Learn from any customer interaction and corrections you provide.
  • It’s fully automated 24/7.
  • Answers better than a human since it has more info and context.
  • Can be expensive if you have a lot of volume, but it pays itself with sales generated from chat works on mobile.
  • It forwards requests to humans only when necessary.
  • Proactively engages visitors.
  • It doesn’t only support but also sells visitors.
  • Understand the question context quickly.
  • Can access customer orders to provide tracking links and information.
  • Customizable.
  • No live chat, all are AI.
  • No mobile APP for checking stats.
  • Doesn’t manage email replies, only in-chat.
  • Limitations in the free version, you need at least a trial to install it.
  • If you want to have a comprehensive knowledge base you need to spend some time besides the basic website crawling.



zendesk - #1 Shopify Customer Support Apps

Zendesk is one of the most popular and powerful customer service and support platforms available, used by over 160,000 organizations worldwide. The Zendesk app seamlessly integrates with Shopify to provide robust customer support capabilities right within your Shopify admin.

With Zendesk, Shopify merchants can offer scalable and flexible support across multiple channels like email, live chat, social media, and self-service support portals. Key features include advanced ticketing workflows, automation through triggers and macros, detailed analytics and reporting, and the ability to create a branded help center with FAQs and community forums.

The Zendesk-Shopify integration allows you to leverage the full power of Zendesk while keeping all customer information synced with your Shopify store in real-time. For Shopify stores that need to provide exceptional pre-sale and post-sale customer experiences, Zendesk delivers a complete customer service ecosystem with enterprise-level capabilities tailored for ecommerce businesses.

  • Powerful features – Zendesk offers robust functionality like ticketing, automation tools, help center, community forums, and analytics.
  • Shopify integration – It seamlessly syncs customer data, orders, etc. between Shopify and Zendesk. Easy to set up.
  • Scalability – Zendesk can scale to handle large volumes of support tickets as your business grows. Flexible pricing plans.
  • Customizable – You can customize Zendesk with your own branding, themes, views, and tailored agent interfaces.
  • Mobile support – Zendesk offers iOS and Android apps so agents can manage tickets on the go.
  • Self-service options – Customers can find answers themselves via knowledge base, community forum, and help center.
  • Cost – Pricing starts at $5/agent/month for Essential plan which may be costly for small shops.
  • Complexity – Zendesk has deep functionality which can mean a learning curve for some users.
  • No phone support – Zendesk focuses on digital channels. No built-in phone or call center capabilities.
  • Third-party app – Requires integrating a third-party system into your Shopify workflow.
  • Setup time – Properly configuring automations, views, triggers, etc. takes considerable setup time.

HappyFox Chat

happyfox customer support apps

HappyFox Chat is a customer service platform designed specifically for ecommerce businesses. It allows Shopify stores to easily add live chat support to their storefront and provide real-time assistance to customers.

Key features of HappyFox Chat include unlimited chat agents, customizable chat widgets, chat automation with canned responses, chat and email support, and detailed analytics and reports. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface for building chatboxes and workflows.

The app enables Shopify merchants to improve customer satisfaction by resolving inquiries faster with live chat. It also helps boost sales conversions by capturing leads and abandoning carts. Useful for handling pre-sales and post-sales customer conversations.

HappyFox Chat integrates directly with Shopify allowing businesses to access order information and customer profiles from within the app. It works on desktop and mobile so support agents can manage chats on-the-go.

While it lacks some advanced features of full-scale platforms, HappyFox Chat provides an affordable and easy-to-use live chat customer support solution for Shopify stores looking to engage customers in real-time at checkout and beyond.

  • Live chat – Provides real-time conversations with customers to quickly resolve issues.
  • Email support – Customers can also reach out via email for help.
  • Help desk – Manages support tickets, customer history, and agent workload.
  • Automation – Auto-assignment rules, canned responses, and macros to streamline workflows.
  • Reporting – Detailed reports on customer conversations, resolution time, agent performance.
  • Affordable – Lower cost plans compared to other live chat apps. Starts at $15/month.
  • Mobile apps – Allow agents to manage chats and tickets on the go.
  • Customizable – Dashboard, chat box, triggers, canned responses can all be customized.
  • Limited integrations – Less seamless integration compared to other specialized Shopify apps.
  • Channel limitations – Focused primarily on chat and email; no phone or social media support.
  • Interface not intuitive – The interface can be cluttered and take time to navigate.
  • Lagging issues – Some users report chat lag and slow response times.
  • Limited features – Less features like help center, community forums compared to full platforms.
  • Sparse knowledge base – The self-service knowledge base is fairly limited.
  • Security concerns – Some users have raised concerns over security of conversations.

Tidio Live Chat

tidio customer support apps

Tidio Live Chat is a powerful live chat app that helps Shopify merchants have real-time conversations with customers to instantly answer questions and qualify leads. With Tidio, stores can add unlimited chat agents, customize chat widgets, set up chatbots, and engage visitors on their website, Facebook, and mobile apps.

Key features include behavioral triggers to initiate chats, chat transfers between agents, real-time visitor analytics, integrations with marketing tools like MailChimp, and the ability to collect emails and other data through chat surveys. Tidio is optimized for sales and support through features like live preview of customer’s cart and order details visible inside the chat window.

The Tidio app seamlessly integrates with Shopify allowing full access to customer order information while chatting. With customizable chat widgets and themes, Tidio enables brands to provide an on-brand live chat experience. For Shopify merchants looking to increase sales, qualify leads faster, and provide instant customer support, Tidio Live Chat delivers robust live conversation capabilities.

  • Behavioral triggers initiate chats based on customer actions
  • Chat transfers for managing conversations between agents
  • Live preview of customer cart/order details in chat window
  • Optimization for sales and support
  • Customizable widgets and on-brand experience
  • Higher pricing tiers for more advanced features
  • Steeper learning curve compared to simpler chat apps
  • No built-in phone or email channel support
  • Additional setup time required for chatbots and surveys
  • Limitations in free version with regards to features


customerly customer support apps

Customerly is an all-in-one customer service and engagement platform designed to help Shopify merchants provide exceptional support across multiple channels. With Customerly, stores get access to live chat, email automation, a help center knowledge base, and tools to manage customer interactions.

  • Omnichannel support via chat, email, social media messaging
  • Automated workflows to assign tickets and trigger actions
  • Help center to reduce repetitive customer inquiries
  • Single unified inbox for managing conversations
  • Mobile apps for managing tickets on-the-go
  • Can be complex with many features to learn to use effectively
  • Prices start higher at $50/month for starter plan
  • Building out help center knowledge base requires effort
  • Email automation and workflows require extensive setup
  • Lacks more advanced tools like call center capabilities


helpcrunch customer support apps

HelpCrunch is a customer service platform designed to help Shopify merchants manage customer support across multiple channels. Key features include shared team inboxes, knowledge base, automation tools, and analytics reporting.

  • Shared team inbox to collaborate on support tickets
  • Powerful automation with macros and custom workflows
  • Customizable knowledge base to reduce ticket volume
  • Multi-channel support via email, live chat, Twitter
  • Integration with Shopify for order details
  • Live chat functionality requires higher tier plan
  • Primarily focused on email support rather than live channels
  • Knowledge base is basic compared to dedicated help centers
  • Automation and triggers require moderate setup time
  • Lacks some features like call center integration

Help Scout

helpscout customer support apps

Help Scout is a customer service platform tailored for ecommerce businesses using Shopify. It provides email-based support tools to manage conversations with customers. With Help Scout, stores get shared team inboxes, conversation automation, performance analytics, and an integrated knowledge base.

  • Shared inbox allows collaboration between agents
  • Automated workflows to streamline support processes
  • Robust analytics and reports for improving service
  • Integrated knowledge base to reduce repetitive questions
  • Customizable email templates and branding
  • Focused primarily on email support rather than live channels
  • No native live chat, phone, or social media capabilities
  • Knowledge base less robust than dedicated help center solutions
  • Pricing starts at $15/month making it pricey for small stores
  • Steep learning curve for automations and workflows


intercom customer support apps

Intercom is an all-in-one customer messaging platform built to support Shopify merchants across multiple digital channels. Key features include live chat, conversational bots, knowledge base articles, and a shared team inbox.

  • Support across chat, email, in-app, and social messaging
  • Chatbots to automate conversations and FAQs
  • Knowledge base to reduce ticket volume
  • Conversation analytics to improve customer experience
  • Mobile app allows managing conversations on-the-go
  • Expensive plans starting at $49/month for basic package
  • Setup of bots and automation workflows can be complex
  • No built-in phone support capabilities
  • Interface can feel overwhelming with many features
  • Lacks some specialized Shopify-optimized features


freshworks customer support apps

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software tailored for ecommerce businesses. It offers a suite of features including ticketing management, knowledge base, community forums, and call center functionalities. Freshdesk seamlessly integrates with Shopify to centralize customer information.

  • Robust help desk for managing support tickets
  • Knowledge base to proactively address customer questions
  • Community forums for crowd-sourced answers
  • Call center features for phone support
  • Customizable agent interface and branding
  • Complex pricing plans that can get expensive
  • Steep learning curve with deep functionality
  • Lack of built-in live chat or chatbot capabilities
  • No native social media management features
  • Integration requires manual syncing of Shopify data


supporthero customer support apps

SupportHero is a customer service platform built specifically for Shopify merchants. It provides a customized help desk, shared team inboxes, knowledge base, and automation tools to streamline support workflows. SupportHero seamlessly integrates with Shopify for easy access to customer order information.

  • Tailored features and workflow for Shopify stores
  • Shared team inboxes to collaborate on ticket responses
  • Customizable knowledge base to reduce repeat inquiries
  • Automations to assign tickets and trigger actions
  • Mobile apps allow managing tickets on-the-go
  • Limited to email and help desk capabilities, no live chat
  • Knowledge base less robust than standalone solutions
  • Steep learning curve for automations and triggers
  • Can’t expand to other channels like phone or social media
  • Mostly geared towards post-purchase customer support


userlike customer support apps

Userlike is a live chat and messaging platform designed to help Shopify stores engage customers in real-time. It provides an easy way to add chat widgets to a Shopify storefront and allow customers to get instant answers to questions.

  • Unlimited chat agents and customizable chat widgets
  • Automated chat triggers based on customer behavior
  • Real-time visitor analytics and tracking
  • Integration with Shopify for order details in chat
  • Team inbox to collaborate and monitor chats
  • Limited features beyond live chat
  • Additional costs for extra features like chatbots
  • Less robust analytics compared to other platforms
  • Can only integrate one Shopify store per account
  • No email, phone, or social media channel support

How to Choose the Right Shopify Customer Support App?

Assess your requirements – Do you need email support, live chat, help desk ticketing, phone/call support etc.? Prioritize the channels you need.

Consider your store size – Your support needs will vary based on order volumes, traffic, number of products etc. Complex apps may be overkill for small stores.

Look for Shopify integration – Apps that seamlessly integrate with Shopify allow accessing order info, customer details etc. directly when supporting customers.

Evaluate features – Look for features like automation, knowledge base, reporting, SLA management based on your needs. But don’t overpay for unused features.

Check reviews and ratings – Vet the app thoroughly through reviews, user testimonials, ratings etc. to ensure it delivers on promises.

Consider ease of use – The app should be easy for agents to use day-to-day. Complex UIs can reduce agent productivity.

Check mobile capabilities – Ability to manage tickets/chats on-the-go via mobile is a plus for agent flexibility.

Consider scalability – As your store grows, ensure the app can handle increased volumes of support needs.

Compare pricing tiers – Find the right balance between features and affordability. Don’t break the bank.

Check trial periods – Make use of free trials to test the app hands-on before committing.


A Shopify customer support app is a must-have tool if you receive a decent number of customer support requests every day. And all the Shopify customer service apps listed in this post are best for their unique features and functionalities.

Still, we can’t tell you which specific help desk you should go for. It depends on your niche, the size of your business, your customer support volume, and other factors. However, we suggest you opt for a free trial or use the free version before paying for an app.

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