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Best 13 WordPress Affiliate Programs in 2024

Affiliate marketing is a well-loved method for boosting your earnings, and when it comes to starting, WordPress affiliate programs offer an excellent entry point. In 2023, W3Techs data unveils that WordPress is the engine behind 45.8% ...

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Affiliate marketing is a well-loved method for boosting your earnings, and when it comes to starting, WordPress affiliate programs offer an excellent entry point.

In 2023, W3Techs data unveils that WordPress is the engine behind 45.8% of all online websites, showing a notable increase from the 43.2% share held in the previous year. This means that more than 40% of websites are now harnessing the power of WordPress.

If you are considering which WordPress affiliate programs to join, this article is for you!

Together, let’s explore the best 13 WordPress affiliate programs to earn money in 2024.

13 Best WordPress Affiliate Programs to Earn Money in 2024


Wordpress Affiliate Programs 1

In this top list of WordPress affiliate programs, we’ve chosen to start with SiteGround.

SiteGround is our top pick for students in our TASS course because it combines user-friendliness, performance, and excellent customer support.

Even better is that it’s affordable, with single-site WordPress hosting starting at just $9.95 per month or as low as $4.95 per month if you pay 36 months in advance.

You can confidently recommend SiteGround to your customers for their hosting needs. SiteGround manages its own affiliate program, so there is only a few publicly available data, but trustworthy affiliates have reported earning up to $120,000 per year just by promoting SiteGround.

They offer $100+ for each new customer you refer through your affiliate link.

Affiliate commissions can differ based on the industry and the number of referrals you bring.

In the hosting sector, you often see some of the most substantial commissions. As you contribute to more genuine hosting sales, your affiliate earnings per sale tend to increase.

To receive your commission, the web hosting plan must be active and paid up to date at the load time of payout. There is no required minimum balance for payment unless you choose to set a minimum payout amount

So, consider adding SiteGround to your list of potential WordPress affiliate programs to promote.

  • Commission:
Monthly Sales Commission per Sale
1-5 $50
6-10 $75
11-20 $100
21+ Custom Commissions
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Payout threshold: $0

WP Engine

Wordpress Affiliate Programs 2

Now, let’s talk about WP Engine, a popular WordPress hosting service. They offer individual plans for small businesses and even larger enterprises, and the best part is they’re budget-friendly, starting at just $20 per month for their ‘Startup’ plan.

But here’s the real kicker for affiliate marketers: WP Engine also owns Studio Press WordPress themes and the WordPress Genesis Framework, which are included in their basic hosting plans.

As a WP Engine affiliate, you receive one-time payments for each purchase. WP Engine hosting earns you at least $200 or the first month’s income, whichever is higher.

For StudioPress themes, you get 35% of the theme’s value per sale. For example, referring to a $129.95 theme like Revolution Pro earns you $45.48 in commission.

Also, they offer a referral program. You can bring in new affiliates for our program and earn a flat commission of $50 for each customer they refer to WP Engine, excluding StudioPress referrals.

They provide rewards and bonus commissions year-round for sending us multiple monthly referrals and a long 180-cookie duration.

  • Commission: up to $200 for WP Engine hosting, 35% for StudioPress themes
  • Cookie duration: 180 days
  • Payment methods: direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer and Payoneer
  • Payout threshold: $50


Wordpress Affiliate Programs 3

Now, here’s something a bit different. It’s not a WordPress product or service but a valuable resource for WordPress training courses, and that’s Udemy.

Your visitors can discover courses on virtually every aspect of WordPress, from installation to optimization.

Some popular courses include “WordPress for Beginners,” “The Complete WordPress Website Business Course,” and “WordPress for Beginners – Master WordPress Quickly.”

You can also find courses on subjects like developing WordPress themes with Bootstrap, SEO Plugins for WordPress, and blogging with WordPress.

Each course consists of instructional videos you follow to learn as you go, and you can even access your learning on the go through the Udemy app.

Udemy courses are reasonably priced, making them easy to promote as they fall within the “impulse buy” range.

Affiliate applicants must have an active website, blog, or social media with at least 500 monthly visitors or followers aligned with their brand.

As an affiliate, you can benefit from a vast selection of courses and exclusive promotions, along with tracking assets for specific classes, sitewide links, and custom deep links. With Udemy’s promotional tools and creative assets, you can effectively drive sales and earn competitive commissions on valid purchases.

To participate in this program, you’ll need an account with Rakuten Linkshare.

  • Commission: a base commission of 10% per sale for both existing and new customers
  • Cookie duration: 7 days
  • Payment methods: Paypal, direct deposit, or check
  • Payout threshold: $5.01


Wordpress Affiliate Programs 4

You genuinely understand the value of a WordPress backup plugin when you’ve experienced a site-breaking change. UpdraftPlus has been a lifesaver, allowing users to roll back site updates.

It’s not just a backup tool; it’s also a site cloning and migration tool, making it more versatile than static plugins.

These premium features come at a cost, but they offer visitors a lot in return, including extra add-ons, a cloud-based control panel, robust support, and 1GB of remote file storage. Prices start at $70 per year for a personal account covering two websites.

This affiliate program is managed in-house, providing a custom dashboard for your work. You’ll receive a 30% commission for every sale through your affiliate links.

So, a ‘Personal’ license sale earns you $21, while a ‘Gold’ license sale earns you $119.7.

Remember, a WordPress backup tool isn’t a luxury; it’s necessary, and that’s how you should pitch it to your audience.

  • Commission: 30% commission on every referral purchase
  • Cookie duration: revealed once registered
  • Payment methods: revealed once registered
  • Payout threshold: revealed once registered


Wordpress Affiliate Programs 5

Kinsta is a standout choice for affiliate marketers thanks to its exceptional hosting services.

What makes Kinsta unique is its relentless pursuit of hosting excellence in the WordPress world.

Simply put, Kinsta can handle significant website traffic, which would overwhelm smaller hosting providers. This means your site visitors can enjoy outstanding performance, scalability, support, and hassle-free blog migration.

For affiliates, Kinsta offers the potential for substantial earnings. You can earn commissions ranging from $50 for a basic plan to as much as $500 per signup, depending on the chosen plan.

But it doesn’t stop there. Kinsta also employs a monthly recurring commission structure, allowing you to earn 10% for the lifetime of every referral you send their way.

Each referral for Application Hosting and Database Hosting earns you a 5% monthly recurring commission for the customer’s lifetime. This 5% is based on the customer’s monthly invoice after discounts are applied.

This all adds up to make Kinsta’s affiliate program one of the best options in this list, offering a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers.

  • Commission: one-time commission of $50 to $500 and a 10% monthly commission on all WordPress packages; 5% for Application/ Database Hosting
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Payout threshold: $50


Wordpress Affiliate Programs 6

Founded in 2008, Sucuri remains a constant in the ever-changing security landscape. They aim to create top-notch, affordable cloud-based technology and services for website security and performance.

All Sucuri offerings are complemented by 24/7 support from experienced website security professionals. They are also known for their concise educational resources on website security.

By partnering with Sucuri, you’re not just offering security products; you’re delivering a comprehensive website security experience that keeps individuals and organizations safe and informed, even in the face of new emerging threats.

Loyal customers and referral partners in our program get rewarded with a kickback. You enjoy a 25% discount on the initial net purchase of a single-site plan and a $100 reward for every Agency Plan.

Affiliates can join this program through the CJ Affiliate Network.

  • Commission:
Service Plan Commission
Security Platform Basic $49.99
Professional $74.99
Business $124.99
Website Firewall (WAF) WAF Basic $29.97
WAF Professional $59.97
Business $124.99
Agency Referral Finders Fee $100 per signup
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: direct deposit, check, or Payoneer
  • Payout threshold: $50


Wordpress Affiliate Programs 7

Founded in 2015 by technology entrepreneur Lance Crosby, known for his previous venture, SoftLayer (acquired by IBM), StackPath.com leverages his cloud computing industry expertise. The goal is to transform digital content delivery and security.

The StackPath affiliate program stands out with high commission rates in the Google cloud computing industry. Affiliates can earn commissions from $20 to $600 per sale/signup by promoting StackPath products and solutions through their affiliate links.

What sets it apart is the extended cookie period of 180 days (6 months), surpassing the typical 30 to 90-day period offered by most affiliate programs. This program welcomes affiliates from anywhere in the world.

It’s particularly well-suited for individuals creating technology-related quality content, blogging, cloud computing, web hosting, gaming, business, software, finance, networking, databases, and SaaS.

The StackPath affiliate program uses the Impact Radius affiliate network. If you have an existing Impact Radius account, log in and apply for the StackPath affiliate program.

  • Commission: $20 – $600
  • Cookie duration: 180 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer
  • Payout threshold: $10


Wordpress Affiliate Programs 9

ThemeIsle, the creator of popular themes like Neve, Hestia, and Zelle, forms the backbone of many WordPress affiliate sites, particularly Hestia.

If you’re into WordPress blogging, a top-notch theme is a must, and ThemeIsle offers three great options.

You’ll enjoy an industry-leading commission rate of 55% with a generous 365-day-wide return cookie to boost your earnings. They also provide a range of standard creatives, such as banners, email templates, and text links, all optimized for high conversion rates.

You’ll receive monthly payments once you reach the $100 threshold, along with performance incentives.

It’s important to note that they do not partner with coupon sites. Detailed reporting is available via ShareASale, ensuring transparency and insights for your affiliate activities.

  • Commission: 55% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 365 days
  • Payment methods: direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer and Payoneer
  • Payout threshold: $100

Elegant Themes

Wordpress Affiliate Programs 10

Divi, created by Elegant Themes, stands out as one of the most popular themes for WordPress website owners, catering to users of all levels.

What makes Divi unique is that it combines both a WordPress theme and a page builder in one. This flexibility has made it a top choice for site creators, developers, and affiliate marketers, powering over 640,000 websites and blogs.

One of the standout features of Divi is its one-time purchase, allowing you to install it on an unlimited number of sites, a refreshing contrast to many premium themes.

By recommending Divi to your audience, you could provide a significant financial benefit.

Affiliates who join the Elegant Themes affiliate program can earn generous commissions of 50% for every sale they refer. This represents a substantial earning potential.

Divi boasts a thriving ecosystem of third-party products, and these products open up opportunities for affiliates. You can earn a substantial 30% share on all marketplace purchases.

When a customer you refer to Divi buys several marketplace products, your earnings accumulate significantly.

The program has a strong track record. Last year, it paid out over US$38 million in affiliate commissions to more than 30,000 affiliates who promoted their WordPress affiliate program. They also have affiliates earning over $15,000 monthly; that’s impressive!

This performance highlights the program’s reliability and potential for affiliate success.

  • Commission: 50% commissions on new purchases and all subscription renewal payments
  • Cookie duration: 180 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Payout threshold: $200, quickly reach the payout threshold by referring to just around two customers.


Wordpress Affiliate Programs 11

This is totally familiar to anyone who knows WordPress. Elementor is a WordPress page builder that follows the same “building blocks” approach as many other builders, but what sets it apart is its commitment to user-friendliness and versatility.

Elementor’s focus on ease of use allows even beginners to create a WordPress website in just a day, all thanks to Elementor’s own base theme.

As an affiliate, you can earn a generous 50% commission for every referral to this WordPress affiliate program.

Elementor’s affiliate program welcomes individuals with an online presence, such as content creators, web educators, WordPress developers, marketers, and agencies.

The earning potential knows no bounds! In fact, some of their affiliates make more than $10,000 per month. Also, there is no need to become an Elementor user to promote this program.

Promoting the Elementor affiliate program is flexible and accessible. You can put the referral links via social media, blog posts, video tutorials, website banners, and email newsletters.

Like Elegant Themes, this program requires a minimum threshold of $200, you will receive the payment to your PayPal account within 30 days.

  • Commission: up to 50% CPA
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Payout threshold: $200

CSS Hero

Wordpress Affiliate Programs 12

WordPress is undeniably popular, but tweaking it can be challenging. CSS Hero offers a non-destructive editing plugin, allowing you to change its appearance without committing to those changes until you’re certain you haven’t messed anything up.

Even if you make a mistake, you can always revert to a saved “snapshot” of your site from before your artistic endeavors. The best part is that CSS Hero is budget-friendly compared to similar WordPress popular plugins.

What’s more, it offers an affiliate program, and it’s a program that performs impressively well.

You can earn 40% on each sale as CSS Hero affiliates. CSS Hero is a unique product with broad appeal, but its awareness remains limited, their emphasis is on coding rather than extensive advertising efforts.

That’s why it can be a con to some affiliates.

They will supply you with HTML code to display banners of various sizes on your site or simple links. You can conveniently monitor your sales in real time through your affiliate panel.

CSS Hero pays out commissions quarterly, every three months. You can request a payout for your affiliate commission when your earnings reach at least $50.

They make payments through PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account to receive your earnings.

  • Commission: 40% on single referral sale
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Payout threshold: $50

WP Rocket

Wordpress Affiliate Programs 8

WP Rocket, a caching and optimization plugin for WordPress, occupies the middle ground between free caching plugins and using a full-blown CDN in your site setup. It’s designed to be user-friendly, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

This plugin is priced at $59 per year per site. Surprisingly, despite being perceived as a niche product, it boasts a healthy EPC on ShareASale and is one of the most popular programs on the network.

Affiliates can earn a 20% commission for each referral; here’s the commission breakdown:

  • Single License, priced at $59, earns you $11.80
  • Plus License, sold at $119, nets you $23.80
  • Infinite License, at $299, brings in $59.80

They understand that users may not convert immediately, which is why they offer 30-day tracking cookies to ensure you receive credit for the sale. But that’s not as long as other programs.

There are many ways to promote this program as an affiliate. You can Write reviews, share affiliate links with your network, use them in social media posts, and create educational videos.

  • Commission: 20% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer and Payoneer
  • Payout threshold: $50


Wordpress Affiliate Programs 13

Numerous WordPress contact form plugins are available, but WPForms stands out for its user-friendly setup.

The interface is drag-and-drop, eliminating the need for coding. While the free version is robust, the premium version offers additional features like unlimited forms, surveys, payment integration, and more.

Their affiliate program is a highlight, offering a 20% commission, which can amount to approximately $59.90 per sale. With an EPC of $50.19, affiliates enjoy consistent income.

The commission breakdown is as follows:

  • Basic License, priced at $39.50, earns you $7.90
  • Plus License, sold at $99.50, nets you $19.90
  • Pro License, available for $199.50, brings in $39.90
  • Elite License, at $299.50, results in a commission of $59.90.

You can join their affiliate program on ShareASale; it can take up to 48 hours to get approved.

Also, WPForms offers affiliates various banners to promote and preview them.

  • Commission 20% on every sale
  • Cookie duration: 45 days
  • Payment methods: direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer and Payoneer
  • Payout threshold: $50

What is a WordPress Affiliate Marketing Program?

A WordPress Affiliate Marketing Program is like a friendly money-making partnership.

Imagine you have a blog or website built with WordPress, and you love it. You can team up with companies that sell products or services related to WordPress, like themes, a hosting option, page builders, CDNs or plugins. They give you special links to their stuff.

When you put these links on your website, and someone clicks and buys through them, you earn a piece of the sales. It’s like recommending your favorite books or movies, but instead, you’re sharing cool WordPress stuff.

Here’s the cool part: You don’t need to create the products or handle sales. Just talk about what you like, and if others buy, you get rewarded. It’s a win-win because companies get more customers, you make money, and your audience discovers awesome WordPress goodies.

So, if you’re a WordPress enthusiast with a blog or site, joining a WordPress affiliate marketing program is a simple way to turn your passion into profit.

Is WordPress a Good Niche in Affiliate Marketing?

Absolutely! WordPress is an excellent niche for affiliate marketing. It’s the most popular content management system globally, powering over 60% of all websites. This widespread usage creates a vast potential audience for WordPress-related products and services.

It’s also popular because many people use WordPress to build websites, and they often seek help, tools, and services to enhance their WordPress experience.

As an affiliate, you can tap into this demand and promote various WordPress-related products and services.

If you are not convinced yet, here’s why:

A Growing Niche

WordPress, one of the leading content management systems globally, powers over 60% of websites. This extensive user base presents significant opportunities for affiliate products and services.

The market for WordPress plugins is valued at over $8 billion, demonstrating the substantial demand for related products and services.

The number of affiliate programs in this niche is rising, reflecting growing interest in affiliate marketing.

These affiliate programs offer up to a 50% commission rate, enabling website owners to generate a substantial income by promoting related products and services.

Various products to promote

WordPress affiliate programs offer a wide range of products and services to promote. This includes premium website templates, tools to enhance website features, and hosting plans designed for WordPress.

There are also tools to improve how websites appear in search engines, user-friendly tools to build web pages and educational courses.

Also, there are tools for e-commerce, security, website maintenance, email marketing, and managing affiliate marketing programs.

These various options allow affiliates to reach different audiences, making it easier to earn a commission on sale by promoting WordPress-related products and services.

Recurring Commission Opportunity

Instead of earning a one-time commission for a sale, affiliates receive commissions regularly, often monthly or annually, for promoting this program.

Affiliates may receive recurring commissions when customers renew their theme or plugin licenses. This means that affiliates continue to earn commissions as long as the customers they refer keep using and renewing the products.

Tips to Choose the Right WordPress Affiliate Programs

Numerous WordPress service programs are available. Selecting the most appropriate ones can be daunting, particularly for beginners. However, you can ease this process with the following tips to find the best affiliate platform to partner with.

Checking Reputation

When you want to know if a WordPress service or product is trustworthy, you should read what real customers have to say. Their opinions might vary, so it’s important to look at their feedback and reviews to get an idea of the product’s reputation.

Quality Matters

It’s also crucial to figure out if the WordPress-related stuff is of good quality. This can be tricky, but listening to what previous and current customers say can help you judge if the product is up to the mark.

Your audience will trust your recommendations more if you promote reliable WordPress tools that meet their needs.

Commission vs. Service Price

It’s not just about how much commission you’ll earn. Imagine you get a 30% commission, but the pricing business plans start at $20. That means you’ll only make about $6 per sale. Now, think about promoting a WordPress product worth $100; you’d earn a more substantial $30.

Payment System

Different affiliate programs have various ways of paying you. Some might require you to earn a certain amount (like $100 or $500) before you get paid. Others may offer different payment methods, like bank transfers, online payment platforms, or checks.

Cookie Duration

Some affiliate programs use cookies to track referrals. It’s essential to check how long these cookies last. Longer-lasting cookies give you a better chance of earning a commission if a visitor doesn’t purchase immediately.


Is it free to join WordPress affiliate programs?

Whether or not it’s free to join a WordPress affiliate program can vary depending on the program. Many affiliate programs are free to join, so you can sign up without any upfront costs. However, some programs may require you to pay a fee or purchase the product yourself before becoming an affiliate

How much money can I make as a WordPress affiliate?

As for how much money you can make as a WordPress affiliate, this also varies widely. Your earnings depend on several factors, including the commission rate, the price of the product or service, the number of sales you generate, and the quality of your marketing efforts.

Some WordPress affiliate programs offer higher commission rates, while others may be more modest. The potential for earnings can range from a few dollars per sale to substantial income if you can drive a high volume of conversions.


You now have 13 robust WordPress affiliate programs in your arms to promote. This list includes a mix of well-known WordPress plugins and various other services that cater directly to the audience interested in building blogs.

If you didn’t find the specific WordPress affiliate plugin you were expecting, it’s likely because it doesn’t offer substantial income potential for affiliates.

So, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start making money with your affiliate marketing skills. Focus on these programs that resonate with your niche and have the potential to boost your income.

Remember, successful affiliate marketing relies on dedication, smart marketing strategies, and consistently delivering value to your audience. Now, let’s go out there and grab these opportunities!

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