Affiliate Programs in India

Top 12 Best Affiliate Programs in India to Earn Passive Income

You don’t have to give up your day job to earn extra income. With the best affiliate programs in India, many people in the world’s most populous nation (as of 2024) turn to these platforms to ...

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Affiliate Programs in India

You don’t have to give up your day job to earn extra income. With the best affiliate programs in India, many people in the world’s most populous nation (as of 2024) turn to these platforms to augment their financial resources.

And why not? It’s free, easy to execute, and pays handsomely. Moreover, the affiliate marketing industry is growing bigger and stronger each year, passing the $36.9 billion mark by 2030.

And so, we researched the best affiliate platforms Indians will want to try in 2024. We cannot promise 1 Lakh monthly, but these programs are equally financially rewarding.

Top 12 Best Affiliate Programs in India: Earn Some Money for 2024

Amazon Associates

#1 Affiliate Programs in IndiaOne of the world’s most trusted and largest affiliate networks entered the Indian market only in 2013 with about a hundred e-commerce sellers. However, it has become a favorite of Indian online shoppers.

Today, Amazon India sells 4,000 products a minute across its impressive 168-million offerings.

And if you add the over 350 million products Amazon carries worldwide, you have one of the best platforms for affiliate marketers. You’ll never runout of products to promote and sell.

Amazon’s affiliate marketing program offers you the chance to earn a share in the sale of every product a client you directed to Amazon India buys.

For example, a customer clicked the affiliate link on your blog, website, or social media post and bought a product on Amazon. You can earn as much as 10% commission.

Of course, commissions vary on the Amazon Affiliate Program. And there’s the currency conversion (from USD to INR or Rs, and vice versa) to worry you.

However, you can rest assured Amazon has one of the most competitive, if not the best conversion rates in the digital world. Now that maximizes your earnings!

Unfortunately, Amazon’s cookie duration only lasts a day, which is unsurprising given its wide range of product offerings.

Although Amazon has an affiliate vetting process, it should be a stroll in the park once you get in.

Amazon Affiliate makes life easy for digital marketers by giving them the correct tools for sharing products and programs on various digital platforms.

Worried about transforming links into affiliate links? Don’t fret because Amazon has the resources for that.

  • URL: Amazon Associates
  • Commission: Up to 10%
  • Cookie lifespan: 24 hours
  • Withdrawal threshold: Rs 2,500


affiliate programs in india 2With a potentially higher commission rate than Amazon Affiliate, Flipkart is one of India’s best affiliate programs.

Although it cannot compete with Amazon’s product offerings, Flipkart impresses online shoppers with its own services.

A huge plus about this platform is its mobile version, allowing Indians to earn money using their smartphones and tablets.

You can share product links across niches for affiliate marketing on the go. You could be in a jam-packed Mumbai train or a toto in Kolkata, and you’ll never miss an opportunity to promote Flipkart products you love.

Joining is free but often requires a 48- to 72-hour vetting. Once in, Flipkart equips you with the resources to push the products on your website, blog, social media posts, and other channels.

It has a search tool you can embed in your website, allowing visitors to look for affiliate products on the Flipkart platform. This feature is not only convenient but also ensures better conversions.

Now, who wouldn’t try this affiliate program in India and start earning extra for themselves and their loved ones?

  • URL: Flipkart affiliate program
  • Commission: 0.1 to 20%
  • Cookie lifespan: 24 hours
  • Withdrawal threshold: Rs 25,000

Reseller Club

affiliate programs in india 3

Reseller Club might not have an extensive reach and offering as Amazon and Flipkart, but it snags our top 3 affiliate programs in India.

RC mostly pushes its web hosting services to affiliates. However, you can opt-in as a reseller instead and leverage the platform’s 800 or so products.

Many marketers like the personalized affiliate dashboard, which keeps them tabs with leads, sales, and payouts. Promotional resources, affiliate identifiers, banners, and widgets will also help you get your affiliate marketing journey off to a good start.

This high-paying affiliate program lets you earn as much as $125 per referral. That’s about Rs 10,300+ in today’s currency conversion.

Unfortunately, this platform’s minimum payout is $50 or Rs 4,130. It also has a 30-day lock period to account for the risks of refunds, chargebacks, and account suspensions.

RC pays its affiliates through bank transfer and PayPal. So, we recommend having these payment channels ready if you want to earn an affiliate income with RC.

  • URL: Reseller Club
  • Commission: INR 1,240 ($15) to INR 4,600 ($55) per referral
  • Cookie lifespan: 60 days
  • Withdrawal threshold: Rs 4,130


affiliate programs in india 4India’s longest-running “cost-per-action” (CPA) platform deserves a slot in our list of the best affiliate programs in India.

Established in 2008, vCommission continues to grow exponentially, with over a hundred thousand publishers worldwide.

It’s a global affiliate marketing brand with an impressive partnership with the world’s leading brands, including Amazon India, Walmart, Alibaba, Agoda, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Tata AIG, and Norton by Symantec.

With such a formidable lineup of world-renowned partners, earning a passive income with vCommission is a breeze.

Getting started can be challenging for some aspiring marketers, but it’s worth it. You’ll get an affiliate account manager to ask about your marketing strategies and other stuff. Vetting your application takes 2 to 4 days.

On the bright side, you’ll receive thousands of offers to improve your chances of earning a higher affiliate commission.

International affiliates need at least $100 in their accounts to withdraw from this popular affiliate program that offers competitive commission rates. Locals have a lower threshold, making it possible to use the money you generate monthly.

  • URL: vCommission
  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie lifespan: Product-dependent
  • Withdrawal threshold: Rs 1,000


affiliate programs in india 5

With over 18 million products to promote, INRdeals empowers Indians to earn money through affiliate marketing.

Unlike vCommission’s CPA model, INRdeals operates on a “cost-per-sale” (CPS) platform, allowing affiliates to earn passively with every purchase their referred customers make.

Here’s a kicker! INRdeals offers a wide variety of campaigns, not only CPS. Affiliates can earn from CPI, CPL, CPA, and CPC activities. Better still, marketers can manage their accounts on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Building links is never an issue. Neither is integrating INRdeals into one’s WordPress website. You can also embed a search bar widget to make conversions more profound.

Moreover, applying as an affiliate is more convenient than other Indian affiliate marketing websites.

The only downside to INRdeals is its 45- to 60-day “validation” period before they can credit the commission to affiliates. It’s longer than RC’s “lock” period.

  • URL: INRdeals
  • Commission: Up to 7%
  • Cookie lifespan: 24 to 48 hours
  • Notable brands: Adidas, Domino’s Pizza, KFC, and GoDaddy 


affiliate programs in india 6

ClickBank is no stranger to affiliate marketing.

With engaging and top-quality products deserving excellent commissions from one of the highest-paying affiliate programs delivered in timely and reliable payments, this is a platform Indians should consider in 2024.

Super affiliates (Diamond members) can generate more than $5 million in a year. And you, too, can follow in their footsteps with this global affiliate network.

ClickBank has almost everything on its platform, making it easy for affiliates to choose and share a product they love on the digital sphere.

This well-known affiliate network even has smaller niche offerings you won’t see anywhere else. That’s what we call “novelty.”

Becoming a ClickBank affiliate is a cinch, although it can take some time because of the volume of affiliate applications.

Earning with ClickBank requires affiliates to consider the seller’s terms. Most have a base rate, while others work with a commission percentage ranging from 50 to 70 percent.

Here’s the best part! ClickBank will pay you twice a month or as frequently as weekly.

  • URL: ClickBank Affiliates
  • Commission: Varies across sellers
  • Cookie lifespan: 60 days
  • Withdrawal threshold: Variable, although affiliates can edit the payment threshold


affiliate programs in india 7

With its growing network of dedicated affiliate marketers and 25,000 brands, earning extra on ShareASale is a given.

ShareASale is an excellent affiliate platform for Indians and other nationalities wanting to earn extra money.

Blogs, webinars, training materials, and other resources are available to affiliates, making their endeavors more productive and worthwhile.

Trackable cookies are never worrisome because ShareASale creates them for you. Its dashboard also makes tracking clicks and analyzing affiliate campaigns incredibly easy.

A dedicated team is also ready to assist when you need one. With these resources in your arsenal, succeeding as a ShareASale affiliate in India is a sure shot.

Receiving your commission is more convenient than other platforms. ShareASale can transfer your money via Payoneer, check, wire transfer, or direct bank deposit.

  • URL: ShareASale
  • Commission: 20 to 30%
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days
  • Withdrawal threshold: $50 or about Rs 4,100


affiliate programs in india 8

This platform for affiliate marketing is specific for Indians, although foreign affiliates and publishers are welcome to apply.

Promoting Cuelinks’ merchant services and products is easy. Merchants range from finance to education, travel, e-commerce, and more.

Surprisingly, this platform works differently than others. It automatically adds an affiliate identifier to written material using Javascript. This feature allows publishers to never worry about linking to a relevant keyword.

For example, WordPress users will never worry about embedding the correct link in their posts and elements for their target audience. Cuelinks automates and simplifies everything, allowing you to monetize your passion.

Worrying about promotional resources is non-existent. Cuelinks gives you banners, widgets, product feeds, text links, and other tools to add to your affiliate marketing arsenal.

Note the application process can take a while but should be a breeze once approved.

  • URL: Cuelinks
  • Commission: Up to 25%
  • Cookie lifespan: 24 hours
  • Withdrawal threshold: Rs 500 (local) and Rs 10,000 (international)

Rakuten Advertisingaffiliate programs in india 9

Over 2,500 merchants are Rakuten partners, creating an impressive market for affiliates to join.

With over 7% share of commission-worthy links, Rakuten is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms globally. And Indians can leverage this platform’s innovative technologies to pursue a career in affiliate marketing.

Rakuten prides itself on data-driven recommendations, empowering affiliates to pick the correct product to push in their channels. Affiliate marketing tools and helpful resources are readily available.

One potential loophole we see for aspiring Rakuten affiliates is the brand’s merchant- or advertiser-centric model. It’s not enough that Rakuten evaluates your application. Advertiser-partners have a say, too.

If you can hurdle this, you can rest assured Rakuten Advertising’s phenomenal affiliate marketing prowess is yours.

  • URL: Rakuten Advertising
  • Commission: Starts at 5%
  • Withdrawal threshold: $50 or about Rs 4,100
  • Payment method: PayPal, bank deposit, check programs in india 10

Indians (and foreign affiliate marketers) with a knack for Fintech, retail, online services, and travel might want to consider Admitad.

Admitad is one of the affiliate programs in India, making a huge impact in people’s lives. And if you have a large social media following, Admitad lets you monetize your reach.

Currently, the network has over 100,000 active affiliate publishers, connecting them to global brands.

This platform has a substantial range of products from reputable brands, including Adobe, Samsung, AliExpress, Flipkart, SHEIN, and You can push these offerings on social media communities, messengers, YouTube channels, email newsletters, and more.

Surprisingly, Admitad displays over 11 million products via an XML feed, giving affiliates a heads-up on real-time product data.

And here’s the real kicker! You can monetize your digital content in various methodologies, including banner advertising, coupons, contextual ads, and promo codes.

We couldn’t think of anyone who would pass up on this opportunity.

  • URL: Admitad Affiliate Publishers
  • Commission: Varies across products from 0.38% to 34.6%
  • Cookie lifespan: 60 days
  • Withdrawal threshold: $20 or Rs 1,000

EarnKaroaffiliate programs in india 11

EarnKaro is an upstart, entering the affiliate market in 2019 as a deal-sharing platform. It has over 200 shopping site partners across electronics, beauty, fashion, grocery, credit cards, and OTC medicines.

Ratan Tata is an avid backer, providing strength and stability to the affiliate marketing platform.

Surprisingly, earning a monthly commission with EarnKaro depends on the partner merchant whose products you promote. For example, you could earn 12% commission with Flipkart, while Tata Cliq can give you at least Rs 20,000.

Nevertheless, EarnKaro guarantees a 9% commission for every successful transaction via your affiliate identifier link.

It’s the same story with EarnKaro’s cookies and withdrawal limits. EarnKaro Flipkart lasts 90 days, while Tata Cliq only needs 70 days.

With Tata behind the scenes, EarnKaro is a contender for the best affiliate programs in India and worldwide.

  • URL: EarnKaro Affiliate
  • Commission: Varies, depending on merchant
  • Cookie lifespan: Merchant-dependent
  • Withdrawal threshold: Varies, depending on partner


affiliate programs in india 12

With its top-notch progress trackers, BigRock empowers Indian affiliate marketers to earn BIG.

BigRock is India’s top web hosting and domain name registration brand, offering companies top-notch web-related services (i.e., email hosting, digital certificates, and website builders).

The platform offers regular payouts with zero investment and unparalleled access to excitingly exclusive offers. Its exceptional banner inventory is eye-catching, allowing affiliates to maximize conversions.

Its affiliate landing page promises up to Rs 10,000 for every sale its affiliates make. Alternatively, you can get up to 50% commission for every server and web hosting sale.

Now that’s HUGE!

And if your Facebook and Twitter network is flourishing, you can push BigRock’s offerings and leverage your social media reach to earn BIG.

  • URL: BigRock
  • Commission: Minimum Rs 30 up to 50%
  • Cookie lifespan: 60 days
  • Withdrawal threshold: Rs 3,200

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Program in India?

Many affiliate programs in India exist, which can make choosing a bit “heady.” However, beginner affiliate marketers can observe these tips in selecting the best platform to join and start earning extra money.

Reflect on your niche

No affiliate platform offers ALL product categories or niches. There’s a good chance the program you’re eyeing doesn’t offer the products you like.

Ideally, you will want to promote something you’re passionate about or deeply interested in. If you’re into fashion, pick a platform with exciting fashion offerings.

Focus on high-quality offerings

Identifying your niche is one thing. Choosing a product or service within that niche is another. But here’s the catch.

Pick only high-quality offerings you can proudly share (read, promote) with your Indian audience. You don’t want your website visitors or social media followers to talk negatively about your “endorsements.”

Consider the remuneration

You’re joining an affiliate program in India to earn some cash, not give your marketing skills for free. You might want to study each platform’s compensation scheme and choose one with a more enticing offering.

Unsurprisingly, you will want to learn how the affiliate program will give you the commission. Is it for every lead, after a sale, or with every customer-initiated action?

Read the fine print

Everyone must read any transaction’s terms and conditions, including affiliate platforms. These finely printed texts outline the dos and don’ts of being an affiliate.

For example, you might wonder why you haven’t received your commission yet. Some platforms have “lock” periods before crediting a sale to your account. Others have unique click-tracking algorithms, which can rob you of a potential sale.

affiliate programs in india 13


What is the most lucrative affiliate program available in India?

Although not native to India, Amazon Associates is the most lucrative affiliate program in the subcontinent. Its global reach, market value, and extensive network of merchants, advertisers, and affiliates make Amazon Associates (in our opinion) the best.

Other platforms might offer higher commissions, but their offerings and brand partnerships are somewhat limited. This observation can restrict one’s potential income.

Is it possible to generate 1 lakh per month through affiliate marketing?

One lakh monthly might seem impossible for most Indians. However, if we are to believe ClickBank’s $5 million annual success stories, we can say 1 Lakh is doable.

Let’s start with a few conversions. One Lakh is 100,000 Indian Rupees, equivalent to about 1,200 US dollars. If you work nonstop for 30 days, you must strive for at least Rs 3,333.33 or about $40 daily sales.

Hence, it’s possible to generate 1 Lakh monthly through affiliate marketing. However, you must double (or quadruple) your promotional and advertising campaigns. You could utilize multiple channels (i.e., blogs, social media, and email) to improve your chances of earning at least Rs 3,333.33 daily.

Alternatively, you could focus on big-ticket items with higher commission percentages. For example, a Core i7 HP laptop might sell for about Rs 90,000. With 20% commission, you can bring home Rs 18,000. Imagine if you could sell three weekly. You could exceed the Rs 100,000 mark in two weeks.

Is affiliate marketing a profitable venture in India?

Yes, affiliate marketing is a profitable venture in India. It eliminates the need for product research and development, relying on easily recognizable brands to earmark their budgets for creating and enhancing offerings.

Marketing resources are never a problem, either. You’ll never worry about widgets, promo coupons, banners, and other advertising tools. The affiliate marketing platform handles everything.

Becoming an affiliate marketer doesn’t cost you money. Instead, it allows people to earn between 0.3 to 9 Lakhs annually. How much you earn hinges on your dedication and commitment to promote chosen products and services. Of course, picking the right affiliate program in India matters as well.

How much can an Amazon affiliate earn in India?

An Amazon affiliate in India can earn up to Rs 50,000 or 0.5 Lakh monthly, although Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 is more realistic. It’s worth mentioning that your earning potential depends on your output.

affiliate programs in india 14


These 12 affiliate programs in India are the best. They have impressive product offerings, attractive compensation schemes, and unparalleled affiliate marketing support. Earning extra cash for the family should be a cinch, empowering individuals to realize their dreams.

While joining is free and easy, these platforms demand dedication and commitment from each affiliate marketer. Although affiliate programs are ready to compensate for your efforts, you’re at the driver’s seat in determining your income.

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