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Top 10 Best Mental Health Affiliate Programs with Ideal Commission Rates in 2024

Have you ever considered promoting mental health affiliate programs? If you have, congratulations! In this blog post, you will learn why mental health is a great web hosting niche with a beautiful purpose and potential to ...

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mental health affiliate programs

Have you ever considered promoting mental health affiliate programs? If you have, congratulations! In this blog post, you will learn why mental health is a great web hosting niche with a beautiful purpose and potential to earn money.!

The top 10 programs below will be reviewed regarding their features, commission rates, cookie duration, payment details, and eligibility requirements. We also compare and analyze the best ones for beginners. Let’s go into the detail!

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10 Best Mental Health Affiliate Programs

Here are the top 10 affiliate programs for mental health with ideal commission rates in 2024 that you can consider promoting!

Online Therapy

mental health affiliate programs 1

Online Therapy is a reliable and science-based therapy platform. It offers a comprehensive and complete online toolbox based on CBT (cognitive-behavioral Therapy).

The company started in 2009 and has helped more than 200,000 people since then. It offers different ways to feel better. Some are talking to a therapist online, doing yoga, writing in a journal, and other activities.

There is an excellent choice for anyone looking for professional help in the comfort of their own home. Its toolbox is designed to help individuals and couples cope with depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues.

With weekly 45-minute live sessions, unlimited messaging, and a comprehensive 8-section CBT program with 25 worksheets, Online-Therapy.com provides outstanding user support.

In addition, it offers yoga and meditation videos, a journal, an activity plan, and tests to help users manage the mental health journey in everyday life.

Online Therapy also gives customers a premium plan, which includes two weekly live sessions and express replies. Its platform is secure and confidential, ensuring that users’ information is kept private and protected.

The company has an affiliate program that allows individuals to generate revenue by referring clients to them. The referring partner will be compensated for every person who joins. The new user will gain a 20% discount on their first month.

The affiliates can earn money by referring people to our website. You’ll receive $150 for each person who signs up. Affiliates also can track your progress on our dashboard. Even if the person doesn’t sign up right away, you’ll still get credit for the referral if they sign up within 90 days. It’s easy!

  • URL: Online Therapy affiliate program
  • Commission rates: Start at $150 per conversion.
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment details: Paid via PayPal and Wire Transfer.
  • Eligibility requirements: Fill out the application.

Self-love Recovery Institute

mental health affiliate programs 2

Ross Rosenberg is an expert. He has helped many people overcome self-love deficit disorder and break free from narcissistic abuse. Ross has been doing this for over ten years by empowering and educating people who struggle with codependency.

He has created instructional and inspirational material for Self-Love Recovery. It includes over 100 hours of audio and video seminars.

Ross’s Self-Love Recovery Treatment resources were only available through his Self-Love Recovery Institute. However, times are changing. And now, because of SLRI’s Affiliate Program, others can promote, distribute, and profit from this life-saving material.

The Human Magnet Syndrome, Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program, Narcissistic Abuse Education, and Codependency Cure materials are no longer exclusively available through the Self-Love Recovery Institute.

With the help of Ross Rosenberg’s Self-Love Recovery Treatment resources, becoming the affiliate for this program, you too can help millions of people overcome and heal their Self-Love Deficit Disorder/Codependency and break free from narcissistic abuse.

Contact help@selfloverecovery.com for more information about commission rates, cookie duration, payment details, and eligibility requirements.

  • URL: Self-love Recovery Institute affiliate program
  • Commission rates: Contact the support team
  • Cookie: Contact the support team


Greater Minds

mental health affiliate programs 3

Greater Minds is an organization that operates self-care and self-improvement-themed websites. It is aimed at helping individuals drive positive change and lead happier lives. The company offers a range of promotional content and apps. They are designed to promote personal development and self-improvement.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn generous commissions by promoting two of Greater Minds’ platforms:

  • Thelawofattraction.com: Which provides many Law of Attraction programs. And made by experts Katherine Hurst, Bob Doyle & Joe Vitale.
  • Ehypnosis.com: It offers a vast library of over 200 self-hypnosis downloads. And made by internationally recognized clinical hypnotherapists led by Dr. Steve G. Jones.

Joining as an affiliate has its benefits.

  • Get to promote transformational products catering to various personal development sub-niches.
  • The generous commission structure ensures 50% of all sales you generate.
  • The company’s intelligent tracking system enables you to track all sales accurately.
  • The helpful customer support team is always ready to assist your customers.

One of the best parts of joining Greater Minds as an affiliate is the passionate community that surrounds the company.

You get to work with a company with positive customer endorsements. The tried and tested funnels for maximum conversions ensure that you have the various types of affiliate marketing tools to succeed. You can also participate in regular product launches and win awesome prizes.

However, Greater Minds has a set of terms and conditions that all affiliates must adhere to. Negative marketing using the keywords “Scam” or “do not buy” is bait.

Switching to promote the product with the affiliate link is not permitted under any circumstances. Affiliates are not allowed to use paid advertising (through Facebook and Google) unless agreed otherwise.

  • URL: Greater Minds affiliate program
  • Affiliate program commission: 50% on all sales that the affiliate generates
  • Cookie duration: revealed once registerd
  • Payment details: Minimum threshold of $100 in commissions for monthly payout. Payments (and prizes) are processed on the 15th of every month for all sales that have passed the refund period.
  • Eligibility requirements: 
Thelawofattraction.com program Fill out and submit the form.
Ehypnosis.com program Fill out and submit the form.


Panic Away

mental health affiliate programs 4

Panic Away is a program that has helped over 70,000 people in 32 countries over the past ten years. With different product tiers (also reach higher commission tiers), Panic Away offers a solution for those struggling with anxiety.

Not only is Panic Away successful in treating anxiety, but it is also ranked on page 1 of ClickBank’s marketplace under Health > Mental Health. Each week, it sells well and receives numerous testimonials from customers. The customers who have had their lives changed by the technique developed by Barry McDonagh.

As an affiliate of this program, you can help others change their mental illness. You also ensure a stable earner in your affiliate portfolio. Panic Away’s one-to-one personalized coaching program and detailed customer support follow-up months later. All are offered for free, making it the number 1 choice for those struggling with anxiety.

Panic Away’s low refund rate and use of only ClickBank mean you can be assured of getting your commissions. Plus, the follow-up autoresponder emails direct customers back to the site.

And if you were the one who sent the visitor who signed up for the autoresponder, you can get credit for the sale. But what makes Panic Away stand out is the quality of the product and the satisfaction of its customers.

Panic Away sells a fantastic product at the lowest possible price, and customers write “thank you” emails daily. You can feel better about the high quality of your product and the money you earn.

  • URL: Panic Away affiliate program
  • Commission rates: 70% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Payment details: Check/ Direct deposit/ Wire transfer/ Payoneer
  • Eligibility requirements: Go to the website and follow the guide.



mental health affiliate programs 5

Calmerry is an online therapy platform that provides customers access to a network of licensed therapists. It specializes in various mental health-related fields.

With Calmerry, customers can schedule live therapy sessions online and message their therapist whenever they need support. Calmerry is committed to providing secure, affordable, and convenient therapy services. All these things help its patients lead happier lives.

Moreover, Calmerry connects its clients with licensed therapists who use evidence-based approaches. It ensures that patients receive high-quality care tailored to their unique needs.

Calmerry also provides its clients with coping mechanisms. It lets them overcome various mental health hurdles and take charge of their lives.

The platform has a list of emergency resources available to help people in crisis. If you join the Calmerry affiliate program, you can help your viewers find affordable therapy services. It can help them to have a happier life.

  • URL: Calmerry affiliate program
  • Commission rates: $150 per sale
  • Cookie duration: N/A
  • Payment details: Payoneer or bank transfer



mental health affiliate programs 6

Muse is a brain-sensing headband that takes your mental health seriously. With real-time biofeedback, this innovative product helps users focus better during the day. And, of course, while recharging their batteries overnight.

And the best part? You can become an affiliate for this program and earn a commission while promoting this incredible tool to your online VPNs.

Affiliates can find it on the ShareASale or Rakuten network. All pay a generous 10% commission rate on all sales & have a 30-day cookie window. And with an average order size of $328.66 and a seven-day EPC of $15.61, you can earn serious money by promoting this product.

But that’s not all. By signing up, you’ll access a wealth of marketing materials to attract high conversion rate. It  includes banner ads and updates on promotions, contests, and sales opportunities. Plus, the program boasts a dedicated affiliate manager to help you every step of the way.

Whether you’re a website owner, blogger, or reviewer, the Muse Affiliate Program is the perfect avenue to share this incredible tool with your demographic.

  • URL: Muse affiliate program
  • Commission rates: 10% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment details: Direct deposit/ Check/ Payoneer



mental health affiliate programs 7

Mindvalley is a unique education company. It aims to inspire and ignite massive change in its students. This company is dedicated to offering high-quality courses. These courses will improve customers’ skills and transform their lives.

Mindvalley uses the NPS (Net Promoter Score)to gauge the popularity. It operates an in-house affiliate program. What makes Mindvalley’s affiliate program unique? It provides a baseline commission of 30%, which is higher than most other programs.

To work with Mindvalley, you must have an audience of at least 200,000 fans or followers. The company independently analyses your current and past traffic levels to determine whether you’re a good fit.

If the application is approved, the affiliate can promote Mindvalley’s programs to your audience and earn commissions.

Mindvalley offers a range of benefits to its affiliates, including

  • A cookie lifetime of 30 days.
  • 24 premium courses and quests.
  • World-class studio-filmed Webinars and Quests and dedicated marketing.
  • Mindvalley’s customer support team, which is in the top 2% of companies worldwide that use Nicereply and speak 12 languages

If you decide to become an affiliate marketer for this program, you can promote the best of the best programs. Mindvalley is data-driven and transparent, so you can be sure you’re getting everything you need for a fantastic launch with them.

  • URL: Mindvalley affiliate program
  • Commission rates: 30% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment details: Paid via bank transfer with the help of Bill.com on the 25th of every month. The requirement is a $100 minimum payable threshold.
  • Eligibility requirements: Fill out the application with information required.


Simple Truths

mental health affiliate programs 8

Simple Truths is a publishing company specializing in creating high-quality inspirational and motivational books that can be read in just 45 minutes or less. Since its inception, the company has published over 150 books and expanded its reach into video content.

Affiliates can join the Simple Truths program through eBay Enterprise as an affiliate. As a Simple Truths affiliate program member, you’ll enjoy various benefits.

Affiliates have access to an easy PPC bidding policy, making promoting Simple Truths products on your site simple.

The program offers numerous opportunities to increase your conversions and earnings. It includes special offers and promotions on their mental health products. Simple Truths also offers a new publisher program. This program helps you get started and earn more during your first 30 days.

As a program VIP, you may qualify for exclusive commission rates based on monthly sales. Affiliates will also receive a monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date on new products, current promotions, contests, and affiliate-only sales opportunities.

  • URL: Simple Truths affiliate program
  • Commission rates: 10% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 45 days
  • Payment details: Monthly
  • Eligibility requirements: Go to the website and follow the guide.


Mosaic Weighted Blankets

mental health affiliate programs 9

Mosaic Weighted Blankets is based in Austin, Texas. They take pride in handmaking all the blankets with commercial grade, BPA-free plastic pellets and top-notch fabrics.

They aim to help as many people as possible by providing a product that can make a significant difference in their lives.

They also offer an excellent affiliate program with many benefits for our partners. You can earn an 8% commission on purchases over $100, with a 30-day cookie window to ensure you get credit for all your referrals.

The average order value is $150 for USA-made products, so that you can earn a solid commission on every sale. Plus, their program applies to all the products on our site, so you can promote whatever you think will resonate with your audience.

The program also offers monthly newsletters with promotions, incentives, and the latest offers. Therefore, you can stay up-to-date with everything happening at Mosaic Weighted Blankets.

To become an affiliate, simply enter your email on the website. They will review your company for approval. Once you’re approved, you’ll have access to all the links, logos, and banners you need to start promoting Mosaic Weighted Blankets and earning commissions.

  • URL: Mosaic Weighted Blankets affiliate program
  • Commission rates: 8% commission on purchases over $100
  • Cookie duration: 30-day cookie window
  • Payment details: Monthly
  • Eligibility requirements: Go to the website and enter your email.



mental health affiliate programs 10

Are you looking to become a Coursera affiliate? Do you want to promote more than 4,000 courses, professional certificates, and degrees? You’re in the right place.

With more than 87 million users, Coursera is an online learning platform that collaborates with 275+ universities and companies. It provides high-quality education to students worldwide.

With its affiliate program powered by Impact Radius, you can earn commissions on every successful purchase made through your referral link.

Affiliates can use Coursera’s custom banners, text links, or their unique format. Moreover, tracking the traffic you’re sending to Coursera is accessible with simple-to-integrate Impact tracking links.

Plus, Coursera pays commissions on new and existing customer sales, unlike many other affiliate programs. It means you can earn multiple commissions from the same customer. However, it’s important to note that affiliates only receive the commission on the first month’s transaction.

  • URL: Coursera affiliate program
  • Commission rates: 15% to 45% on subscriptions and 20% to 45% on one-time sales.
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment details: Commission payouts are made via direct transfer/ BACS/ PayPal


Why Should You Join Mental Health Affiliate Programs? 

What makes mental health stand out when compared to other niches? We will explain why you should join this type of affiliate program!

High market potential

According to Imarc Group, the global mental health market size reached US $418.9 billion in 2022. It is expected to grow to US $508.9 billion by 2028 and exhibit a growth rate (CAGR) of 3.4% from 2023 to 2028.

This growth is driven by raising awareness about mental disorders, increasing medical expenditure, and the rising emergence of pharmaceutical companies in the digital mental health model.

Increasing demand

Mental health conditions are prevalent worldwide, according to the statistics of Forbes. In the U.S., 21% of adults experienced a mental health condition in 2020.

More specifically, 5.6% of U.S. adults experienced a severe mental health condition in 2020. The percentage (%) of U.S. adults receiving mental health treatment rose from 19.2% (2019) to 21.6% (2021).

The COVID-19 had an impact on mental health demand. During the pandemic, there was a big demand for mental health support in children and young people.

The number of referrals of children and young people to services increased by 77% compared to before the pandemic by NHS Confederation.

Diverse niches 

The mental health sector encompasses various niches, each catering to specific needs and audiences.

  • Parenting: Parents often seek advice on how to support their children’s mental health (child-rearing). It can include resources on understanding developmental stages, managing behavioral issues, or navigating the challenges of adolescence.
  • Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs face unique stressors that can impact their mental health. Resources might include stress management techniques, work-life balance tips, or advice on maintaining mental health while starting a business.
  • Personal Development: Cover many topics, from building self-esteem and confidence to managing anxiety and depression.
  • health and Fitness: This niche focuses on holistic health. It  includes the importance of mental health in maintaining physical well-being.
  • Lifestyle: Include advice on creating a mentally healthy home environment, managing relationships, or navigating life transitions.

Make a positive impact

Mental health is critical to overall well-being. You can significantly promote mental health awareness by joining a mental health affiliate program as the perfect opportunity.

You will help dispel myths, break down stigma, and encourage people to seek help when needed. Your involvement can make a real difference in someone’s life, which is a rewarding experience.

Earn income while helping others

This is not just about making money. It’s about supporting products and services you believe in and can genuinely help others.

Whenever someone uses your affiliate link to access therapy or purchase a wellness product, you directly contribute to their journey toward better mental health.

What are Suitable Mental Health Affiliate Programs for Beginners? 

So, first, let’s explore some criteria for suitable mental health affiliate programs for beginners!

  • Trusted brand
  • Easy to join
  • Competitive commission rate
  • Various products/ services
  • Good support

After carefully analyzing, we will provide you with a curated list of the best programs appropriate for newbies to consider! Remember, all recommendations just be references. You need to explore by yourself and make the best choice!

  • Online Therapy: Launched in 2009, it is a well-known platform that connects users with qualified therapists. The affiliate program is straightforward to join. It offers a $150 commission for every new customer who signs up via your affiliate links.

It also shows cognitive behavioral therapy services. Plus, the program provides one-to-one personalized programs & detailed customer support follow-up months later, all free.

  • Greater Minds: Creates communities and knowledge products that spread enlightened ideas and empowered thinking. They have a straightforward process with a 50% commission rate on all sales.

It provides a variety of courses & programs promoting personal growth and success. Always have the dedicated customer happiness team available to take care of your leads & customers.

  • Panic Away: The popularity is proven through the things that helped over 70,000 people in 32 countries. The affiliate program is free to join and offers 70% of each sale of Panic Away on Clickbank. The detailed customer support also follows up months later, all for free.
  • Mindvalley is a fantastic place to learn. They have many great courses, coaching programs, apps, and events to help you grow and start your own business. They cover many topics like staying healthy, being mindful, building better relationships, managing money, and more.

They offer a 30% commission rate for every new sign-up. The best thing is an excellent support team, which is in the top 2% of companies worldwide & speaks 12 languages.


  • Is it free to join mental health affiliate programs?

Yes, it is. Almost all the affiliate programs for mental health allow the affiliate to join with no money. However, you must carefully explore and read the eligibility requirements!

  • Is mental health a great niche for affiliate marketing?

Of course, 100% yes. We provided you with the 5 biggest reasons to join the mental health affiliate program. We also describe how incredible the niche is!

The mental health niche has significant and high market potential and demand every time. Not just that, when selecting this niche, you will have many smaller niches to refer to.

Some niches include parenting, entrepreneurship, personal development, health and wellness, lifestyle, etc. It also supports you in positively impacting the community. You can earn passive income while helping others.


There are the best ten mental health affiliate programs in 2023 with detailed information. We revealed all about commission rates, cookie duration, payment methods, and more.

We hope that mental health is a worthy niche in which you can invest time & effort to generate revenue while supporting the community! It is a meaningful and beautiful gesture!

You can review all the benefits we mentioned and refer to the most suitable program for beginners to make the right choice!

Thank you for reading!

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