Why you should increase affiliate commission rates

The success of your affiliate marketing campaign depends on your affiliate commission structure. Perfect affiliate commission rates require a balance between which offers to attract potential affiliates and which rates are the most appropriate for your business. Paying too low may cause your affiliate to run away from your program, while overpaying may deplete your affiliate marketing budget. If you’re having difficulty determining the proper affiliate commission rates or considering raising the offers, this article is for you.

We’ve prepared this ultimate guide to an excellent affiliate offer structure to offer your business the best chance of success. And the best tips to raise your affiliate commission offers that work best for your firm. 

Average affiliate commission rates

An average affiliate commission rate should be between 5% and 30%.

Most businesses begin with low commission rates and gradually increase them as the firm grows. You want the rate appealing to your affiliate while affordable to your company.

Some factors affecting commission rates are your product cost, the market demand, and customer lifetime value. The commission rate will also vary depending on each industry.

Average affiliate commission rates of each industry
Average affiliate commission rates of each industry

Determine your affiliate commission rates

Calculating your affiliate commission rates does not have to be complex. The three steps outlined here will help you calculate your affiliate program’s commission rates.

#1: Decide the highest interest commission rate you can afford to pay

The maximum rate is the most amount you can afford to pay out to your affiliates without reducing your profit margins or raising your pricing. When you’ve found this out, you’ll have a limit to work within, which will also help you price your goods.

It is not difficult to determine the maximum commission rate. Get a calculator then:

  • Establish your profit margin: This shows how much you make on each sale after deducting the costs of running your business.
  • Consider how much money you’ll need to manage your firm. This comprises your compensation and commercial activities (such as bills and investments) and taxes.

Remember that your maximum rate is not the same as your base commission. To figure things out, let’s start with bonuses and incentives.

#2 Bonuses and incentives

Bonuses and incentives are payments over the base rate given to affiliates who outperform expectations. As a result, they’re critical to keeping a motivated and happy team.

Think about the bonuses or incentives you’ll use. You may provide performance-based bonuses and bonuses based on affiliate recruitment.

Establish commission levels. Commission levels allow you to limit your payouts while still compensating your affiliate correctly.

When your affiliates are first on board, then bonuses and incentives are one factor in motivating them.

For example, in UpPromote, you set a standard commission for a program with a 10% rate for them per order. You can encourage affiliates to join your program by enabling First Commissions.

When activating this feature, the first time your affiliates are onboarding, they’ll receive a bonus (flat rate per order, flat rate per item, percent of sale) – remember to set it higher than the standard rate, for example, 20% for the first time joining the program.

For example,

These commission rates are offered by three of your top competitors:



And 20%

Then take the average of these three numbers:

10+15+20= 45


The average you can take is 15% percent.

First Commissions
First Commissions

Why should you increase affiliate commission rates?

Attract the top-notch affiliates in your niche

Top affiliates in your business will be attracted to affiliate programs offering lucrative commission rates and a longer cookie lifespan.

That’s why boosting your affiliate commission rates raises the bar for affiliate performance and may entice inactive affiliates to re-join your program.

Motivate your affiliates to sell more

Bonuses and incentives are two other ways to incentivize top affiliates to stay with your firm. The more incentives and higher commissions you can offer, the more likely you will retain them.

Also, building a mutually advantageous connection makes for happy affiliates and associates, which makes each affiliate team member want to stay connected.

Stand out from your competitors

As if you needed another reason to be ahead of the competition. If you can afford to raise your commission rates, we strongly advise you to do so.

Affiliates in your field who participate in programs with lower commission rates may be drawn to your rate and want to join the program right away.


To conclude, affiliate commission rates are critical for attracting the best-performing affiliates in your niche. They incentivize affiliates to perform effectively, resulting in increased conversions. Increasing your affiliate commission rates provides a competitive advantage, attracts top talent, and secures your brand’s exposure via backlinks. Give your affiliates the recognition they deserve, and they will repay you in sales.

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