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Top 10 Best Baseball Affiliate Programs: Earn Money from Your Sports Blog

Do you have a passion for baseball? We are here to give you a worthy chance in one of the best affiliate marketing niches! With the 10 best options for baseball affiliate marketing with the best ...

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baseball affiliate programs

Do you have a passion for baseball? We are here to give you a worthy chance in one of the best affiliate marketing niches! With the 10 best options for baseball affiliate marketing with the best policies and high commissions, you shouldn’t miss!

When comparing many programs, we have valuable experiences about choosing the right baseball affiliate programs for beginners and related information! Nothing is better than sharing and giving!

As affiliate marketers in this saturated industry, we advise you to read this blog post carefully. You can gain some creative ideas to improve your business! Why not?

Let’s delve into the details!

Baseball Affiliate Programs: 10 Best Options to Earn Money

First, these are the 10 best options for baseball affiliate programs!

MLB Shop

baseball affiliate programs 1

Welcome to baseball fans! Are you looking for a way to make some extra cash while promoting your favorite MLB teams? Nothing is better than MLBshop.com’s partner program, powered by impact.com!

This market-leading performance-advertising program offers a hassle-free way to earn commissions by promoting high-quality, officially licensed MLB team merchandise to your audience. And with a simple, straightforward returns policy, affiliates can trust that the customers will be satisfied with their purchases.

But that’s not all! MLBshop.com is the official MLB store, offering merchandise from 30 American League and National League teams, as well as a wealth of team-specific memorabilia and collectibles.

With exclusive promotional opportunities and deep linking to specific products/ categories, affiliates can leverage powerful marketing tools to drive traffic & sales.

Commission rates structure per sale for Online sales is 2%-8% USD, while MLB CA/ UK/ EU/ ROW is the same at 8% USD.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the MLB affiliate program through Impact Radius and take advantage of a seven-day cookie window.

  • Commission rates: 2 – 8%
  • Cookie duration: 7 days
  • Payment details: PayPal/ check/ direct deposit/ wire transfer/ ACH
  • Eligibility requirements: Fill out the application!


Baseball Express 

baseball affiliate programs 2

Baseball Express seeks micro and macro influencers with over 1,000 followers who love sharing unique industry-related content on social media. And the benefits of joining the affiliate program are unbeatable!

As part of the program, you’ll earn commission on sales and enjoy a 30-day cookie duration dedicated program management. Besides, the plus features are top-notch customer service, frequent discount codes, and exclusive offers available only to affiliates.

Primarily, you’ll earn FREE products & discounts on apparel, footwear, bats, baseball gloves, and more. You also have access to new product launches and exclusive products.

And when you promote your unique code (provided in the welcome email) to your followers, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for even more rewards!

Some requirements for ambassadors (types of affiliates) are active on social media, posting at least four times a month, and interacting with the program’s content and other ambassadors.

You’ll also be expected to wear, use, promote, and share Baseball Express products as much as possible and provide feedback on new products, events, and giveaways.

And the opportunities for additional compensation are endless! You could generate brand awareness by developing unique content, participating in local event marketing, etc.

Joining the Team Express is easy! With real-time statistics available 24/7, you’ll always know how your banners perform and how much commission you earn.

  • Commission rates: Reveal once registered!
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment details: Reveal once registered!
  • Eligibility requirements: Create an account on the site and accept the Terms and Conditions on the Affiliate Settings tab to start.


Dick’s Sporting Goods 

baseball affiliate programs 3

DICK’S Sporting Goods is a leading sports retailer. They help athletes achieve their personal best with a wide range of high-quality sports equipment, footwear, apparel, and accessories!

With over 850 physical stores and billions of dollars in annual revenues, DICK’S Sporting Goods is the perfect partner for fitness websites, sports blogs, local recreational groups, and more. From baseball bats and mitts to cleats and baseballs, DICK’S has everything customers need to succeed in their favorite sport.

As an affiliate, you’ll enjoy competitive commission rates. Besides, you can access a product data feed that lets you feature DICK’S Sporting Goods products on your website and an exclusive weekly newsletter with special promotions, content, and more.

Plus, like another program support, DICK’S provides a variety of banners & text affiliate links that you can use to promote!

If you have a large social media audience, you’re in luck! DICK’S Sporting Goods is happy to work with influencers, making this affiliate program a fantastic fit. Just keep in mind that DICK’S currently only ships within the United States, so affiliates must be located within the country.

  • Commission rates: 2% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 3 days
  • Payment details: PayPal/ check/ Wire transfer/ direct deposit/ ACH
  • Eligibility requirements: Fill out the application!


X Bats

baseball affiliate programs 4

X Bats is the ultimate brand for professional-grade wood bats! They are a leading manufacturer of maple, birch, and ash baseball and softball bats. Plus, they have created custom bats for over 300 Major League Baseball (MLB) hitters!

But the best part? They guarantee to use the same quality wood billets for their everyday customers as they do for the pros.

And now, you can take advantage of this top-notch brand and earn a whopping 10% commission on every sale you generate! It’s easy to start, and X Bats provides all the resources you need, including HTML code, suggested copy, and premade banners.

Why set up your own catalog, warehouse, customer service center, and distribution system when you can use X Bats’ existing system for free?

Consider joining the X Bats affiliate program and partnering with the Internet’s largest category leader!

  • Commission rates: 10% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment details: Check
  • Eligibility requirements: Fill out the application!


No Errors Sports

baseball affiliate programs 5

No Errors Sports has revolutionized the baseball and softball bags industry since 2004! They aim to design and manufacture bags that offer more features, durability, and aesthetic appeal than the competition.

And they have branched out into other baseball categories, including gloves and apparel, to cater to all your baseball needs.

Most No Errors products come with a one-year warranty so that customers can enjoy the purchase with peace of mind. And if you’re planning to buy in bulk, you’re in for a treat! No Errors offers a 15% discount on orders over 12 bags & provides at least 10 items of the same design and color. So great!

They run an in-house affiliate program that pays a flat 5% commission on all sales. Plus, they also offer 2% second-tier commissions per sale made by other affiliates you refer to No Errors. It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

Plus, when you sign up for a free No Errors affiliate account, you’ll receive a personalized dashboard with all the marketing material. It is 100% helpful to start sharing on your social media channels, website, email newsletters, and other platforms.

Each piece of marketing material you share is automatically tracked via your unique tracking code provided when you sign up. You can track your commissions in real time on your dashboard!

No Errors believes in the power of people. That’s why they have created their Share and Earn program, where you can earn money for yourself, your charity, your team, or any organization you think may have a need.

  • Commission rates: flat 5% commission on all sales & 2% second-tier commissions per sale made by other affiliates you refer
  • Cookie duration: Revealed once registered!
  • Payment details: Revealed once registered!
  • Eligibility requirements: Enter the email and follow the guide!



baseball affiliate programs 6

As a subsidiary of Pro Athlete, JustBats stocks hundreds of bats from top brands like Louisville Slugger, B45, and Mizuno. Plus, with free shipping on all orders, shopping for your favorite bats has never been easier!

JustBats also offers an exciting affiliate program on the Refersion network. With a 30-day cookie window and commissions ranging from 4% to 10% per sale, depending on volume, this program is an excellent way to earn extra income.

JustBats is excited to work with website owners and social media influencers as long as the content they create is relevant to the site’s products. Applications are reviewed and responded to within five business days.

While the company is open to many sites, it reserves the right to refuse/ revoke membership at any time.

It’s worth noting that if a customer returns a product for a refund/credit card charges are reversed because of a dispute or credit card fraud, the affiliate will not receive a commission on that sale.

However, with a default offer allowing 30 days to account for returns, this affiliate program is still an attractive option.

Are you interested in learning more? The Terms and Conditions of the program are available during the application process. Once officially accepted into the JustBats affiliate program, you’ll receive a complete list of all relevant program policies.

  • Commission rates: 4% – 10% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment details: PayPal/ Trolley/ gift card
  • Eligibility requirements: Fill out the application!


Baseball Savings

baseball affiliate programs 7

As the #1 Online Superstore for sports, Baseball Savings offers thousands of baseball-related products. Of course, it almost from top brands like Easton, Louisville Slugger, Mizuno, and Nike. The website also boasts a fantastic selection of Major League Baseball & NCAA apparel, making it the perfect destination for sports fans.

Customers receive free shipping on orders just over $99. So we can see it is easy and affordable to stock up on all the baseball essentials.

Baseball Savings offers a fantastic affiliate program managed through Commission Junction  Affiliate. With a three-month EPC of $39.54, there’s clearly money to be made here.

To make things even easier, Baseball Savings provides access to a daily product catalog & a dedicated affiliate program management team.

  • Commission rates: 3% default commission
  • Cookie duration: Revealed once registered!
  • Payment details: Check/ direct deposit/ Payoneer
  • Eligibility requirements: Fill out the application!


Hitting Performance Lab

baseball affiliate programs 8

Hitting Performance Lab was founded by Joey Myers. He is a former Division-1 player at Fresno State and a member of the American Baseball Coaches Association.

With a focus on helping younger players improve their hitting performance and speed, Hitting Performance Lab has gained a reputation for excellence. More than 18,000+ coaches across the US have purchased Joey’s various books, video courses, and resources, making it one of the most trusted names in the market.

But what sets Hitting Performance Lab apart is that the “baseball hitting” or “softball hitting” market is relatively uncrowded, leading to higher conversion rates.

With millions of baseball Little Leaguers worldwide and hundreds of thousands of 12-year-old and under-softball girls, there’s plenty of room to succeed in this baseball niche.

The company offers one of the highest-converting affiliate programs in the baseball and softball niche, with a generous 50% commission per sale and a 30-day cookie window.

50% – can you believe it? Oh my god!

With an average sale per customer of $26.38 over the past year and a refund rate of less than 2%, affiliates can expect to earn considerably by promoting the program.

Plus, Hitting Performance Lab offers a wealth of affiliate resources. It includes banners, product images, pre-written email sequences, and exclusive promotional opportunities.

  • Commission rates: Up to 50% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment details: Check/ wire transfer
  • Eligibility requirements: Sign up to be the affiliate!



baseball affiliate programs 9

Wilson has been an expert in crafting and delivering excellent baseball gear for over a century, and they are not slowing down!

The brand stocks an extensive range of baseball products. It includes gloves, baseballs, gear bags, and protective equipment to cater to all your sporting needs.

Wilson is also the proud owner of the iconic Louisville Slugger brand, which is the official bat of Major League Baseball. And guess what? If you make a purchase worth $50 or more, you get free shipping!

Affiliates should know that Wilson now ships products to customers in the United States, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain! Wilson believes in the win-win philosophy, which is why they treat their affiliates and customers.

Their affiliate program is a testament to that, with highlights such as up to 8% commission on sales, a 30-day cookie window, and an exclusive monthly newsletter with exceptional bonus opportunities and content you can adapt for your marketing efforts.

The best part? There is no minimum sales level required to remain in the program!

Wilson is open to almost all websites relevant to their audience and products, barring any objectionable/ offensive materials. The company welcomes all applications but reserves the right to refuse/ revoke membership at any time at its sole discretion.

  • Commission rates: 8%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment details: Monthly
  • Eligibility requirements: Fill out the application!



baseball affiliate programs 10

Baseball Bandits’s personalized stickers are made from extremely sticky, high-quality vinyl. They know the importance of reliable baseball gear. That’s why they combined their experience with the latest technology to create exceptional products!

No more helmet stickers that won’t stick, bag tags that crack after one use, or car window stickers that fade away in weeks; their stickers are built to last!

Not only do they offer a quick turnaround on all orders (typically within 24 hours), but they also provide team sales and programs that allow your organization to earn money by selling their stickers. And the brand stands behind all its products with a 100% guarantee!

With their affiliate program, you can earn up to 10-20% of net sales from our website. Sign up & start marketing your very own URL. It’s that easy!

  • Commission rates: 10 – 20%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment details: Monthly
  • Eligibility requirements: Go to the website and follow the guide!


How to Choose The Right Baseball Affiliate Program?

Wow, did you know that the global baseball apparel market is massive? Brace yourself for this. It’s expected to be worth over $614 million (2023) and is set to reach a staggering $850 million over the next decade!

That’s why many affiliate network for baseball was born! So, how do you choose the right one? Here are some considerations you should follow!

Relevance to your audience

It is crucial because promoting products that are not relevant to your audience can lead to low engagement and conversion rates.

For instance, if you’re promoting the range of baseball equipment to a group interested in gardening, it’s unlikely they’ll be interested in your products.

To understand your baseball audience, you can conduct surveys, use analytics tools, or engage with them directly through comments or forums. Knowing their needs, preferences, and interests will help you choose the right baseball affiliate program to promote.

Reputation and Credibility

Working with a reputable baseball affiliate program saves you from potential scams and ensures you promote quality products.

It not only protects your audience but also your own brand’s reputation. A credible program will likely have a reliable payment system, ensuring you receive your commissions on time.

Commission rates and payment terms

Of course, the high commission is always attractive, which is the best reason for joining the affiliate program.

While the primary goal of an affiliate program is to generate income, it’s essential to balance this with the needs of your audience. High commission rates are attractive, but promoting low-quality products for high commissions can harm your reputation and trust with your audience.

Clear payment terms ensure transparency and predictability in your earnings. Ensure timely payments, consistent schedules, and transparent fee structures to avoid financial discrepancies.

Compatibility with the affiliate’s website or blog

Visual consistency and aesthetic compatibility between your website or blog and the affiliate program’s promotional materials create a unified and professional experience for your audience. This seamless integration improves the overall user experience and maintains brand consistency.

Benefits of website/blog compatibility:

  • Unified branding and visual appeal
  • Enhanced user experience and navigation
  • Consistent messaging and style across platforms
  • Improved brand recognition and memorability

Long-term viability

Consider the long-term prospects of the affiliate program. Research the company’s financial stability, market position, and growth prospects.

A baseball company with a strong market position and growth prospects will likely offer a sustainable partnership. Promoting their products could provide a steady income stream over the long term.

What Products To Promote in a Baseball Affiliate Program? 

Here are some of the best-selling baseball products that you might consider promoting:

Baseball Equipment:  Wooden bats, gloves, metal cleats, helmets, leather balls, rubber balls, practice balls, baseball cards, tickets, batting lessons, stadium tours, streaming packages, etc.

Baseball Training Aids: Visualization tools, relaxation techniques, compression garments, ice packs, base running mats, speed ladders, resistance bands, swing trainers, hitting nets, etc.

Baseball Books and Magazines: Hitting books, pitching books, fielding books, books about baseball history, teams, and events, etc.

Baseball Podcasts and Videos: Podcasts about hitting, pitching, fielding, and baserunning, game highlights and analysis, baseball documentaries and miniseries, baseball instructional videos, etc.

Best Baseball Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Venturing into the world of affiliate marketing as a newcomer can be exciting and nerve-wracking. The unfamiliarity of the terrain and the fear of failure can cause anxiety and hesitation.

Newbies tend to worry about choosing the wrong products or services to promote, failing to attract an audience, or needing to understand the technical aspects of affiliate marketing.

Additionally, the unpredictable nature of affiliate marketing may cause apprehension, with starters doubting their ability to attract clicks, convert sales, and generate consistent revenue.

Understand this psychology, we will provide you with some criteria of an affiliate program for beginners:

  • Trusted brand
  • Competitive commission rates
  • Long cookie duration
  • Various payment methods
  • Good support
  • Easy to join

So, now we hope that you have more profound knowledge about what the next step is to take! If not, don’t worry! We will give you a curated list of some programs to prefer!

Hitting Performance Lab is a well-known entity in the baseball/softball niche, making it a trusted brand for affiliates with entry-level. They offer a generous 50% commission with a 30-day cookie on every sale, which is quite competitive.

Their system provides excellent support, including referrals, conversions, and earnings data. The sign-up process is not too complicated for starters to join.

BaseballBandits is another trusted brand offering a passive commission of 10 – 20% of net sales. While the cookie duration is 30 days with various payment methods, it is a big plus point for newbies. The program provides excellent support, including suggested copy, HTML code, and premade banners.

Wilson is a fresh-start-friendly program in the sports industry that offers up to 8% commission on sales, which is also high! The sales tracking cookie remains active for up to 30 days. The application process is straightforward and requires basic information about your business and audience, making it easy for no-experience marketers.

X Bats is one of the biggest brands in the wood bat product category. They offer a 10% commission per sale with 90-day cookies. Newcomers can easily take advantage of different payment methods!

JustBats is the last name on this list. It is a famous brand in baseball, offering 4%-10% commission, 30-day cookie tracking, multiple payment methods, and a starter-friendly application process.


Thanks for reading our blog post! We assume you’re interested in making some serious cash, and we have the thing for you.

These are compiled a list of the top 10 best baseball affiliate programs with top-notch products and high-profit commissions. Plus, we’ve included some key considerations to help you choose the right program.

If you still need to decide what products to promote, don’t worry! Our list includes some of the best-selling products in the industry. And we understand that starting a new venture can be daunting, especially in a new market.

That’s why we’ve also included some of the most beginner-friendly programs, with clear criteria for making the right choice. Now, you’ve got everything you need to get started! Be confident!

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