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Top 20 Best Affiliate Programs With Recurring Commissions in 2024

Sick of one-time commissions? Discover the best recurring affiliate programs and earn for months to come!

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Recurring affiliate programs

You are working in affiliate marketing and want more side income with recurring affiliate commissions.

It’s totally possible.

In this article, we will show you a list of the top 20 best recurring affiliate programs for your detailed view and consideration.

You will dive into knowledgeable information and accumulate experience to improve your earnings. Let’s check it out!

Top 20 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Now, let’s come to the specific reviews on the top 20 recurring affiliate programs. Here, you can have a comprehensive view of the best programs to choose from!


recurring affiliate programs 1

LiveChat is a versatile software solution that equips clients with powerful tools to elevate their customer support experience. With features encompassing live chat, a support desk, and comprehensive analytics, LiveChat has been a trusted choice for customers since 2002.

The LiveChat affiliate program offers an attractive opportunity for affiliates to earn recurring commissions, with 20 to 22% rates for each new client they refer. The rate of 20% is for starters, and 22% is for affiliates with five paying customers or more.

Adding to its appeal, LiveChat provides affiliates with an extended cookie length of 120 days, ensuring that you continue to earn commissions from referrals over an extended period. Additionally, the organization takes its commitment to supporting affiliates seriously, offering 24-hour assistance to promptly resolve any issues or queries.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 20-22% recurring
  • Cookie duration: 120 days
  • Payment method: PayPal, eCheck
  • Payment threshold: $50
  • Have a nice commission rate
  • Provide a super long cookie-term
  • 24-hour support for affiliates
  • A low payment threshold
  • No disadvantages found currently



recurring affiliate programs 2

ActiveCampaign assists growing companies in connecting and engaging with their consumers in meaningful ways. Beyond marketing automation, ActiveCampaign’s SaaS platform empowers businesses to improve customer experiences and build long-lasting relationships.

The ActiveCampaign affiliate program allows you to earn money by referring others to ActiveCampaign. There are three levels of commission, including:

  • Silver tier: Refer $100 in new business within 90 days and get a 20% commission.
  • Gold tier: Refer $100 in new business within 90 days or have $500 active accounts to get a 25% commission.
  • Platinum Tier: Earn $500 USD in new monthly business in the last three months or have $2,000 USD in active monthly accounts and get a 30% commission.

The program allows you to convert clicks to sales within a 90-day cookie window. When you earn commissions, you can get paid via PayPal. Remember that the payment threshold is $100.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 20-30% recurring
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $100
  • A good commission structure
  • Provide a long cookie window
  • A great solution for building customer relationships
  • Only have one payment way for affiliates


Thrive Themes

recurring affiliate programs 3

The Thrive Themes affiliate program is the next program we want to recommend. The brand offers optimized plugins and themes for online businesses. A trusted brand like Thrive Themes can bring you a great opportunity to promote products.

It gives you a 35% commission rate for each new sale generation – not a recurring commission, but a high one. You can get affiliate commissions for any sales happening within 60 days of the clicking date. Thrive Themes will pay you via PayPal when there is at least $20 in your account.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, the brand has resources to help you with that. You can also access banners, creative assets, email templates, etc., for promotion. In case any support is needed, Alvin – the brand’s dedicated affiliate manager, is always available to help you.

If you are content writers, course creators, business/life coaches, agencies, niche experts, or just Thrive fans, you can join the Thrive Themes affiliate program. The application process is on its website with a site URL requested from applicants.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 35%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $20
  • A high commission rate
  • Offer a long cookie term
  • A low minimum payout
  • Many resources and materials
  • Only have one payment method – PayPal



recurring affiliate programs 4

Another reliable name in the list of affiliate programs is the ClickFunnels affiliate program. The brand serves as a tool for creating a sales funnel, helping to automate online sales processes.

It offers a tier commission structure, which allows you to earn a 20% recurring commission as a starter. If you can gain at least $1000 commissions, you will come to tier 2 with 30%. Tier 3, which gives you a 40% commission, will require at least 40 premium users to sign up via your affiliate links.

It gives you a cookie window of 30 days to get the sales. You can get your money via Tipalti.com, a platform cooperated with ClickFunnels for payment. Remember that the minimum payout is $100.

You can participate in the program via its website. It’s easy to register. You can check its specific requirements in the ClickFunnels Affiliate Agreement.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 20-40% recurring
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: via ACH,Wire Transfer, eCheck, Paper Check, PayPal, Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Payment threshold: $100
  • Provide a cost-effective tool for designing sales funnels
  • Have a great commission structure for affiliates
  • Offer a good cookie duration
  • It’s easy and simple to participate in
  • The minimum threshold is a little high.


Elegant Themes

recurring affiliate programs 5

One of the best recurring affiliate programs is the Elegant Themes program. When joining this program, you can promote Divi Theme, Divi Cloud, or other products in the Divi marketplace. Elegant Themes is widely trusted with 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot – it’s an advantage for your promotion.

The program allows you to earn high monthly commissions with a 50% recurring payment for new sales and renewals. Its cookie is so long, up to 180 days. You can make a significant improvement in your passive income when joining it.

Elegant Themes pays you via PayPal. The payment will happen only when your account reaches $200.

You can register to be an affiliate via its website. It’s quick and easy, but remember a website URL is compulsory.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 50% recurring
  • Cookie duration: 180 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $200
  • A highly-rated brand’s program
  • High recurring commissions
  • Provide a very long cookie term
  • Quick and easy affiliate registration
  • Only have PayPal as the payment method



recurring affiliate programs 6

You can also try the Mangools affiliate program for your affiliate marketing career. The program allows you to promote nice SEO tools, including KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler. Many SEO professionals worldwide trust and use these tools.

The affiliate program offers you a 30% recurring commission. That means you can earn 30% of each subscription, regardless of the initial sale or annual/monthly payment. You can receive commissions via PayPal when you meet the threshold of $150. The cookie term for tracking is within 30 days.

The program has pre-made materials for affiliates to use for marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you can also benefit from its high conversion rate – more than 67% of people using its free trial decide to subscribe within 24 hours.

The Mangools affiliate program is free to join on its website. There is no approval process, so you can start promoting after registration.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 30% recurring
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $150
  • Great SEO tools for promotion
  • A high recurring commission
  • Provide a good cookie window
  • Have a high conversion rate
  • There is no approval process for affiliate registration.
  • Only pay affiliates via PayPal



recurring affiliate programs 7

When diving into the realm of affiliate marketing within the email marketing niche, the AWeber affiliate program stands out as a top choice worth your consideration. Particularly for bloggers, this program is a gem thanks to its outstanding features and lucrative opportunities.

AWeber boasts a solid reputation in the online marketing sphere, providing comprehensive, all-in-one solutions coupled with unparalleled support. Its user-friendly service not only makes it easy to promote but also helps retain satisfied customers. What sets AWeber apart is its enticing offer of 30-50% recurring commissions, positioning it among the highest-paying affiliate programs in the industry.

The allure of AWeber’s affiliate program extends further with its long-lasting affiliate commission structure. You’ll continue to earn commissions when a customer registers for AWeber’s services within an impressive 365-day window after clicking on your referral links. Plus, they offer convenient payment options, with PayPal payments kicking in once you’ve reached the modest threshold of $30 for US affiliates and $50 for non-US affiliates.

Ready to become an AWeber affiliate? The sign-up process is a breeze, but do note that you’ll need to provide a website URL during registration to get started on your affiliate journey.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 30-50% recurring
  • Cookie duration: 365 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $30 for US affiliates, $50 for non-US affiliates
  • Good service with a trusted name in the field
  • High recurring commissions for publishers
  • The cookie duration is super long.
  • Low minimum payment requirement
  • Have a wide variety of creative assets
  • Only pay via PayPal



recurring affiliate programs 8

The GetResponse affiliate program is super easy to join. It has a simple registration process without approval requirements. So, after signing up, you’ll get their welcome email with your login information.

One of the standout features of the program is its generous cookie duration, which extends up to a remarkable 120 days. What’s even more enticing is the flexibility it offers in terms of commission structures. Affiliates can choose between two attractive options: recurring commissions at a generous rate of 33% or one-time commissions of $100 per sale. Both options are incredibly enticing.

For those opting for the recurring commission plan, payouts are made on the 20th of each month for certified sales from the previous month. On the other hand, if you’re enrolled in the bounty plan, you can expect your payments within 30 days from the completion date of verification. To cash in on your hard-earned commissions, simply ensure that you exceed the minimum payout threshold of $50.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 33% recurring commission
  • Cookie duration: 120 days
  • Payment method: PayPal, USD Check, ACH, Eurotransfer
  • Payment threshold: $50
  • Easy registration process
  • A super long cookie window
  • Two good options for the commission rate
  • Offer selling materials, content, and guide
  • Long verification time for the bounty program



recurring affiliate programs 9

If your orientation is the email marketing industry, we recommend the ConvertKit affiliate program as one of the top affiliate programs. As a nice software supporting email marketing, ConvertKit has been chosen by many creators.

When enrolling as its affiliate, you will enjoy a 30% recurring commission for 24 months since the referral month. The program’s cookie term is long, up to 90 days. You can get your money via PayPal when you earn commissions. The program doesn’t require any minimum payment threshold.

ConvertKit also provides many helpful resources for its publishers, such as a training course with The Pat Flynn, graphics, videos, and even evergreen webinars. Sounds attractive? You can now join it via LinkMink. Anyone can sign up, as the registration process is so easy.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 30% recurring commission (for 24 months)
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: No threshold is required
  • A high commission for each sale
  • Provide a long tracking time
  • No requirement for a payment threshold
  • No website requirement for signing up
  • Many helpful resources are available for usage
  • The commission is limited to 24 months instead of a lifetime.
  • Have only one payment method (PayPal)



recurring affiliate programs 10

Tailwind is an all-in-one app that helps online creators and business owners a lot in daily work. You can make plans, create content or designs, schedule, or optimize your work with Tailwind. It’s a convenient and helpful app, loved by one million brands and small businesses.

The Tailwind affiliate program has a well-established commission structure, including Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages. As a starter, you will be subject to the Silver one, with a 15% recurring commission and a $25-100 per content bonus.

The Gold package activates when you hit $2000 in sales per month, allowing you to earn 20% recurring commission plus a $100+ per content bonus. For the Platinum, it’s 25% and a $250+ bonus with the requirement of $5000 in sales per month.

The cookie duration lasts from 90 to 366 days, helping you to have a long time to convert. It transfers the payment via PayPal, with a low minimum payout of $10.

Impact.com, one of the great affiliate networks, hosts this program. So you can join via the network. It’s easy and quick, only around five minutes for registration.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate:
  • Silver: 15% recurring commission plus $25-100 per content bonus
  • Gold: 20% recurring commission plus $100+ per content bonus
  • Platinum: 25% recurring commission plus $250+ per content bonus
  • Cookie duration: 30 – 366 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $10
  • A convenient and helpful product
  • A good commission structure
  • Provide a long cookie window
  • Quick and easy application process
  • Have a low minimum payout
  • PayPal is the only payment way



recurring affiliate programs 11

You can also consider the PureVPN affiliate program as one of the options for affiliate programs. It’s been a great service provider in the field of VPN since its establishment in 2007.

The program offers an outstanding commission model. You can get a $300 signup bonus and a 100% commission per sale for new monthly plan signups. For yearly plans and 2-year plans, the commission rate is 40%. All renewals will bring you a 35% commission. Its cookie duration is also nice, with 90 days for tracking.

The brand will pay you via bank transfer and PayPal, which is more flexible than some other programs on the list. The threshold is $500 for the former and $100 for the latter.

You can join the program via its website or CJ affiliate, Linkshare, and SAS. The joining part is free and quick.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: $300 signup bonus and:
  • Monthly plan: 100% new signup and 35% renewal
  • 2-year plan: 40% new signup and 35% renewal
  • Yearly plan: 40% new signup and 35% renewal
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment method: Bank transfer, PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $100 for PayPal, $500 for bank transfer
  • A great provider in the VPN field
  • An outstanding commission model
  • Provide a long cookie term
  • Available on many affiliate networks
  • A high threshold for payments via bank transfer



recurring affiliate programs 12

How does an annual income of $75,000 sound to you? It’s not just a dream; it’s a reality that top-performing agents can achieve with the Serpstat affiliate program. And the good news is, you can do it too!

In the world of SEO affiliate programs in 2023, Serpstat stands out as one of the most trusted and rewarding options available. This platform offers a wide range of SEO-related services that affiliates can easily market to a diverse array of brands.

The program will allow you to earn a 30% recurring commission, helping you to expand your income. Its cookie duration, though, is not really long, only 15 days.

When being an affiliate of them, you can use any Serpstat affiliate marketing tool to improve your marketing performance. When accumulating $50 in commissions, you can get paid via PayPal. Remember that it will pay weekly as long as you meet the threshold.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: up to 30% recurring
  • Cookie duration: 15 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $50
  • Affiliates can have high annual incomes
  • A trusted brand in the SEO field
  • A high recurring commission
  • Pay affiliates weekly with a low threshold
  • The cookie term is short.



recurring affiliate programs 13

When it comes to affiliate programs in the website hosting niche, the Kinsta affiliate program shines as one of the best choices available. It offers a $50-$500 payment and 10% recurring commissions if you refer a customer using its managed WordPress hosting. It is a 5% recurring commission for application and database hosting. The program’s cookie time is also great, up to 60 days for tracking.

You can get your monthly commission via PayPal between the 15th and 20th of each month. To cash in on your earnings, ensure you reach the reasonable minimum payout threshold of $50. With its high conversion and low churn rate of only 2%, you can really improve your passive income.

However, it’s worth noting that Kinsta maintains high standards for its affiliate program, which is reflective of its hosting quality. Prospective affiliates are subject to a manual review process and are required to have a website in order to apply.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 
  • Managed WordPress Hosting: $50-$500 one-time commission plus 10% recurring monthly commissions
  • Application Hosting: 5% recurring monthly commissions
  • Database Hosting: 5% recurring monthly commissions
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $50
  • Offer affiliates with a good commission model
  • Provide a long cookie period
  • Have a low minimum threshold
  • High conversion and low churn rate
  • In-depth guides and available assets for affiliates
  • Only have one payment method
  • Selective in choosing publishers



recurring affiliate programs 14

Let’s come to the next program in the top recurring affiliate programs! Yes, it’s the Cloudways affiliate program.

The program has a flexible commission structure. You have the option to choose between three distinct models: slab, hybrid, or custom commissions. The slab commission structure will give you performance-based earnings, while the hybrid can bring $30 upfront plus 7% lifetime commissions. The custom model with $200 per sale will be for affiliates with more than 81 monthly sales.

Beyond the enticing commissions, the program’s cookie-tracking system is another standout feature. It provides a substantial tracking window, extending up to an impressive 90 days.

However, it’s essential to be aware of the program’s payment thresholds, which are relatively higher compared to some other programs. Affiliates must accumulate a minimum of $250 for PayPal payments and $1000 for Wire Transfer before they can request a payout.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 7% lifetime
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment method: PayPal, Wire Transfer, Funds Transfer
  • Payment threshold: $250 for PayPal, $1000 for Wire Transfer, $100 for Funds Transfer
  • Flexible commission structures with high payments
  • Have a long cookie duration
  • Pay affiliates via popular methods
  • High thresholds for payment


Ninja Outreach

recurring affiliate programs 15

Ninja Outreach is a marketing tool that helps businesses to build and manage their influencer marketing campaigns. The Ninja Outreach affiliate program is also a good choice for your affiliate marketing.

You will enjoy a 20% recurring commission for each subscription. The cookie term for converting from a click to a sale is 30 days. Both the numbers are great for you to accumulate your earnings.

The brand will pay you monthly via PayPal. Remember that your account should reach the $100 threshold for getting the payment.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 20% recurring
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $100
  • It’s a nice recurring commission
  • Provide a long cookie window
  • A useful tool for influencer marketing
  • Only include a single payment method



recurring affiliate programs 16

Doing affiliate marketing for online learning platforms is a great idea if your blog is about education, building an online business, or becoming a solo entrepreneur. We recommend the Teachable affiliate program as a good option for affiliate programs.

As a platform allowing teachers to host and sell online courses, Teachable is becoming increasingly popular with online education business owners. It offers an attractive commission structure, providing affiliates with up to 30% recurring commissions during the first year of referrals.

In addition to the commission potential, the Teachable affiliate program features a 30-day cookie life. This window of opportunity allows you to earn commissions for sales generated within a month of your referral, making it an effective way to secure revenue from your promotional efforts.

The program will pay via Direct Transfer, BACS, or PayPal with no minimum payment applied. You can join it via Impact.com, which requires you to have a website and be at least 18 years old.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: up to 30% recurring for the first year
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Direct Transfer, BACS, PayPal
  • Its service is popular for hosting online courses
  • A good recurring commission level
  • Offer a long cookie period
  • Don’t request a minimum payment
  • Require a website to sign up



recurring affiliate programs 17

Thinkific is a software-as-a-service company that allows you to create courses and membership sites. The Thinkific affiliate program is one of the great affiliate programs.

When joining the program, you can enjoy a 30% recurring commission for each single referral. The cookie window for sales conversion is 90 days, allowing you to have enough time for successful referrals.

Its partner program is available on PartnerStack, so you can join via the platform. It will transfer the earned amount to you via PayPal and Stripe. The minimum payment threshold is $25.

Thinkific enables you to promote on many channels like social media like Instagram or Pinterest, blogs, websites, email lists, etc. You can also enjoy a library of exclusive materials upon being an affiliate.

  • Commission rate: 30% recurring
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment method: PayPal, Stripe
  • Payment threshold: $25
  • Offer a high recurring commission
  • Have a long cookie duration
  • Require a low minimum payout
  • Allow to promote on a wide range of channels
  • Currently, the program is invite-only.


WP Engine

recurring affiliate programs 18

Another name in our list of recurring affiliate programs is the WP Engine affiliate program. If you want to introduce hosting services or website themes to your audience, consider WP Engine.

When you successfully refer a hosting customer, you can expect to earn a generous commission of $200 or the equivalent of one month’s payment, depending on the customer’s plan. If your referral is for a theme customer, WP Engine offers an impressive commission rate of 35%.

The program also has a great tracking term. For themes, it’s 60 days, and for hosting plans, it’s even more generous up to 180 days.

WP Engine also has a two-tier tracking mechanism. It means you can refer a new affiliate to its system and earn $50 when such an affiliate makes a referral. That’s great, right?

To participate in the WP Engine affiliate program, you can join through ShareASale, the hosting platform for this affiliate program. Payment options include Direct Deposit, Check, and ACH, with a minimum account balance requirement of $50 to receive your earnings.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 
  • Hosting plans: one-month payment or $200 at minimum
  • Theme purchases: 35%
  • Cookie duration:
  • Hosting plans: 180 days
  • Theme purchases: 60 days
  • Payment method: Direct Deposit, Check, and ACH
  • Payment threshold: $50
  • Offer high commissions for affiliates
  • Have two-tier tracking and earning
  • A very long tracking time
  • A low payment minimum threshold
  • There are no recurring commissions



recurring affiliate programs 19

If you’re looking to introduce an email marketing tool to your audience, don’t overlook the MailerLite affiliate program. This program offers affiliates a generous 30% recurring commission for each sale, making it an excellent avenue for building a steady stream of passive income.

The brand hosts this program itself. It means you can join via MailerLite’s site. Here, it provides you with many free marketing assets. It also has a dedicated partner support team, so you can ask for any advice or guidance.

Who should consider joining this program? If you’re a marketer, blogger, or business owner, MailerLite recommends it as a valuable opportunity to both monetize your efforts and introduce a reliable email marketing solution to your audience.

When it comes to payments, MailerLite offers a convenient option through PayPal. You can cash in on your earnings once your account reaches a minimum payout of $100.

Program highlights:

  • Commission rate: 30% recurring commission
  • Cookie duration: 45 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $100
  • A high recurring commission rate
  • Provide many marketing assets
  • Have a dedicated supporting team
  • A low minimum payout
  • Only pay via PayPal



recurring affiliate programs 20

TubeBuddy is a browser extension supporting you with YouTube management and optimization-related tasks. You can consider the TubeBuddy affiliate program when choosing affiliate programs.

If you participate in the program, you can have a 30% recurring commission for each referral. The commission is the same for three types of affiliates, including standard, VIP, and super. But the minimum threshold is different – $10 is required for the first two types, while there is no requirement for the last. All affiliates get paid monthly via PayPal only.

You can participate in the program via TubeBuddy’s website. It’s simple with some information filling. You can check out the program’s terms here.

  • Commission rate: 30% recurring
  • Cookie duration: lifetime
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $10 for standard and VIP affiliates, no requirement for super affiliates
  • Provide a high commission rate
  • A low level or no requirement for payment threshold
  • A free browser extension attracting customers
  • One payment way for affiliates


What is a Recurring Affiliate Program & a Recurring Affiliate Commission?

A recurring affiliate commission is a commission paid monthly or annually when the user renews or pays for the products or services. You can receive it in a frequent mode rather than one time like a normal commission.

A recurring affiliate program is a program that has a recurring affiliate commission. It pays for both new sales and renewals.

You can find many recurring affiliate programs in niches like Software as a Service (SaaS), online courses and subscription sites, web hosting, and cloud storage. These fields often offer a great commission model as well.

Benefits of Promoting Recurring Affiliate Programs

There are many advantages to joining recurring affiliate programs. The two most outstanding are higher earnings and more time, effort, and money saving.

When you promote products for recurring commission, you can earn better. For instance, if you promote a fashion product and get a $25 one-time commission for each sale, you can get it only once. But if you promote a web hosting service and earn a $25 recurring commission, you will get it whenever the customer renews. So, recurring commission affiliate programs are great options to join.

In addition, you can save more with such programs. As you can earn on every renewal, you don’t need to spend many resources on converting sales like in a one-time commission program. Your referrals will bring earnings to you upon their subsequent payments. It helps you to save time, effort, and even money!

How to Promote Recurring Affiliate Programs?

Here, you will find some great ways to promote recurring affiliate programs.

Video Tutorials

Creating video demos or tutorials and uploading them on YouTube is a promising way to promote. When a person needs to know how to use the product or service, he or she can search for videos on guiding. In this context, your tutorials make it easy to convert sales from watchers.

Write Reviews

Many users search for reviews before deciding to buy a product. A genuine and in-depth review can catch their attention and make them click on affiliate links. So, you can create reviews on the products you’ve used or understand well.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is also a great way to promote affiliate programs. Thanks to email marketing software, the process can be automatic and time-saving. You can create a list and nurture your audiences via email sequences. In some emails, you may lead them to the affiliate products and encourage them to purchase.

Case Studies

Showing successful case studies is another method for promotion. You can incorporate these cases into your blog posts, reviews, or emails. It will help to bring clicks and sales. For instance, if you are targeting business owners selling digital products like online courses, you can write stories with case studies on your blogs and lead them to the Thinkific affiliate program.

Resource Page/Post

You can also create a page (for bloggers) or post (if you are a social media marketer), including all your used services or products. You can pin the post so that it can appear at the first look. When people follow, read, and believe in your content, they might buy products via your links due to trusting what you’ve used.

What Are Recurring Affiliate Programs for Beginners?

There are many programs for beginners to join, depending on your niche. You can see some significant options as follows:

<b>Web Hosting</b>
  • The Kinsta affiliate program
  • The Cloudways affiliate program
  • The Beyond Hosting affiliate program
<b>CRM and Automation</b>
  • ActiveCampaign affiliate program
  • JotForm affiliate program
  • Capsule affiliate program
<b>Email Marketing</b>
  • AWeber affiliate program
  • ConvertKit affiliate program
  • MailerLite affiliate program
  • Shopify affiliate program
  • EasyStore affiliate program
  • Eggflow affiliate program
<b>Landing Pages</b>
  • LeadPages affiliate program
  • ClickFunnels affiliate program
  • Kartra affiliate program


To sum up, we’ve gone through the top 20 recurring affiliate programs with each one’s features and detailed reviews. You should have a great view of the programs and some other information on promoting such programs.

Does it sound good? Let’s start with at least one program signup today!

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