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Top 11 Best Gun Affiliate Programs in 2024

Joining gun affiliate programs might raise some eyebrows in progressive groups. However, you’re also upholding the rights of people to protect themselves, their families, and properties against potential threats. Moreover, you can monetize this endeavor. These ...

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gun affiliate programs

Joining gun affiliate programs might raise some eyebrows in progressive groups. However, you’re also upholding the rights of people to protect themselves, their families, and properties against potential threats. Moreover, you can monetize this endeavor.

These money-making ventures don’t make you a millionaire overnight. However, many products are big-ticket items that even a small share can amount to something significant. How does $10,000-plus monthly sound?

The secret is to pick the best programs with the biggest commissions. And we have eleven for your consideration. Let’s look at them.

11 Best Gun Affiliate Programs to Shoot for Big Commissions

Rock Your Glock

Gun Affiliate Programs 1

The dream gun of millions, Glock is a venerable firearms brand recognized for its quality, beauty, and performance.

Although Gaston Glock founded the brand in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria, in 1963, it was only in 1982 when Glock started producing its venerable handguns.

The brand snared nearly two-thirds (65%) of the American handgun market, earning $500 million in global sales in 2017. Its impressive performance makes Glock the undisputed industry leader.

Gun experts say over 65 million Glocks are in people’s hands globally. The US has nearly ten million of these firearms.

Impressive numbers!

And you can exploit these figures as a Rock Your Glock affiliate.

This platform offers Glock owners (and aspiring ones) impressive offerings, including original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, holsters, cleaning materials, tools, gun storage solutions, ammo, accessories, and more.

It also provides Glock upgrades for shooters who want to up their game.

RYG’s 5% affiliate program commission might be “less attractive” for some. However, other platforms only offer 2.5% to 3%, making RYG’s compensation more lucrative.

Rock Your Glock is an excellent choice, especially for beginner affiliates, because of the huge market you can promote to.

  • URL: Rock Your Glock Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 5% single-tier
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Gorilla Ammo

Gun Affiliate Programs 2

As the name implies, Gorilla Ammo is a haven for firearms owners looking for the best projectiles to go into their weapons’ ballistics chambers. It’s one of few ammunition manufacturers with its own ballistics lab, featuring advanced targeting & velocity system and high-tech sensors.

However, high-quality ammo isn’t Gorilla Ammunition’s only offering. It also has firearms, parts, suppressors, and gear. These products can help create a higher average order size.

For example, customers can buy Gorilla Ammunition’s GF-10 9.6 Blackout Carbine for about $3,500 and match it with ten 20-round MatchKing Subsonic Ammo boxes (about $500).

Even with a low 2.5% commission, you’ll still get $100 for the order.

Interestingly, Gorilla Ammunition’s average order value is about $150, guaranteeing about $3.75 per sale. We recommend promoting higher-value items to maximize earnings.

You might not like its commission percentage, but you’ll love Gorilla Ammunition’s affiliate application. It’s more straightforward than other platforms, allowing you to start promoting its products at the soonest.

  • URL: Gorilla Ammunition Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 2.5% on every sale
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Sig Sauer

Gun Affiliate Programs 3

Sig Sauer might not be as popular as Glock. However, the 1976-established German brand remains the ideal weapon of the US Air Force, Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security, and Diplomatic Security Service (especially the P226).

It’s also worth noting that the original Sig Sauer Group no longer manufactures firearms. Instead, the American company Sig Sauer, Inc. (established in 1985) continues to deliver the legendary handgun and its derivatives to US citizens and uniformed personnel.

Today, Sig Sauer enjoys a 1% share of the global firearms market.

Affiliating with Sig Sauer is a no-brainer. You could promote their products to gun enthusiasts, especially up-and-rising competitive shooters who can benefit from Sig Sauer’s remarkable precision.

The brand’s competitive prices (although Sig Sauers are historically 1.5x costlier than Glocks) and lightweight characteristics should also make its handguns more appealing to people who love concealed & carry firearms.

Like Rock Your Glock, Sig Sauer uses AvantLink to manage its program. The partnership allows affiliates to enjoy AvantLink’s excellent customer service, while accessing more merchants and products to promote from other niches.

  • URL: Sig Sauer Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Undisclosed, revealed once signed up
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


Gun Affiliate Programs 4

Bob Brownells was an average American businessman trying to do what he could to weather the 1920s to 1930s economic turmoil. His gunsmithing hobby proved the key to becoming one of the country’s leading companies for gun parts, ammo, accessories, and gunsmithing tools.

This 1939-founded American brand has an impressive offering for firearms enthusiasts. The products are high-quality at affordable prices.

For instance, it has rifle barrels, receivers, triggers, stocks, bolts, handguards, and associated parts. And if owners want to convert their rifles, Brownells has conversion kits for the job.

Clients will also appreciate Brownells’ customer service team, assisting them in every way.

And you’ll love this brand’s affiliate strategy. Its Dynamic Tool Suite will empower you to create traffic-driving campaigns using link builders, coupons, promo banners, and SEO-friendly data feeds.

Brownells uses AvantLink and Impact Radius for its affiliate management. So, which network should you pick?

Here’s a tip!

Impact Radius’ minimum payout threshold is only $10, while AvantLink is $25.

  • URL: Brownells Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 5% on every sale
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days (3 days for coupon sites)

Palmetto State Armory

Gun Affiliate Programs 5

Americans are passionate about their Second Amendment rights to “bear arms.” And no company is more capable of ensuring this “right” than Palmetto State Armory or PSA.

True to its roots, this 2008-established gun manufacturer is the leading provider of high-quality parts and accessories for AK-47 and AR-15 rifles. It equips locals with the best tools to defend themselves against threats and safeguard their freedoms.

Because PSA is strongly patriotic, buyers will love its “Made in the USA” philosophy. While other brands outsource firearms components internationally, PSA prefers doing it from scratch. It’s the level of patriotism one can expect from an all-American brand.

And get this.

PSA’s firearms come with a 100% transferable lifetime warranty. Even if your customer sells their PSA rifles, new owners can rely on PSA to honor its guarantee commitments.

That’s worth pointing out to your audiences.

You can also offer dollar-off, free shipping, and promo sales all year round to bolster the chances of your readers buying with PSA.

  • URL: Palmetto State Armory Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Smith & Wesson

Gun Affiliate Programs 6

It was 1852 when industrialist and inventor Daniel Baird Wesson partnered with businessman and gunsmith Horace Smith to develop the world’s first single-barreled repeating handgun (the Volcanic) with self-consuming caseless bullets.

In 1855, they named their partnership (with American businessman Oliver Winchester as investor) Volcanic Repeating Arms Company.

Smith and Wesson returned to the drawing board and created the “tip-up” revolver, featuring one of the most iconic cartridges today – the .22 Rimfire. By 1856, the duo established Smith & Wesson, producing the world’s first fully self-contained cartridge revolver.

Today, Smith & Wesson corners nearly 5% (4.52 %) of the firearms market.

Unsurprisingly, this brand remains popular among firearms enthusiasts with a knack for historical weapons. These guns are innovative and reliable, too.

Hence, joining the Smith Wesson affiliate program makes perfect sense, especially if you love the classics with a 21st-century twist.

Moreover, its commission percentage is higher than most programs, making this platform a worthy endeavor for affiliates who want to earn more this year.

  • URL: Smith & Wesson Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 7% to 10%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


Gun Affiliate Programs 7

Gun affiliate programs don’t always deal with firearms, ammo, gear, and related parts and accessories. You will also need a reliable storage system for safeguarding these weapons.

And that’s why GunSafes make perfect sense.

This American brand offers a collection of indestructible safes and foolproof storage solutions. There’s a protective chamber for every firearm, including handguns, tactical weapons, and others.

Browning, Liberty, Rhino/Kodiak, and American Security are some brands GunSafes offers in its collection.

Many marketers find the GunSafes affiliate program commission structure surprising. Unlike other platforms with single-tier systems, GunSafes offer three levels of commission schemes.

Beginner affiliates start at the Silver Level, where they can earn up to $4,999 in commissions. Perform well, and you could progress to Gold, earning up to $9,990 monthly. And if you outdo yourself, GunSafes will pay you over $10,000 monthly.

That’s an exceptional deal!

  • URL: GunSafes Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 5% to 7%, 3-level structure
  • Cookie Lifespan: Revealed once registered

Primary Arms

Everyone deserves a convenient and modern shopping experience, even those buying guns and associated items.

And that’s why Primary Arms is one of the best programs to join this year. Its e-commerce site features an impressive collection of everything firearms-related.

Primary Arms has firearms, ammo, optics, gun parts, shooting gear, lasers, lights, tactical gear, apparel, duty gear, and outdoor paraphernalia. It’s like a miniature Amazon with everything you need in one site.

This platform has over 19,000 products across 300-plus firearms brands. It even has its Primary Arms optics (over 118 of them).

You’ll never worry about Primary Arms’ conversion rate because shoppers will find what they need in this store (although we don’t have the actual data).

While Primary Arms doesn’t have GunSafes’ three-level commission scheme, it still beats other platforms with Primary Arms’ 10% commission.

Beginner affiliates will never feel lost because an account manager will be as supportive as a mentor. You’ll also enjoy special offers to keep you motivated and results-oriented marketing tools to ensure a successful campaign.

  • URL: Primary Arms Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Stag Arms 

Gun Affiliate Programs 9

Founded in 2003, Stag Arms continues revolutionizing the AR market by offering left- and right-handed shooters a reliable platform.

It’s like PSA, an all-American brand that doesn’t leave the design and production of its offerings to third-party organizations outside the US. This brand fabricates and manufactures its products (even parts and components) from scratch right in the US of A.

Customers will love Stag Arms’ Lifetime Transferable Warranty and Infinite Shot Barrel Guarantee, giving them an excellent experience.

Stag Arms also observes a competitive pricing scheme to make its products more accessible to ordinary Americans.

It’s worth noting that the average Stag Arms customer spends about $369 on purchases, translating to about a $25 commission per sale.

Like other platforms, Stag Arms has a standard 30-day cookie lifespan, which is sufficient to get your audiences to buy after clicking the affiliate link.

  • URL: Stag Arms
  • Commission: 7%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Faxon Firearms

Gun Affiliate Programs 10

Bob Faxon established Faxon Firearms in 2012 as an offshoot of his 1978-founded, ISO-accredited Faxon Machining. Faxon’s story is like any other American success stories – addressing a gap in current systems to create a product people need.

Staunch defenders of the Second Amendment, Barry and Bob Faxon sought to produce unique, high-quality, American-made AR-15 upper receivers using their machining expertise.

Today, Faxon FA has various offerings, including the ARAK-21 system, rifle barrels, rimfire, firearms, handgun parts, gear, and firearms parts & accessories.

These offerings make the Faxon Firearms affiliate program worth joining.

Although its commission percentage is lower than Primary Arms’ 10%, it beats the latter in cookies. While most programs have a 30-day cookie lifespan, Faxon lasts 45 days.

Its $200+ average order value is also noteworthy, while exclusive offers and weekly specials can keep affiliates stay motivated.

If you’re a newbie affiliate, never worry. Stag Arms has a manager and support team to help you plan your marketing campaign and launch it as effectively as possible.

  • URL: Faxon Firearms Affiliate Program on AvantLink
  • Commission: 7%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 45 days

Gritr Sports 

Gun Affiliate Programs 11

Three buddies – Mikhail Orlov, Alex Grigorenko, and Igor Motkin – established Gritr Firearms in 2007, starting as Webyshops. Unfortunately, the changing political landscape and views about gun ownership (together with an expanding business) prompted the trio to change their brand to Gritr in 2016.

This platform is a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts (i.e., hunters), competitive shooters, and Second Amendment supporters for their impeccable selection of firearms, ammo, optics, and gear.

For instance, wannabe commandos will love Gritr’s Heckler & Koch MP5-inspired semiautomatic rifle or the GSG-16 ,22LR. The brand also has the AR-15 platform, .223 Remingtons, M4 rifles, and 9mm-converted rifles. Pistols, shotguns, and revolvers are also available.

AvantLink is Gritr Sports’ affiliate partner, managing the program’s affiliate application, vetting, and performance tracking activities.

Gritr Sports offers a decent commission and has the longest cookie duration in our list – 60 days.

Joining Gritr sports this year should be on your priority list.

  • URL: Griter Sports Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 6%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 60 days

Why is Gun Affiliate Programs a Good Choice for You?

Firearms, ammunition, optics, parts, and gear are excellent products to promote, making gun affiliate programs ideal even for newbie marketers. And if you’re looking for concrete reasons to join, we have three.

A booming industry 

Gun and ammunition manufacturers make about $17 billion annually, while firearms stores or retailers bag about $11 billion for a combined market value of $28 billion.

More interestingly, these figures are for the US market alone. And if we add the firearms industries of other countries, we’re looking at a massive market.

The weapons industry opens many opportunities for affiliates, leveraging a wide range of products like pistols, revolvers, rifles, optics, ammo, tactical vests, reloaders, and more.

And that’s why these programs are worth joining.

Many products to promote 

Guns and related products are not only for personal and property protection. These “tools” are vital for some occupations, sports, and hunting. About 7% of American gun owners only display these firearms as part of their growing collection.

You can introduce high-quality products from reputable gun brands to these individuals to help improve their craft (i.e., competitive shooting, hunting, or client protection).

And if you do that, happy customers translate to new and repeat orders, leveraging the time-tested effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing. Your audiences will be so glad you introduced these products to them they cannot stop telling it to their friends (becoming potential customers).

Generous commissions

Making extra money with guns and ammo affiliate programs is easy. Most platforms offer a 5% to 10% commission rate, allowing you to earn more than your day job.

That is if you stay dedicated and committed to becoming the best affiliate marketer.

How to Promote Gun Affiliate Programs Effectively?

Alt-text: Image of an assault rifle by Bexar Arms on Unsplash.

Becoming a dedicated affiliate marketer is easy to say but can be challenging to do. So, how should you promote gun affiliate programs effectively? Here are some tips.

Choose a blog style you’re comfortable and confident with

High-quality content is a must for a successful affiliate marketing campaign. Equally important is picking the writing style you’re most confident with to make the content relatable and engaging.

For example, if you’re fond of tinkering with or assessing items, writing gun product reviews would be an excellent style. You could also create comparison articles, “alternatives to” posts, and product recommendations (i.e., the best pistol braces for beginners).

Use links wisely

Firearms affiliate programs provide affiliate links for audiences to click. Your job is to weave a story revolving around a program-related topic. Ensure the information is useful and offers value to your audiences, embedding the link into one of the words or phrases naturally to avoid seeming “salesy.”

For instance, suppose you want to promote a tactical flashlight because it has a higher commission. You can create a story about nighttime hunters and law enforcement officers who might need such a tool.

Leverage other channels

Blogging isn’t the only way to make money as an affiliate. You can embed links to emails, video descriptions, digital products, and social media posts. And if you have a podcast or a webinar, you can advertise guns, ammo, and firearms-related accessories and gear in your program.

Like blogging, ensuring the product’s relevance to your channel’s content is essential. You want to look authoritative, not “salesy” or “pushy.”

Ask for guidance

Many gun programs have affiliate management teams. They can help you plan and mount an effective campaign. This resource is free as part of your affiliate partnership.


Guns, ammo, and gear affiliate programs are excellent money-making endeavors that leverage people’s inherent need to protect themselves, loved ones, and treasured properties.

Not everyone might agree, but these programs are a win-win solution for all parties concerned. Owners will have the best products for their firearms and gun-related activities, while companies will grow their businesses. And you, the affiliate, will have the best of these worlds (earn money and enjoy your gun-related passions).

So, check out these affiliate platforms today and start realizing your dreams!

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