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Promotion with 10 Best Solar Affiliate Programs To Maximize Your Income

Since when did solar energy become more essential for our planet? With all the climate change and wars over limited resources, this clean power is proven to be better for the environment. More and more businesses ...

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Since when did solar energy become more essential for our planet? With all the climate change and wars over limited resources, this clean power is proven to be better for the environment.

More and more businesses now consider renewable energy as one of the hot niches since we need to spend less money on power bills and reduce our carbon footprint.

That is how this green economy is worth about US$4 trillion annually. Take part in this giant market with the best solar affiliate programs to promote on your site.

10 Best Solar Affiliate Programs for Maximum Earnings


Solar Affiliate Programs 1

Quick question. Give us the first name that comes to your mind when talking about innovation and renewable energy.

Is it Tesla? We are confident it is.

Elon Musk’s billion-dollar company sells a wide range of products, such as solar roof tiles and the Powerwall storage battery. Both support Tesla electric cars, the most famous product line that makes Elon over $15,000 in gross profit per vehicle.

As the pioneer business in solar products, it is easy to understand that Tesla wants to promote such items further to the public. That leads to its referral program for interested affiliate marketers.

No need for commission percentages, EPC, or conversion rates. Instead, the Tesla affiliate program has simpler terms than other solar affiliate programs.

If your referral buys a Tesla, you get free supercharging of 1,000 miles for your Tesla car. And if someone buys a solar panel array, the company pays you a fixed $100 per sale.

Note that there is a list of qualifying Tesla products available for purchase via referral links (e.g., Model X, Y, 3, solar roof and panels, etc.). The program also offers referral credits and loyalty benefits for each item.

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: 1,000 miles free supercharging per car sale; $100 per solar panel array sale
  • Cookie window: Revealed upon registration

Smart Power4all

Solar Affiliate Programs 2

Browsing through the ClickBank network can surprise you with joy sometimes. We found the Smart Power4all affiliate program on this platform, and here is what makes it exciting.

This brand produces a solar product called the Smart Solar Box. The box consists of multiple folding solar panels connected to a charge controller to charge car batteries, both new and used.

So, you can also use this system to power some appliances or house lights. But instead of paying more than $10,000 for a solar system, you can build this box on your own for $200.

Several Smart Boxes running in your home or small office can save 65% of your energy bills. It is suggested that you have some big target audiences with this type of material right away: eco-warriors, off-grid hobbyists, and preppers.

You might earn up to $66 per sale when promoting the box to your audience, but Smart Power4all has a $40 base product cost. This means your customers must purchase more backend goods to increase your commission.

Tip: You should not make this product an entirely new niche on your promotional channels. Advertise it as a complementary item instead.

  • Operated by: ClickBank
  • Commission rate: 75% per sale
  • Cookie window: 60 days
  • Payment methods: Check, direct deposit

Solar Direct

Solar Affiliate Programs 3

Since 1986, Solar Direct has made a name in Florida, US, for having a trusted team of solar panel installers. Now, the company has expanded across the country to help many homeowners and businesses save money on power consumption.

Solar Direct claims itself to be an energy supermarket. Why?

Its online store offers an impressive number of 600+ products, both commercial and residential solar systems. Other energy-efficient items like battery storage and pool heaters are available for anyone needing to switch to solar power.

The company is able to provide buyers with extensive product information, reviews, and technical support. So, your job is to send interested visitors to its website and have all of their inquiries solved. Then, the sale credit is yours!

Most solar affiliate programs offer a fixed commission rate, but Solar Direct follows the tier structure. Specifically:

  • You (Tier 1) earn a flat 5% commission for all sales (e.g., $100)
  • 40% commission/sale for each Tier 2 referred affiliate (e.g., $40).
  • 20% commission/sale for each Tier 3 referred affiliate (e.g., $20).

Not only does this program benefit one affiliate, but it is also profitable for their referrals. Sign up now!

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: Tier-commission structure (details in program)
  • Cookie window: 365 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $10


Solar Affiliate Programs 4

Do you agree that regular backpacks can be easily stolen? But that means people need to use more plastic.

Adrian Solgaard came up with a brilliant solution that is environmentally friendly. Introducing the Lifepack, a plastic backpack, but in this case, the plastic came from the ocean and also featured a solar panel.

This backpack can power your devices on the move using solar energy. What an idea, right? Furthermore, each Lifepack means 5 pounds fewer plastic floating around the oceans.

The Solgaard affiliate program is more than happy to work with travel enthusiasts to promote its variety of travel gear. Because aside from the Lifepack, you can let your audience know about its award-winning watches, suitcases, backpacks, and boomboxes.

Regarding the commission rate, affiliates receive a flat 10% per sale. For example, each $165 Lifepack will help you earn at least $16.5 as long as the purchase is completed within a 90-day cookie duration.

The average commission is around $17, meaning Solgaard products are pretty high-end. But do not worry –  people having the right mindset and a handsome income are willing to pay.

Join this program by emailing Solgaard about yourself, how you align with the brand, and some key stats in audience engagement.

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie window: 90 days
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, bank transfer, direct deposit


Solar Affiliate Programs 5

Smart doorbells are already popular on the market, but what makes Soliom stand out among solar affiliate programs?

Oh, because not every doorbell is powered by the sun. Is it a gimmick for getting its energy from this 93-million-mile-away nuclear reactor?

First, no more wiring your video doorbell to get power. This also means no hole drilling or routing writing under the floors.

And sudden power outages? So what? This little device is not connected to the grid at all, so electricity is not a problem here.

The company also provides solar-powered IP security cameras, making it easy to monitor your home from a distance.

So, how can you promote these goods? Your job as an affiliate will be placing promotional content on your website, such as Soliom’s banners and ads, to advertise its wire-free cameras and doorbells.

The Soliom affiliate program pays an 8% commission for each referral, and the average buyer would normally purchase about $200+ from this brand.

  • Operated by: ShareASale
  • Commission rate: 8% per sale
  • Cookie window: 90 days
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, check, (international) direct deposit, wire transfer


Solar Affiliate Programs 6

2010, Haiti suffered a damaging earthquake, leading to many product inventions to overcome natural disasters. One of the leading items was by LuminAID.

The co-founders of this company found that people were mainly supplied with food and medical aid during the earthquake but no way of providing light. So, they created the LuminAID – a portable light made from sustainable materials that are rechargeable and lightweight.

Even when the lights go out, people no longer have to use kerosene lamps or candles for illumination. Besides that, the brand offers a variety of solar-powered products featuring solar panels. They are waterproof, durable, and inflatable, with 30 hours of light after full charging.

Of course, this product is also helpful on regular occasions, such as a power outage in your neighborhood. So, any audience would do.

You need to register for the AvantLink network to promote LuminAID’s products. The brand pays its affiliates up to 10% commission per sale.

Based on the $70 average order value, you can expect to gain about $7 per referral. But only if customers purchase its line of high-end lanterns and not the more budget-friendly products.

  • Operated by: AvantLink
  • Commission rate: Up to 10% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Tipalti

Shop Solar Kits

Solar Affiliate Programs 7

The name basically says it all. This digital platform is where many businesses and consumers, 30,000+ Americans to be exact, come to purchase solar panel kits and other solar solutions.

Recently, a lot of people have been aware of the need to switch to more sustainable power sources. However, we all know how costly it is to have a professional installation.

Shop Solar Kits lets customers buy completed solar panel kits and relevant components to install their own systems. Furthermore, they do not have to pay for the whole thing at once. Thanks to 3 flexible financing options, you can adjust your budget accordingly.

About working with Shop Solar Kits, it is one of the solar affiliate programs with the highest average order value.

Quick calculation: Up to 6% of commission for an average $4,000 purchase and kits up to $50,000. $240 per sale? That is insane.

No wonder the brand has several affiliates making thousands of dollars a month. You will have 15 days to convert potential buyers into sales.

  • Operated by: Impact Radius
  • Commission rate: Up to 6%
  • Cookie window: 15 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal


Solar Affiliate Programs 8

Ecoflow’s range of innovative solar products takes us to another level of smart devices. Its solar power generators, outputs, batteries, and panels can become reliable energy sources for many scenarios.

No matter the location and surroundings – your home, outdoors, or on the road, Ecoflow’s devices can generate and store clean power. Now, it is safe to know that you have trusted power backup solutions for a long period of time.

There is a 5-year warranty to back each item, ensuring the best quality for consumers. That is why the Ecoflow affiliate program makes it easy to turn your recommendations into earnings.

Who can resist buying first-grade solar products to save on electricity bills? And it is not a joke they can power an entire house.

Given that the average Ecoflow customer order is $1,000 for those solar generators, you will be delighted with its 5% commission per sale (about $200). Suddenly, it is not impossible to earn a thousand-dollar income, right?

You can partner with Ecoflow as an affiliate either via the CJ Affiliate or ShareASale network.

  • Operated by: CJ Affiliate, ShareASale
  • Commission rate: 5% per sale
  • Cookie window: 45 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, check, direct deposit


Solar Affiliate Programs 9

We understand that solar systems are not low-cost AT ALL.

So, it seems that most customers are concerned more about the price than the effect. Since, you know, solar energy is obviously better than traditional sources.

Meet SunJack, a portable solar power source provider that helps people join the renewal energy community with a tight budget.

Its powerful solar charger operates similarly to a panel but on a smaller scale. It charges twice as fast as other competitors on the market and can be easily carried around. The rugged and waterproof design makes this accessory an excellent backup source on many occasions, even for emergencies.

Having said all that, you can gain a lot of benefits from the SunJack affiliate program.

The starting point is a 3% base commission, but qualified affiliates can receive up to 10% per sale. Also, there is a 20% bonus for top performers who bring a large amount of traffic.

SunJack enables free shipping on all orders, and you have 30 days to convert into sales.

  • Operated by: ShareASale
  • Commission rate: 3% base and up to 10% per sale, 20% bonus for top performers
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, check, (international) direct deposit, wire transfer


Solar Affiliate Programs 10

The last company on our list of top solar affiliate programs is BioLite, an award-winning brand committed to replacing fossil fuels in its solar stocks.

BioLite’s products are highly versatile: power stations, portable lanterns, headlamps, and batteries – all gain power from solar energy. It also provides fire pits and camping accessories, like solar grills and stoves. They are 100% carbon neutral with a net zero footprint.

Consequently, these items are extremely helpful when cooking, charging, and lighting in outdoor scenarios. Reminder: Customers can purchase them in bundles for more affordable prices.

We admit that the 7% commission rate is not the BioLite affiliate program’s advantage. For example, selling a $175 CampStove Complete Cook Kit and you will earn about $12 per item.

However, its attractive feature lies in affiliate support. No more worry about idea block because BioLite can offer rich visual assets, story ideas, and a blog library as your source of information.

Hurry up and apply for this program on CJ Affiliate.

  • Operated by: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission rate: 7% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, check, direct deposit

Why Should You Promote Solar Affiliate Programs?

When joining solar affiliate programs, you will get multiple benefits like affiliate commissions, flexible working hours, and professional support.

But why should you promote this niche among numerous others on the market?

A growing industry

Solar energy saves many businesses and homeowners a lot of money on utility bills, leading to a blooming growth with around US$7 billion in 2022 revenue.

Affiliate programs in solar power usually require no upfront costs and maintenance to join. You even have the potential to earn up to $100 per sale when promoting Tesla products, for example.

The potential to reduce carbon

It has been estimated that solar energy can reduce the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 40 million cars. For real?

So, promoting solar affiliate programs means you are contributing to global efforts in carbon reduction.

Make more money in less time

If you work a 9-to-5 job, is it discouraging to work 40 hours a week to earn the same monthly income? Becoming an affiliate marketer is a better way to make money.

Solar energy is clean, renewable, and proven to be more cost-effective than most traditional sources. Due to the rising global electricity cost, this type of power has gained more popularity. That results in profitable affiliate programs for publishers worldwide.

Few skills needed

Claiming you need no skills to join the affiliate marketing business would be exaggerated. But the truth is it does not require any special skills.

Whether you are a businessman, stay-at-home mom, computer whiz, or not, this is one of the easiest ways to earn a side income. These affiliate programs will provide you with the necessary tools and resources, and your job is to refer customers to their brands!

No cost required

Almost no solar affiliate programs ask you to pay for registration.

So, even retirees and college students with extra spare time can take this opportunity to make an extra income.

What Criteria to Use When Picking The Best Solar Affiliate Program?

Solar affiliate programs include a variety of products, from solar systems and storage batteries to travel gear. What are the determining criteria to help you define the best option?

Product quality

Few affiliate marketers might think that you promote solar goods on behalf of other businesses, so low-quality products cannot harm your personal branding.

Wrong. Remember that people visit your website and social media channels because they trust your recommendations. If they purchase your affiliate products that fail their expectations, these buyers can always give feedback on your credibility somewhere else.

Commission rates

Do not just look at a program’s commission rate (e.g., 5%, 8%) and claim it is not competitive.

Some brands have an average thousand-of-dollar order value, so how does 5% of 1,000 look now? There are more critical factors to check out other than the rate alone.

In addition, it depends on whether your affiliate program is operated in-house or via an affiliate network. Some networks have specific terms and conditions that may limit the commission rate slightly, but not often.

Affiliate support

The affiliate program should at least provide you with basic promotional resources, such as text, images, and banner ads. The most crucial asset is unique affiliate links, which you can embed into your content and invite your audience to click and purchase from that brand.

Aside from that, many programs will have dedicated affiliate managers and exclusive deals to assist your promotional efforts. The more support you have, the easier it gets to convert sales.


Rather than using fossil fuels that harm the global environment, the solar power industry is now replacing these traditional sources. There are many products and approaches to harness green energy from the sun as a renewable, sustainable resource.

The reviewed solar affiliate programs in this article offer a variety of scopes for promotion so more businesses and consumers can begin to switch to solar energy.

If you are concerned about this issue and want to make a change, you can promote these environmentally friendly brands and also earn a side income.

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