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Top 20 Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs to Boost Income in 2024

The products for babies industry is booming, with parents eager to spend money on the best products for their little ones. As an affiliate marketer, you can connect new parents with companies selling these products and ...

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Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs

The products for babies industry is booming, with parents eager to spend money on the best products for their little ones. As an affiliate marketer, you can connect new parents with companies selling these products and earn commissions by joining baby products affiliate programs.

Many baby product affiliate programs are available across several networks, and we’ve rounded up some of the best ones for you to consider. From infant and toddler apparel to organic baby food, there’s a wide range of products to promote.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 20 baby products affiliate programs to help you get started.

Let’s discover!

Top 20 Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs

Buy Buy BABY

Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs  1

Buy Buy BABY is a leading retailer of baby products in the United States. It offers a wide selection of baby gear, including strollers, car seats, nursery furniture, clothing, and toys. Buy Buy BABY also has a registry program for expecting parents, and it offers a variety of products and services, such as in-store consultations and online shopping.

The company was started by two brothers in 1996 and was later acquired by Bed Bath & Beyond in 2007. Today, they have over 130 stores across North America.

To join their affiliate program, you can sign up through FlexOffers. This program has a shorter one-day cookie window than other baby affiliate programs we’ve reviewed.

They pay a standard 2.4% commission on all sales, and affiliates earn $4.80 for each generated baby registry.

  • Commission rate: 2.4% on all other sales
  • Cookie duration: 1 day
  • Product: strollers, car seats, nursery furniture, clothing, and toys



Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs  2

BabyBjörn is a Swedish, family-run business crafting top-notch items for infants and toddlers. Originating in Stockholm, they now have stores in approximately 50 cities worldwide. Their range spans infant carriers, travel cots, nursing pillow, feeding gear, and seating equipment.

Every BabyBjörn creation prioritizes safety and practicality, catering to moms and babies.

BabyBjörn’s affiliate program operates through the Awin affiliate network, offering a generous 12% commission on all sales, excluding gift cards, and providing a 30-day cookie window. Commissions can be received through BACS, international wire transfer, or ACH.

Affiliate marketers gain access to a collection of eye-catching banners designed to attract clicks and boost sales.

  • Commission rate: 12% CPS on all sales (excluding gift cards)
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: wire transfers
  • Product: infant carriers, travel cots, feeding gear, and seating equipment



Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs  3

LOVEVERY is a direct-to-consumer baby and toddler play kit subscription service offering toys and activities to support child development.

LOVEVERY’s play kits are popular with parents because they are convenient and educational. The kits take the guesswork out of choosing toys and activities for children and ensure that children have access to appropriate toys for their developmental stage.

You can access various valuable tools to enhance your promotional efforts as an affiliate. These tools include engaging text links, attention-grabbing banners, and distinctive imagery tailored to your website and social media platforms.

Each resource will be equipped with a unique ID, enabling us to track your traffic to our website.

If your audience shares an interest in child development, stage-based science, and the concept of learning through play, we encourage you to apply today and be part of our affiliate program.

The Lovevery baby products affiliate program runs through the ShareASale affiliate network. Affiliates can earn a generous 10% commission on each sale and benefit from a 30-day cookie duration, allowing you to earn commissions on sales within this time frame.

  • Commission rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Product: toys and activities



Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs  4

Ergobaby revolutionized the world of baby carriers with its soft-structured carrier technology in 2002, setting the gold standard in the industry. Their ergonomically designed products cradle babies naturally, evenly distributing their weight between the parent’s shoulders and hips.

Ergobaby carriers enjoy a stellar reputation in parenting circles and receive glowing recommendations from numerous mommy bloggers.

To become an affiliate with Ergobaby, you’ll need to have a ShareASale account. Upon registration, you’ll earn a 4% commission on each sale and benefit from a generous 30-day cookie window.

The outstanding 8.8% conversion rate is particularly noteworthy, considering the relatively higher price point of Ergobaby products. Join the program today to leverage these impressive metrics.

  • Commission rate: 4% of all sales referred
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Product: baby carriers


Happiest Baby

Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs  5

Happiest Baby, the creator of the Snoo Smart Sleeper, understands the challenges faced by sleep-deprived parents. They’ve developed innovative baby products to help your baby sleep better, allowing you to find some much-needed rest.

The Snoo Smart Sleeper is an impressive device that creates a comfortable and safe sleep environment by mimicking the soothing sounds and movements of the womb. It aims to prevent your baby from waking up frequently and to soothe them if they do wake.

Plus, it offers detailed sleep reports delivered to your phone for convenience.

It’s important to note that while the affiliate program is part of the CJ Affiliate Network, the Snoo Smart Sleeper comes with a substantial price tag of $ 1,000.

However, Happiest Baby also offers other products like baby clothes, swaddles, and educational materials that can provide additional opportunities for affiliate commissions.

  • Commission rate: $50 for every SNOO rental shipped
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Products: smart sleepers


Organic Baby Foods

Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs  6

Organic Baby Foods, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is a leading baby food supplier in Europe. They are dedicated to promoting organic and healthy baby food, free from artificial additives.

What makes them stand out is their use of 100% natural, organic ingredients sourced from Germany, a strong selling point. They primarily offer products from three trusted brands: Hipp, Lebenswert, and Holle.

As an affiliate, you won’t need to invest much effort in promoting Organic Baby Foods because they are already a well-established and popular brand.

Their affiliate program is also well-structured. Affiliates can earn commissions up to 25% with a cookie duration of 30 days.

This program provides an excellent opportunity to earn while promoting high-quality, organic baby food products to a health-conscious audience.

  • Commission rate: up to 25%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Product: organic baby food



Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs  7

Urban Sitter is one of baby’s popular brands that simplifies the often daunting task of finding a trustworthy babysitter by offering a user-friendly app. While new parents cherish time with their children, they soon realize that occasional breaks are essential for their well-being.

The struggle to find a reliable babysitter, often at the last minute, can be overwhelming. Urban Sitter comes to the rescue by connecting you with a vast network of 150,000 babysitters across 60 cities in the United States.

You can even conduct interviews and handle payments directly through the app, making it an incredibly convenient service that practically sells itself.

Affiliates of Urban Sitter earn a flat fee of $25 for each new subscriber they refer. While there’s no recurring income, the app’s appeal is enduring, given that there are approximately 1,000,000 new moms yearly. This means Urban Sitter will likely remain a popular and profitable choice for the foreseeable future.

  • Commission rate: $30 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 45 days
  • Product: solution to find childcare


Newton Baby

Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs  8


Newton Baby specializes in baby sleep products. They offer crib mattresses that are 100% breathable and washable, available in standard and mini sizes. Additionally, they provide replacement mattress covers in four colors and sell convertible cribs and pet beds.

You can join the Newton Baby affiliate program through ShareASale. This is also one of programs for baby products that offers a 30-day cookie window and pays a 5% commission on each sale.

You receive a commission when a customer clicks on it and completes a purchase. Additionally, the brand provides its affiliates with valuable resources like free tracking tools, updates on specials and sales, free coupons, and more to enhance your affiliate experience.

  • Commission rate: 5% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Product: baby mattresses



Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs  9

Founded in 2015, Popopieshop is your one-stop destination for family clothing, baby & kids’ apparel, footwear, accessories, and more. Their focus is on delivering original, high-quality, and exclusive products.

The brand believes that making smart choices should be easy, and our goal is to provide a convenient platform where you can find safe and stylish products for both Moms and Kids.

Joining the Popopieshop affiliate program is free, and you’ll benefit from a generous 60-day cookie duration, starting commissions at 15%, and an average sale value of $89.

Popopieshop offers a variety of creative resources like coupons, banners, videos, and text links and keeps you informed with newsletters featuring promotions and bonus campaigns.

Moreover, their data feed is updated daily for convenience, and their dedicated program team is here to help you succeed.

  • Commission rate: 15% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Product: family clothing, baby & kids’ apparel, footwear, accessories


Baby Sleep Miracle

Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs 10

It’s no surprise that there are a ton of products out there that claim to help babies sleep better. However, Mary-Ann Schuler’s Baby Sleep Miracle e-book and miracle sounds are backed up by thousands of testimonials from well-rested parents.

Boasting a high commission rate, this affiliate program is easy to integrate into your content and feel good about; you just have to get over the slightly cringe-worthy website.

All of the tips in the program are completely natural methods of helping to encourage your child’s sleep without things like crying it out or medications.

  • Commission rate: 74%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Product: infant parent’s online training



Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs 11

WebBabyShower stands out in baby products affiliate programs as the sole virtual baby shower brand offering an affiliate program.

WebBabyShower enjoys strong brand recognition, having garnered features and recommendations from reputable sources like Martha Stewart and The Bump.

Virtual baby showers are essentially what the name suggests: personalized websites for sharing photos and stories and connecting with loved ones through built-in games and video calls.

If this service aligns with your promotion goals, WebBabyShower is the go-to choice. Their affiliate program offers a fixed $10 commission for customers who sign up through your affiliate link.

Even better, WebBabyShower significantly emphasizes conversion rate optimization, constantly fine-tuning and testing key pages. Their pricing page boasts an impressive 23% conversion rate, increasing the likelihood that your clicks will convert into sales.

An average order value ranges from $74 to $85, but the only downside is that you only get $10 per sign-up within 30 days.

The program is suitable for content sites covering pregnancy, early years parenting, baby showers, virtual parties, and DIY party/ event planning.

  • Commission rate: $10 per signup
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Products: virtual baby showers


Baby Tula

Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs 12

Baby Tula specializes in stylish and ergonomic baby carriers for newborns to toddlers. They

have a collection of baby carriers available in fun prints, cute little patterns, and ultra-soft fabrics

Baby Tula offers different types of baby carriers, including ergonomic baby carriers, free-to-grow baby carriers, and ergonomic toddler carriers

Their affiliate program is managed through Impact and offers a competitive 9% commission on sales completed within a 30-day cookie window.

Affiliate commissions are conveniently paid via PayPal, so a valid email is a prerequisite for signing up. Joining this program can be a rewarding opportunity for those interested in promoting comfortable and stylish baby carriers

  • Commission rate: Up to 10% commission on sales
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Product: Baby carriers


Safety 1st

Safety 1st is a brand of Dorel Juvenile that offers a wide range of baby and infant products. Michael Lerner founded The brand in the early ’80s and was first known for its “Baby on Board” signs.

Safety 1st is an industry leader in developing, marketing and distributing childcare products. The brand offers car seats, strollers, high chairs, baby thermometers, play yards, and more which offer natural sitting position for babies.

Safety 1st simplifies parenting by providing parents with the tools to care for their little ones.

The Safety 1st affiliate program offers a commission rate of 5% or more on every product sale. The program also provides a 30-day tracking cookie.

The Safety 1st affiliate program also offers dynamic banners, private commissions, and consumer offers. It has a dedicated affiliate team to support affiliates with any questions, concerns, or technical issues.

  • Commission rate: 5%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Product: Baby car seats, strollers and travel systems


The Hatch Collection

The Hatch Collection caters to expectant mothers who value comfort and style. It’s a haven for moms-to-be who want to look fashionable throughout their pregnancy without compromising comfort.

Unlike the traditional floral muumuu and sneakers, the Hatch Collection offers functional maternity wear with a touch of fashion chic.

A unique feature of their website allows shoppers to browse collections based on their current stage of pregnancy, from early days to more advanced. Their product range includes dresses, jumpsuits, and beauty items like “Belly Oil” and “Belly Mask” to support skin health.

Affiliate marketers earn an 8% commission per sale. While their ‘Network Earnings’ score may be lower than usual, their unique approach and niche make them an appealing option.

Hatch Collection’s relatively recent presence on Commission Junction offers early adopters the chance to partner with an emerging brand in the maternity fashion space.

  • Commission rate: 8%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Products: stylish maternity clothing, nursing clothes


PishPosh Baby

Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs 14

Founded in 2015 and based in Lakewood, New Jersey, PishPosh Baby is an online retailer of premium baby products, specifically luxury strollers, car seats, high chairs, and baby furniture from brands customers trust.

PishPosh Baby strives to provide customers with the largest choice of products on the internet. The depth and breadth of their product offerings extend not just to the baby strollers but also to the accessories.

PishPosh Baby offers baby gear for the mid to higher-income demographics, specifically those with an annual income of $75,000. Currently, their average order is $200 – $300.

With the PishPosh Baby affiliate program, affiliates can earn a 6% commission rate for each sale with a 30-day cookie window. Also, high-performing affiliates can receive bonuses and exclusive offers to their readers and followers to boost earnings.

  • Commission rate: 6% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Product:  luxury strollers, car seats, high chairs, and baby furniture


Finn & Emma

Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs 15

Finn & Emma is an online store dedicated to organic baby formula products, offering clothing, toys, accessories, and gifts. They embrace the idea that safe baby items can also be fun, with a focus on vibrant prints, fresh colors, and high-quality craftsmanship.

Joining Finn & Emma’s affiliate program via the ShareASale network offers a standard 10% commission rate with a 30-day cookie duration. High-performing affiliates can benefit from a competitive bonus structure for enhanced earnings.

With an average order value exceeding $90, this program provides access to regularly updated marketing materials and frequent promotions, including special consumer offers.

Partnering with Finn & Emma can reward affiliates in the baby product niche, combining quality and creativity.

  • Commission rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Product: baby gear, baby clothes and toys



Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs 16

PatPat is an online retailer that sells baby and kids’ clothing, accessories, and home goods. The brand offers a wide selection of baby and kids’ clothing, accessories, and home goods at affordable prices.

PatPat’s prices are generally low, with many items under $10. However, some customers have reported that the low prices are reflected in the quality of the products

PatPat offers an affiliate program for bloggers promoting their products and earning a commission.

Promoting this program will give you a generous commission of 20% with extra incentive bonuses, which are quite captivating.

  • Commission rate: 20% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Product: baby and kids’ clothing, accessories, and home goods



Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs 17


SnoofyBee offers an ingenious solution to a common parental challenge – diaper changing. Most parents can relate to the issue of curious little ones exploring during diaper changes, leading to messy situations.

SnoofyBee’s innovative changing mat, which forms a protective cone around a toddler’s waist, solves this problem brilliantly.

This product’s simplicity makes you wonder why it wasn’t thought of sooner. Since dealing with baby “accidents” is a universal challenge, it has broad appeal among parents worldwide.

Affiliates partnering with SnoofyBee can earn an $8 commission per sale, considering its average sale value of $30 to $60.

The product requires minimal pre-selling, and keywords related to it have low difficulty scores, making it an attractive option for affiliate marketers seeking a unique and practical solution for parents.

  • Commission rate: 20%
  • Cookie duration: 45 days
  • Products: diaper pads, brushing


Magic Beans

Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs 18

Magic Beans offers a curated selection of premium baby gear and modern nursery furniture, focusing on best-selling categories like strollers, toys, and cribs.

With a solid social media presence, including 67,000 subscribers and 20+ million YouTube views, the brand has become a go-to resource for quality baby products.

Their target audience comprises upper-middle-class parents and above, passionate about top-notch baby products. Magic Beans actively seeks partnerships with mom and dad bloggers, authoritative websites, baby product reviewers, and sites with children’s sections.

Affiliates can access Magic Beans’ program on ShareASale, which offers a 5% commission rate, a generous 60-day cookie duration, and an impressive average sale value of nearly $225.

Moreover, Magic Beans runs a monthly affiliate program with a $250 bonus for the first five affiliates achieving their volume targets, providing extra earning potential for affiliates in the baby product niche.

  • Commission rate: 5%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Product: baby gear and modern nursery furniture


Loulou Lollipop

Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs 19

Loulou Lollipop is a premium baby lifestyle brand catering to newborns up to 18 months. They focus on sustainable, non-toxic baby products that meet stringent safety guidelines like ASTM, CPSC, and CPSIA.

Affiliate marketers can use Loulou Lollipop’s ShareASale-based program, offering an enticing 10% commission rate and a 30-day cookie duration. Top performers can unlock bonus and VIP opportunities.

Affiliates receive valuable tools to seal the deal, including a 15% discount code for their audience and access to a rich library of frequently updated creative resources.

ShareASale data reveals an average sale of $91.49 for this program, translating to an average commission of $8.67 per transaction.

Affiliates enjoy an average earning per click of $32.63, and the website maintains a robust conversion rate of 3.76%. Loulou Lollipop’s affiliate program presents a rewarding opportunity in the baby product niche.

  • Commission rate: 10%
  • Cookie duration: 14 days
  • Products: Children’s clothing


Is baby products a good niche to promote?

Promoting baby products can be a lucrative niche if approached strategically.

Some of the pros and cons of baby products niche you can consider.


High demand: Babies are born daily, and parents always look for products to care for their little ones. This means that the demand for baby products is always high, regardless of the time of year or economic conditions.

Large market: The baby products market is vast and includes many products, from clothing and toys to food and accessories.

High-profit margins: Many baby products have high profit margins, meaning affiliates can earn significant money by promoting these products.

Evergreen niche: The baby products niche is an evergreen niche, which means that it is always in demand and does not go out of style


Competitive: The baby products niche is competitive, and many other affiliates are promoting similar products

Price-sensitive: Some baby products, such as diapers and formula, are price-sensitive, so customers are likelier to choose the cheapest option.

Also, some key points to consider when evaluating the viability of the baby products niche you should keep in mind.

The baby products niche can make you money because people always need baby stuff, it tugs at their heartstrings, and you can earn by promoting products.

But remember, there are lots of others doing the same, there are rules to follow, and you need to know your stuff. With good planning and helping parents and caregivers, it’s a great place to sell stuff.

How to select the best baby products affiliate program?

Choosing the best baby products affiliate program requires careful consideration to ensure that it aligns with your goals and your audience’s needs.

So to pick up the best baby products affiliate program, you should:

Understand Your Audience

Start by understanding your target audience. Who are they? What are their needs and preferences when it comes to baby products? Knowing your audience’s demographics and interests will guide your choice of affiliate programs.

If your audience consists mainly of first-time parents, you may want to focus on affiliate programs that offer baby essentials like diapers, feeding equipment, and baby gear.

Product Relevance

Second, select affiliate programs that offer products relevant to your audience. If your audience is primarily interested in baby gear, focus on programs specializing in this area. Matching the products to your audience’s needs is crucial for success.

If your website or content concerns baby fashion, choosing an affiliate program specializing in baby clothing brands makes sense.

Commission Structure

Next, you should review the commission structure of the affiliate program. Look for competitive commissions, but also consider the type of commission (e.g., fixed amount per sale or a percentage of the sale).

A offers a 10% commission on all sales, while Program B provides a fixed $20 commission per sale. Depending on your audience’s purchasing behavior, one may be more lucrative.

Cookie Duration

The next one is the program’s cookie duration. A longer cookie duration allows you to earn commissions on sales made by referred customers even if they don’t buy immediately. A 30-day or longer cookie duration is generally preferable.

Marketing Resources

Some programs may include banners, product images, text links, and promotional materials. Access to quality marketing materials can save you time and effort in creating content.

For instance, the Baby Sleep Miracle affiliate program provides a range of professionally designed infographics, banners, and text links that you can easily incorporate into your website or blog, saving you time on content creation.

Conversion Rate

The last one is the brand’s conversion rate; it would be better to research the program’s conversion rate. A high conversion rate indicates that a significant percentage of referred traffic makes purchases.

What are baby products affiliate programs for beginners?

Starting with baby products can be a smart choice for beginners in affiliate marketing due to the niche’s evergreen demand and a broad range of products.

Some of the programs above that are suitable for beginners are

Popopieshop INC: Popopieshop INC is a company that sells baby products, including clothing, toys, and accessories. The company offers an affiliate program that pays a commission rate of 15% and a cookie duration of 60 days.

BabyEarth: BabyEarth is a company that sells eco-friendly baby products, including clothing, toys, and gear. The company offers an affiliate program that pays a commission rate of 7% and a cookie duration of 30 days.

Lovevery: Lovevery is a company that offers Montessori-inspired toys and subscription boxes for babies and toddlers. The company offers an affiliate program that pays a commission rate of 10% and a cookie duration of 30 days.

Bloom Baby: Bloom Baby offers an affiliate program where affiliates can earn a commission of 10% by selling their high-quality, sustainably made baby product suitable for beginners.


In summary, baby products affiliate programs present a promising opportunity. The niche offers consistent demand and emotional appeal. Programs like Happiest Baby, Organic Baby Foods, and UrbanSitter provide access to a wide range of products.

To succeed, align with your audience’s needs and choose programs carefully, considering factors like quality, commissions, and marketing support. Baby products can be profitable for affiliate marketers, offering long-term potential in this evergreen niche.

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