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Top 11 Best Affiliate Programs in Ghana Must Trying of 2024

Unlock profit potential with Ghana's best affiliate programs. Find the perfect fit for your audience.

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Best Affiliate Programs in Ghana

Boosting your income in 2024 is possible with 11 of the most profitable affiliate programs in Ghana. 

These platforms understand every affiliate’s need to improve their financial standings without necessarily quitting their day jobs or other activities.

So, whether you’re a seasoned affiliate or an absolute greenhorn to digital marketing, you’ll find our comprehensive review of Ghana’s most profitable affiliate platforms to your advantage.

Let’s begin!

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11 Best Affiliate Programs in Ghana to Boost Your Income Now!


Affiliate Programs in Ghana 1

Earning its spot on this list of the best affiliate programs in Ghana is Jumia, a Pan-African company with an excellent foothold in the New York Stock Exchange.

It’s an online shopping facility that delivers a wide range of high-quality products across hundreds of partner merchants. Jumia’s impressive portfolio makes it the ideal platform for affiliates in Ghana to try in 2024.

Joining the Jumia affiliate program is as straightforward as being truthful in your application. You’ll receive adequate and timely support from Jumia’s marketing team. And they’ll arm you with loyalty programs, coupons, cashbacks, and special deals to boost your commission-generating potential.

Unlike other affiliate platforms that require a working website, Jumia understands that not all affiliates can comply with such a requirement. Hence, they encourage affiliates to use other channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

Unsurprisingly, many Ghanaians love this platform to boost their incomes in 2024.

  • URL: Jumia Ghana Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Up to 9%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Minimum payout: $10 or N5,000 (about 71.85 GHS)



Affiliate Programs in Ghana 2

Everyone needs fast and reliable internet connection at affordable prices, especially Ghanaian businesses hoping to thrive in a competitive market. And that’s why Web4Africa’s web hosting services are much-sought after.

Serving communities in Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya, with a robust European presence, Web4Africa makes an exciting pitch for affiliate marketers.

Affiliates can promote Web4Africa’s domain name registration, web hosting, dedicated servers, VPS hosting, and SSL security essentials. These products don’t need a techie for businesses to appreciate their value. You’ll only need to build meaningful content about Web4Africa to encourage potential clients to buy.

Web4Africa gives affiliates banners and other marketing resources, including real-time tracking of affiliate marketing activities.

While other affiliate programs in Ghana make payouts cumbersome, Web4Africa recognizes its affiliates’ need to receive compensation through as many channels as possible.

Hence, you can expect to receive your money via bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, and PerfectMoney. And get this! It even pays you in Bitcoin.

Now, that’s cool!

  • URL: Web4Africa Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10% per valid referral
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Minimum payout: Undisclosed



Affiliate Programs in Ghana 3

Kenya’s largest telecommunications company, Safaricom, makes its presence felt in Ghana and other Central and East African nations. It provides mobile telephony, cloud computing, music streaming, consumer electronics, fiber optic services, e-commerce, data, and mobile money transfer.

It’s worth noting this 1997-established brand is under the Vodafone Group umbrella, making it a trustworthy organization. Safaricom captures over two-thirds of Kenya’s telecommunications market.

Note Safaricom’s affiliate program is unlike others. You must be a Safaricom Prepay subscriber to participate.

You’ll promote Safaricom’s Home Fiber and All-in-One Monthly Bundle packages to family, friends, and acquaintances. You won’t receive cash as compensation, but Safaricom credits you “airtime values” corresponding to the referred party’s subscription.

Your “recommendees” must click the referral link on their phone’s SMS to credit the “airtime” to your name.

  • URL: Safaricom Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 100 to 1249.90 KSHS as airtime “credits”
  • Cookie duration: 48 hours
  • Minimum payout: None



Affiliate Programs in Ghana 4

Kilimall is one of Kenya’s leading online shopping malls, which Ghanaian affiliate marketing pros and newbies can exploit to earn some cash.

This platform is an impressive marketplace, offering Ghanaians, Kenyans, and other Africans a smorgasbord of fashion, home & living, and electronic items guaranteed to satisfy their needs without breaking the bank.

It has tens of categories, making Kilimall an excellent platform for affiliates. After all, everyone needs affordable and high-quality clothing, personal care, and other range of products. Promoting computers, mobile phones, and other technologies should also be a cinch.

Kilimall’s affiliate marketing registration is surprisingly quick. You could apply today and be ready to advertise tomorrow. The platform ensures you receive the best promotional links, leads-worthy banners, and other resources to make earning money worthwhile.

Although the commission for affiliate marketing Kilimall products is not as high as other platforms, 8% is pretty decent.

  • URL: Kilimall Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 2% to 8%, depending on merchant
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Minimum payout: 500 KSH (or its equivalent in GHS)


TravelstartAffiliate Programs in Ghana 5

With over five million tourists flocking to Africa in 2022, it’s unsurprising to see the number ballooning this year. And that’s good news for you if you intend to monetize Travelstart’s impressive reach.

Travelstart is Africa’s most trusted online travel agency, offering businesses, tourists, and travelers affordable yet efficient flight booking services. It has a state-of-the-art booking engine empowering clients to secure flights, rental cars, holiday packages, and accommodations at their fingertips.

Joining Travelstart as an affiliate is as easy as clicking a few buttons on the platform’s affiliate landing page and filling in the required details. Wait for confirmation of application acceptance, and you’re ready to promote their services.

So, how much will you earn from Travelstart?

Everything depends on which country you’re promoting from. For example, Nigerians enjoy 70% commission, while South Africans can get 90 ZAR to 175 ZAR in a three-tiered commission scheme.

It’s the same thing with Travelstart’s payout threshold. So, you might want to check Travelstart about  the commission scheme specific to your location.

You might find this tedious, but it’s for your benefit.

  • URL: Travelstart Affiliates
  • Commission: 2% for domestic flights, 2.5% for international bookings
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours
  • Minimum payout: Market-dependent


iPay Africa

Affiliate Programs in Ghana 6

One of the most promising online platforms for Ghanaians to boost their income potential this 2024 is iPay Africa.

This payment processing company is the continent’s most trusted, making it easy to market and promote to businesses and entities looking for a reliable and secure payment management partner.

Promoting iPay Africa’s products and services is a cinch. You can focus your content on how this platform safeguards a business’ financial transactions and ensures robust growth.

Applying is easy, requiring about a day or two for the approval (or rejection) to come out. Digital marketing affiliates are readily available, and iPay’s support team has your back in your affiliate endeavors.

The affiliate dashboard has a simple layout, allowing partners to track marketing activities, including commissions. You’ll do yourself a huge favor if you join iPay Africa’s affiliate partner program.

  • URL: iPay Africa Partner
  • Commission: 5% to 10% recurring for lifetime
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Minimum payout: Undisclosed


HostFiti Website Builder

Affiliate Programs in Ghana 7

Building a website is never easy. Businesses often hire IT professionals to create meaningful web pages that resonate to customers.

HostFiti to the rescue! This website builder empowers businesses and individuals to create masterful websites without worrying about technical expertise.

Ghanaian companies will love HostFiti’s eCommerce module with an intuitive interface and an effortless drag-and-drop build-and-run technology.

Unlike other affiliate programs in Ghana, HostFiti’s ease of use makes it nearly effortless to market. Unsurprisingly, many Ghanaians looking for extra income pick this platform.

Earning affiliate commissions with HostFiti is easy. After all, no company wants to toil on a website that doesn’t guarantee results.

HostFiti offers affiliates a chance to bring home 20% of each sale for the first ten validated referrals. And if you double your efforts, you could enjoy up to 25%.

Surprisingly, HostFiti doesn’t observe a minimum payout threshold. You could withdraw your earnings every 15th of the month through PayPal or M-Pesa. Unfortunately, HostFiti doesn’t send payments through bank transfers or cryptocurrencies.

Still, this platform is a worthy income-generating venture for many Ghanians.

  • URL: Hostfiti Website Builder Affiliates
  • Commission: 20% on first 10 referrals, 25% beyond 10, recurring commissions
  • Cookie duration: 45 days
  • Minimum payout: None


Topserve Cake Décor Accessories

Affiliate Programs in Ghana 8

Kenya’s leading resource provider for bakers, pastry chefs, and home cooks with sweet and decadent offers affiliates a chance to help the Ghanaian baking industry.

Bakery is one of Ghana’s most profitable businesses, especially in Accra, Kumale, and Kumasi. Although we don’t have the precise figures, you can help aspiring Ghanaian bakers to thrive in their bread-making adventures by linking them with Topserve.

Topserve Ltd. is a baker’s paradise, offering everything you can think of to make, package, and sell out-of-this-world cakes, breads, cookies, biscuits, and other baked items. It’s the perfect passive income source for affiliates with a knack for baking.

Some reputable Topserve partners include AmeriColor, Belcolade, Brown’s Food Co., and Chefmaster. It has tens of brands bakers around the world would love to use in their culinary projects. And that’s an excellent opportunity for affiliates.

  • URL: Topserve Ltd.
  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie duration: Undisclosed
  • Minimum payout: No information


 Amazon Associates

Affiliate Programs in Ghana 9

Amazon Associates requires no introduction. After all, almost everyone knows the world’s largest e-commerce platform, valued at $1.43 trillion. It has millions of shoppers worldwide, with about three in ten customers completing their purchases in under three minutes.

Those are amazing numbers! And you can leverage Amazon’s reach by joining its affiliate program.

The Amazon Affiliate program has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, helping you manage your digital marketing activities like a pro. You’ll have access to over 350 million products across a hundred countries.

Unfortunately, signing up is time-consuming. Amazon has diverse merchant and product categories to examine and join. So, we encourage you to be patient and pick the correct niche.

You might also want to study each merchant’s commission scheme and product profitability. After all, you’re joining Amazon because you want a sizable extra income.

  • URL: Amazon Associates
  • Commission: Starts at 1%; could be as high as 20%, depending on merchant
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours
  • Minimum payout: $100



Affiliate Programs in Ghana 10

Some internet users are unforgiving about wrong spelling, grammar, syntax, and other composition-related concerns. They think it speaks volumes about the website owner’s or writer’s command of written language.

Although you can brush it off as a nuisance, many companies strive to produce grammatical error-free content. They believe language precision builds credibility. And that’s why many big-name brands employ copy editors and proofreaders.

But not everyone has a budget for these professionals. That’s why Grammarly is one of the best solutions for content creators to ensure mistake-free communication.

And you can spread the benefits of this online grammar checker to your friends, audiences, and followers as one of Grammarly’s affiliates.

Grammarly offers affiliates cash bonuses, exclusive discounts, and increased payouts. Sadly, it only compensates its affiliates in US dollars, not Ghanaian Cedi.

Signup takes only a minute, and you could place Grammarly’s promotional banner on your website. And you know what? If you do this step, Grammarly gives you an activation bonus.

How’s that for an affiliate marketing program?!

  • URL: Grammarly Affiliates
  • Commission: $0.20 to $20 per transaction
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Minimum payout: $50



Affiliate Programs in Ghana 11

Fiverr is a haven for freelancers and gig workers worldwide. It’s a freelance marketplace that connects highly-skilled freelancers to businesses that want results without getting tied to an employment contract.

As the world’s fourth best business-freelancer marketplace, Fiverr has over 200 product offerings spread across four categories – Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, Learn from Fiverr, and Fiverr Business.

You won’t have issues promoting these products to your followers because Fiverr encourages podcasts, email marketing, and social media activities to spread the word.

Fiverr has one of the most unique commission schemes for digital marketers. Although its commission rate starts at 10%, Fiverr offers a revenue-sharing mechanism for affiliates who want to earn more. It also has cash bonuses for top-performing affiliates.

Affiliate resources abound, and Fiverr’s support team is ready to guide you in any digital marketing strategy you deem fit to help boost commissions.

  • URL: Fiverr Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Starts at 10% with CPA or RevShare model, + cash incentives
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Minimum payout: $100


Start Affiliate Marketing in Ghana with No Money

Venturing into the field of affiliate marketing in Ghana is easy, and it doesn’t require you to shell out cash. Although it’s an excellent way to boost your income, you must observe a few things.

Focus on a niche you love

The whole point about being an affiliate is promoting a product or service owned by another entity despite not being a “formal” or “legal” part of that company. So, marketing a product you are not passionate about can come off as “insincere” to your readers, audiences, and followers.

If you really want to be a successful digital marketer in Ghana, try reflecting on your interests, hobbies, and passions. You might also want to research the niche’s profitability. It’s one thing to promote a product you care about and another to market something that gets you the most money.

Analyze the commission system

You’re here because you want to boost your income in 2024. We get that! And that’s why we cannot help overemphasize the need to study and analyze an affiliate platform’s commission scheme.

Although you can pick the program with the highest commission percentage (i.e., 70% vs. 50%), you might want to consider how the company credits you for the referral. Is it on a per-lead (CPL), per-sale (CPS), or per-action (CPA) basis?

Study the program’s terms and conditions

All transactions have conditions and terms describing parties’ conduct. Although these documents are lengthy, we encourage you to read them through to avoid misconceptions and misunderstandings.

Affiliate Programs in Ghana 12


Which affiliate program is best in Ghana?

It’s a tossup between Jumia and Amazon. The latter edges Jumia in its unparalleled global reach, market value, and impeccable support. After all, no ecommerce platform can beat Amazon.

However, Jumia’s specificity to the African market makes it better suited for Ghanaians. The offerings might not be as extensive as Amazon, but they are sufficient to help ordinary Ghanaians boost their income in 2024.

How can I sign up for the Jumia affiliate program in Ghana?

Signing up for Jumia’s affiliate program in Ghana is identical to joining Jumia’s other regions. You can log into www.jumia.com.gh/sp-jumia-affiliate/ to initiate the affiliate application. You can also call them at 081-722-38675 or email at affiliateprogram@jumia.com.ng.

Once accepted, Jumia Ghana will give you all the resources to create unique identifier links to post on your website and other lead-generation channels. You’ll never fret about promotional resources (i.e., banners).

What is the average payout from Jumia for affiliate marketers?

How much you earn from Jumia depends on the product you promote, including the quantity and corresponding commission. For example, Jumia’s Ghana website says an affiliate earned $27.50 from a single product alone. Imagine if you could sell ten weekly, and you’ve gained $275 or $1,100 monthly.

Jumia Ghana also offers a premium commission on some products, increasing your chances of higher earnings.


Many affiliate programs in Ghana exist. Unfortunately, some might have unappealing commission schemes or too stringent application requirements. Although the platforms we featured can help you realize your dreams, note they require effort, commitment, and dedication.

Money will only come to you if you work hard enough for it. We already described each platform, including their pluses (and a few minuses, if any). Your job now is to pick the program you’re confident to partner with.

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