Grow Mom Bloggers’ Affiliates In One Second

Parents always have tons of questions for their kids from products to foods. They always want to find the best products for their kids and also prepare a solid base for the future. Thereby, the blog niches become the best place to search review products and information for all parents. For all merchants who have business in mom & kids niches, you should not ignore the potential of blogging and in this article, we’ll discuss growing mom bloggers’ affiliates in one second.  

Let’s go straightforward together!

1. Blog Niche To Find Mom Bloggers’ Affiliates 

The blogs used to have a lot of information and experience so it is easy to get trusted by parents, especially moms when they look up to their kids. 

Parent Online’s report conveys that the United State’s mothers usually spend 211 minutes daily on the internet and 85 minutes reading blogs when they stay at home. The internet has been an important tool and resource for parents to look up information and get advice to help them become better parents. 

Let’s have a look at some very common blog niches that will help you get mom bloggers’ affiliates in the easiest ways. 

1.1 New Mom

Expectant first-time parents have all kinds of questions regarding pregnancy, childbirth, baby care, and everything else that comes with parenthood, by such that, this is the most potential niche blog to gain money and also increase mom bloggers’ affiliates for your brands. 

The most revealing tips and tricks and give helpful recommendations could be your appropriate mom bloggers’ affiliates. 

There will always be a high level of spending and curiosity in this area. This is also a stage in life when parents are willing to invest heavily in baby preparations, which is fantastic for affiliate sales as a blogger.

Here are just a few sub-topics in the new mom niche that you can find mom bloggers’ affiliates for your brand:

  • Pregnancy
  • Getting ready for baby
  • Labor and delivery
  • Postpartum care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn care
  • Baby gear recommendations

1.2 Parenting Twins

Handing twins is not as easy as handing one child. Everythings is double, including stress and expense for preparation. 

This niche is also high-valuable for any merchants who want to upsell and raise double profits by mom bloggers’ affiliates. One in every 42 children born is a twin that means over 1.6 million twins are born each year. That is a massive opportunity to scale up your products in the mom & kids industry because the demand is going to double and if the mom bloggers’ affiliates target the right audience, there is additional revenue for your brands. 

Merchants can read some articles about this sub-topic below to find the best mom bloggers’ affiliates for parenting twins: 

  • Best gear for twins (double strollers, cribs, high chairs, etc.)
  • Name ideas for twins
  • Matching outfits for twins
  • Twin pregnancy announcement ideas
  • Tips for handling twins

1.3 Kids Activities 

This is a unique niche and most creative for merchants who are looking for the mom bloggers’ affiliates to create innovative promoted posts. 

Some ideas to research in kids activities about: 

  • Kids’ crafts
  • Holiday Crafts for kids
  • Kids’ party ideas
  • Printables for kids
  • Activities for kids

Also, moms are willing to buy products through how-to-do videos that attract niche blogs, merchants also can expand to include guides and workshops on how to make DIY gifts, home decor, and more through mom bloggers’ affiliates. 

If the bloggers can create their printables to sell, such as coloring pages, templates for crafts, kids’ activity pages, etc. then this niche can be even more profitable and it might be the best suitable mom bloggers’ affiliates for your brands. 

1.4 Family Finance

Money and financial difficulties appear to be a universal challenge, particularly for mothers. Most families find it difficult to limit their consumption and save money. Most people do not know where to begin when it comes to taking charge of their finances, so financial niche items are in high demand right now.

The potential mom bloggers’ affiliates in this blog niche are the ones who design and present the financial products in a way that can help the audience, they will see the value in what they offer and pay the money to help them reach their financial goals.

These types of content below will help you to reach the mom bloggers’ affiliates much easier: 

  • Budget Tracking Sheets
  • Printable Financial Planners
  • Financial Coaching/Consultation Service
  • Video Courses

1.5 Working Moms

Working and having a kid isn’t really the same and easy at the same time, especially for mothers, even those who already have kids or the newest. Mothers are always attracted to people who are in the same situation and provide solutions to these problems. 

This can include a wide range of topics to find the best mom bloggers’ affiliates, including:

  • How to manage work and parenting
  • How to work from home and spend more time with your children
  • How to establish your own business for parents and the greatest side hustles for moms

The good mom bloggers’ affiliates in this case should not only provide the key solutions to catching up between working and having a kid but also, should show their empathy to the audience. 

The more appreciation, the easier it is to reach out audience through their content. Choose the mom blogger’ affiliate wisely!

1.6 Food Recipes

Food and recipe blogs are incredibly popular and aren’t likely to fade away eventually.

Moms are constantly on the lookout for simple-to-prepare meals and meal plans to help them simplify this task and make their things simpler.

If you are running a kitchen goods business, it is extremely perfect for you to find the mom bloggers’ affiliates in this niche. 

There are some topics that you can look for mom bloggers’ affiliate in this food receipts niche:

  • Budget Tracking Sheets
  • Printable Financial Planners
  • Financial Coaching/Consultation Service
  • Video Courses

2. Tip To Grow Mom Bloggers’ Affiliates Network

2.1 Instagram 

New and established parents are constantly looking for ways to make parenting easier, and mom influencers have exploded! 

Women perceive social media to be a convenient source for parental guidance, according to recent Government Research

Given that women account for the majority of Instagram users in the United States, mom Instagram influencers have arisen as a go-to resource for mothers of all ages.

The top Instagram mom influencers show that winning at parenting is achievable, and they have a significant following of millions of parents around the world. This is because millennial parents are believed to hold the parenting advice they receive on social media in high respect.

There are some mommy hashtag that popular on Instagram that might bring you to the appropriate mom bloggers’ affiliates more conveniently, such as: 












































There are also organic ways to research mom bloggers’ affiliates on Instagram by using Google. Type ‘top mom bloggers on Instagram’ on the search engine bar in Google and you will get results such like below: 

Select one of these articles and also read reviews about the top list of mom bloggers, thereby you can easily choose the most suitable mom bloggers’ affiliates on Instagram for your brands. 

2.2 Facebook

The same as research on Google, merchants also can search for mom bloggers’ affiliates on Facebook by using the keywords ‘top mom bloggers on Facebook’ on Google. 

Go through those results and choose the most suitable mom bloggers’ affiliates for your brands on Facebook. Otherwise, you can join some of the popular mommy bloggers’ Facebook groups to look for the best mom bloggers’ affiliates in these communities. 

Depending on what products you want to promote and what niches you are targeting, here are the leading website communities for moms in the United States, ranging from nursing advice to family support and everything else in between.

For general mom life: 

For feeding baby: 

When you have approved to join those groups above, you can go to the Topics button, to get the popular hashtags and posts. Through the hashtags and posts, you can easily find the mom bloggers’ affiliates for your brands. 

2.3 Twitter 

Moms can discuss frankly and honestly the genuine issues they encounter on Twitter. Products and brands are a natural part of the discourse for women who want the best for their children. This is a great opportunity for affiliates and influencers to interact with moms when they are at their most authentic.

Moms on Twitter range from new moms learning how to care for their newborns to more seasoned moms keeping an eye on their noisy teenagers. 

According to Twitter Marketing’s report

  • 48% of moms use Twitter daily
  • 83% of moms use Twitter weekly 
  • 64% of moms follow brands and make purchasing decisions on Twitter 

There are top 10 potential mom bloggers’ affiliates on Twitter that you should give attention to: 

  1. Jenny Lawson – 103,911 followers
  2. Amy Lupold Bair – 27,206 followers
  3. Jill Smokler – 104,806 followers
  4. Leah Segedie – 13,277 followers
  5. Janice Croze & Susan Carraretto – 16,769 followers
  6. Heather Armstrong – 1,558,192 followers
  7. Angela Roy – 25,261 followers
  8. Stacie Haight Connerty – 50,415 followers
  9. Stacey DeBroff – 23,349 followers
  10. Tanis Miller – 13,685 followers

2.4 Affiliate Marketplace 

It’s effortless to join any Affiliate Marketplace, such as UpPromote Marketplace. It’s more likely that affiliates will hunt you out than that you would seek them out.

The most notable gain of establishing such networks is that you can benefit from their years of experience and expertise in guiding your affiliate marketing on the proper path. You can contact their support team or look through their knowledge base.

Simply choose Mother & kids under Categories in UpPromote Marketplace to identify the targeting partners.

3. Wrapping Up

The goal is to ensure that your affiliates are well-versed in the Mothers & kids sector and can provide you with high-quality leads. Focusing your efforts on a small number of key affiliates is far superior to a large number of affiliates who may have a large following but fail.

Are you ready to find the best affiliates for your business? Remember to choose affiliates who have a similar target audience to yours, create a thorough registration process, and thoroughly vet each potential affiliate.

Some affiliate management systems can also help you manage affiliate recruitment, which can help you build a high-quality affiliate network. Start using UpPromote right now if you want to get started quickly and easily. On UpPromote Marketplace, you can find top-tier affiliates in a range of industries, manage your affiliate team, and track and evaluate their performance in real-time.

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