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Best Anime Affiliate Programs: Top 10 Hand-picked Offers for You 

Anime, a cool Japanese animation style, is super loved by both grown-ups and kids. It’s a great niche to dive into for affiliate marketing because it’s mega-popular, and there are tons of anime-related products to earn ...

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Anime Affiliate Programs

Anime, a cool Japanese animation style, is super loved by both grown-ups and kids.

It’s a great niche to dive into for affiliate marketing because it’s mega-popular, and there are tons of anime-related products to earn commissions from.

Check out these top 10 best anime affiliate programs to get started in this awesome niche!

Top 10 Anime Affiliate Programs of 2024

Amazon Associates

anime affiliate programs 1

Amazon is a great choice for anime fans in affiliate marketing, with a massive 300 million users worldwide. It’s a huge online store with everything anime-related. You can find over 100,000 anime products, from merchandise to anime TV episodes and digital movies, with just a simple search.

Amazon is known for its affordable prices and fast deliveries, making it a reliable way to make money. Joining their affiliate program is easy, especially for beginners.

Being the fifth most trusted global brand, Amazon has a good reputation for turning referrals into sales. The variety of products in the anime niche on Amazon Associates makes it a good option for those interested in the anime niche.

Amazon’s affiliate program gives a $3 commission rate for anime products, which is not very high. Also, the 24-hour cookie duration means you have a limited time to guide interested people to Amazon to earn your commission.

  • Commission: $3 for anime niche
  • Cookie duration: The typical Amazon affiliate tracking cookie lasts for 24 hours. However, if a customer adds an item to their cart within this timeframe but doesn’t immediately purchase, the cookie’s duration extends to 90 days.
  • Payment method: Amazon Gift Certificate or bank transfer
  • Payout threshold: $10, $100 for cheque


Entertainment Earth

anime affiliate programs 2

Entertainment Earth sells lots of cool stuff from favorite movies, TV shows, sports teams, and pop culture. They’re not just about anime; they have more than 7,000 anime and manga-themed products on their website.

Everything you buy from Entertainment Earth is guaranteed to be in mint condition, and you can return it hassle-free within 90 days.

As a leading online retailer in the entertainment merchandise niche, Entertainment Earth provides affiliates with a highly relevant audience eager to purchase the latest action figures, statues, Funko products, apparel, accessories, and more from top fandoms like Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, anime, and video games.

With over 40,000 products covering every major entertainment brand, affiliates have a vast selection of licensed merchandise to promote.

The program offers a generous commission rate in the anime industry, up to 15% on sales. Affiliates can access product links, banner creatives, marketing tools, and detailed sales reporting for tracking referrals.

You only need to reach $20 to get cash payments, but there’s no minimum for store credit. Commissions are paid on a NET 30 basis, with payments issued at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s sales.

  • Commission rate: 7-8% in cash and 10-15 in-store credit
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: cash, store credit
  • Payout threshold: $20 for cash, 0$ for store credit


Tokyo Otaku Mode

anime affiliate programs 3

Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) is a brand that caters to enthusiasts of Japanese pop culture. They focus on different areas like manga, anime, games, music, and fashion, offering a variety of genuine products. TOM ensures its merchandise is real by getting permission directly from the content creators or brands.

When you help sell products through your unique referral links, you earn a 5% commission on the sales. If you do well, you might even get a higher commission. They send the money straight to your PayPal account, which is easy and convenient.

You also get reports to help you see how you’re doing.

You also regularly get reports showing which products you sold and earned commissions on. This helps you understand what your friends and followers like so you can share more of those things.

Just know that getting into the affiliate program is a bit careful, but if you apply, you’ll hear back within 48 hours if you’re in. Being part of TOM’s affiliate program is a great chance for people who love Japanese pop culture to make money through affiliate marketing.

If you’re interested, you can also be part of TOM’s Friend Invite System at the same time. This means you can earn rewards not only by selling products but also by inviting your friends. Unlike their affiliate program, this referral program welcomes everyone.

  • Commission rate: 5% per qualifying order
  • Cookie duration: revealed once registered
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payout threshold: revealed once registered



anime affiliate programs 4

CDJapan is an online store that sells figures of popular anime characters and a huge selection of other anime-related goodies like books, magazines, Blu-rays, and video games. They cater to customers in over 200 countries and are owned by Neowing Corporation, which specializes in exporting Japanese products.

One unique feature of their affiliate program is that they pay commissions even if you buy items through your referral link, giving you a cut of your purchases.

To become their affiliate, you need to create a customer account. Once accepted, you can earn commissions ranging from 5% to 7% per transaction. The commission rate depends on the volume of confirmed sales from the previous month.

If people buy stuff after reading your Neolog reviews, you get a set 3% commission. But if you have your own website linked or add it, then a different commission system is used for sales from both your Neolog reviews and your website.

It’s important to note that gift certificates and magazine subscriptions currently don’t earn commissions. The program also gives you a 30-day cookie window. They’ll let you know about things and send updates through email or by making announcements in the affiliate menu.

CDJapan welcomes affiliates from any country, but it’s good to know their communications and support are in English. So, if you’re a fan of anime and want to earn some extra income, CDJapan’s affiliate program could be an exciting opportunity for you.

  • Commission rate: 5% – 7%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: PayPal, CDJapan Points
  • Payout threshold: 5,000 Japanese yen for PayPal, 0 yen for CDJapan Points



anime affiliate programs 5

J-List is a retailer that offers adult content with a Japanese touch, featuring anime and otaku products. Their range includes items like calendars, action figures, and intimate products.

Their affiliate program is a simple and free way to earn money. It’s easy to sign up, and you don’t need any technical know-how, so it’s great for all website owners. As an affiliate, you help bring in traffic and sales, earning a nice 8% commission for each sale you make with a 10 day-cookie duration.

As an affiliate, you can ask for a payment when you’ve got at least $40. Once you request a payment, it might take up to 30 days to process.

Usually, payments are made through PayPal, but if you prefer, you can choose to get store credit for shopping at the J-List Store (www.jlist.com) instead. This gives you some flexibility in how you want to receive your earnings from the affiliate program.

  • Commission rate: 8% for each sale
  • Cookie duration: 10 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, store credit
  • Payout threshold: $40


Anime Art Academy

anime affiliate programs 6

Anime Art Academy provides online courses for aspiring anime artists guided by professional Japanese illustrators and manga-ka. Each course includes at least one free lecture, allowing customers to try before committing. Courses are available for individual purchase or through a subscription.

The academy’s mission is to fulfill the growing demand for authentic anime illustration lessons from native Japanese artists. With millions of anime and manga fans worldwide aspiring to master the art, Anime Art Academy bridges the gap by providing top-grade online courses.

The Anime Art Academy affiliate program is lucrative, offering a generous 40% commission on all transactions. Affiliates often focus on promoting subscription courses, which provide recurring commissions as long as the customer remains subscribed.

From the beginner-friendly $35 per month subscription to comprehensive lesson bundles priced at $1,198, affiliates stand to earn a significant commission for each sale.

Commissions are conveniently paid via PayPal two months after the transaction, specifically on the first of the month.

To join our affiliate program, you must have a website or blog with 10,000+ monthly visitors or a social media account with 1,000+ followers.

This affiliate program presents a promising opportunity for marketers interested in the anime art niche, offering attractive commissions and flexibility in promoting both individual courses and subscription options.

  • Commission rate: recurring commission of 40% per purchase
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Payout threshold: $20


Robert’s Anime Corner Store

anime affiliate programs 7

Robert’s Anime Corner Store is an online store specializing in anime-related merchandise such as anime DVDs, Blu-rays, manga, figures, toys, apparel, and more.

The brand has been around for 25 years, making it one of the oldest anime shops in the U.S. They offer a wide range of anime goodies, like DVDs and Blu-rays, at 20% – 40% off. They ship orders worldwide from their big place in Virginia.

If you join their affiliate program, you get paid in store credit, not cash. You get a 5% cut for every person you send their way, and you can use that money on their site.

Interested? To sign up, just shoot them an email with your website link, name, email, address, and phone number. They check out all affiliates before saying yes.

Once you’re in, you get your special link and can use their banners. You can send people to the main site or specific product pages. Easy, right?

  • Commission rate: 5% in-store credit
  • Cookie duration: revealed once registered
  • Payment methods: store credit
  • Payout threshold: $0


Things From Another World

anime affiliate programs 8

Things From Another World (TFAW) is a store that’s all about pop culture. They’ve got a massive collection of over 30,000 items, covering everything from comic books and toys to statues and graphic novels. They carry products from tons of brands, including big names like DC Direct, Dark Horse, Hasbro, and Tokyopop.

TFAW’s program offers commission rates ranging from 7-14% on a range of products, with a $5 cash activation bonus after the first sale. Affiliates can also enjoy monthly performance incentives, receiving a $50 cash bonus at $2,000 in sales and a $25 bonus at $1,000 in sales.

The coupon sites will receive a commission rate of 1% if allowed to join the program.

They offer a 90-day return cookie, allowing commissions for all transactions within this period, which adds to the program’s appeal.

TFAW ships globally, so there’s a vast potential audience for affiliates. They also provide useful tools and data to assist affiliates in promoting products effectively.

However, it’s crucial to have a website to join the program. They might not accept applications from those who rely solely on social media or pay-per-click advertising.

With a combination of commissions, bonuses, and a diverse product selection, it’s a solid choice for affiliates seeking earnings in a niche with a dedicated and expanding fan base. So, if you’re keen on comics and want to monetize your online presence, TFAW could be the right fit for you.

  • Commission rate: 7-14% commission on all in-stock and pre-order merchandise, a $5 bonus for the first order, a $50 cash bonus (sales hit $2,000), and a $25 bonus (at $1,000 sales)
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment method: FedEx, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer and Payoneer
  • Payout threshold: $50


Senpai Mart

anime affiliate programs 9

Senpai Mart strives to provide exceptional deals on a diverse range of Japanese pop culture products, encompassing action figures, toys, books, and collectibles.

Senpai Mart has three distinct collections, including Korekushon for anime goodies, Ava Nice for cute and trendy items, and TEKI-On! for gadgets and tech, catering to a wide audience. This variety allows affiliates to find products relevant to their niche, making it more likely to resonate with their followers.

The simplicity of earning as an affiliate with Senpai Mart is refreshing. You get a flat 10% commission on all sales generated through your affiliate links, and what’s even better is that self-dealing is allowed. This means you can earn commissions even when you make purchases through your own links.

The $50 payment threshold makes it easy to access your earnings, which are paid via PayPal on the 30th of each month. The swift 24-hour application vetting process ensures that you can get started promptly.

The program’s flexibility shines through in how affiliates can share custom links on websites, blogs, YouTube videos, social media channels, or even through call-to-action buttons. The affiliate dashboard simplifies the process of generating custom links and tracking sales, providing a user-friendly work area.

  • Commission rate: 10% for every sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Payout threshold: $50



anime affiliate programs 10

EZCosplay, established in 2009 by two anime enthusiasts in Shenzhen, China, is a brand offering affordable cosplay costumes, accessories, and props. With a factory boasting three designers, over 60 sewing machines, and 100 tailors, the online store features over 3000 different cosplay costumes.

This affiliate program offers to earn a 10% commission on each sale generated through your efforts, with an average size order of nearly $200 and a 30-day cookie window.

To get started, potential affiliates can apply through the Shareasale.com affiliate network. Once approved, affiliates gain access to custom links embedded with unique tracking codes to monitor conversions accurately.

Ezcosplay.com supports its affiliates with a range of promotional materials, including coupons, deals, banners, and text links. You will also receive regular updates through a monthly newsletter, keeping them informed about new offers and products.

A shining point of this program is quick communication. You will get instant emails when their links lead to orders, making things efficient. You can easily withdraw your earnings through PayPal, ensuring a dependable and easy payment process.

  • Commission rate: 10% for each sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Payout threshold: $50


What is an Anime Affiliate Program?

An anime affiliate program is a way for anime fans and enthusiasts to monetize their passion for anime by promoting and selling anime-related products and services.

By joining an anime affiliate program, you will get a unique link or code. And when someone uses it to buy anime things, you get some money as compensation. The more people who buy through your link, the more money you can make.

But here’s the thing: to do well in this, you need to bring in the right people – those who love anime and might want to buy the products you’re talking about. It’s not just about sharing your link; it’s about sharing it with the right folks who are likely to buy.

Also, every affiliate program has its own rules. Some programs pay more money, some less. Some give you money only if the person buys something right away, and some give you a cut even if they take a bit longer to decide.

So, it’s important to understand the rules of the program you join. That way, you can make the most of your love for anime and earn extra cash.

How to Earn Money from Anime Affiliate Programs? 

To effectively earn money through anime affiliate programs, you need a combination of targeted content, strategic promotion, and genuine engagement with your audience.

To make it real, you can

Create Anime-Related Content

First, you can develop content that goes around anime, such as reviews, recommendations, or top 10 lists. You can do this through a blog, YouTube channel, or social media.

If you have a YouTube channel, create video reviews of a popular anime movie or anime series. Include your affiliate links in the video description for viewers to check out and purchase related merchandise.

Engage in Social Media Promotion

Don’t forget to leverage social media platforms to share your passion for anime. You should regularly post content, engage with your audience, and incorporate affiliate links when recommending products or sharing special offers.

For example, you can tweet about an ongoing sale on a popular anime merchandise website, including your affiliate link. That way, you can encourage your followers to take advantage of the discounts while supporting your content.

Collaborating with Anime Influencers

Teaming up with fellow anime enthusiasts or influencers is like throwing an epic anime party everyone’s invited to.

Picture this: you join forces with a cool influencer for a project. Maybe it’s a joint review video where you both spill the beans on your favorite anime.

Now, here’s the magic: while you chat about the awesome stuff, you drop in affiliate links. It’s like saying, “Hey, if you liked what we talked about, here’s where you can grab it!”

Building an Email Newsletter

Lastly, you can create an email newsletter. Start by sharing awesome stuff—think exclusive reviews, excellent recommendations, and maybe some behind-the-scenes secrets.

For example, you send a monthly email spilling the tea on the hottest anime picks. You’d drop in links so your buddies can easily snag the coolest merch or hit up the best streaming platforms.

To make money with anime affiliates, craft engaging anime content, leverage social platforms, partner with influencers, and stay in touch with your fans. Doing these things turns your love for anime into a money-making adventure.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Anime Affiliate Programs

When selecting anime affiliate programs, you should consider several factors to boost your earning potential and ensure a positive experience.

Commission Rates and Structure

When checking anime affiliate programs, look closely at how much they pay you – that’s the commission rate. Don’t forget to pay attention to Average Order Value (AOV) and Conversion Rate (CR).

Higher conversion rates mean more people buy after clicking your link. It’d be better to consider what products you’d promote and how much people usually spend. If you target high-value stuff, even a lower commission can earn you more.

So, balance the commission rate with AOV and CR for the best results.

Anime Art Academy, Entertainment Earth seem to offer the most lucrative earnings potential for affiliates, which are 40% recurring commission and up to 15% based on sales volume, respectively.

Cookie Duration

The cookie duration determines how long an affiliate receives credit for a sale after a visitor clicks on their link. Amazon Associates has a 24-hour cookie duration, while CDJapan and Tokyo Otaku Mode offer 30 days.

When a program has a longer cookie duration, it means you have more time for people to make a purchase after clicking your link. This increases the chances of you earning commissions even if they don’t buy right away, making it better for your overall earnings.

Payment Methods and Thresholds

Consider the ways you can get paid and the least amount you need to earn before getting paid. Choose a program that fits your preferred payment method and has a reasonable minimum payout.

This ensures you can receive your earnings how you prefer and don’t have to wait a long time to get them.

It’s all about picking what suits you best!

Communication and Support

Lastly, you should check how well the affiliate program communicates with you.

EZCosplay is good at this. They quickly email you when someone makes a purchase through your link. They also keep you in the loop with newsletters and give you materials like banners to help you promote.

It’s important to go for a program that talks to you clearly and helps out fast if you have any questions or issues. That way, you have a smoother and more positive experience as an affiliate.


  • Why is anime a good niche for affiliate marketing?

Anime’s dedicated and diverse fanbase makes it an ideal niche for affiliate marketing. With passionate fans actively seeking related products, affiliates can connect with an engaged audience, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.

  • Is it free to join anime affiliate programs?

Yes, joining anime affiliate programs is typically free. Companies offering these programs want to attract affiliates who can effectively promote their products, so they make it easy for individuals to sign up without any upfront costs.

Once accepted into a program, affiliates can earn commissions by promoting and driving sales through their unique affiliate links or codes. It’s a low-risk opportunity for individuals to monetize their love for anime without any initial financial investment.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, getting into anime affiliate programs is a great way for fans to make money from their love of anime.

There are different programs to choose from, so look at how much they pay, how long the tracking lasts, and how you get your money. Anime Art Academy has a really high commission of 40%, and Entertainment Earth has good rates, too.

When picking, think about the commission but also about what you’re promoting and how likely people are to buy it. Create cool content, share it on social media, and team up with others to make the most of it.

Happy earning!

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