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Top 13 Best T-shirt Affiliate Programs to Join in 2024

Boosting your extra income via t-shirt affiliate programs? Absolutely doable! The global t-shirt market, valued at an impressive US$43.94 billion in 2023, foresees steady annual growth of 3.31% from 2023 to 2028. This promising trend underscores ...

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T-shirt affiliate programs

Boosting your extra income via t-shirt affiliate programs? Absolutely doable!

The global t-shirt market, valued at an impressive US$43.94 billion in 2023, foresees steady annual growth of 3.31% from 2023 to 2028. This promising trend underscores a strong and continually expanding market.

In this read, Uppromote introduce you to the top 13 programs in this niche, meticulously designed to amplify your earning potential. Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned affiliate marketer, this content delivers great insights to enhance your success in the field.

Top 13 T-shirt Affiliate Programs to Join in 2024

Amazon Associates 

T-shirt affiliate programs 1

The Amazon Associates is a popular program for creators to make income from their content. Typically, you can sign up to become its affiliates, craft product reviews, and anticipate affiliate sales as visitors explore its websites through your links.

Amazon, being a renowned online marketplace, offers a wide variety of products spanning various niches like fashion, electronics, software, and more. So, of course, you can promote t-shirts as one of its common products.

The commission rates of the Amazon Associates Program range from 1% to 20%, depending on product categories. For t-shirts, it will be 4%. The program’s cookie is short, lasting for a 24-hour session, but it’s worth noting that it has high conversion rates.

Wondering who can become an Amazon affiliate? The opportunity is open to both bloggers with qualifying websites and content creators with mobile apps. You can refer to Amazon’s specific participation requirements for detailed eligibility criteria.

  • Commission rate: 4% for the T-shirt category
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours
  • Payment method: Check, Direct Deposit, Amazon Gift Certificate
  • Payment threshold: $100 for Checks, $10 for Direct Deposit and Amazon Gift Certificates
  • A wide variety of products
  • Super easy to use and set up links
  • A low minimum threshold for Direct Deposit
  • High rates of driven conversions
  • Too short cookie duration



T-shirt affiliate programs 2

The Etsy affiliate program is among the top choices for those seeking lucrative affiliate partnerships in the t-shirt niche. Within this program, you’ll discover many handmade and vintage products, including clothing such as t-shirts.

US-based publishers can take advantage of a standard 4% commission rate, while affiliates in other countries enjoy even higher earnings at 5%.

The program ensures you earn a commission when your audience purchases through your affiliate link within 30 days for web browsers or 7 days for mobile app users after the initial tracking.

Regarding eligibility, affiliates must be at least 18 years old and possess a functional website for registration. Additionally, Awin, the affiliate marketing network overseeing this program, imposes a refundable fee of €/£/$1 (or equivalent) upon registration.

  • Commission rate:
  • 4% for the US publishers
  • 5% for publishers in the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the EU, Scandinavia, and the Rest of the World
  • Cookie duration: 30 days for browsers, 7 days for apps
  • Payment method: Domestic payments, International Wire, Payoneer, SEPA, BACS, ACH
  • Payment threshold: €/£/$20
  • A good commission level for affiliates
  • Require a low minimum payout
  • Offer a long cookie term
  • Provide many promotional materials and guides
  • Charge a refundable fee of €/£/$1 (or equivalent) when registering as an affiliate



T-shirt affiliate programs 3

The DesignByHumans affiliate program is a nice option if you are a DBH fan, a gaming fiend, or a t-shirt addict. Joining it is a competitive way to convert your traffic into money!

One of the great points of the DBH program is its commission rates, which range from 2% to an impressive 10%. It also has a  generous 30-day cookie duration, allowing you to have a comfy window to earn affiliate commissions on referred sales.

But it doesn’t stop there! DBH gives its affiliates exclusive promotional offers and provides designed graphics to supercharge your marketing efforts. If you need assistance or have questions, DBH offers dedicated affiliate support to guide you.

The program provides monthly newsletters, updating you on the latest offers and sales opportunities. And want to know the best part? DBH ships its awesome products worldwide to 180 countries, widening your potential audience.

You can join the program via the network ShareASale. It offers various payment options such as Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, and Payoneer. The $50 payment threshold is reasonable, ensuring you obtain your hard-earned commissions soon.

  • Commission rate: 2-10%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $50
  • Provide a long cookie window
  • Give affiliates exclusive promotional offers
  • Ship products to worldwide countries
  • Provide dedicated affiliate support
  • Starters can only have a low commission rate of 2%



T-shirt affiliate programs 4

Redbubble is a global marketplace offering unique, original art and high-quality products created by independent artists. You can be a part of it through their affiliate program hosted on Impact.com.

Redbubble offers a commission rate of 2% – a modest number compared to other t-shirt affiliate programs. Regarding the cookie duration, it gives you a 30-day window to convert from clicks to sales.

Redbubble provides a wide range of creative assets, helping you a lot in promotion. You can also take advantage of its lively promo calendar to enhance your marketing effectiveness. It’s quite convenient for affiliates.

You can easily register to be an affiliate of the program via Impact.com. When you get commissions, the program will pay monthly via Direct Transfer, BACS, and PayPal.

  • Commission rate: 2%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Direct Transfer, BACS, PayPal
  • A global market with many products
  • Provide a nice cookie term
  • Give affiliates many creative assets
  • Have a promo calendar for affiliates
  • A modest commission rate


True classic tees 

T-shirt affiliate programs 5

True Classic Tees is just a young brand founded in 2018 but reached a remarkable milestone by hitting $100 million in just two short years. Its mission is to empower everyday guys to look and feel great in tees that finally fit perfectly at an affordable price.

The True Classic Tees affiliate program offers a generous 10% commission rate. Joining it is quite easy through their website – simply fill out the form to qualify. And want to know the best part? You don’t even need a website to register! You can promote their product designs through your social media channels.

But that’s not all. True Classic Tees wants to welcome you with a special gift. As a new affiliate, you will receive a complimentary product pack valued at over $150 to use in your promotions. Plus, you will have a 25% discount code to share with your audience.

When you join this affiliate program, you can enjoy various payment methods supported by Social Snowball. They include Bank Transfer, PayPal, Venmo, Visa Card, Gift Cards, Zelle, Cashapp.

  • Commission rate: 10%
  • Payment method: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Venmo, Visa Card, Gift Cards, Zelle, Cashapp
  • A nice commission rate
  • Don’t need a website to enroll in
  • Have a special gift for publishers
  • Offer a 25% off discount code to affiliates
  • A young brand in the market


Allied Shirts 

T-shirt affiliate programs 6

The next option we want to recommend is the Allied Shirts affiliate program. It’s a brand aiming to provide stylish and custom shirts for all of life’s memorable moments.

The program offers a solid 3% to an impressive 17%, giving you a good chance to earn money. With its 30-day cookie duration, you will have enough time to earn commissions on referred sales.

Allied Shirts provides free standard shipping on all orders within the continental US, making it an attractive option for your audience. They also keep you in the loop with regular promotions and seasonal sales sent straight to your inbox, so you will always have something exciting to share.

The brand offers many advertising materials, including banner ads, text links, and more. With an impressive average order size of $150, you have great earning potential with this program.

You can join the program on the ShareASale network. Allied Shirts offers various payment methods, including Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, and Payoneer. Plus, the low $50 payment threshold ensures you can start enjoying your commissions soon.

  • Commission rate: 3-17%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $50
  • Offer long cookie window
  • Have a high average order value
  • Provide many advertising materials
  • Attractive free shipping policy
  • Start with a modest commission of 3%


Busted Tees 

T-shirt affiliate programs 7

Busted Tees has been a longstanding player in the pop culture tee shirt market, serving up iconic designs since 2004. Its long history makes its reputation in the field.

When you join the Busted Tees affiliate program, you can promote its nice collections that cover an extensive range of pop culture references. The brand has thousands of different designs to satisfy many types of customers.

The program offers a great 15% commission on sales generated through affiliates’ referrals. Plus, with a 30-day cookie duration, you have a comfortable window to secure those commissions.

Upon joining our affiliate program, you have the flexibility to select from a range of payment options facilitated by Social Snowball. These choices encompass Bank Transfer, PayPal, Venmo, Visa Card, Gift Cards, Zelle, and Cashapp.

A special policy is that customers can return the products in the first 365 days after delivery if they don’t like them. Such a nice policy helps to enhance marketing effectiveness. You can easily join the program and share the products with your friends or social media followers.

  • Commission rate: 15%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Venmo, Visa Card, Gift Cards, Zelle, and Cashapp
  • A long-lasting brand in the niche
  • Have a wide range of products
  • Offer a great commission rate
  • Provide a long cookie duration
  • Not have clear information on the payment method and threshold


Crazy Dog T-Shirts 

T-shirt affiliate programs 8

Another outstanding name in the top t-shirt affiliate programs is the Crazy Dog T-Shirts affiliate program. Established in 2004, the brand has provided a huge selection of custom t-shirts and hilarious novelty tees.

If you participate in the program, you can promote many tees coming in a variety of colors and styles, all printed on ultra-soft apparel, promising you comfort and breathability. The program is available on UpPromote, a great affiliate management app.

It offers a competitive 10% commission rate, allowing you to improve your earnings. The cookie time is 30 days, so you will have the opportunity to cash in on your referrals.

Regarding payment, the program provides various payment options with the support of the UpPromote system. You can get your affiliate commissions via PayPal, Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Check, Venmo, PayTM, UPI, and Store Credit.

  • Commission rate: 10%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Check, Venmo, PayTM, UPI, Store Credit
  • Have a huge selection of t-shirt designs
  • Provide a high commission rate
  • Offer a long cookie window
  • A lot of payment methods
  • The brand doesn’t have a free shipping policy.



T-shirt affiliate programs 9

If you want to promote t-shirts, sportswear, additional apparel, and promotional items, the DesignAShirt affiliate program will be a great choice. As a long-lasting t-shirt company since 2003, it’s a trusted and popular name with customers.

What sets DesignAShirt apart is the impressive average order size of $400, meaning potential for substantial commissions. As an affiliate, you will have access to custom content creation and more resources to help attract new and unique customers to the platform.

The program offers a generous 10% commission rate, ensuring good rewards for your efforts. Plus, it provides a long 30-day cookie duration for you to earn commissions.

The DesignAShirt affiliate program is available on CJ, making it easy to join and get started. It will pay you via convenient methods like Check, Direct Deposit, and Payoneer. What’s even more appealing is that there’s no payment threshold to meet. You can start receiving your commissions without delay.

  • Commission rate: 10%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Check, Direct Deposit, Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: No threshold
  • Offer a nice commission rate
  • Have a good cookie term
  • Have a high average order value
  • Require no payment threshold
  • Don’t pay via the popular PayPal payment method



T-shirt affiliate programs 10

If you are a fan of retro things, the 80sTees affiliate program should be your choice. 80sTees holds the title of the leading online retailer of licensed t-shirts, specializing in a treasure trove of retro movies, music, TV shows, video games, comic books, and cartoon-themed tees.

The brand has exclusive collections of shirts available only on its platform. As an affiliate, you will share these designs with your audience and earn a generous 18% commission on every sale.

The program boasts a lengthy 60-day cookie duration, so you will have a long time to make sales. 80sTees offers a variety of payment methods, including Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, and Payoneer, with a reasonable $50 payment threshold.

You can join the program via the ShareASale network. It’s worth noting that 80sTees is selective about its affiliate partners, requiring websites to have relevance to its products. It doesn’t accept pay-per-click search advertising, email marketing, and multi-level schemes.

  • Commission rate: 18%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Payment method: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $50
  • A generous commission rate
  • Boast a lengthy cookie term
  • Have exclusive collections of t-shirts
  • Many payment methods with a decent threshold
  • Selective in approving affiliates



T-shirt affiliate programs 11

Spreadshirt is one of the world’s largest creative platforms for personalized clothing and accessories. The brand has an impressive range of over 180 products and a staggering 500,000 designs.

As it offers custom printing, customers can easily create their own products via the platform. The custom t-shirt printing is a shiny point that helps the brand attract customers.

It has an average basket value of just over €40, which is great news for your commissions. Moreover, Spreadshirt provides top-notch customer service, ensuring that the customers you send it are well taken care of.

The program offers a nice commission rate of 15% on sales generated through your referrals. It also gives you a generous 30-day cookie duration to have a solid window of opportunity to turn potential customers into paying ones.

Sounds great? Join its affiliate program via Webgains!

  • Commission rate: 15%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Direct Bank Transfer, SEPA, Direct Debit, Credit Card, PayPal, Debit Card
  • Own a plethora of options for promotion
  • Have a great commission rate
  • Provide a long cookie term
  • It doesn’t work with cashback or loyalty sites.


Textual Tees 

T-shirt affiliate programs 12

We also want to introduce the Textual Tees affiliate program – another nice option in the list of t-shirt affiliate programs. Founded in 2006, Textual Tees has become a trusted destination for choosing designs for many occasions, including break room chatter, dorm room parties, etc.

The program brings a great chance to earn money with a generous commission of 10%. It also provides an extended 60-day cookie term, so you will have plenty of time to secure your earnings.

You can join the program via the ShareASale network. It’s very easy and simple to sign up. After being an affiliate, you can get paid monthly via Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, and Payoneer as long as your account reaches the minimum payout of $50.

  • Commission rate: 10%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Payment method: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $50
  • Provide a nice commission rate
  • An extended cookie term
  • Have many payment methods
  • Require a low minimum threshold
  • Not allow coupon websites to be affiliates



T-shirt affiliate programs 13

If t-shirts are your target market, you shouldn’t miss out on the Teepublic affiliate program. Since its establishment in 2013, it’s not just an e-commerce platform – it’s a vibrant hub for artists to showcase their creations. Here, talented artists can upload and sell their designs to millions of people.

One of the standout points of the Teepublic affiliate program is the generous 11% commission rate they offer. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a content creator, or just someone looking to promote unique designs, this program has something for you.

Teepublic offers a 30-day cookie duration, giving you a solid window to earn commissions on sales generated through your referrals. And when it’s time to receive your earnings, they make it easy with PayPal as the payment method.

  • Commission rate: 11%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Offer a high commission rate
  • Have a long cookie window
  • Provide many nice products from independent artists
  • Only have PayPal as the payment method

Why Should You Become a T-shirt Affiliate?

There are many advantages if you join the t-shirt industry as an affiliate marketer. Let’s check some below:

High demand

The t-shirt market has shown remarkable resilience and growth, with a revenue of US$43.94 billion in 2023. But what truly makes it a lucrative choice for affiliates is the promising trajectory it’s set to follow. The market is expected to see consistent annual growth, with a CAGR of 3.31% from 2023 to 2028.

Notably, the volume of T-shirts is projected to reach a staggering 8.1 billion pieces by 2028, showcasing the sheer scale of demand. In the short term, the market is set to experience a volume growth of 2.8% in 2024.

These figures paint a compelling picture of a niche that’s thriving and offers ample opportunities for affiliates to tap into a thriving, evergreen market.

Easy-to-sell products

T-shirts, with their universal appeal and versatile use, capture the attention of a broad audience. The designs and styles of t-shirts are diverse, meeting different people’s preferences. The products allow affiliates to cater to a wide spectrum of consumers.

In 2023, per-person revenues of US$5.72 are generated within the T-shirt market. The average volume per person is expected to amount to 0.9 pieces in the same year. These numbers underscore the widespread popularity of T-shirts.

It does not require much expertise

Another reason to become a t-shirt affiliate is the fact that it doesn’t require much expertise. While some affiliate niches demand in-depth knowledge or technical skills, promoting t-shirts is straightforward. You don’t need to be a fashion expert or possess specialized skills to start earning as a t-shirt affiliate.

Global reach

T-shirts are a universal form of clothing around the world. Many t-shirt brands have worldwide shipping policies as well. So, when promoting t-shirts, you can have the opportunity to reach an international audience.

How to Find the Best T-shirt Affiliate Programs to Join? 

When you’re in the process of selecting t-shirt affiliate programs, several pivotal criteria should steer your decision-making. Let’s delve into these essential factors:

Brand reputation

The brand’s reputation stands as a cornerstone of your choice. Promoting products from well-established or renowned brands tends to yield better results. Customers are more inclined to trust and purchase from brands with a solid track record, which bolsters your credibility.


You should also take a close look at the brand’s product range. Do they exclusively offer t-shirts, or do they also provide a diverse array of clothing, apparel, and accessories? Do they have various types and models of t-shirts like tank tops, polos, t-shirts with pockets, etc?

High product quality and positive customer reviews are paramount, as they directly influence your standing with your audience. Recommending top-notch products nurtures a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your followers.

Commission rates

Commission rates play a pivotal role. Higher commissions equate to greater earnings. Prioritize programs that offer competitive commission rates to maximize your income. Additionally, you can consider the average order value, as it also factors into your overall earnings.

Payout terms

Examine the payment terms offered by affiliate programs. Understand the payment frequency, whether it’s monthly or weekly, and ensure it aligns with your financial objectives.

Besides, familiarize yourself with the payout methods provided by the programs and check for the minimum payment threshold to ensure it suits your preferences and goals.

How to Get Started With T-shirt Affiliate Marketing?

Choose a suitable program

Choosing a proper option to join should be the first thing you do when jumping into this industry. There’s a wide variety of affiliate programs there. You can use the above-mentioned criteria to find the best one to start.

Sign up and get your affiliate link

After getting your favorite program, sign up and get your affiliate link for promotion. The process will depend on the program and the network, but it’s usually simple and straightforward.

Market your link

The next step, and maybe the most important step, is marketing your link, as it will directly affect your result. You can promote by creating blogs, writing reviews, sharing on your social media channel, etc. There are many ways to make it; just choose the ones that suit you most.


To sum up, we have reviewed the top 13 t-shirt affiliate programs worth joining. We have also boiled down the reasons for being t-shirt affiliates, how to find the best programs, and how to get started in the industry.

We believe you are now equipped with the best knowledge to start in the t-shirt niche. So, don’t hesitate; let’s take the first steps!

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