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Best Places to Find B2B Affiliates: A Detailed Guide in 2024

Building successful B2B affiliate marketing campaigns depends on many factors. One of them is finding the right affiliate partners. And, to be honest, it’s not easy at all. With millions of affiliate individuals and businesses out ...

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Best Places to Find B2B Affiliates

Building successful B2B affiliate marketing campaigns depends on many factors. One of them is finding the right affiliate partners. And, to be honest, it’s not easy at all.

With millions of affiliate individuals and businesses out there, having no clear recruiting strategy is like finding a needle in the haystack.

But as you’ve arrived here, we’ve got you covered. Below are our tried-and-true tips for the best places to find B2B affiliates. We also include an extra guide on evaluating potential candidates and building a lasting relationship with them. Stay still and explore them one by one!

Strategize for B2B Affiliate Recruitment

Before starting your research, ensure you’ve nailed the following approaches for the most effective results.

Define Target Audience

So, who do you want to recruit? Picturing your target audience helps you connect with affiliates relevant to your program. In particular, there are three main factors to notice:

  • The industry they’re working on:

First, you can look for affiliates whose industries complement yours. They’ll introduce your products or services to highly interested audiences.

For example, marketing agencies are potential affiliates if you offer affiliate marketing software.

  • Their audience reach:

places to find b2b affiliates 1

Besides, set your expectations for their audience size and engagement level. If you want more people to know about your products, recruit affiliates with a larger engaged audience. This approach will increase the chance of qualified leads and potential customers.

  • Content focus

It’s not optimal to ask beauty content creators to film videos promoting your accounting software. Instead, you should go to those who discuss financial management or business process optimization.

So, ideal partners are those who conduct content relevant to your product or service. This helps create a natural flow in promotion and increases trust with the audience.

Develop a Compelling Program

If you want to attract high-quality partners, you need to build a well-structured affiliate program first. Keep scrolling for basic methods to keep your program compelling:

  • Competitive commission structures

places to find b2b affiliates 2

This might be the main factor that decides whether the affiliates want to engage with your business. When you offer attractive incentives, you can attract top performers to join and promote your affiliate links.

  • High-quality marketing materials

Providing a library of persuasive marketing materials (e.g., banners or email templates) is crucial. These resources not only aid in affiliates’ promotional efforts but also ensure consistency in branding.

  • Ongoing support

Another aspect that makes your program compelling is offering dedicated support. For instance, you can provide affiliates with guidance, resources, and assistance.

Place To Find B2B Affiliates For Your Business

Once you’ve defined your target audience and built a strong affiliate program, you’re all ready for this crucial stage. Here are the most potential places to find your hidden gems:

B2B Affiliate Networks 

These networks help connect brands with potential affiliates. They have a big database of potential B2B affiliates. So why not digging into their resources and find your pieces?

Industry-Specific Networks

places to find b2b affiliates 3

First, we recommend heading to networks that connect businesses within a specific industry.

For instance, PartnerStack is the go-to network if you work in technology. This platform is the playground of top-paying B2B affiliate programs like Notion and Webflow. If you need to promote your digital products like eBooks or online courses, ClickBank or Avangate are the perfect solutions.

So, why should we focus on these niche-specific networks? There are several reasons:

  • They help pre-vetted affiliates

These networks relieve a significant burden in your recruiting process. They typically evaluate potential affiliates to ensure they meet specific quality standards (e.g., domain expertise or audience relevance).

  • They target a better reach

This means you can connect with affiliates with extraordinary experience in the same market. Ultimately, they can quickly understand your products and promote them effectively.

  • They help streamline recruitment

It’s like having someone setting up the recruitment campaign from A to Z. You just need to add some custom touches to make it align with your goals. Affiliate networks will help you save time while onboarding the most suitable affiliates.

General B2B Networks

places to find b2b affiliates 4

If finding networks that suit your industry is challenging, established ones like ShareASale or CJ Affiliate are lucrative alternatives. They often offer a broader range of affiliates, including both B2B and B2C options.

In fact, it takes more time to identify ideal B2B affiliates within these networks. Fear not! Here’s our tip:

Use advanced search filters to target affiliates. You can choose among criteria such as industry, audience demographics (size, location, interests), website traffic, etc. This will refine your search and help you find affiliates who meet your requirements.

Important notes when finding B2B affiliates on networks:

Research the network’s reputation. Check their features, support quality, transparency, track record of success, etc.

Pay attention to network fees. Affiliate networks usually charge setup fees, monthly membership fees, and transaction fees. Consider these costs and your budget before applying.

Build a compelling program. Thousands of advertisers join these networks. Setting up a persuasive campaign is a must if you want to stand out and attract high-quality affiliates.

Don’t decide between in-house vs. networks. Well, while networks may provide access to many affiliates, do not depend only on them. You should conduct it in parallel with your in-house campaign.

Strategic Partnerships

Non-competing businesses can become your powerful affiliates. So, if you come across any sites that offer complementary products, ask if they want to join your affiliate program.

Let’s say you work in financial services. Then, you can partner with an accounting software provider to offer bundled solutions for small businesses.

places to find b2b affiliates 5

Explore a real case in the traveling industry here. Luggage Free is a luggage shipping company. It offers a compelling program for travel agents. They can earn up to 10% commission if their audience uses Luggage Fee’s luggage delivery solution.

Here are some benefits of a strategic partnership:

– You can leverage their existing audiences. These businesses might be highly interested in what you offer.

– You can increase your brand credibility when reputable businesses tell about you on their sites.

– It’s a win-win scenario and cross-selling opportunity. Everyone benefits. You can increase sales from successful promotions, and they receive commissions.

Sound enticing? However, note that collaborating with B2B companies differs from partnering with bloggers. You should develop a natural connection and prioritize organic audience engagement. One way to do so is by incorporating promotional content within relevant content on their sites.

Keep reading for extra things to keep in mind to achieve a successful partnership:

– You need to set clear goals for the partnership. Ensure that your partner also understands what you hope to achieve.

– Both parties must agree on the terms and benefits. They’re typically about commission structures, marketing activities, performance tracking, etc.

– Maintaining open communication throughout the program is a must. You need to regularly share performance data and discuss strategies.

Content Marketing Collaborations

Bloggers and content creators specializing in your industry can be valuable assets to your program. They have a passionate and engaged audience who are typically receptive to their authentic reviews. You can partner with them to develop sponsored content, create in-depth resources, ask for social media mentions, etc.

places to find b2b affiliates 6

So, how can you ensure successful collaborations? Keep these tactics in mind before searching for your affiliate markerters:

Focus on quality, not quantity: Don’t be misled by follower count. Prioritize nano-influencers (1,000-10,000 followers) or micro-influencers (10,000-100,000 followers). Still, make sure they have a niche audience closely aligned with your ideal B2B customer profile.

Seek bloggers or social media influencers with consistently high engagement metrics. This means they usually communicate with their audience, leading to more impactful promotions.

Partner with those who often show expertise and offer valuable content relevant to your industry.

Now, you’ve got the criteria for searching. How can you find these affiliates? We’ve prepared a guideline for you:

First, identify content creators actively discussing relevant topics within your B2B niche. Brand mention tools, search engines, or targeted industry hashtags might help.

Then, maintain a list of potential names to track their content and engagement levels. From the list, hand-pick the ones that best align with your brand message.

Finally, connect with your top choices via email, social accounts, etc. You’ll discuss your program and offers with them.

Extra tips:

– Consider offering them the firsthand experience of your products for a better promotion.

– If possible, provide them with coupon codes to offer to their audience.

Industry Events and Conferences

places to find b2b affiliates 7

Grab the chance to promote your program by joining industry events and conferences. Here, you’ll connect face-to-face with industry professionals, digital marketers, decision-makers, thought leaders, and more.

Before participating, remember to prepare marketing materials. Compelling brochures or digital presentations help showcase your program’s benefits and value for potential partners.

If the event allows, consider setting up a dedicated space for interaction. Remember to ask for the channels or contacts of potential affiliate partners so that you can stay connected with them after the events. As you personally reach out to them, ask for the next discussion if they feel interested.

Identify B2B Affiliates Through Online Research

Besides the popular places we’ve listed above, there are valuable online sources that can help you approach talented partners.

Industry Publications and Blogs

You might focus on those working in the same niche as yours. They often publish industry trends, business challenges, and solutions relevant to your product or service.

Here, you can connect with a large audience of business owners, decision-makers, and stakeholders within your target market.

Below is an example of Millenial Money. This blog mainly discusses financial topics, such as money making, investment, loan, etc.

places to find b2b affiliates 8

So, wander through blogs to find authors who produce content aligned with your B2B solutions. These people might know a lot about your business and have experience in connecting with their audience.

Then,  show interest in collaboration by interacting or contacting them directly. You can discuss various collaboration opportunities, such as sponsored content, guest blogging, or co-branded resources.

Social Media Groups and Forums

Another online channel to connect with potential B2B affiliates is social networks and forums. Here, you’ll engage with professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry experts on a deeper level.

First, you need to identify appropriate groups. Some popular platforms include Facebook groups, Reddit communities, and specialized forums.

As you join, don’t rush to promote your program. Instead, you need to contribute and become a valued community member. How? Sharing valuable content, providing helpful insights, or actively participating in discussions always helps.

But don’t just focus on building your own brand. You need to keep your eyes on potential affiliates. They are dedicated members who frequently contribute valuable content, demonstrate expertise, and showcase their experience. These individuals may be interested in your campaign and craft effective strategies to promote your products.

places to find b2b affiliates 9

Extra tip: Don’t overlook the potential of LinkedIn groups for affiliate networking. Start searching out groups relevant to your goals and niche and start building trust.

Business Directories and Listings

These places will provide information about businesses that might become high-quality affiliates for your program.

You should focus on B2B directories and industry-specific listings that relate to your market. Use their functional search filters and categories to narrow down your search.

Here are standard criteria that help you decide on potential affiliate businesses:

– Companies target similar customer segments

– They offer products or services complementary to your own

– They have a positive reputation and significant online presence

– They actively engage with their audience

One advantage of this approach is that those sites provide you with the business’s contact details. This means you can contact potential names through the phone number or email provided.

places to find b2b affiliates 10

There are many different B2B directories and listings on the market. Consider the leading Kompass as an example.

When you visit their website, you can identify the major activity sectors of their listed firms. If none match your niche, enter the products/services in the search bar. Kompass will then list every name in the business. You may target specific categories by using its advanced search filters (e.g., geographical area, company size, activity).

Evaluating Potential B2B Affiliates

Searching for B2B affiliates in different places is not easy. But identifying whether they would be appropriate affiliates is more complicated. Knowing this, we’ve compiled a list of key factors to assist you in your evaluation.

Audience Relevance

Why it matters: Audience alignment is the key to making B2B affiliate marketing work. If your affiliate’s audience is interested in your products, you can expect higher conversion rates for your offering.

What should you do:

Prioritize possible affiliates whose viewers are similar to your ideal customer profile.

You can analyze the demographics and industry focus of the affiliate’s audience. Use website analytics or social media audience data to understand them and determine whether they might fit your ideal customers well.

Extra tips:

– Many B2B affiliate platforms and directories offer audience-targeting tools. They’ll help you find affiliates whose audiences match your current customers.

– While demographics are important, you should dig deeper to understand the affiliate’s customers. Here are some questions to consider:

Where are they in the buying stage?

What are their pain points? Does your solution address their specific needs effectively?

Who are the decision-makers, and how can your B2B product or service affect their choices?

Content Quality and Expertise

places to find b2b affiliates 11

Why it matters: Evaluating content will reveal their expertise and ability to promote your solution.

What should you do:

You can search for their blog posts, publications, or social media content to get a sense of their style and skills.

Look for affiliates who consistently produce high-quality content that demonstrates:

– in-depth understanding of your B2B industry, trends, updates, etc.

– a passion for your products or services.

– their position as a thought leader within the industry.

These individuals or businesses are more likely to create compelling content and get their audience interested in your offering.

Website Traffic and Engagement

Why it matters: Website traffic volume and engagement are key metrics to assess the reach of a potential B2B affiliate. Higher measures indicate a larger customer base that you may reach. This translates to an increased chance of obtaining quality leads.

What should you do:

Use analysis tools like Google Analytics, Similarweb, or SEMRush to dive deep into a website’s traffic. Focus on key metrics such as monthly visitors, page views, and average session duration.

places to find b2b affiliates 12

Besides, look for metrics that demonstrate audience engagement, including:

– Average time on page: a significant amount of time-consuming content on affiliate sites indicates a high level of interest and attentiveness.

– Bounce rate: a low rate signifies that visitors are engaged with the content and navigate deeper into the website.

– Social media engagement: analyzing the level of interaction and response to the affiliate’s social media posts. High engagement indicates a more receptive audience.

Track Record and Reputation

Why it matters: Their years of knowledge and well-known reputation in the field can make your B2B partner marketing strategy more successful.

What should you do:

You can look at the affiliate’s past work and the outcomes of similar partnerships. In particular, consider evaluating:

Their experience with similar products. If they’ve successfully marketed solutions in your industry, that’s a good sign.

Case studies and testimonials. Those who show success stories or reviews from past B2B partnerships have the potential to generate leads for your campaign.

Industry recognition and awards. Add these businesses to your waiting list if they won any awards in B2B partner marketing.

Regarding reputation, you can read reviews from customers, peers, and experts. Also, check industry publications and events to see if they are recognized for their work or performance.

Avoid affiliates with a history of poor performance or negative feedback. Ultimately, we always want to partner with those who can drive meaningful results for our business.

Tips to Build Successful Relationships with B2B Affiliates

Let’s wrap off this journey with invaluable tips for cultivating fruitful partnerships. As a B2B enterprise running a successful affiliate program, we’ve explored various methods. The following list summarizes the lessons we’ve learned along the road. Let’s dive in!

  • Clear Communication:

Don’t leave your affiliates in the dark. You should communicate with them to keep them informed about the affiliate marketing program. Consider exchanging information via emails, webinars, or dedicated affiliate management platforms (if applicable).

Ensure your channels are always open to respond to affiliate inquiries and requests.

  • Ongoing Support:

places to find b2b affiliates 13

Affiliates who get no help or resources may leave the group shortly. So, it’s essential to provide them access to your marketing materials collection.

Additionally, consider creating training materials and tutorials dedicated to B2B affiliate marketing. For example, you may hold webinars on program details and lead generation tactics.

Another crucial support is with technological concerns. Ensure affiliates get immediate assistance if they have problems integrating tracking technologies or accessing marketing materials.

  • Performance Tracking and Transparency:

Transparency means credibility. Build long-term trust with your team by giving them access to affiliate dashboards. It’s convenient for them to check their progress, track leads, and assess affiliate commissions.

Furthermore, generating regular reports is critical. Not only can you analyze their success, but affiliates may also adjust their plans based on the data supplied.

  • Incentive Programs:

Additional incentives encourage affiliates to put in more effort and drive greater results. You may provide additional incentives for achieving particular milestones. For example, if they generate many qualified leads or surpass sales objectives.

Another excellent approach is to recognize the top-performing affiliates publicly. You may acknowledge their contributions via award programs or industry magazines. Highlighting them in your marketing materials is another excellent idea.


  • How do I find a B2B affiliate?

There are diverse ways to find a B2B affiliate. You can look for them through B2B affiliate networks, industry events, or B2B business directories. Sometimes, potential affiliates lie in publications, blogs, and non-competing businesses.

  • How do I recruit B2B affiliates?

First, you need to define your ideal B2B affiliate profile. Then, build a compelling B2B affiliate marketing program. As you search out affiliates through different channels, create a list of the most potential ones. Record their contacts or activity so you can engage with them or reach out to them later.

  • How do I find affiliates?

To find affiliates, you can join affiliate networks, influencer marketplaces, or relevant communities. You can also promote your program on social media platforms and search engines or send emails to existing customers.

  • Does affiliate marketing work for B2B?

Absolutely! Affiliate marketing can be highly effective for B2B businesses. It requires a low customer acquisition cost while helping you expand reach and generate qualified leads. As long as you sketch a strategic plan and choose the right partners, success awaits you.


You’ve collected the ideal places to find B2B affiliates. While there are diverse recruiting methods, consider your niche, goals, and budget to choose suitable ones.

Remember, quality matters. Partnering with dedicated affiliates is essential to ensure the success of your campaign. And don’t forget to make your program a healthy and compelling playground to retain these players.

It’s time to take action and build a dream team for your campaign!

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